WORSE Rewards?! | COMPLETE Power League Break-Down + NEW SKINS!

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Sponsored by Amazon! @PrimeGaming & SNK are giving away over 22 classic free games to Prime members, with a value of over $175! The offer ends March 31, 2021, so don’t miss out on your chance to claim them here bit.ly/3t8n0ia
Complete Power League Break-Down Update Sneak Peek! | KairosTime
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For this update sneak peek, I'm going to break down everything you need to know about Power League! We're going to talk about power league rewards, how it compares to power play, cover the ban and pick system, as well as talk about the difference in Solo vs Team queue!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Prime Gaming & SNK are giving away over 22 classic free games to Prime members, with a value of over $175! The offer ends March 31, 2021, so don’t miss out on your chance to claim them here bit.ly/3t8n0ia Yay Power League!
Nathanael Mauricio
Nathanael Mauricio 29 päeva tagasi
@Mario Van i am trying it out now. Looks to be working :)
Mario Van
Mario Van 29 päeva tagasi
not sure if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using Instapwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself
Bashir Qaderi
Bashir Qaderi Місяць tagasi
@AFFROBO yööyööa
Bashir Qaderi
Bashir Qaderi Місяць tagasi
the guy
the guy Місяць tagasi
That moment when you love the king of fighters but you are also poor af
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 20 päeva tagasi
You made it kairos
Myte 21 päev tagasi
Bruh now i regret not even playing power play
ANİMESEVERLER 25 päeva tagasi
5 matches × 10 :d
uroš mihailovic
uroš mihailovic 25 päeva tagasi
I can finally understand this copmplication
EvilErrorYT 26 päeva tagasi
Honestly I disagree. I believe power league was 100x better then power play. Power play was frustrating and pretty boring to me. Power league has this competitive feel that makes it feel different from casual play which I like. The picks and bans add this comp building idea in brawl stars further which I like and now if randoms are being stupid picking mortis in brawl ball I can ban them.
Ha Le
Ha Le 29 päeva tagasi
I’m already 2 seconds into power league and I want to kill my self
Snehajit Dey
Snehajit Dey Місяць tagasi
Will I be eligible for power league at 4500 or will I have to level up a brawler also
Anthony playz
Anthony playz Місяць tagasi
I was almost at silver 1 for starting
Aashiqeen Choudhary
Aashiqeen Choudhary Місяць tagasi
I hate power league 😡 i thought solo mode is goibg to be solo showdown but it is also 3v3 it means i have to play and lose rank with randumbs
O-ri ____
O-ri ____ Місяць tagasi
Honestly the maps that are chosen this league are absolutely garbage
Ιωάννης Δημοσθένους
Ιωάννης Δημοσθένους Місяць tagasi
At 11:30 you said that we can buy her after the season ends but in the shop the offer last until the end of this season
Stone Jacobs
Stone Jacobs Місяць tagasi
when kairos isnt sponsored by oneplus impossible
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
Nice 👍
Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez Місяць tagasi
I really don't like power league
Aloe Minun
Aloe Minun Місяць tagasi
5 matches? x 10
Cat Master 1042
Cat Master 1042 Місяць tagasi
3 matches to get the player icon. in-game 25 matches to get player icon. :)
Azazel 67
Azazel 67 Місяць tagasi
Why did they make it so that your highest mode (solo/team) is the one that gets the rewards? I hate it tbh. I play most of the time solo, but occasionally I play with my friends. Do you see the problem? When I play with my friends it won’t give me any reward nor feeling of success because it is POINTLESS. The rewards will be based on my solo mode (which is how I play mostly). This system completely takes away incentive to play with friends. I feel this is brawl stars greatest issue. They constantly try to make it fun for playing with friends, but often times they shoot themselves on the foot (like they did with the rank progression in power league). If anyone has a different POV or understands the logic/reasoning behind the progression being divided, PLEASE enlighten me.
Dark Awaken
Dark Awaken Місяць tagasi
When it comes to information about brawl stars this channel is always my pick😶
mike Місяць tagasi
>me who never played power play because of how tedious it was "free 500 star paints nice"
Ricky Dog
Ricky Dog Місяць tagasi
I got banned 😞
Andy Low
Andy Low Місяць tagasi
Don't like the map get, leave game Don't like enemy pick counter, leave game Hello??? I just want to play games dude!!!
KB Gaming
KB Gaming Місяць tagasi
Me when i watched this video: 5 games for penny what a joke Me when brawl stars makes it 50 games: now thats more like it
Avi Athal
Avi Athal Місяць tagasi
can u do another brawl lympics race test #3 pls
Star wars Brick
Star wars Brick Місяць tagasi
Is it only me or if you accidentally disconnect from the power league match three times you are banned and you can't play again?
SAR0 VAN0 Місяць tagasi
Power league sucks
Vojta P.
Vojta P. Місяць tagasi
10:14 tick animated emotes
Iggi Let’s Plays
Iggi Let’s Plays Місяць tagasi
I got a notification that I will be banned if I keep leaving Power League Matches but I just get kicked out? I don’t voluntarily leave the matches? Please help I don’t want to get banned
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia Місяць tagasi
U won’t Brawl stars is working on an optional update to fix this
Insane 101
Insane 101 Місяць tagasi
I’m gunna be bronze🥲
when you realise in the clip of King of the monsters , they are Kong and godzilla
GD KeyMaker
GD KeyMaker Місяць tagasi
If I pick Lou thay will pick lou
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Місяць tagasi
The new penny skin looks like the idea ha been taken from star wars
Xxray88jlxX Місяць tagasi
I'll be in gold let's go baby.... and yes I'm gonna get big cuts in rewards ...
Isymetric Місяць tagasi
Are you able to play with a team of 2?
Kwayke Місяць tagasi
Finally League of Brawlers
Sebastian Perjes
Sebastian Perjes Місяць tagasi
I have a question - Does the brawlers in Power League automatically have Power Level 10 or does it have your current brawler's Power Level?
D Місяць tagasi
Power points?? Star coins??
Elite375 Місяць tagasi
“An infection game mode would be too confusing and complicated.” *yeah i agree.*
Powerbeam Місяць tagasi
The only reason I like this update is so I can see who is the best randoms player.
EL MR 64
EL MR 64 Місяць tagasi
IDK if I should ban op brawlers or ban shelly to improve my teamate's choices
Hello-World Місяць tagasi
WAIT! There was Russian contend creator "MMA Russian"!
Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz Місяць tagasi
Wow. I'm actually really disappointed that not all brawlers will be maxed out like in challenges. Makes it almost pointless to try and push if your a new player Gonna be like trophies. Can't push too high unless you pay to win to upgrade your brawlers or have been playing for years. Should've allowed you to use any brawler you have unlocked at its highest power level to give everyone a fair chance at moving up through the ranks based solely on skill.
Play with Martin
Play with Martin Місяць tagasi
Rainbow copy
Jacob Rafael Tiu Cham
Jacob Rafael Tiu Cham Місяць tagasi
How to change skin?
Omer Golan
Omer Golan Місяць tagasi
If 50,000 power points it’s bad so...
harmen altena
harmen altena Місяць tagasi
Wait do you lose progress every end of the season?
anony mous
anony mous Місяць tagasi
Chillexa Місяць tagasi
1:08 This game is just funny, )) 2021 Year and, graphics looks like, The first invented game )))
Martand Місяць tagasi
Hi Kairos! You are my favourite EEpostr! Keep making amazing videos like these! 🥰
Arij Shujaat Hussain
Arij Shujaat Hussain Місяць tagasi
supercell should have let us have our brawlers maxed out no matter what their power level is.
Arij Shujaat Hussain
Arij Shujaat Hussain Місяць tagasi
Kairos : Smuggeler Penny. My Brain : Buggular smenny How and why my brain is like this don's ask me
Aminath Haneen
Aminath Haneen Місяць tagasi
Kairos I need your help something is wrong with my account after I updated when I open it it's stuk at 92% and I thought something was wrong with my phone so I tried on another device and it's still at 92 % what do I do.....someone help me am I the only one?
keshaba pro
keshaba pro Місяць tagasi
To know all about stu the new brawler (click the link below) eepost.info/my/video/2WyhhJWZYGh3qIc.html
Drake Beasley
Drake Beasley Місяць tagasi
Don't need to, Kairos has made one lmao
DemonGang Місяць tagasi
Hei Kit Kan
Hei Kit Kan Місяць tagasi
pheonix Місяць tagasi
Karios i have a problem when im playing bs all modes wont find players and duo shodown wont start
Dirghayu Piya 2
Dirghayu Piya 2 Місяць tagasi
Stu just got released it is the best
Shankar Bahirat
Shankar Bahirat Місяць tagasi
Justin L.W
Justin L.W Місяць tagasi
Lol imagine rewards for both Solo and Team mode
Emz Land
Emz Land Місяць tagasi
Just say when it will be release nobody cares whats update because we know
REAPER BS Місяць tagasi
Plz reply me bro i want to ask that can we ask leader that which brawler should be ban.I mean meeting with team that what brawler should we ban
《Itz Midnight_FoxxYT》
《Itz Midnight_FoxxYT》 Місяць tagasi
Why do i imagine the game crashing because there might be a ton of people who wants to play💀💀
Sharad Trivedi
Sharad Trivedi Місяць tagasi
Hi Kairos a heart pls, v give u like n sub u give us A heart ❤💕💖 🤭😅😁😁😁
Niekas LTU
Niekas LTU Місяць tagasi
I have qvuestion: My brawler isn't power 10. Does it gonna be level 10 or not in power league?
Drake Beasley
Drake Beasley Місяць tagasi
Sup Man
Sup Man Місяць tagasi
Hey Kairos, can you make a brawl Olympics for the strongest brawl in all brawl stars, please ???
6D(07) 趙尚哲 Chow Sheung Chit Jayden
6D(07) 趙尚哲 Chow Sheung Chit Jayden Місяць tagasi
How many times can EEpostrs say Power Points instead of Star Points?
Rejan Saraci
Rejan Saraci Місяць tagasi
When is power leage coming and stu
I am gold 1 right now my highest in powerplay is 933
ninjapig 123
ninjapig 123 Місяць tagasi
Do you need star power to play power league?
Drake Beasley
Drake Beasley Місяць tagasi
KeLo GaMiNG Місяць tagasi
Well this is unfair for some of us that's not fully maxed
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer Місяць tagasi
It too complex, just like giving an exam. Too many procedure
Drake Beasley
Drake Beasley Місяць tagasi
Lmao, It's just like a lesson in class, listen to the teacher carefully lol
gameplay community
gameplay community Місяць tagasi
When is the update coming?
Aadhu Місяць tagasi
will we get every brawler that we do not have
TheBirthOfCorruption Місяць tagasi
Why is one of the most annoying brawlers so cute
Abhijeet Biswal
Abhijeet Biswal Місяць tagasi
I can't understand powerpoinrs by this videos i can only understand by playing
Charlie Grotjahn
Charlie Grotjahn Місяць tagasi
Can you do tri videos, like bo, Nita, and Leon and you play all the game modes. Think that they would be some pretty funny videos
Dee_ Rayuga
Dee_ Rayuga Місяць tagasi
When it is coming
omar leon
omar leon Місяць tagasi
GO WATCH THIS "crazy brawl ball match against tribe jinglai" It would mean the world to me
Alpha Місяць tagasi
When is the PSG tourney can someone tell me pls?
Lucas Ruckle
Lucas Ruckle Місяць tagasi
Woah.... I remember when you had like 50k subs or less when BS released globally and now you're sponsored by Amazon. You're in the big leagues now, Kairos 😂 and you DESERVE IT!!! So happy for your success bro.
College Sports Central
College Sports Central Місяць tagasi
As someone who constantly forgot to play power play every day, I will have a much better reward
ritren t
ritren t Місяць tagasi
I just hope the ‘team leader’ doesn’t end up being the one doing the least work, because star players are really bad at deciding who actually did the most work in a match
Figplays Місяць tagasi
Kairos: Now that sounds like a lot of power points? *wait what* 7k power points?!
ArthurMorgan !!!
ArthurMorgan !!! Місяць tagasi
Copying raonbow 6 thats not cool supercell
Colin Harper
Colin Harper Місяць tagasi
If you want to play teams, do you have to have two other friends or can you just have one friend and one random joins?
Άρης Κεφαλογιαννης
Άρης Κεφαλογιαννης Місяць tagasi
Am i the only one that thinks tick will be always banned for some of reason 😂😂😂😂
MNH 889
MNH 889 Місяць tagasi
When is it comming all?
MNH 889
MNH 889 Місяць tagasi
Pls tell me and like 😢 😿
Jason R.
Jason R. Місяць tagasi
4:00 oh no
Mr.Meeseeks BS
Mr.Meeseeks BS Місяць tagasi
Can you play with only one other person
Yeet shadow 976
Yeet shadow 976 Місяць tagasi
When will the update come
Nath Місяць tagasi
4:56 sadness noise
Camio Gaming
Camio Gaming Місяць tagasi
Power League looks fun, but it seems it will be too sweaty for me 😢
Nathan Chang
Nathan Chang Місяць tagasi
This is completely off topic but I made a Solo Showdown map called NoMoreExecution and it got over 9000 votes and 50% of them were positive. Hopefully it wins and if it does, Kairos can you play it? I named it NoMoreExecution for a reason. Thanks to those who voted and liked it!
Kory Polexa
Kory Polexa Місяць tagasi
When is this update going to come?
invisible boi
invisible boi Місяць tagasi
2 years since ive stopped watching u and coming back i can say DAMN UR VOICE HOT AF
Razingboy 9
Razingboy 9 Місяць tagasi
Whens the update coming out?
DarealKblade Місяць tagasi
Why do I feel like there will be people who will leave on purpose
MeMe Life
MeMe Life Місяць tagasi
How to ruin gold skins:
SK Beast Gaming
SK Beast Gaming Місяць tagasi
When Kairos says you will unlock ability to buy penny new skin and then smiles
Ch0rbe1 Місяць tagasi
And what about if we lose the challenge Can we buy the dynamike skin ?
Ch0rbe1 Місяць tagasi
And also , do we have chances to play it at a day or it's like trophies ( unlimited chances )
Nadja Jevtov
Nadja Jevtov Місяць tagasi
Pectagon,sextagon,tick be gone lol
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