We need to talk about Legendary & Chromatic Drop rates | 100% Update Review

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100% Honest Update Review - Lou and Rare Brawler Drop Rates
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In this video I'm going to be talking about the most recent update and giving my 100% Honest Review of every aspect of it. We'll be talking about Lou, the new skins, the 2 new event slots, and changes to the map maker. Most importantly, we'll be talking about the drop rates of Legendary & Chromatic Brawlers.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
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Lebag Swag
Lebag Swag 4 päeva tagasi
madhu pathak
madhu pathak 6 päeva tagasi
Boyan Ganev
Boyan Ganev 10 päeva tagasi
Um, Why is your tongue blue Kairos?! Don't tell me you have done your unlocking video for Lou already, because eating icecream isn't enough
Ayaan Imran
Ayaan Imran 11 päeva tagasi
@LenGaming yeah your right same feelings 😔 even tho I can buy the brawler it just seems boring
Ayaan Imran
Ayaan Imran 11 päeva tagasi
D4RKM1ND 14 tundi tagasi
Kairos, why is your tongue blue?
Viver Päev tagasi
I love the pure honesty
SavageLittleArms 2.0
SavageLittleArms 2.0 Päev tagasi
what do wales/whales mean
Malte Petersen
Malte Petersen Päev tagasi
kairos... think about all the times you have been thinking about what could be cool as a brawler... what im trying to say is that you maybe gave supercell an idea for a new brawler(electric brawler)
MegaSweetness 2 päeva tagasi
10:15 we all know why Choco Piper is a good skin ;)
Sanghpriya Gautam
Sanghpriya Gautam 2 päeva tagasi
is anybody talking about the increased number of bots in matches?
William DAY
William DAY 2 päeva tagasi
Erm... why is KT’s tongue blue?! 🤣
Dušan Stamenković
Dušan Stamenković 2 päeva tagasi
Me when i saw Cony Max: If something happens to this i will kill everyone in the room and then myself.
Royal Brawler
Royal Brawler 3 päeva tagasi
i just had a cool idea. for a add on into a map, you could have these blasts that would drop from the sky and give the people hit a speed boost. like in max and surge's environment. it would be like lightning from clash royale except visualy much different of course.
cevcrna 3 päeva tagasi
8:00 Map maker 2.0: Make your own game mode
radioactive squirrel
radioactive squirrel 3 päeva tagasi
U can still get chromatics under their 30 but I can't get lou because when I opened the free big box I got surge
i_like_chicken _wings44
i_like_chicken _wings44 4 päeva tagasi
Supercell: Well its hard enough for the f2p to get a chromatic brawler so lets make a uptade that makes it even harder
Banana Man
Banana Man 4 päeva tagasi
I got sandy from a regular smol box
Ricardo Godinho
Ricardo Godinho 5 päeva tagasi
over 2 years playing this game and i have ALL brawlers except legendaries... literaly ZERO gold brawlers yet .-.
EliasIzzuhhGold1 5 päeva tagasi
late, but if you don't hit tier 30 on future brawl passes, you can't get the brawler? I think if you pay for the brawl pass you should be able to finish after the brawl pass finishes, mainly because I never finished surges.
Doc Turtle
Doc Turtle 5 päeva tagasi
Gotta say your wrong I've played since day 1and still not got any legendaries or any chromatics other than surge my chances for legendaries are 0.0949
ThunderCraft 5 päeva tagasi
I played brawlstars for 6 months straight never got a epic or better brawler quit for 1 and a half and now im back and still no luck
Bush Brawlstars
Bush Brawlstars 5 päeva tagasi
If electric is the next brawler u could do sticking a fork in an outlet for every time I don’t get it
timisgod clash
timisgod clash 5 päeva tagasi
your annoying
Francisco 360
Francisco 360 5 päeva tagasi
16:45 you can hear kairos daughter screaming 😂
Sam A
Sam A 5 päeva tagasi
Was I the only one who didn’t know kairos had kids?
SIleNcE 5 päeva tagasi
I really do hope that they increased the chances of legendaries drop rate. I have been playing brawl stars for almost 2 years now, and still did not get legendaries, sadge
Sarp Karabulut
Sarp Karabulut 5 päeva tagasi
Oh thats why i got crow after the update
rashed farhan
rashed farhan 6 päeva tagasi
Why is kairos's tongue blue
Jayden 6 päeva tagasi
Anyone notice that Kairos's tongue was kinda blue or was that just me.
Harshit Varshney
Harshit Varshney 6 päeva tagasi
I find it better that chromatic brawlers don't effect the legendary drop rates, i will never want a new chromatic brawler instead of other legendary as i will get the same after 2-3 seasons anyway
Venom Anderson
Venom Anderson 6 päeva tagasi
I'm f2p but I struggle to get new brawlers even tho I grind on the battle pass
Árom Josué Herrera Carlos
Árom Josué Herrera Carlos 6 päeva tagasi
Does anyone know if I get Lou from the brawl pass, not from boxes, it will still drop my legendary chances?
Darkness Lost
Darkness Lost 6 päeva tagasi
5:20 there’s a gem grab map that I played that has everyone in the middle and then they put in the lake block around you separating you from 2 huge chunks of the map and then put skulls in those huge Chunks and there’s portals there you will see it if you get unlucky enough to experience
Camrin Echols
Camrin Echols 6 päeva tagasi
Bellhop dynamite I think he's throwing a pack of sucases
TheLogXD 6 päeva tagasi
Look,I started to play BS the same day it went global,i spent 35 or 40 dollars in total since that day and i have everyone maxed out and i have 25 big boxes of the end of season 3 and now a little bit of boxes for Lou in this new season,is that cause i play everyday?Cause i didnt spent that much money,so im F2P,I guess...
mike13899 6 päeva tagasi
J R 6 päeva tagasi
2:43 Get ur notes Prepared guys he might have guessed another brawler again
Aayush Ramkumar
Aayush Ramkumar 7 päeva tagasi
Guys i think its a good update cause for the ppl who buy bp be dissapointed if they unlock lou in free pass before tier 30!
TP Bros
TP Bros 7 päeva tagasi
when you’ve been playing for 2 years and still don’t have a legendary 🙃
Matthew White
Matthew White 7 päeva tagasi
Kairos I think the skins should have buffs for the character like: speed, attack, and health
Matthew White
Matthew White 7 päeva tagasi
@Toinho 2 it would be a perk for spending so much gems, but in a sense yeah but I still think its a good idea
Toinho 2
Toinho 2 7 päeva tagasi
Then the game would be pay to win
Taha Erim UNKUN
Taha Erim UNKUN 7 päeva tagasi
(Please answer) I couldnt translate this video well. If we get chromatic brawlers from boxes, will our chances of obtaining legendary be reduced? So should i open the boxes i have accumulated, before season 4 update?
CarrotPlays YT
CarrotPlays YT 7 päeva tagasi
I dont care if chances drop, I gotten no brawlers in like 5 months and its boring I might delete brawl stars
Pirate Gaming
Pirate Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
So should I buy brawl pass or not?????????
Ontefire 8 päeva tagasi
Wait is amber and Lou it’s like clash of clans and clash Royale the wizards
FS1E Band
FS1E Band 9 päeva tagasi
Me just vining with his blue toung
Danny & Marcos
Danny & Marcos 9 päeva tagasi
Kairostime is the best
MM - 06AK 807056 Sir William Gage MS
MM - 06AK 807056 Sir William Gage MS 9 päeva tagasi
Shadow 11
Shadow 11 9 päeva tagasi
Un am I the only one who realised kairos's tongue is blue LIKE JUST RANDOMLY SAW THAT
KianFN 9 päeva tagasi
I can't even get a legendary😭
Zillion X
Zillion X 9 päeva tagasi
About a map offending me. Nothing offends me, we need to stop this cancel culture urgently. We are stronger than this, cmon!
Atomic Art
Atomic Art 9 päeva tagasi
The brawl pass is bad and it ruined brawl stars. It no longer rewards you for playing the game as who ever you want it’s always nagging you to do achievements with brawlers you may not like. Let me get my damn brawl boxes and big boxes with a fixed amount of tokens without it being progressively more difficult to unlock. And why is there still no way to filter who you wanna play against. And the new solo showdown map is b beyond awful
Nathan Comparet
Nathan Comparet 9 päeva tagasi
I opened the whole free Pass (Season 3) and I got Spike+Gale+Surge+Sprout+Mortis (in this order), so, that's a good drop rate😂
Lim Zheng Feng
Lim Zheng Feng 10 päeva tagasi
!'m 15k trophies and I only have Leon. The one and only legendary brawler I have. I even unlocked it in 13k. The drop rate already sucks for me, an absolute F2P. Besides, I've been playing since 2018. Super active. This update is a 5 for me. The drop rate for legendaries just isn't my thing.
melon D person
melon D person 10 päeva tagasi
Did anyone realize kairos’s tongue was blue
Trickshots BS
Trickshots BS 9 päeva tagasi
You realize that got top comment right. Stop spamming.
Raymond Cai
Raymond Cai 10 päeva tagasi
I already have the worst legendary drop rate in the game (20k trophies and i only have crow), and now, its going down further.
Richard Gary
Richard Gary 10 päeva tagasi
i dont think you will see this comment, but i disagree with your statement about the meta getting flooded. the meta will get flooded either way, supercell designed it so you reach tier 30 after lets say 15 days if your an active player, so whether its day 1 or day 15 there will still be a flood of the new brawler which will still give some people a toxic experience, sure the 15 day flood wont be as bad as the day 1's used to be, but either way there will still be a flood. also on top of that there might still be a big flood in the meta and then after day 15 have a big spike in use of the new brawler and the longevity of the current meta being flooded might be the deciding factor if someone wants to continue playing brawl stars or not.
Greg Albrecht
Greg Albrecht 10 päeva tagasi
8.5! The map maker addition is so awesome and it makes the game more enjoyable than a new legendary brawler for all players! Thanks supercell 💛
Hussain Hassan
Hussain Hassan 10 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars is my favorite game but Regarding the relationship between people in the game . I really feel the friends list and the club are only ideas in the game nothing more , look like something missing in this Mattar , And more importantly is voting for the maps is Relies on friendly matches who I didn’t play with them at all , and the reason is the game still a single player friendly . 1- no easy way to invite club members to play ( same like clash royal at least ) 2- no event make clubs something to think about in the game and no benefit at all for joining them or from creating one Im in strongest club in my country and still didn’t feel any thing definite I have sooooo many friends in my friends list and never play with any one ( nobody join or invite ) Thats why i say it’s only idea in the game Hop from developers to improve this case and thin build on it
Alohran 10 päeva tagasi
I entirely agree with you on everything. I just left SS Kotz like a month ago after playing a lot and spending some, because that's no mobile game, that's the freaking ocean full of whales and for whales only. Every day there's more purchases needed to be competitive leading to an unending investment that does not have any sense. I also abandoned another game (which I even forgot the name, lol) because of that. Brawl Stars is so f2p friendly and is so careful about it's community that even with all the trolls and sucky randoms, remains my favorite game by far and I keep playing everyday a lot even though I'm maxed and with pass and boxes prizes stored. People sometimes forget that this is no "charity" but a "business", and the "business" needs money, not all free. And Supercell has done a great balance in keeping the side of the ones who want to purchase some stuff (like skins, pins or brawlers) and the ones who don't want or can't. PS: We should play sometime, would you agree? =)
Lucas Nogelo
Lucas Nogelo 10 päeva tagasi
Yessssssss KT ChocoPiper gang!!!
Saber Tkd
Saber Tkd 10 päeva tagasi
An 8/10 I Think They should add Siege And Hot Zone
Skulduggery 10 päeva tagasi
honestly the only thing that is actually important about the chromatic luck decrease is HOW much? if it only decrease by epic value, it wouldn't be too bad, and i think it should. however, if it decreases the same as the brawler is in that season it will be SOOO annoying. I really hope supercell made it epic decrease. please supercell, I hope you haven't let me down.
BRCLNAFC 2 päeva tagasi
Agree with you....
Ewelina Kowalczyk
Ewelina Kowalczyk 10 päeva tagasi
Vito Javier
Vito Javier 11 päeva tagasi
0/10 F2P Players are not impressed with the bad legendary and chromatic drop rate.
firestorm 8265
firestorm 8265 11 päeva tagasi
Why does Lou look like a dragon ball villain in the thumbnail?
Sebastian Marquez
Sebastian Marquez 11 päeva tagasi
That one guy spectating Kairos taking notes: ✍️bush✍️camp✍️with✍️shelly✍️
Gallo Über Alles
Gallo Über Alles 11 päeva tagasi
Is my drop rate messed up? The only brawler I don’t have is Amber. My legendary chance hasn’t gone up at all (it’s stayed .2113) I’ve opened ten’s of big and mega boxes and my chance hasn’t gone up at all.
Frosty Creeper
Frosty Creeper 11 päeva tagasi
12:15 then don’t spend you money on a game use it for your life god
Oscar Downing
Oscar Downing 11 päeva tagasi
Personally, I was missing the jingle from that video? where was good 'ol K A I R O S code Kairos in the brawl stars shop?
Jeyla Bocharova
Jeyla Bocharova 11 päeva tagasi
I spent 30 dollars to buy crow cuz I was so triggered i had nearly 12k trophies and 0 legendaries hahah
Nathan van Beek
Nathan van Beek 11 päeva tagasi
5:08 Bruh
Snakeman X
Snakeman X 11 päeva tagasi
The reason chromatic brawlers opened from boxes do not affect luck is because of the players who would accidentally unlock them before they got it in the pass. This means they could ruin their luck for something they would get for free instead, but the new update fixes that, so the luck system makes sense.
I oNlY sAy fAcTs
I oNlY sAy fAcTs 11 päeva tagasi
I personally don't like that we have to unlock Lou on tier 30 cuz now I just have boxes sitting here and plus I gotta waist $10 to get Lou and get more quests
BogdanPBS Gaming
BogdanPBS Gaming 11 päeva tagasi
Before that changes I needed to buy the brawl pass, get tier 30 to get the chromatic brawler, other players getting the new chromatic brawler in first day without buying the brawl pass
Noob BrawlStars
Noob BrawlStars 11 päeva tagasi
What really is sueprcell plan?
The_Hamm 11 päeva tagasi
can i just ask. why is your tongue blue??
Boxxx l0rd
Boxxx l0rd 11 päeva tagasi
Why was kairos tongue blue
Ronald Radnus
Ronald Radnus 11 päeva tagasi
Kairos....U are wrong that Map changes after 10 secs in Map Competition.....I am playing the same map even NOW
ARYA RAWAT AR 11 päeva tagasi
On my page maps not changing if it’s not a glicth then it’s obvious he will win Edit : it got resolved now
CAELAN JUDE KANNY Moe 11 päeva tagasi
DO we have to collect our season 3 rewards before season four starts
Jungmin Park
Jungmin Park 12 päeva tagasi
15;58 whales?
Jungmin Park
Jungmin Park 12 päeva tagasi
Like animals?
Hatab Qerimi
Hatab Qerimi 12 päeva tagasi
Lex real name is Alex
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson 12 päeva tagasi
The worst part about the brawl pass is now you can't but any skins without crazy regrets
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson 12 päeva tagasi
Why is ur tongue blue??
Brawl&Mc Gaming
Brawl&Mc Gaming 12 päeva tagasi
Kairos. We all know you can reach supercell.I just want a option in brawal stars. I want a option to block spectacters and only allow selected can watch us.If u guys agree tap the like i dont want likes i want that option♥️
hashem rehman
hashem rehman 12 päeva tagasi
btg news told u r evil 😂😂😂😂
Trusted Money
Trusted Money 12 päeva tagasi
Day one of asking Karios to play Terraria
Shreeshant Ghimire
Shreeshant Ghimire 12 päeva tagasi
Nobody talking about Kairos's Blue tongue
Reo YT
Reo YT 12 päeva tagasi
Karios Why Is Your Tongue Blue
Sir Oblivion
Sir Oblivion 12 päeva tagasi
It's garbage. I've been playing since it became available in the US, and I still don't have any of the original 3 legendary brawlers.
Sir Oblivion
Sir Oblivion 9 päeva tagasi
@Jash Patel Nice! Hopefully my luck will change soon. :)
Jash Patel
Jash Patel 12 päeva tagasi
Crow was my 8th brawler :)
Nisarg Parikh
Nisarg Parikh 12 päeva tagasi
I love brawl stars
Felix Forget-Vanier
Felix Forget-Vanier 12 päeva tagasi
Really good video!!!!
Mertoslav 12 päeva tagasi
*Lou used PK Freeze. *Bull's body solidifed. *Bull couldn't move. *Shelly used PK Starstorm *Bull took mortal damage.
gay 12 päeva tagasi
"you dont have to worry about trophies" clash royale party mode and challenges: first time?
Shisuo 12 päeva tagasi
I think the prices in this gane are way to high i mean 10.50€ for the pass in clash of clans its only 5.50€
Bündzsi 12 päeva tagasi
The new modes look like an alternative 2v2 from Clash Royale
Asher Shin
Asher Shin 12 päeva tagasi
i see he had a blue raspberry snow cone before recording
Blobel Körv
Blobel Körv 12 päeva tagasi
Why is you tung blue?🤣😂
srant_eye 12 päeva tagasi
Correction: The brawl talk said that your drop rate from getting the chromatic only goes down if you get them from a box ONLY. If you were to get the chromatic from the paid brawl pass, it won't affect your drop rate. Therefore, you are still well rewarded for supporting Brawl Stars.
Missy Wilson
Missy Wilson 12 päeva tagasi
Kairos you should make a evolution of brawl stars video of brawl stars until now. And don't worry about my picture this is my mothers google account.
Ankit Godly
Ankit Godly 12 päeva tagasi
check me out!
Lucky!!!!!!! 12 päeva tagasi
Kairostime: What’s next Electricity?! Ryan: That’s Right!
Tristan Lai
Tristan Lai 12 päeva tagasi
Why is your tongue blue
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