Update INCOMING! | New Brawler BOSS?! | Update Predictions!

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Brawl Stars Update Predictions & Speculation! | KairosTime
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A Brawl Stars Update is coming soon & I'm going to cover EVERYTHING we know is coming as well as speculate on some things that I think we can count on getting in this update. Brawl Stars left us some clues & hints regarding the next update which is why I think I have a pretty good idea of what we can expect!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
What do YOU want most in the next update?! Subscribe or your teammates will quit after round 1 in Power League...
IronyFalseLogical 13 päeva tagasi
Ok thank goodness that boss was just a prediction because im pretty sure, el primo would get outdated pretty quick
Ahlam Ali
Ahlam Ali 13 päeva tagasi
Roblox player
Roblox player 14 päeva tagasi
I want trio showdown and squad showdown
gingerboss shorts
gingerboss shorts 15 päeva tagasi
U already know whats in the update
Mark Palamarchuk
Mark Palamarchuk 15 päeva tagasi
Just wanna say u know the guy dark knight who played with u actually challenged tom to a 1v1 for something and i think he lost / won
Berina Nikochevikj
Berina Nikochevikj 11 tundi tagasi
Their is a game called nulls brawl and that Is wat you just sade
the man who ran
the man who ran 20 tundi tagasi
Ha it was more western brawler
Chen cheng Lin
Chen cheng Lin Päev tagasi
The new brawler could be a boss because the NT could be his companies name :p
Elson sloth juarez
Elson sloth juarez Päev tagasi
Umm its belle
Gaping Fish75
Gaping Fish75 Päev tagasi
It’s kind of weird that belle (if that’s how you spell it) left a note in the gift shop but the brawl pass skin for them does have a tie but no red vest
Eva Garcia
Eva Garcia 2 päeva tagasi
I mean, it was Belle. With a B.
Ali Atari
Ali Atari 3 päeva tagasi
I am from season 6 and goldhand belle has a tie
Icedude116 3 päeva tagasi
Little did they know..
Bjorn Storm
Bjorn Storm 3 päeva tagasi
geuss it was belle
aidan tan
aidan tan 3 päeva tagasi
what if brawl stars just look at deese vids and copy the ideas
DOGE 3 päeva tagasi
Belle has gold teeth and boss has gold teeth
Eero Caven
Eero Caven 4 päeva tagasi
After 13 days afrer this vid, SQUEAK and BELLE are the new brawlers :D (squeak is almost here lol)
Sergej Matlak
Sergej Matlak 4 päeva tagasi
Sergej Matlak
Sergej Matlak 4 päeva tagasi
I love this brawler post to brawl stars plesse a new brawler in brawl stars plesse
PieWar30 4 päeva tagasi
Maybe b for belle?
PieWar30 4 päeva tagasi
Because Edgar could’ve stolen the trophy
Jeandrei 9K
Jeandrei 9K 4 päeva tagasi
He techically predicted that the next brawler would be a boss and have a tie aka belles skin
Ayden21 5 päeva tagasi
The Exotic Void
The Exotic Void 5 päeva tagasi
Lol im already in season 6 and this theory sounds so dumb now XD still a good guess kairos!!!
khean paul Carmelo
khean paul Carmelo 5 päeva tagasi
Hi so i have a personal brawler idea If you don't wanna hear it scroll out if you want to hear it ty So he would be penny's rival His name is james his attack is that he would stab you thats litteraly it im not joking and his super is bombs away he would throw bombs and if it doesnt hit anything it would be hidden until it hits something Kinda like bo's mines oh and His speed is fast atk dmg will be 560 Health at Power 1 will be 5206 He doesnt exactly have A greedy or mean personality instead he likes animals and treats his crew well also he is a mythic
Dark zerora 16
Dark zerora 16 5 päeva tagasi
by the way flip the note upside down so its 3014 -B and it would become hole B-, is this a clue?
Foxy Pancakes
Foxy Pancakes 6 päeva tagasi
Foxy Pancakes
Foxy Pancakes 6 päeva tagasi
TRH_GAMING 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos give me gems 300
Khris XD
Khris XD 7 päeva tagasi
Wait wkbrl stream started on my birthday ......
iiBallistic Panda
iiBallistic Panda 7 päeva tagasi
He do have gold I mean she xd
darky the tick
darky the tick 8 päeva tagasi
Its true ???
Latte Gaming
Latte Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
Tanu Priya
Tanu Priya 8 päeva tagasi
@Triggard issan sould roust this chanel
Ali Harkous
Ali Harkous 9 päeva tagasi
B for belle 😂
Random cat
Random cat 9 päeva tagasi
Well belle is somewhat a boss
Arham Imran
Arham Imran 9 päeva tagasi
he got the start right "Belle"
Disleaf 10 päeva tagasi
B: Belle ;) (gold arm gang)
alien invader
alien invader 10 päeva tagasi
100% fool first it's april 1
Samuel Reinoso Reyes
Samuel Reinoso Reyes 10 päeva tagasi
Dam is so sad to see how they posted "so long and goognight" as kind of a way to say goodbye to the guy that did the brlaw talks
SammBoi 10 päeva tagasi
Why is it time to brawl if were watching you?🧐🧐
IceCreamWaffle 10 päeva tagasi
0:17 or are you messing with us ???? The plot thickens !?!?!!!
Luukas Üksvärav
Luukas Üksvärav 10 päeva tagasi
Alan manuel Herrera
Alan manuel Herrera 11 päeva tagasi
him adivedied b
Nathan Opsteyn
Nathan Opsteyn 11 päeva tagasi
Youzarsef Hannaoui
Youzarsef Hannaoui 11 päeva tagasi
you got his tooth right tho, he has the same yellow tooth as belle
Amie D
Amie D 11 päeva tagasi
You predicted season 6
Valton Zyhrani
Valton Zyhrani 11 päeva tagasi
I think that b was for belle
na pa
na pa 5 päeva tagasi
No way
Nathan Opsteyn
Nathan Opsteyn 11 päeva tagasi
lazar the gamer and vloger
lazar the gamer and vloger 11 päeva tagasi
Omg omg he did it...it is a gold brawler...........give him a oscer
Riley World
Riley World 12 päeva tagasi
What if the B stands for Belle, she is a robber
na pa
na pa 5 päeva tagasi
No way
DangerX 12 päeva tagasi
turns out the note in the safe was from belle who stole whatever was in it
Lyrics Assam
Lyrics Assam 12 päeva tagasi
I think kairos gets some info from inside, and tells us that he is predicting this, I mean, he is right down to the gold teeth, you can't be that right.😈
Mamawii Chhakchhuak
Mamawii Chhakchhuak 12 päeva tagasi
Kairos and lex are wrong its belle and its longrange its the oppisite
kingtj gaming
kingtj gaming 12 päeva tagasi
But boss and belle has same gold teeth
Nogusek 12 päeva tagasi
Gary Au
Gary Au 12 päeva tagasi
I can see a money bag in sut p
Onyedikachi Ewuzie
Onyedikachi Ewuzie 12 päeva tagasi
belle that the new brawler
ZOMBIBI 12 päeva tagasi
ngl golden tooth was pretty accurate if you look at Belle
Nathaniel Lee
Nathaniel Lee 12 päeva tagasi
I honestly think that they should add a story line that is playable in game, like a scenario.
Balint Varsanyi
Balint Varsanyi 12 päeva tagasi
It's getting harder to predict brawlers, mostly because supercell is running out of ideas and is not releasing very unique brawlers. But supercell is not noticing the community's ideas.
PinnapleTheWorst YT
PinnapleTheWorst YT 12 päeva tagasi
They aren’t running out of ideas
Kwon Jincherl
Kwon Jincherl 12 päeva tagasi
wait B? BELLE
Fabian rodriguez
Fabian rodriguez 12 päeva tagasi
PinnapleTheWorst YT
PinnapleTheWorst YT 12 päeva tagasi
You do realise -b means its signed by B? Brawl Talk can’t sign a note because its not a person
Romero Flores
Romero Flores 13 päeva tagasi
I really think that boss will be part of belle’s gold arm trio since he has the same gold tooth as belle
PinnapleTheWorst YT
PinnapleTheWorst YT 12 päeva tagasi
Belle is Boss
Im a banana
Im a banana 13 päeva tagasi
2:02 it’s not « BOSS », it’s « BELLE »...
na pa
na pa 5 päeva tagasi
No way
Im a banana
Im a banana 13 päeva tagasi
It remind me that Ryan will leave... Like the vid for who miss Ryan
Torgishness 13 päeva tagasi
Imma be real, I thought Stu completed the Starr Park trio
John Shadoe
John Shadoe 13 päeva tagasi
"Predictions." Nope. If you want to see Brawl Star's next brawler just look at Modern Combat Versus, Paladins, Overwatch, and Danganronpa. It's like picking colors for your house and mixing different paint colors.
DIMITRIS LASPIAS 13 päeva tagasi
David Rojas
David Rojas 13 päeva tagasi
K a i r o s use code kairos in the shop
Κωνσταντίνος Περγαντής
Κωνσταντίνος Περγαντής 13 päeva tagasi
-B=Brawl Talk
thatchildcanplaybattlecats 13 päeva tagasi
Boss:gruncle stan
Reco083 - Brawl Stars
Reco083 - Brawl Stars 13 päeva tagasi
Not Brawler do you have its Squek and Belle
HACKER GAMER 2.0 13 päeva tagasi
HACKER GAMER 2.0 11 päeva tagasi
Ooooooooooh sorry sorry
PinnapleTheWorst YT
PinnapleTheWorst YT 12 päeva tagasi
He said it clearky in the video and in the title, these are predictions, not actual update news
Gavin High
Gavin High 13 päeva tagasi
my brawl account is glitched, I have all of the epic brawlers but is says I have a .5 chance to get one. also I have around 7 gadgets that I can unlock but it says I have a 0.00000 chance to get one
Goosey 10 päeva tagasi
@Gavin High could be :)
Gavin High
Gavin High 11 päeva tagasi
@Goosey oh yeah its prb that
Goosey 13 päeva tagasi
Im not sure but could the epic chance be for chromatic brawlers?
Vile BrawlStars
Vile BrawlStars 14 päeva tagasi
Close enough Boss and Belle lol
INFERNAL 117 14 päeva tagasi
Please Kairos talk to super cell to give gem in boxes back
RamaGamer ARGBB
RamaGamer ARGBB 14 päeva tagasi
ramil cui
ramil cui 14 päeva tagasi
Looks like Brawl stars copied 1 Fragger in frag pro shooter
ramil cui
ramil cui 5 päeva tagasi
@Goosey no, The Boss
Goosey 13 päeva tagasi
The red coat on belle?
cromatsoz90 14 päeva tagasi
ToastEater 14 päeva tagasi
you got close tho
Saket_gaming 14 päeva tagasi
Is this April fools???
Chad 14 päeva tagasi
@4:26 It’s a My Chemical Romance reference. They have a song called Helena. He wears a red tie in the music video, and the chorus says “so long and goodnight.”
A-32-Shourya 14 päeva tagasi
U r wrong!?
PinnapleTheWorst YT
PinnapleTheWorst YT 12 päeva tagasi
This was made 2 days before the brawl talk came out
Drake 14 päeva tagasi
you got the teeth correct lol
TEA 14 päeva tagasi
Belle it's belle
Tuly Karmakar
Tuly Karmakar 14 päeva tagasi
these two new brawler sucks.
Hungry Avacado YT
Hungry Avacado YT 13 päeva tagasi
@elizeu neto yeah I was waiting Saving up gems for the first time to buy the pass I mean the skins doesn't even have attack animation
elizeu neto
elizeu neto 14 päeva tagasi
I think Squeak will be kinda op, a 5040 long range brawler About Belle, i didnt like her too much because her attacks is similar to jessie's but her super is interesting And when i ended up knowing she is based in a real person called Belle Starr, i like her a bit more
RNV 14 päeva tagasi
So belle robbed the gift shop yesterday Dang I missed it.
OneIcieBoi 15 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: KT doesn't predict, Supercell just takes ideas.
dont touch the linkkk
dont touch the linkkk 15 päeva tagasi
Bruh th pfp looks exactly likw bellw before ahe was annouced kaoros back at it again
Dr kelp
Dr kelp 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos I have a concept of a Brawler I haven't come up with its Attack but the super makes it switch to a different Brawler with different mechanics
Dr kelp
Dr kelp 15 päeva tagasi
Like a 2 in one Brawler
Seth van Harten
Seth van Harten 15 päeva tagasi
And we’re not talking about the relationship between edgar and colette?
سينسي. MäđAřäツ
سينسي. MäđAřäツ 15 päeva tagasi
Well atleast you guessed the first letter : B is for Belle
Mintfan 1212
Mintfan 1212 15 päeva tagasi
The name should be B. Ross Tbh (B stands for boss)
PixelDragon BS
PixelDragon BS 15 päeva tagasi
the brawler didnt have a tie sad
100% true
100% true 15 päeva tagasi
It was belle you are right. Wow 👍👍👍
ไต้ฝุ่น ทิทลีย์
ไต้ฝุ่น ทิทลีย์ 15 päeva tagasi
I have an insanely dumb idea for a trio “the stuntman trio” Stu : zap zap dash dash Nt : Stu main “enemy” they like to challenge each other Man : very tanky : he is a human like robot designed to test rides
Rayhan Adam
Rayhan Adam 15 päeva tagasi
Maap bang ga ngerti bahasa inggris
KHOO KAY YIN Moe 15 päeva tagasi
6:15 gene:👁💧👄💧👁
Matteo super Jeux
Matteo super Jeux 15 päeva tagasi
elizeu neto
elizeu neto 14 päeva tagasi
It was just a prediction
Matteo super Jeux
Matteo super Jeux 15 päeva tagasi
Boo fake
elizeu neto
elizeu neto 14 päeva tagasi
Yeah, he made this before Brawl Talk, it was just what he THOUGHT what was going to be the update Its just a theory, *a BrAwL tHeOrY*
Rafhael Gonzales
Rafhael Gonzales 15 päeva tagasi
you do know what a theory right? i mean his still right with the wild west theme lmao
SpectralHades 15 päeva tagasi
guess what? youre wrong
SpectralHades 13 päeva tagasi
@elizeu neto omg and the tie on the other skin as welli just realised
elizeu neto
elizeu neto 14 päeva tagasi
He got the gold teeth right tho 😳
Shio Hirata
Shio Hirata 15 päeva tagasi
I think B stands for Barly
Shio Hirata
Shio Hirata 15 päeva tagasi
Oh you’re right😅
Rafhael Gonzales
Rafhael Gonzales 15 päeva tagasi
nope its belle
Marco Lee
Marco Lee 15 päeva tagasi
oh no it was wrong this time :((((
Mateus Riobom
Mateus Riobom 15 päeva tagasi
Everyone: where is the archvilian bea? Me, an intellectual: where is the monster under the bridge in the 2019 halloween animation?
Igor Kowalczyk
Igor Kowalczyk 15 päeva tagasi
3:00 Monster Like ENERGY DRINK xD
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