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Unlocking EVERY Brawler & Rating Them! | KairosTime - Brawl Stars
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For this video I am going to unlock EVERY single brawler in Brawl Stars, which was made possible from 40000 Gems, and $2000 unboxing on Chief Pat's channel! We unboxed EVERY Brawler in Brawl Stars, and now I'm going to show them to you, as well as rate them based off how exciting they are to unlock!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 5 місяців tagasi
*Which Brawler were/are YOU most Excited to UNLOCK?!* Thank you to OnePlus for Sponsoring my channel ► www.oneplus.com/ *Use Code Kairos or you WON'T Unlock a Legendary!* ► bit.ly/2nQd1Cd Subscribe for MORE ► goo.gl/1qE15w
Otaku Gamer
Otaku Gamer 2 päeva tagasi
When I unlocked dyna I was so freaking excited 😅
Gaming shayla TV
Gaming shayla TV 18 päeva tagasi
Lou 🥺
Pablo Perez Pablo Perez
Pablo Perez Pablo Perez 24 päeva tagasi
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra 24 päeva tagasi
@Executive Cheese i got leon , leon is my only one legendary brwler
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra 24 päeva tagasi
@Petar Cvjetićanin i got without buying brawl pass
Mohd Azrizal
Mohd Azrizal 3 tundi tagasi
I hate mortis I don't want him
Mohd Azrizal
Mohd Azrizal 3 tundi tagasi
Ngl I really exited to unlock tick because it so annoying when I play against it
Taylan Mutlu
Taylan Mutlu Päev tagasi
What do you mean el primo is the best
Parmesan Seeking-Cat
Parmesan Seeking-Cat 2 päeva tagasi
I have a grudge against my own mini account. It constantly gets new, good, strong brawlers and my main had to wait for like 4 months to get a new brawler (Nani) My mini got Leon last week....
But Why
But Why 2 päeva tagasi
I’ve been playing the game for a few years now and I haven’t unlocked Tara or Nani and my odds are very high...
Krisztina Zalavari
Krisztina Zalavari 2 päeva tagasi
I was so excited for my first legindary (Wich was lean btw)But i was way more excited for Gene
Sivaprakasam Shanmugam
Sivaprakasam Shanmugam 3 päeva tagasi
I have unlocked all the rare brawlers and I have unlocked one super rare brawler and that is Carl Still haven’t found a super rare brawler for 3 months I want one is that to much to ask
PeyStation 5 päeva tagasi
There's four dromadics
Crucito Torres
Crucito Torres 6 päeva tagasi
I love sandy more then leon
GOD GAMER - BRAWL STARS 6 päeva tagasi
I am the bald guy
Pietro Fiorentini
Pietro Fiorentini 7 päeva tagasi
12:17 Honestly, without the music unlocking brawlers does not give to me so much hype.
Explosive Management
Explosive Management 7 päeva tagasi
I don’t agree with any of these
Fire Udupa Gaming
Fire Udupa Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
i have 15900 throphies and have 2 legendary and 3 mythic
ItzNedimoo Fly8
ItzNedimoo Fly8 7 päeva tagasi
Emz is at 8000 trophies 🏆 Not at 9000 trophies 🏆
ProGamer 2020
ProGamer 2020 8 päeva tagasi
sandy is the least exiting brawler WHAT ABOUT CROW?!?
Yashvardhan Goyal
Yashvardhan Goyal 8 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Kairos: Unlocking sandy is as exciting as unlocking darryl, rico or pam and is less exciting than unlocking piper and nani
Alfred Cheung
Alfred Cheung 9 päeva tagasi
Did u mean 8000 trophies when u said emz
PastelPrincess 10 päeva tagasi
When I got sprout I didn’t even care-how wrong was I-also when I got Frank me and my brother almost broke my phone
poco 10 päeva tagasi
mythic would probably win
poco 10 päeva tagasi
Arman Pasko Goricki
Arman Pasko Goricki 11 päeva tagasi
I don’t agree with the tir list
Roll Mops
Roll Mops 12 päeva tagasi
I also got ham first
sagar dewnani
sagar dewnani 12 päeva tagasi
Me from the future-there is also a new legendary named Amber also 2 crowmatics named Colette and Surge also Lou who’s gonna come out
bananaship2gaming gaming
bananaship2gaming gaming 13 päeva tagasi
i guess i am the only person to get poco at 1k trophies
Davi Bobato
Davi Bobato 13 päeva tagasi
I think most people prefer spike
mohammed Saleeque
mohammed Saleeque 13 päeva tagasi
Mortis sucks
Lukach30 14 päeva tagasi
I got elprimo at 1050 along with carl in the same box
George's dreams UwU
George's dreams UwU 15 päeva tagasi
Jacky: ... Carl,penny,rico, and Darryl:Oh no.. Jacky:WHAT THE #&?@@&&!
Wenshy Albert
Wenshy Albert 15 päeva tagasi
Leon and max you will be mine in probably a year
Anonym 15 päeva tagasi
I hate Mortis-
EDUARDITO 0309gameplays
EDUARDITO 0309gameplays 16 päeva tagasi
I have mortis, and he is really cool snd fun! Imagine being faster than max. And i also have spike, hes really fun! He can easily hit the enemies! Colette, now this is a good brawler. Really fitting for battles against family members lol, shooting hearts is the most wholesome thing in brawl stars
ognjen dobrosavljevic
ognjen dobrosavljevic 16 päeva tagasi
Brian Lally
Brian Lally 17 päeva tagasi
Legendaries and Mythics are so fun to unlock! Me at 900 getting Gene and Leon: *Is this Rare Brawler?*
Gaming shayla TV
Gaming shayla TV 18 päeva tagasi
I have every kind of brawler but I don't have a mythic not even one -_-
Hady Hadla
Hady Hadla 18 päeva tagasi
I was soooo exited for 8 bit it took me 3 days of grinding
TwiCaCaX 20 päeva tagasi
poco is actually so op, especially with how punishing death is in BS the heal is incredible not to mention his attack and range and damage is not bad at all. Alot of the damage dealers falls super short, and this is coming from a person who craves DPS
cheez cake
cheez cake 21 päev tagasi
Getting El primo for me was like unlocking my first legendary
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz 21 päev tagasi
I think max should be s tear
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz 21 päev tagasi
I love max she is my favorite
Ali Alismail
Ali Alismail 21 päev tagasi
Ali Alismail
Ali Alismail 21 päev tagasi
Ali Alismail
Ali Alismail 21 päev tagasi
sleep bye kairos time gaming kairos stop
Ali Alismail
Ali Alismail 21 päev tagasi
Robert Niciu
Robert Niciu 21 päev tagasi
Maria Simeonova
Maria Simeonova 21 päev tagasi
Dude i have the leon HAHA
Maria Simeonova
Maria Simeonova 21 päev tagasi
Ignác Kovanda
Ignác Kovanda 21 päev tagasi
When you unlock mortis He haven't hat. And that IS Why you would play no hat mortis. Change my mind.
RUDRA SARKAR 21 päev tagasi
sandy and tara are s
Karan Karan
Karan Karan 23 päeva tagasi
I want SPIKE 😢😢😢
BinKY 23 päeva tagasi
I cant be as same excited for getting el primo as for getting gene
BlazePrxey 23 päeva tagasi
I remember getting bea and piper in the same box along with surge’s gadget and I was so amazed. I got frank first and he was so exciting
satou matsuzuka
satou matsuzuka 23 päeva tagasi
I dont like mortis, i dont know why everyone love him so much, piper much better
MoistShirt 23 päeva tagasi
I literally have three mythic characters but not all of the epics somehow 😂
Ali asghar Jafari
Ali asghar Jafari 23 päeva tagasi
So wher is Amber???
Gamer Anime
Gamer Anime 23 päeva tagasi
*looks away from the intro to save me from depression*
Scorpio Gameplay
Scorpio Gameplay 23 päeva tagasi
Not seeing every legendary in S tier is a disappointment Unlocking every one of them is a joy just the same
Polish Cow but its Gacha life memes
Polish Cow but its Gacha life memes 23 päeva tagasi
Sandy and Rico are on the same tier... Something wrong?
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra 24 päeva tagasi
when i cheat in online exam mom: why are you doing such things me 3:54
YT junimo
YT junimo 25 päeva tagasi
i got lion but i didn't got exited /:
Volkan Dilek
Volkan Dilek 25 päeva tagasi
sandy 25 päeva tagasi
my last rare brawler was Rosa my last super rare was Jacky my last rare was Nani (or gale since its s3) my last mythic was mr pp and my last legendary was crow 😉
Bonox Gamer
Bonox Gamer 25 päeva tagasi
I remember when I got my first mtyhic brawler at 2k trophies I was screaming I got a mtyhic before I got a epic... 😂😂
BirdiesOfAnger 667
BirdiesOfAnger 667 25 päeva tagasi
When watching this video nostalgia hit me so hard in the heart cuz of the unlock music and brawler animations😢😢😢
Red 26 päeva tagasi
I got my first legendary at 1500 trophies and it’s sandy and I haven’t gotten any legendary since then I’m at 10017 right now
Shadow Midnight Plays ツ
Shadow Midnight Plays ツ 26 päeva tagasi
5:05 emz happens at 9000 trophies WRONG it’s 8000 trophies not 9000
ShadowKnight93 26 päeva tagasi
I was most excited to unlock sandy because it was my first legendary
Ishaaq Chy
Ishaaq Chy 26 päeva tagasi
Every brawler suck I cannot get a single one
Devendra Malegaonkar
Devendra Malegaonkar 26 päeva tagasi
Kt: emz at 9k Mr:👁️👄👁️
Chandrashekar Rao
Chandrashekar Rao 26 päeva tagasi
Hi guys can you pls tell me where’ is the link in the description .i am noob in EEpost
Jayson Lincoln
Jayson Lincoln 26 päeva tagasi
I hated Bo so much when I unlocked, he's my least favorite
Ali Kemal Dogru
Ali Kemal Dogru 27 päeva tagasi
Me: has every rare, super rare, and epic and max and gale My friend within a time span of two weeks: gets sandy, crow, spike, mortis, gene, and colette from box
Ali Kemal Dogru
Ali Kemal Dogru 27 päeva tagasi
"I'm sure many of you dont remember unlocking a rare brawler" me: unlcoks max and gale at 2000 trophies and unlocks poco at 10,000 lol
Ali Kemal Dogru
Ali Kemal Dogru 26 päeva tagasi
Not btq
Slash Dx5
Slash Dx5 26 päeva tagasi
Your obviously lying
Burning Apple
Burning Apple 27 päeva tagasi
To me the fares should be in at least B tier. The feeling of unlocking your very first brawler from a box is amazing, I remember getting poco and thinking he was super rare. Also I got barley after having 5k trophies(had to do the supercell ID thing)
Kim 27 päeva tagasi
I remember unlocking Mortis as my first Mythic. I wasn't excited at all, and didn't really like him.
brawl BOI
brawl BOI 27 päeva tagasi
sprout is so fun to play with boi
Masud Jeylani
Masud Jeylani 27 päeva tagasi
I think bibi should be at A because when I got her I was So Happy and exited she is also fun to play with
Exercise 1
Exercise 1 27 päeva tagasi
i got leon in my all 5 accounts and not got any other legendry at alllll brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Mr Zyepe
Mr Zyepe 28 päeva tagasi
I think they should all be a fly legendary’s
Ima Dino
Ima Dino 28 päeva tagasi
10:04 but.... what if I didn’t ask you?.
Slash Dx5
Slash Dx5 26 päeva tagasi
What if no one asked you to leave a comment
Allan Roosimaa
Allan Roosimaa 28 päeva tagasi
Btw Emz 8000 trophies
TheSTARBAGS 28 päeva tagasi
Brawlers srelwarb
Rahul kumar
Rahul kumar 29 päeva tagasi
bea 👍
Carlos Time YT
Carlos Time YT Місяць tagasi
My first brawler was Leon no cap
Le Pamplemousse Quantique
Le Pamplemousse Quantique Місяць tagasi
I remember wanting poco so hard, I got rico, el primo, barley, rosa and finally poco One time i got frank and crow in the same box
Le Pamplemousse Quantique
Le Pamplemousse Quantique 28 päeva tagasi
@Alpharad Deluxe Fan he is my favorite brawler over all the others I love him
Alpharad Deluxe Fan
Alpharad Deluxe Fan 28 päeva tagasi
I also wanted poco so much to this day he is still one of my favorite brawlers
pro lords
pro lords Місяць tagasi
I got Leon at 4000 trophies and had to wait 6000 more trophies to get another brawler
Adam 11
Adam 11 Місяць tagasi
I got Pam at 999 trophies and it’s my first epic brawler
mishka ustiashvili
mishka ustiashvili Місяць tagasi
How did you unlock shelly? 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤨🤨🤨
Mr Boss
Mr Boss Місяць tagasi
I'm 18.5 k trophies and I still don't have a single legendary
Neko Earle
Neko Earle Місяць tagasi
waht about surge,amberf
Dr.FlashMemory's channel
Dr.FlashMemory's channel Місяць tagasi
this video was uploaded before those brawlers were in the game
Sreyansh Ranjan
Sreyansh Ranjan Місяць tagasi
The least exciting legendary is leon rest are really exciting
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee Місяць tagasi
piper used to be really un-exciting, and I think that my favorite brawler to unlock was Leon because I got him before most of the other brawlers.
Amen Yaseen
Amen Yaseen Місяць tagasi
u are right kairos leon the best
Shadow-YT Місяць tagasi
4:10 SNEAKY 10/10
Shadow-YT Місяць tagasi
Shadow-YT Місяць tagasi
Play them immediately pause
Cubeopedia Місяць tagasi
Bro I love sandy and hope to get him soon. Also btw, I sadly don’t have any legendaries but my bro has Spike!
Licher7863 gaming
Licher7863 gaming Місяць tagasi
I am furious that poco is an E tier Hes am S tier Goddammit
MattIuly Місяць tagasi
How you do this?
power tea
power tea Місяць tagasi
I wish to rain flame and brimstone upon the developers, i lost 13 games in a row bc my teammates were vots, thanks game!
Slash Dx5
Slash Dx5 26 päeva tagasi
You know solo exists
Happy Pancake
Happy Pancake Місяць tagasi
Sandy is exciting more than spike
Olgica Mancevska
Olgica Mancevska Місяць tagasi
Kairos puts bibi in b Me HEY I LOVE BIBI PUT HER IN A XD
Aleksandar Nedev
Aleksandar Nedev Місяць tagasi
leon leon leon
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