This update was ______? | 100% Honest Update Review!

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100% Honest update review - Amber & Map Maker Update | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to be talking about the most recent brawl stars update and giving it my 100% honest review! We'll talk about the things I thought were good, and the things I thought were bad, as well as what I hope for in the next update. I'll even do a little update speculation regarding the map maker and talk about why it's such a big deal.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
How do YOU rate this update on a scale from 1 to 10?! ► tell me why as well! Subscribe for HIGH QUALITY BS videos ► Use Code Kairos ►
Renato Gamer
Renato Gamer 24 päeva tagasi
eye mouth eye
eye mouth eye Місяць tagasi
duashun Місяць tagasi
1 out of 10 it sucked I died every round to Amber and I can't get her because I'm at 10,000 trophies yet I've had no legendary yet wonder bred had like 2 legendaries when he was 5,000
Skull Gamer- BS
Skull Gamer- BS Місяць tagasi
Renato Cassola
Renato Cassola Місяць tagasi
jack hobeychi
jack hobeychi 15 päeva tagasi
All of these ideas should be implemented into the game. Supercell takes notes!
Cooldude 49
Cooldude 49 19 päeva tagasi
Amber it’s to broken
Jonathan Aviles
Jonathan Aviles 24 päeva tagasi
Gem bust- three teams of three in showdown playing in the gem grab game mode.
Major M
Major M 26 päeva tagasi
Random mine tiles? Yeah no thanks
Silly Fox
Silly Fox 26 päeva tagasi
my idea for amber is health and speed nerf and if she runs out of ammo it recharges twice as fast BUT she can't shoot until is charge up fully.
Riftyz on iPad /iOS
Riftyz on iPad /iOS 26 päeva tagasi
I think nerfing the range a bit would be good for amber
Damian Mijacz
Damian Mijacz 28 päeva tagasi
"Honestly tho..."
Laudrovinkox3 28 päeva tagasi
I think a way to nerf amber is that basic attacks don’t go through units and maybe the super ricochet into walls so you can’t ignite through walls
DoomStorm Game on
DoomStorm Game on Місяць tagasi
Kairos: who deals with fire that closely Me: I am a firefighter cadet Also me: do you not know what a firefighter is
Vamshi Ganapuri
Vamshi Ganapuri Місяць tagasi
My mom deleted brawl stars 3 times total trophies with 3 accounts 30k and I don't know how to connect to super cell and how to get my account back so I quit BRAWL stars my best friend who helped me a lot (karanvir) thanks karanvir if u see this😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Cubbie9000 Місяць tagasi
My idea for an amber nerf is a slight warmup time of like half a second maybe left when you start aiming her shot before it actually starts shooting, and if needed, either a damage nerf or a decrease in her ammo output speed
Time Anchorgamer
Time Anchorgamer Місяць tagasi
I have a great idea for what they could Nerf amber in So when you throw her oil instead of having just a puddle of oil, it also had a trail of oil from when it was thrown to make it harder to avoid so like if you throw the oil and the are coming towards you and they avoid your puddle you can still ignite them with the oil trail so if you remove that it would be much more balanced
carlos plaza maslennikova
carlos plaza maslennikova Місяць tagasi
i got the happy nani pin in the pin pack of the brawl pass and its the worst thing ever litterately my luck that day was garbage XD
Oscar Tavira
Oscar Tavira Місяць tagasi
Me wanted to see him die: Kairos.nope I’m showing my face instead
Reap Nudiusterian
Reap Nudiusterian Місяць tagasi
i feel like youre rating it wrong. the way youre rating should be a totally different video going over all the updates and instead, rate it from 1 being a bad update to 10 being an amazing update if we're talking about this update in specific
Yoojea Lee
Yoojea Lee Місяць tagasi
Maybe more gamemodes and envierments like bring back the snow envierment
Yrjajf w9ehdn
Yrjajf w9ehdn Місяць tagasi
I have a idea for map maker you could go to play with bots then when you press to change the maps there is a button that has a image of the world when you press the image of the globe you will be send to fan made maps so you cam play other peoples maps in bots and when you uploud your map it needs to get verified so no nsfw stuff show up. Also there should be sections in the fan made maps for example when you uploud your map you can put what your map is like is it a minigame or a competitive map or etc. Etc if you want to play a minigame you can go to the minigame fanmade maps (its like flairs from reddit to brawl stars) if you dont get what i mean please comment i will try to explain it to u :)
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Місяць tagasi
Super smash bros in a nut shell
Sebastian Meireles
Sebastian Meireles Місяць tagasi
10:41 THAT timing, did Carl die or did amber die? Find out on the next episode of dragon ball Z
kai Місяць tagasi
I disagree with buying attempts at the challenge with gems.
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
This update is very Good 🤩🤩🤩
Jem Місяць tagasi
I wonder what kairos's mbti type is
Kirb gamer
Kirb gamer Місяць tagasi
I thought kairos only used footage of him winning but when it showed him dying at 9:42 I realized he wasn't lying :0
Kenneth Perry
Kenneth Perry Місяць tagasi
Another nerf for Amber could be to make her range wider and harder to control to reduce the damage. It feels very easy to hit a lot of shots with and very overpowered
Kenneth Perry
Kenneth Perry Місяць tagasi
Her reload speed needs a small buff and her range needs a decrease to be like Nita type of range. Bo range feels way too far. I’ve currently got her at 700 and it was wayyyy too easy because I could out range and out damage everyone Edit: fixed a spelling typo
kluzius Місяць tagasi
I have a rule of numb it is if you see a amber as a enemy you will have a 97 percent chance of losing becuase she is op right now
Supergamer BS
Supergamer BS Місяць tagasi
A great thing to add to map maker would be indestructible walls and walls you can't jump over
Paul Jordison
Paul Jordison Місяць tagasi
Dude. Give me a break. A little too strong? R u serious. This actually pisses me off. She completely and entirely broken. Absolutely stupid. Supercell are morons for releasing her in this state. And btw she’s fun because SHE KILLS EVERYONE IN LIKE A SECOND. JESUS CHRIST STOP BEING SUCH A SUPERCELL FANBOY KAIROS. ugh
Time Pass Gamer
Time Pass Gamer Місяць tagasi
I want to know about the investor video and why was it made.. .. .. .. . This update has made everyone forget about it
mike13899 Місяць tagasi
da boi
da boi Місяць tagasi
Hey Kairos, I watched your Brawl Theory video, and I heard you mentioned rockets... What does Brock shoot?
Patrick Brawl stars
Patrick Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
I have been playing this game for 2 years now and since the release of Amber I am thinking of quitting because every time I play against one it’s a guaranteed loss it has stoped the fun for me
Ace Fury
Ace Fury Місяць tagasi
My honest reveiw of this update at 18:17 to 6 seconds thereafter 😂
Chick Bomb
Chick Bomb Місяць tagasi
Kairos: I would rather have the map maker now than have to wait later for a more polished version. Me: Map maker is as good as it is now
Daemian Costeniuc
Daemian Costeniuc Місяць tagasi
Kairos: What if brawlers can automatically recharge their supers kind of like Darryl Darryl: I would be a god.
Eric Jamsa
Eric Jamsa Місяць tagasi
OMG!! A couple months ago I had a dream that there was a super charging tower in brawl stars
Raven Storm
Raven Storm Місяць tagasi
Here’s my take on the Brawl-o-ween Rosa Challenge: I think that the fact that we’ll be able to buy Spoopy Rosa after the challenge and most likely her skin will be in shop NEXT Halloween is simply enough reason to NOT have a replay factor for the Brawl-o-ween challenge. The limited time pins is kind of upsetting, but if you think about it technically Colette, Gale, and Surge have limited time pins if you’re a FTP player. Also think about any new player that comes into contact with a Star Shelly skin in the year 2020
JumboTheGreat h
JumboTheGreat h Місяць tagasi
Amber nerf: decrease damage output from each individual ammo by 75 Increase delay between each individual ammo by .5 seconds Increase health 500 Decrease movement speed from very fast to fast This will make her a bruiser type brawler rather than a broken dps
QQ Ma Місяць tagasi
Special tile ideas for map maker Reconstructing block: whenever this block gets broken, it reforms after 15 seconds Holographic block: you can walk through it but can’t shoot through it, kinda like the opposite of fences and water Unstable block: it has 8000 health and if you break it, it will break some blocks around and can even break indestructible blocks which I’ll be covering later Indestructible block: a wall that can not be broken by supers or gadgets, however, it can be broken by being next ti an unstable wall Speed tile: if you walk on this tile, you’ll gain a speed boost of 20% for 3 seconds, this tile will take 6 seconds to recharge
IBS Gaming
IBS Gaming Місяць tagasi
Superccell:nerfs Amber Me:get it after all nerfs
Ben 517
Ben 517 Місяць tagasi
People will probably deliberately throw like in cr if they are allowed to do the challenge multiple times
MASKETASK Місяць tagasi
literally everything Kairos said about the mapmaker in two words... Overwatch Workshop.
gas00 u
gas00 u Місяць tagasi
Tim just did something bad 10:05
Kerstin Gerber
Kerstin Gerber Місяць tagasi
Wtf Amber is too op 5 out of 10
Yeti Місяць tagasi
Amber is so op. Her normal attack is basically a rico / colt super in dps, but it lasts twice as long, is easier to aim, and doesn't need a super.
Jānis Dūrītis
Jānis Dūrītis Місяць tagasi
4:17 Idubzz: You want to be gay.
Jacky - BrawlStars
Jacky - BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
Fun fact: **Amber is the first and only Auto brawler**
Alex An
Alex An Місяць tagasi
9:29 You had one job Poco
Who Dat
Who Dat Місяць tagasi
If you don't have Amber its extremely annoying to go against her. Its retarded how op they made her, I understand you want the new brawlers to be good. But come on man, surge was op but he was still some what balanced. They are either gonna have to nerf her to oblivion where she is barely even recognize her.
Ovidiu Candidiasis
Ovidiu Candidiasis Місяць tagasi
I would want some healing spawners like they give you 2000 hp heck 5000 or maybe full hp Brawlers with less than 5000 hp Am i a joke to you
Diamond Bono
Diamond Bono Місяць tagasi
Social features lack a lot currently in Brawl Stars, so maybe add private messaging where you can talk to one of your friends, and maybe share replays. I don't think private messaging would be that hard to add since it will be exactly like a club but with 2 members, And maybe they can add a Super Friend feature where if you both accept being super friends, there won't be any restrictions to this private messaging system. (Restrictions like swear words and other stuff.) And other minor features like sending pins in club chat, and also add sharing replays to club chat, and they can also add sharing your own brawler builds if they add third star powers or gadgets. Other than social features, I want them to rework the Brawler Selection UI since we already have 40 brawlers, and it's starting to get a little messy, so why not add a favourite brawler feature or a "Group by" feature, where it only shows brawlers on certain conditions (like if they are legendary, or power 9.) Honestly just unnecessary features (except the favourite brawler one.) Love you Kairos.
Ovidiu Candidiasis
Ovidiu Candidiasis Місяць tagasi
9:27 Yea now this is big brain time
Sean Lincoln
Sean Lincoln Місяць tagasi
@KairosTime Gaming why don’t you make a video on the best maps with the best win rates
Gamer boy Luka
Gamer boy Luka Місяць tagasi
kairos:amber is getting a nerf me:NO I WANT HER TO STAY OP because amb wont be the best attacker and 8 bit and stays on the trown
3zooz Alm3wali
3zooz Alm3wali Місяць tagasi
Kairos:*talking about how fun this update is* Me:*cant play brawl stars any more cause of my phone*
xXIcedLeafXx :3
xXIcedLeafXx :3 Місяць tagasi
I think a decent nerf for Amber would be that her fire does less damage the further away it is like Leon's attack for example
Haroun Mohamed
Haroun Mohamed Місяць tagasi
Watch as all of kairos' predictions for the map maker become true
_ jast00n
_ jast00n Місяць tagasi
nerf the range
alireza Fereydooni
alireza Fereydooni Місяць tagasi
Did you recover from that chocolate ? 😂😂😂😂
Israeli Army
Israeli Army Місяць tagasi
amber is like the fire in tanki onLine
Hyeyeon Kwon
Hyeyeon Kwon Місяць tagasi
a x7283
a x7283 Місяць tagasi
Amber nerf just happened☹️
Henry Moo
Henry Moo Місяць tagasi
Kairos: What if supers would charge really fast? Crows: CA-CAW!!
mr_ Dima
mr_ Dima Місяць tagasi
omg so many ideas :) ;)be happy
teja tickoo
teja tickoo Місяць tagasi
My friends kicked me out odf a xlub beacause I unlocked ambwr sad mew
Leman Man
Leman Man Місяць tagasi
Everyone is calling for Ambers nerf lol. I get it but doesn't anyone remember Rosa on release? More broken and was much easier to get so it was basically pointless to use anyone but Rosa. They nerfed her in like 2 days.
Gerald B
Gerald B Місяць tagasi
wanna see something illegal :l 9:41
Jovanni Reyes
Jovanni Reyes Місяць tagasi
1:39 rip spike, he was spinning :(
Gerald B
Gerald B Місяць tagasi
i should sleep
Goku Son
Goku Son Місяць tagasi
Well sasuke spits fire with ease huh
Sword Walker
Sword Walker Місяць tagasi
Mr Bob
Mr Bob Місяць tagasi
Me agree with kairos
Logan R. Mag
Logan R. Mag Місяць tagasi
I personally would tone down her piercing damage. Like after a projectile hits its damage is reduced. She's fine other ways and definitely changes up the gameplay and you become more vigilant of whats on the ground especially in mortuary maps. And i also think that we should be able to put hazards in maps in just friendly games. Like if you wanted to play life leech with friends in a map that doesn't normally have it. And with the special gamemodes you spoke about i think you should also be able to specify health, what percent of their base damage the brawlers can deal, which brawlers are allowed to be used, which brawlers are not allowed to be used, amount of power cubes dropped by a box, custum special events like robo rumble and boss fight, manipulate the spawn stars in bounty, manipulate the required gems in gem grab, manipulate map size, etc
Joshua D.
Joshua D. Місяць tagasi
I have not had so much hate for a new brawler lol
Marc Mateo
Marc Mateo Місяць tagasi
0:36 that tick melts edit:i mean almost every brawler melts
Baller Місяць tagasi
I noticed that the new map had a poco at a stage but when you play poco in the new map, poco is gone and disappeared from the stage.
Aarush Vilvaray
Aarush Vilvaray Місяць tagasi
you can change the brawler pins to the original by clicking on them, then press the special pin
Mehmet Ozen
Mehmet Ozen Місяць tagasi
An idea: If there can be custom items that (is not in normal maps) the map creators can use, for example; Air defender "it defends you from air attack (like Dynamike bombs, Sprouds attack, etc.) And its hiding you like bushes. they cant attack you from air but they can attack you through ground... this is not the exact Idea the ideo is to have "Custom Items" in map maker, like burnable bushes ambers attack, el primos star power or brocks attack etc. can burn the bush and give damage! These are my thoughts if you have custom "map" item ideas, pls share with me🙂👇
GR Phoenix
GR Phoenix Місяць tagasi
I hope they remove the new hot zone map, i personally hate ticks and sprouts with every fiber of my being so go only see them all the time is really annoying. It’s the one with a single point in the middle
tnilC_YT_Clint Місяць tagasi
This update Amber: I am god
Le Peepboi
Le Peepboi Місяць tagasi
I got colette AND spike trying to get amber so yeah im pretty happy with this update :)
Big Boi
Big Boi Місяць tagasi
Map Maker: *exists* Kairos: *_YES_*
Tim Wooten
Tim Wooten Місяць tagasi
Ill probably get amber after 10 nerfs
dædkingXV Місяць tagasi
Unless you guys didnt know what scale he was talking about here it is 📏
Gerald B
Gerald B Місяць tagasi
14_Yote 5_oh
14_Yote 5_oh Місяць tagasi
They still need to revamp matchmaking. A better competitive mode as well
Harry Hields
Harry Hields Місяць tagasi
Amber is ANOTHER stupidly broken LEGENDARY brawler that I’m never gonna play what’s the point
Thomas Donica
Thomas Donica Місяць tagasi
Honestly the way I would nerf Amber is to make her puddles neutral instead of controlled by her. The damage from the "explosion" can hurt Amber and other Ambers can light the puddles on fire. Yes, it would be a huge change in the way she is played, but it would increase her skill cap, which is good.
SH L Місяць tagasi
Are u serious? We had a balanced game before the update and now we have a broken Brawler (Amber) and a broken gamemode (Graveyard Shift, because it is inconsistent with heals - some are nerfed and some are not - and shields - should be nerfed the same way but are not). This made the game so much worse.
Raquel Garcia
Raquel Garcia Місяць tagasi
I got sandy
Jamal Henderson
Jamal Henderson Місяць tagasi
Not crazy bout maps and yes she is a legendary but this gives me more incentive to play the game because she now one of my top 3 favorites and I want her badly
Soy Guapo
Soy Guapo Місяць tagasi
I think a bounty map where power cubes were generated in the middle like gems sounds super awesome
Saki Kurokoma
Saki Kurokoma Місяць tagasi
That’s how I feel about the exclusive pins because it’s bs tactics! Don’t get me wrong if they wanted it exclusive make it so people buy instead but the same amount of days like challenger colt pack. sadly (Ik)I got nobody to play this game so I play with random but random a are the best way to play but I got no option. Like if they still want to make it exclusive they can add or use the last of Rosa pins and make it exclusive for those who got all wins! Also they get the skin free and first before it drops in the shop! Sadly, I’ll skip but if I was a Rosa fan I’ll be a bit piss off since it’s bs well you can’t win them all but then again it’s a game!
Tejash Joshi
Tejash Joshi Місяць tagasi
Kairos: Amber is so fun to play!! Me: After playing this game for more than 2 years waiting to get atleast 1 legendary brawler
Eion Daley
Eion Daley Місяць tagasi
I agree with retrying the challenge with gems. I was pretty bummed when I couldn't get PSG Shelly for free because my bro and I had 4 bad matches...Even if PSG Shelly isn't that good of a skin. The Rosa pins are legit! :D
Black Lightning
Black Lightning Місяць tagasi
100% Paid video by supercell which makes it 1000% honest. Also you're a p2w noob who just wants to make himself look smart Dumbass
Abijah -Brawl stars
Abijah -Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
He has started with the ideas again....time traveller
JojI kills you
JojI kills you Місяць tagasi
Amber reallllllyyyy needs a nerf. Maxed out she's basically infinite damage in a nutshell
The Faceless87
The Faceless87 Місяць tagasi
The fact that this game hasn't figured out a serious way to make clubs a worthwhile part of the game is its biggest downfall. 7 or 8 years into clash of clans and I still come back for war a couple times a week. Clash royale as well even though the new clan wars is a little to sweaty I still come on primarily for war hits and overall for the friendships garnered over time playing these games. Its imperative that brawlstars gets something in game that will bring me back everyday or at least every couple. I'm completely maxed other than the new release and upon getting lucky enough to pull her she will be maxed within a day or 2 and I'll be back having nothing to pop on for.
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THIS GADGET is **BROKEN** (i'm serious)
Chief Pat
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SpenLC - Brawl Stars
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spinning in GEM GRAB to 1000 trophies (rank 30) highlights
This update was _____ than usual | 100% Honest Update Review
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