This is my FAVORITE Game of 2020! [Serious]

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Brought to you by Genshin Impact. Join me in Genshin Impact via PC: and mobile:
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Genshin Impact, the best game in 2020 | KairosTime
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For this video I wanted to show some of my favorite aspects about Genshin Impact and show some features of their newest update! Genshin Impact is a Free to play Action RPG that utilizes 7 elements and reactions between them. The game has an amazing atmosphere, the world is absolutely stunning, and the character development is very high quality! Genshin Impact is my favorite game of 2020!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
Who is on YOUR favorite Genshin Impact character?! Mine has gotta be Klee Join me in Genshin Impact via PC: and mobile:
ECHO 456
ECHO 456 7 tundi tagasi
I started playing for some days
xxvictoryxx Päev tagasi
im addicted to this game as well
The Weird One
The Weird One Päev tagasi
I play mobile and I cant choose which is my favorite!
Matis Bardou
Matis Bardou 2 päeva tagasi
Matis Bardou
Matis Bardou 2 päeva tagasi
Shxdowrz • 10 years ago
Shxdowrz • 10 years ago 10 tundi tagasi
This is a breath of the wild clone they evem copied age of calamity too
Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson 13 tundi tagasi
Kairos when he experiences his first rpg even if it is mobile “This is my FAVORITE game”
Cottoneyezo Games
Cottoneyezo Games 14 tundi tagasi
My family and I play too
Dodo -Mobile Gaming
Dodo -Mobile Gaming 19 tundi tagasi
I just wanted to use the code since I needed some time grinding to level 10 just to find out the code has expired.... -.-
Adam Fleming
Adam Fleming 22 tundi tagasi
This game looks super fun!!!
ferno dude
ferno dude Päev tagasi
When I realize Kairos has Qiqi: What...?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brain: You have a lvl 31 Klee... Me: I'll just ignore that lvl 60 Klee over there...
Ivan Xu
Ivan Xu Päev tagasi
Daviny Charles
Daviny Charles Päev tagasi
Yes I am a Klee main burn baby burn Every character is better than your story character stuff it in the garbage
Demon's Paradise
Demon's Paradise Päev tagasi
😊kairos never disappoints
Matis Bardou
Matis Bardou 2 päeva tagasi
So trueeee
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
Why are people hating on this game? And telling him to focus on brawl stars? Just let him enjoy what he enjoys
Aryan Aggarwal
Aryan Aggarwal 2 päeva tagasi
Amber is the worst character in the game. Wait, that’s illegal
Terry Qin
Terry Qin 2 päeva tagasi
ha lol i dont have enough storage
CRAZY DOGS 2 päeva tagasi
Kairos pliz make more genshin impact videos i love the fact that you love the game too and that I can watch YOU play this game
19PHE30 Deva
19PHE30 Deva 2 päeva tagasi
Can we add as in-game fnd🤔😅
19PHE30 Deva
19PHE30 Deva 2 päeva tagasi
Me just got diona 2min ago on 1st try...any build for her?😅
suyash khobrekar
suyash khobrekar 3 päeva tagasi
Everyone doesn't have as beafy device as this game requires u know. Most of the map wasn't even rendering in my 4gb phone
RED BEAN Päev tagasi
The maps can be unlocked if u rank up:)
Phantom912 3 päeva tagasi
I finally downloaded the game and definitely will spend hours on this game and possibly money because i want to support them
Dasa dd
Dasa dd 3 päeva tagasi
i started playing ganshin impact just few days ago and i really really enjoy every second of it. idk if its normal but i got 5star JEAN on first draw, i focus leveling her up. There is so much to learn how everything works. Today i was going to play for an Hour and it turns out i was playing till 4am haha. Btw, making another chanell for genshin impact is a great idea i would really love to see you play and giving tips to new players. You are awesome
Beam 3 päeva tagasi
its not normal to get a 5 star in your first roll (pretty lucky)
Homura J
Homura J 3 päeva tagasi
Yeee genshin impact is a nice game
The_Lance_dance 3 päeva tagasi
Well that just sounds like breath of the wild with extra steps
- Wormotron -
- Wormotron - 3 päeva tagasi
These videos get no views
Jude rat
Jude rat 3 päeva tagasi
the new raid shadow legends
ln s
ln s 2 päeva tagasi
But it's better
The_Lance_dance 3 päeva tagasi
Shadow 12
Shadow 12 3 päeva tagasi
I find this game boring
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
Atleast let him enjoy
Mateus Nimer
Mateus Nimer 3 päeva tagasi
Play store says the game is not compatible with my phone. Are they gonna expand their support? Bc my phone is brand new and has the latest android version
hatem 3 päeva tagasi
It’s actually insanely good
Salih Kabbashi
Salih Kabbashi 3 päeva tagasi
I'll say yes for genshin channel, hope you do it.
PROTOTYPE 3 päeva tagasi
Mobile version destroys my phone
Sambodegrote Gaming
Sambodegrote Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
Ye I like it but it's very much copy from legenden of zelda Breath of the Wild. Also the controls aren't very good and now I got aim training with amber and for some reason I can't aim. Controls should really be improved.
Lukach30 4 päeva tagasi
You should make a second chanel for This game
Gol D. Raizo
Gol D. Raizo 4 päeva tagasi
Can you do a genshin channel but only do vids for it when you have the time? That would be great, I know that you said on the stream that you didn't have time to make a bunch of genshin vids for a new channel but it'd be great if you could do some, it could just be a video a week.
Rui Pena
Rui Pena 4 päeva tagasi
Will you do more genshin impact content? 🥺
Rui Pena
Rui Pena 4 päeva tagasi
Hell yeaaaaah!!!
Baim Hakani
Baim Hakani 4 päeva tagasi
Wouldn't it be funny if they put somebody named Kairos in a ridiculously remote place just because
Sebastian Yuen
Sebastian Yuen 4 päeva tagasi
I'm sooooo happy cos I pulled Childe the day before yesterday and then the wish right after that I pulled Diona. They make a good combo cos of the freeze. My team is Childe, Beidou, Barbara and Diona :) Edit: Any good build suggestions for Diona plz? Edit: Oh and my fav character is Childe :)
כאב כאב
כאב כאב 4 päeva tagasi
Code has reached its max usage limit 😢
call of brozs
call of brozs 4 päeva tagasi
You betrayed brawl stars
RibbitRabbit Päev tagasi
Mzbro ur right, but it was a joke so no need to be so angry. Sorry for making u mad.
call of brozs
call of brozs 2 päeva tagasi
Guys i sorry i ment for it to be a joke but iam sorry
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
Let him enjoy what he likes Everyone Has multiple fav games kid
Mzbros 3 päeva tagasi
@RibbitRabbit stfu he's doing what he likes, if you dislike it, just leave
RibbitRabbit 4 päeva tagasi
Yes how dare you Kairos.
Miracle Ikeme
Miracle Ikeme 4 päeva tagasi
Karios, could you also try to encourage team tribe to play this game on the channel
CRAZY DOGS 4 päeva tagasi
There is the code GENSHINGIFT too
RoXas 2000
RoXas 2000 4 päeva tagasi
Yes I LOVE THIS GAME Fischl is best girl
Mike dogking
Mike dogking 4 päeva tagasi
Love you Kairos❤
Night Shadow
Night Shadow 4 päeva tagasi
The game certainly could have had the chance of the top game of 2020 (if we dont count cyberpunk), but at the end of the day, its main drawback is that its a gacha game. End game content is pretty much play a dungeon 3 times and/or collect some plants and resources from the map and thats that. But before you reach AR 30 or 40, the game is pretty much perfect.
zishan Slayer
zishan Slayer 4 päeva tagasi
I play genshin impact before than Kairos, I am happy that my favourite EEpostr is playing my favourite game
dariuss19 4 päeva tagasi
yes yes please new chanel
Kishour Ifaz
Kishour Ifaz 4 päeva tagasi
I would love to see the videos about Genshin Impact from you. ( Honestly) (btw I subbed to your channel before Global release of Brawl stars. I think you had 35k subs) ( Keep up the good work mate. Love you)
Silly Potato
Silly Potato 4 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who thinks that abyss mages are the most annoying creatures, especially when a Hydro one is paired with a cryo?
SILVER ILIA 4 päeva tagasi
This game is Awsome 👌👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😍😍😍😍
ic12m87 4 päeva tagasi
When I downloaded Genshin impact I straight way played for 48 hours now that I played all most a month I have more then 300 hours played
Unsaid Spy
Unsaid Spy 5 päeva tagasi
Potato God
Potato God 5 päeva tagasi
Kairos you should do something where you play with fans that have the game with the coop feature
Supremacy 98
Supremacy 98 5 päeva tagasi
Oh no the code has been maxed out! Anyways, genshin is one of the best mobile F2P games ever, definitely makes 2020 a lot better. Kairos, you could maybe instead of focusing on brawl stars, instead focus on gameplay of genshin but also make videos on brawl updates or brawl theories! That would be so awesome!
Potato God
Potato God 5 päeva tagasi
I got this game about 4 days ago and I have been ADDICTED TO HELL I've played about 40 hours in just those 4 days and I'm loving it so far, I'm a diona main so I guess she's my favorite
Badro 5 päeva tagasi
Trust me, this game is one of the best open-world games to ever exist. The devs are continuously pushing updates and making bug fixes. While it is a mssive p2w, they're extremely generous with their premium currency rewards. honestly the only downside is that it can't run smoothly on most devices which is a bummer, but if you can download it, this game is a must try and trust me you won't regret it.
RED BEAN 4 päeva tagasi
Erora Tost
Erora Tost 5 päeva tagasi
Ngl I doubted He was going to say genshin impact was he's fav game cause of certain problems like how quests are AR locked, how it takes like a week or less and some repetitivity of the game but then I realized I'm f2Player so that's why I have this view
Erora Tost
Erora Tost 5 päeva tagasi
Oz the cRœw
FREEK MCPE/GT 5 päeva tagasi
Jenshin Impact with Chinese japanese Accent
Triston Lai
Triston Lai 5 päeva tagasi
The ad before the video was a Genshin Impact ad 😂😂😂
Triston Lai
Triston Lai 5 päeva tagasi
BTW, I just noticed there were KT merch
Abhinav Agrawal
Abhinav Agrawal 5 päeva tagasi
Wth wth I am playing this game from 1-2 months now and I saw this video now I already play this game I saw wow this game sponsored
Derpygolem 5 päeva tagasi
Paimon like game. Paimon download game. Paimon DESTOYS EVERYTHING... wut
Chin-Chin 5 päeva tagasi
I just single rolled childe and iam a ftp player And thats my second five stars lmaoo
Crazy Barb
Crazy Barb 5 päeva tagasi
I had the game for about 4 month now and it’s awesome and definitely worth 2 hours of waiting for it to load and 10 gigabits of storage
Mr G
Mr G 5 päeva tagasi
0:06 Brawl Stars: that's what I thought.
Swiftsy_ 5 päeva tagasi
Who though of this as a legend of Zelda copy
Executive Cheese
Executive Cheese 5 päeva tagasi
Kairos I totally agree with what you’re saying. I’ve been loving the game and I’ve loved Brawl Stars so it’s a pretty easy game to get into. I also feel like you should make some content on the side (if u can don’t stress) because I also am In love with the game.
Nicole Wise
Nicole Wise 5 päeva tagasi
I hate this game
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
Let him enjoy atleast
Mzbros 3 päeva tagasi
Okay leave
Rengarina 5 päeva tagasi
Ah yes, the timeline where all my friends are playing gacha games. I LOVE IT! Game's really fun, you can totally make it to the end game as a f2p, speaking from experience. If any of you guys wanna spend some money, make sure you don't overspend on a gacha game. My personal tip is just to enjoy the game! ANY CHARACTER is viable if you know how to build them, so play what you like!
AlienEggy 5 päeva tagasi
You know it’s a rip off of breath of the wild right...
Auron Fan-hernandez
Auron Fan-hernandez 5 päeva tagasi
ln s
ln s 14 tundi tagasi
No no no no no no! He's not a simp I hate when people like things with female characters in it and other shitheads call them simps now if you think he is a simp 🚪👈 leave the door is over there
xyzade yz
xyzade yz 5 päeva tagasi
This game reminds me so much of Zelda BotW.
Gʀᴏᴍ 5 päeva tagasi
Take this weeb shite outta 'ere.
Rayqua Jay
Rayqua Jay 5 päeva tagasi
I can't download it bruh
Pablo Fernandes
Pablo Fernandes 5 päeva tagasi
Kairos is turning into a weeb
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
So? Let him be what he wants to be
DOOVID - GAMING 5 päeva tagasi
Ah this is funny because I found the game before, and I had Fischl as my first character and I really underestimated her abilities ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oops well now I know she is good :D
Jakub Marczuk
Jakub Marczuk 5 päeva tagasi
I dont't really like the anime type artstyle in games, but Kairos is trustworthy as far as i'm concerned. I'll give it a try.
K P SUMITHRAN 5 päeva tagasi
I can't play it since I don't have enough data to download it
flowAws ÚwÙ
flowAws ÚwÙ 5 päeva tagasi
Kind of wish you did more not gonna lie.
The Writer
The Writer 5 päeva tagasi
ive never heard of Genshin Impact but once Kairos said it . I downloaded it and finished the video and commented.(- -)
CRAZY GAMER 5 päeva tagasi
7:27 kairos-she is kinda cute FBI-you know the rules and so do i
Aleksas Markelis
Aleksas Markelis 5 päeva tagasi
Discusting just discusting but if u like it go ahead WEEEEEEBBEBEBEBEBEBE
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
So what if he is a weeb let him be what he wants to be
just darren
just darren 5 päeva tagasi
I was so excited when Kairos said he was gonna make a second account to make genshin content because I've quit brawl but I still want to watch Kairos. It'd be awesome to see Kairos making genshin impact. However, I don't want to see Kairos overworking himself like last time either. I'm in such a dilemma.
SuPa’s Oasis
SuPa’s Oasis 5 päeva tagasi
I hopped into Guardian Tales... and now I have no time for this game :( Kairos, help hahaha
Crispy 'S
Crispy 'S 6 päeva tagasi
I Just Started Playing and got my first 5 Star in 5 hours of Gameplay
gamers go Gio
gamers go Gio 6 päeva tagasi
I need it
kinsley ho
kinsley ho 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos: I have played the game from 60 to 70 hours and I have only completed 53 percent Me: I have only played botw for 200 to 230 hours and I have only completed around 30 percent of the world
kinsley ho
kinsley ho 6 päeva tagasi
Genshin impact is from China that copied everything from botw stamina elemental stuff and everything
France Ernest Jaeme Ricerra
France Ernest Jaeme Ricerra 6 päeva tagasi
amber on genshin impact: pretty good. amber on brawl stars: so overpowered.
Beam 3 päeva tagasi
lol i love how u said amber on genshin impact is pretty good when well yes she is good, she is the worst in the game lol
matt clarkin
matt clarkin 6 päeva tagasi
Awesome game so far
Terry Plays
Terry Plays 6 päeva tagasi
" Hello fellow Gamers" Something's wrong, i can feel it Ps. I dont hate that kairos makes different game content, its just a meme:)
Anay Ladha
Anay Ladha 6 päeva tagasi
Pretty good game!!
Zachary Tan
Zachary Tan 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos, I am sorry but I do not look up to you as much as before. I have tried Genshin Impact and honestly you shouldn't have promote this game to your viewers. Most of your viewers are adolescents/children/teens and many of the female characters are sexualised. Not only that the game is heavily built on a Gacha System which can start gambling problems and for younger players, they may not have the control. Of course, you are entitled to your opinions to the game but I question whether this game is relevant and appropriate for your audience.
ln s
ln s 14 tundi tagasi
And females sexualised name me one character who is
ln s
ln s 14 tundi tagasi
Gamble? It's a Gacha game of course there's gonna be gambling
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
chki 5 päeva tagasi
So I guess kairos shouldn't play brawlstars then since it also promotes gambling?
Richard Lin
Richard Lin 6 päeva tagasi
Everytime i see Kairos in discord he spent hours playing it
ya boi K
ya boi K 6 päeva tagasi
When I saw Kairos and Genshin I was like wait that’s not brawlstars
ln s
ln s 14 tundi tagasi
komando BS
komando BS 6 päeva tagasi
Not gonna lie I actually hate this game But still good yo hear you like it
GriffenFuzion 2 päeva tagasi
J.J. 6 päeva tagasi
Now this game looks cool. Definitely going to check it out.
Rafay Rashid
Rafay Rashid 6 päeva tagasi
I can tell he loves this more then brawl stars even though he says he doesn’t it’s just obvious
tobermans 6 päeva tagasi
Nice vid, anyway i got diluc the second the video came out so uhh, thanks?
Rohan’s world of Everything
Rohan’s world of Everything 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos:playing genshin impact Everyone:oh that's a new game Genshin impact:I am controlling kairos' game mwahahaha Brawl stars videos in kairos' channel : kairos I don't feel good I feel bad
Martin Brecka
Martin Brecka 6 päeva tagasi
I really want Chongyun. Can anybody recommend how can I get him? Btw my favourite is Xiangling
ADITYA - BRAWL STARS 6 päeva tagasi
Woah 😳 this game is soo good
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