These 10 Brawlers are WAY BETTER than you THINK! | Top 10 Underrated Brawlers

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Top 10 Underrated Brawlers in Brawl Stars! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to talk about the 10 most underrated brawlers in Brawl Stars! These brawlers are ones that are played less than most, but are actually much better than people think they are! They do require the right skill, and some times the right team comp, but if played right, they are absolutely amazing in the game!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 20 päeva tagasi
Which Brawler do YOU think is the MOST underrated in Brawl Stars?! Use Code Kairos!! ► Subscribe for more!! ►
MoeyGaming 18 tundi tagasi
Florens is snel
Florens is snel 20 tundi tagasi
Minny heckyea
Minny heckyea 7 päeva tagasi
Ur mom
JJDABEASTTT 12 päeva tagasi
Zenkujo 15 päeva tagasi
whoever at supercell thought that emz of all people needed a buff needs to be fired immediately
Carter Klassen
Carter Klassen 11 tundi tagasi
Ok so the less people play means if one person plays him then it goes up a significant amount becauuse no one plays him
Le lizard
Le lizard 22 tundi tagasi
Code kairos literally gave me a bibi from a brawl box
Hilde Sørli
Hilde Sørli 22 tundi tagasi
Who else thinks jacky should be on this list? I got her today and i didnt realize how good she was until i played her online
santiarco 23 tundi tagasi
do you work on brawl?
Khoo Guang Yi
Khoo Guang Yi Päev tagasi
I just realise that most underrated brawler is brawlers that are hard to get
Jarrod Heath
Jarrod Heath Päev tagasi
JustBreezy Päev tagasi
Oh I really thought tick was the most underatted
AlbertBS 2 päeva tagasi
k....a...i....r......o......s use code kairos in the brawl stars shop! OK WILL
aeon :3
aeon :3 2 päeva tagasi
Mr. P hard to play without starpower
Sean Callahan
Sean Callahan 2 päeva tagasi
8-bit is number 1 give me a break dude he sucks
Allan 2 päeva tagasi
Ya butt gene and carl are annoying when you rich 850 trophies you only found Carl this is so stressful
mike13899 2 päeva tagasi
Zu Wei
Zu Wei 3 päeva tagasi
Who else remember how to spell Kairos by thinking about the kairos song
Daniel van der Leest
Daniel van der Leest 3 päeva tagasi
After watching this i got sandy and she is so good
Jacian 4 päeva tagasi
Try to think that everyone doesn’t have gadgets or stars powers I only have 1 Star power and it’s for brock
Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson 4 päeva tagasi
Rico so underrated he didn't make it on the underrated list 💀
lσlσтяσlσ 5 päeva tagasi
Me that make'd emz in 25 rank with only gadget -,-
Mike Serwatuk
Mike Serwatuk 6 päeva tagasi
“The number one most underrated brawler is.... 8-Bit!” *Sad Dynamike Noises*
skrrr prrr
skrrr prrr 6 päeva tagasi
i should will be piper
Andres Alvarez Martinez
Andres Alvarez Martinez 6 päeva tagasi
I used code kairos and the next big box i opened i got 2 things! Pipers first gadget AND SPROOT!!!!
TheWantedPekka XD
TheWantedPekka XD 7 päeva tagasi
Personally I prefer using more fun 2 play brawlers rather than the op ones . I like Bull, Darryl , Colt , Mortis , Piper etc. but i never touch Carl , Mr. P , Gene , Sandy coz I don't find them so fun 2 play . Unlike the brawlers i mentioned firstly , they are very passive and boring to watch . Carl is such a coward brawler with his new gadget and super , sitting behind walls hitting you behind walls like a thrower and with his Power Throw sp it's even more annoying and frustrating . Mr. P doesn't require skills . You don't need to always aim and you can pretty much spam auto aim . Gene is just my opinion but ik there are many players who actually like him so i am not gonna say anything .
TheWantedPekka XD
TheWantedPekka XD 7 päeva tagasi
Also , the reason why Mortis has such a high pick rate is because he is so fun to play . Ofc i hate whenever i have a teammate completely trash with Mortis but he is probably the most fun-2-play brawler .
Sergeant Chong
Sergeant Chong 7 päeva tagasi
where is the code Kairos song???!?!?!?
nu'man dzulfiqaar
nu'man dzulfiqaar 7 päeva tagasi
I just wanted to see his video cuz the kairos song that he made
Rina He
Rina He 7 päeva tagasi
I love it when he says “0:29” so much!
Ivan McCoy
Ivan McCoy 7 päeva tagasi
kairos: you owe colette YOUR SOUL
demo chan 69
demo chan 69 7 päeva tagasi
Kairos: then you owe collete your sole! shippers: tell me something i dont know!!!
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong 8 päeva tagasi
Pam is one of my top 5 favorite brawlers 1. Leon 2. Crow 3. Frank 4.Rico 5. Pam
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong 8 päeva tagasi
Make sure to tell supercell that Emz needs a tiny nerf for her DPS, IT'S TO HIGH
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong 8 päeva tagasi
Randoms is bad, because if you play a very bad brawler in a map it will be very hard to win. I played rosa in a wide open map one time I kept on being dominated.
Manochahar Amiri
Manochahar Amiri 8 päeva tagasi
They are the real rare
Manochahar Amiri
Manochahar Amiri 8 päeva tagasi
For me is Shelley Frank and may be martis
Zega1 8 päeva tagasi
Supercell should release a new 8-Bit skin! I love playing him but everytime I do I get sad that I missed the Virus skin -.-
Cristopher Diez Vasquez
Cristopher Diez Vasquez 8 päeva tagasi
I’m pretty sure sandy has low play BECAUSE it’s legendary
InkFox 9 päeva tagasi
I get that mortis does already have a good pick rate but people that aren’t playing him, your missing out with a fully maxed mortis, creepy harvest is one of the best star powers because he is a get in there brawler he is supposed to get those kills and thrills and take out the ebonite team and he can do exactly that because with his three attacks and either on of his star power he can deal quite a lot of damage and when playing with creepy harvest that I mentioned earlier you can destroy other players once you get a kill
Bharathkrishna Menon
Bharathkrishna Menon 9 päeva tagasi
Who else thought Barley will be the most underrated brawler in brawl stars.
Daniël Berends
Daniël Berends 9 päeva tagasi
8-Bit is a brawler thatis very team dependent and thus only played by few pros, in specific circumstances. Sure hes strong, but he is not a solo carry and thus will only be used in pre-made 3v3. This makes for a low pick rate, but because the team will have a good synergy and strong teammates his winrate is high. The low pickrate just indicates that he is not a solo queue character.
Daniël Berends
Daniël Berends 9 päeva tagasi
So who exactly told you pam and gene are bad...? Have they ever watched pro play?
Renatas Misiukevičius
Renatas Misiukevičius 9 päeva tagasi
LOWkzs - Brawl Stars
LOWkzs - Brawl Stars 9 päeva tagasi
Wheres max?
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 9 päeva tagasi
I think sooo my fav Is 88-bit
joharah Alhussaini
joharah Alhussaini 10 päeva tagasi
Austin Ryan
Austin Ryan 10 päeva tagasi
Is Amber really umbeatable?
LD PG3D 10 päeva tagasi
I use Gene all The time bc I knew he was underrated and the gadget was so good it got nerfed twice
Josh Klapperich
Josh Klapperich 10 päeva tagasi
the secret title: top 10 most pun filled videos
petr Dog
petr Dog 10 päeva tagasi
pam is:tanker,healer and attacker that makes her a godlike brawler
RobkooYT 10 päeva tagasi
I saved you some time :) 10. Pam 09. Gene 08. Sprout 07. Nani 06. Emz 05. Collete 04. Sandy 03. Carl 02. Mr. P. 01. 8-Bit Brawlers, that are close to TOP 10: Tara Surge i hope it helps :)
vasuki vasu
vasuki vasu 10 päeva tagasi
K A I R O S use code Kairos in the shop and your lick is best sing this kairos
Timothy Chen
Timothy Chen 11 päeva tagasi
#1 8-bit #2 Mr. P #3 Carl #4 Sandy #5 Colette #6 Emz #7 Nani #8 Sprout #9 Gene #10 Pam
Xaris07 ProGamer
Xaris07 ProGamer 11 päeva tagasi
how many trophies do you have
[insert text]
[insert text] 11 päeva tagasi
This is how many times Kairos made a pun ⬇️
Sammy197 11 päeva tagasi
But did you consider that some of these brawlers are not played as much because not many people have them?
william xiao
william xiao 11 päeva tagasi
that moment when you realize that every character on this tier list that you have is one of your best brawlers be like
Inteleon Fan 777
Inteleon Fan 777 11 päeva tagasi
Thiennang Nguyen
Thiennang Nguyen 11 päeva tagasi
Bruh I thought crow was the #1 undefeated brawler
Tsiausis S.
Tsiausis S. 12 päeva tagasi
I am a pitch main too
Jdhh guh j Hr nig e e.g. hy
Jdhh guh j Hr nig e e.g. hy 12 päeva tagasi
I lowly use sprout on solos and I got him to rank 21
Jasper Chung
Jasper Chung 12 päeva tagasi
I treasure my Carl a lot. His boomerang pickack is O.P. , when you die your pickaxe may comeback to the killer. I also really want Mr. P because I can JUST PLACE HIS SPAWNER SOMEWHERE HIDDEN HAHAHAHAHAH
andrew moose
andrew moose 12 päeva tagasi
and jessie she can be epic if you get her super and let scrappy do all the dammage
Noob BrawlStars
Noob BrawlStars 13 päeva tagasi
I thought 8bit's gadget is extra life?
Mineturtle Guy
Mineturtle Guy 13 päeva tagasi
viper vansh
viper vansh 13 päeva tagasi
I will not use Kairos code on shop
Git_Oofed 2
Git_Oofed 2 13 päeva tagasi
I see carl waaaay to much.
happymango 13 päeva tagasi
I never see people using crow
MzDeKing 13 päeva tagasi
Nani and Sprout OP now that you know this brawlers are good
Saleh Syed
Saleh Syed 13 päeva tagasi
How do pick rates show how good a brawler is? People might think a brawler is good when they are actually bad, or they might play them for fun, or they might just have a quest
Alex Ramana
Alex Ramana 13 päeva tagasi
I understand what you are saying, but a lot of people, like me for example, don’t have some brawlers star powers or gadgets. So it doesn’t really apply
the unknown person 1771
the unknown person 1771 13 päeva tagasi
Brother i won a game of solo show down with sprout
Xp Level Googolplex
Xp Level Googolplex 14 päeva tagasi
hey kairos! i just wanted to say that in the wkbl live stream there are 7 underscores i hope that helps you!
Vule Kralj
Vule Kralj 14 päeva tagasi
Where darryl
Super star Suhaas
Super star Suhaas 14 päeva tagasi
Where is AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hino care
Hino care 14 päeva tagasi
These aren't underrated collette mr p and nani are op asf and i always die t them
Rohan M Volur
Rohan M Volur 14 päeva tagasi
My favorite brawler is 8-bit
lint3r gaming
lint3r gaming 14 päeva tagasi
I use 8-bit a lot and he is great
Mate Kochiashvili
Mate Kochiashvili 14 päeva tagasi
I am so confused that sprout is one of the most less played brawler bc it's so hard to dodge sprout attack and it almost always kills me
Pro gamer No2
Pro gamer No2 15 päeva tagasi
What is the background music
Themos Gazakis
Themos Gazakis 15 päeva tagasi
My favorite is collete
Mustafa Öztürk
Mustafa Öztürk 15 päeva tagasi
"Sana Ne Çıkacak?" Beğen ve son rakamına bak! 1) Carl 2) Leon 3) Gene 4) Mortis 5) Crow 6) Surge 7) Nani 8) Amber 9) Sandy 0) Spike İnşallah bunu beğenene çıkar 💪 kanalımıza abone olun arkadaşlar❣️
BlazeYT 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos:Number 1 is........................8 bit Me:ok im out
Nickz_Games 15 päeva tagasi
Congrats Karios! They’re overrated now😂
Sidharth Rekta
Sidharth Rekta 15 päeva tagasi
By supporting you by code what will happen???Reply me
Sheng Zhe Chee
Sheng Zhe Chee 15 päeva tagasi
Is bibi high rated
Naughty Devils Gaming
Naughty Devils Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
Check my new video on next season new brawler and skins 😱😱 I m sure it would be worthy🙏🥰 New max skin and many more
Zane Zacharisen
Zane Zacharisen 15 päeva tagasi
kairos: literally never misses a shot me:*visible confusion*
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos: "Sprout doesn't have as much representation in lower trophies..." Yeah, maybe that's because people don't actually have him, i don't even have him yet at 18,000 trophies
slogamercom playz
slogamercom playz 15 päeva tagasi
From code kairos i got leon use it
Matias Daniel
Matias Daniel 15 päeva tagasi
Most underrated code: K A I R O S, cOdE kAiRoS iN tHe bRaWl sTaRs ShOp
Great Big Lummox
Great Big Lummox 15 päeva tagasi
Poco is one of the top three brawlers imo, he does so much damage and heals so much, he also has literally the best star power making your attacks heal
robo spike
robo spike 15 päeva tagasi
14:02 please supercell change his hardware bqck everybody likes space shooters not pacman
MR. HACKER 15 päeva tagasi
4:22 I have a bad feeling about this moment I just hope it doesn't turn into a meme
Tessa 15 päeva tagasi
My Pam is rank 20 xD 😂😂
Yash Garg
Yash Garg 16 päeva tagasi
lou doesn't have the same health as gale gale has more maximum health
Mason Chau
Mason Chau 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos I love your vids and all but, I am 13000 trophies and 1/10 ish of my brawlers are power six make a vid for this problems for me and others thx :)
Jeyla Bocharova
Jeyla Bocharova 16 päeva tagasi
I always wanted them, sad thing is I have barely any of those hahah
LEGEND DUDY 16 päeva tagasi
And I thought Nani and emz were overrated 😂😂😂😂
Void Phoenix
Void Phoenix 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Thes brawlers are way better than you think! Me: Confused having all of those on rank 35
Tim Donders
Tim Donders 16 päeva tagasi
Carl was my first rank 25
All in one with SAMARTH
All in one with SAMARTH 16 päeva tagasi
For me collete is high rated as my collete is of 30 rank
sushiloverlah 14
sushiloverlah 14 16 päeva tagasi
sprouts are just sweaty try hards
Eileen Sim
Eileen Sim 16 päeva tagasi
Leon really deserves to be here
Shalini Rohilla
Shalini Rohilla 16 päeva tagasi
12:48 What was that Shelly doing! 🤣🤣🤣
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