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Top 10 Star Powers in Brawl Stars! | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to go over the top 10 Star Powers in Brawl Stars and talk about which Star Powers you should buy in the game. I'll make sure to cover why each of these top 10 are the best star powers in the game so you can prioritize using them if you already have them.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Thanks again to PUBG Mobile for sponsoring this video! ► What did YOU think of this top 10 list of Star Powers?! Any Star Powers that I missed? Subscribe for more Top 10 Lists! ►
DUB Heli0s
DUB Heli0s 7 päeva tagasi
That’s like cod mobile but it’s not really the same
Sbc Bogra
Sbc Bogra 13 päeva tagasi
@R 480 Gaming me too
Sbc Bogra
Sbc Bogra 13 päeva tagasi
I am the lucky man who have played bountry with kiros .
Lars Zwaga
Lars Zwaga 16 päeva tagasi
Spiky OP
Spiky OP 19 päeva tagasi
I thought Honey Colt sp will be #1
MatsTheBest Päev tagasi
Haha 7:59
Pankaj Sabharwal
Pankaj Sabharwal Päev tagasi
Kairos plz make top 10 gadget video like this
Sami 2 päeva tagasi
NAMELESS_ _ORDER 2 päeva tagasi
Otaku kairos is amazing you've gotta admit it
Nikola Jovanovic
Nikola Jovanovic 2 päeva tagasi
Well, when I play Colette, I end up in like 10 consecutive situations where Push it could save me. But, the game does not want to give it to me, so my Colette is stuck at level 9 :(
WeavileGaming 16 tundi tagasi
It's always me lol. When i pick a star power the another kne would save my ass and the one i picked was useless. Then i don't have the other or it's the reverse.
Péter Kovács
Péter Kovács 2 päeva tagasi
i think gales 2. star power is soo good
Sahil Deopa
Sahil Deopa 2 päeva tagasi
Tara should also be there
Let's Clash
Let's Clash 3 päeva tagasi
I loved your jokes
Boie Yeung
Boie Yeung 3 päeva tagasi
K a r i o s
Maxwell Rowell
Maxwell Rowell 3 päeva tagasi
Serve ice cold- surge Curveball- spike Home run+batting stance- bibi Mama’s hug- Pam Plant life- Rosa Tough guy- bull Those are some good star powers as well
Freddie’s World
Freddie’s World 3 päeva tagasi
7:59 woah there Kairos
daddy without the milk.
daddy without the milk. 4 päeva tagasi
no way serve ice gold didn't make it on the list.
Mohit Balgi
Mohit Balgi 4 päeva tagasi
gales second star power shud be there
Adrian Lee (Grade 4)
Adrian Lee (Grade 4) 5 päeva tagasi
how about tara?\
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe 5 päeva tagasi
When you have none of these star powers ;-;
DADDY 6 päeva tagasi
Invisaheal literally was the only reason I was able to push my leon to rank 35 it saved me so countless times In showdown
Sm Arif
Sm Arif 6 päeva tagasi
Why did he say kage bub shino jitsu that's the shadow clone jitsu ???
Lil Wxlfy
Lil Wxlfy 7 päeva tagasi
Lol “KABINO SHINO JUTSU” or “SHADOW CLONE JUTSU” I can’t wait for Kawaki to show up in Boruto
Ali Kemal Dogru
Ali Kemal Dogru 8 päeva tagasi
Rosa??? What is wrong with you? Have you heard of Nani's tampered steel? It goes for 10 seconds, not 4, yes you cant shoot, but you combine it with the gadget, you can make really clutch escapes. Also, it shields 10% more health than rosa. Also, I'm not really mad great choice.
Spoops Red Panda
Spoops Red Panda 8 päeva tagasi
I think da capo is the best
Apleikotopoulogreece apleisto
Apleikotopoulogreece apleisto 8 päeva tagasi
Hyper bear honey coat and band aid are the best
Andres Alvarez Martinez
Andres Alvarez Martinez 10 päeva tagasi
I feel like sandys heaking winds star is better scince enemies dont go in to the sandstorm much
LOEL LOEL 11 päeva tagasi
umm there no honey coat
Sailendra kumar Sabat
Sailendra kumar Sabat 11 päeva tagasi
Honestly I love The Nita's star power Hyper bear with her gadget
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago 10 päeva tagasi
Enemy : You Cant Catch Me Bruce : Really? *Uses Gadget* Enemy : Help Me! Bruce w/ Hyper Bear : *So You Have Chosen Death*
Red Eared Slider
Red Eared Slider 11 päeva tagasi
I felt that nani's tempered steel has to be up there, the star power shields her and reduces damage taken from 80%, 80%! While she is controlling peep
the mad man
the mad man 11 päeva tagasi
Play pubg
Tango Rec
Tango Rec 11 päeva tagasi
Why not Dyna Starpower •́ ‿ ,•̀
DoodleNoodle 129
DoodleNoodle 129 12 päeva tagasi
11:47 Images that were taken moments before disaster
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago 10 päeva tagasi
Om Jaiswal
Om Jaiswal 12 päeva tagasi a boar 9.frank-sponge 8.poco- da capo 7.rosa-thorny gloves 6.collete-push it 5.mortis-coiled snake. 4.sandy-rude sands 3.max-run and gun 2.jacky-hardy hat 1.Leon- invisa heal
PlaceSinister 13 päeva tagasi
I'm happy I got da Capo :0
mittarpal duhan
mittarpal duhan 13 päeva tagasi
Nilson Vera liz
Nilson Vera liz 15 päeva tagasi
7:00 Kairos C A M P E R I have your code on the brawl shop!
Lukach30 15 päeva tagasi
4 days after you made this vid I got my Leon from power 6 up to power 10 and got the gadget and both starpowers
Cynth 16 päeva tagasi
For me #1 is Mr. P's Handle with Care star power.
Astor HD4K
Astor HD4K 16 päeva tagasi
Invisaheal was on the shop yesterday and I had only 1k gold, but then oppened a big box and get the star power lol
Flamestorm 16 päeva tagasi
came back for the puns
Vihaan Surat
Vihaan Surat 16 päeva tagasi
I have rude sandy!
Bianca 17 päeva tagasi
Nice merch you have there! (In a really good way By the wayyyy Twitter is @bianca_yeet)
Khadeer Shaik
Khadeer Shaik 17 päeva tagasi
3:35 look at the big bot on the right his clapping lines up with the beats of the song ❤❤❤
Ean6516 18 päeva tagasi
He had a voice crack at: 7:58 Lmao
MR.INDIAN GAMER 830 18 päeva tagasi
I love mortis with coiled snake 😊😊
Panzer 9945
Panzer 9945 19 päeva tagasi
Morris is the funniest brawler
magnity 19 päeva tagasi
Ttitle: ''Get these now!" Me: Tell that to my boxes, hehe
Clay Morington
Clay Morington 19 päeva tagasi
surge's serve ice cold is good to
SpeedySmallBoi Gaming
SpeedySmallBoi Gaming 19 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Leon's star power is the best! Daryl: *cries in rolling reload*
Artist Mr.J
Artist Mr.J 19 päeva tagasi
Pubg is banned in India 🤣🤣🤣
Sai Arnav Rayla
Sai Arnav Rayla 20 päeva tagasi
kairos:Download PUBG Indians viewers: I HATE MY LIFE
RealPB 20 päeva tagasi
No dyna jump wtf
DTD Brawl Stars
DTD Brawl Stars 21 päev tagasi
The Small Hoodie Guy is Now strong
Silly Fox
Silly Fox 21 päev tagasi
Not gonna lie i thought the mike jump was number one 1 :(
R Chai
R Chai 21 päev tagasi
so the thorny gloves star power is better than the healing one? U sure, kairos?
Sonia Camilleri
Sonia Camilleri 22 päeva tagasi
Piper ambush is op ad spikes fertiliser
declan perkins
declan perkins 22 päeva tagasi
bruh really no hyper bear?
_JopaKralj_ 123
_JopaKralj_ 123 22 päeva tagasi
Who dose the art work?
bartek xyz
bartek xyz 23 päeva tagasi
Just started from beginning once more to have a chance to Play with Ur tips and packed Sandy in one of the very first chests. Damn this game is just a lottery. I played for much time and never got something better than very rare from pack. And today legendary hero from a pack. I dont like this char tbh and think its worst from all the legendary but still nice luck. Stats show 0.05% chance lol.
Parker Liu
Parker Liu 23 päeva tagasi
7:59, the voice crack
Asma Islam
Asma Islam 23 päeva tagasi
let me get these brawlers first then i will focus on leveling them up
Bora Ozkan
Bora Ozkan 23 päeva tagasi
Frank, Leon and Rosa's star powers are not useful. Bibi's home run is much better. Sponge gives just 1100 health, not good enough. Penny's second star power is really good or Poco's second star power is so much better than first one...
Duncan Reynolds
Duncan Reynolds 24 päeva tagasi
What star power should I get first
splachy :D
splachy :D 24 päeva tagasi
Code Kairós is the best star power.
mrultra gaming
mrultra gaming 24 päeva tagasi
Kairos power best star powers in the game me wrong
Defne Ozdemir
Defne Ozdemir 24 päeva tagasi
Only Nita players know best counter to leon. Because its Nita. When a leon uses ability just summon your bear and stick to it. İf leon gets too close use your gadget. Then finish it. İf you hasnt got the gadget stick with your bear as well. Leon is a glass cannon, it has low health and high attack. Nita doesnt do a lot of damage but you can reload super quick. Also nita fires her ammo super quick as well. In a combat nita eill have 4 ammo becsuse of reload speed. You can bearly kill leon with this fire power.
LoLordord `
LoLordord ` 24 päeva tagasi
I feel like dynamikes jump starpower had to be on this list.
Rootsman 24 päeva tagasi
poco is 100% mexican medic
EmaBoris Milićević
EmaBoris Milićević 24 päeva tagasi
Kage no bunshi no jiucy
Taalin Khanna
Taalin Khanna 24 päeva tagasi
Im a biggest fan of yours
Taalin Khanna
Taalin Khanna 24 päeva tagasi
Hello kairos plz take my account and fully max it
Andrei Grecu
Andrei Grecu 25 päeva tagasi
How about protective pirouette
Jason Christoper
Jason Christoper 25 päeva tagasi
I think shelly with band-aid
Licher7863 gaming
Licher7863 gaming 25 päeva tagasi
I use code cory
Jonathan Aviles
Jonathan Aviles 25 päeva tagasi
I use smoke trails for repositioning and getting behind enemy lines. I like the assassin feel Leon has so I usually don’t use invisiheal
Jonathan Aviles
Jonathan Aviles 25 päeva tagasi
Honestly Mortis sp is completely Interchangeable depending on the maps. I could even say that his first sp over performs against coiled snake in maps where they work.
Jaune M
Jaune M 25 päeva tagasi
Listen Kairos, you know how to entertain people with that commentary. Funny, straight to the point and you don't seem to act or put on a front and that's cool. You got just the right amount of cheese in a brawl stars video 🧀😂 Kinda "ticked" off that tick didn't make the cut, with that well oiled star power he should have slipped into 4th right behind the run and gun. Tick can really tick off anyone (why won't that fricking tick just die!?).😈💣
Corrie Mason
Corrie Mason 26 päeva tagasi
Hyper bear??????
MoManTheMan 27 päeva tagasi
''sharp knuckles''
Aaqxii 27 päeva tagasi
Bibis Starpower should be there
sanjay bahukhandi
sanjay bahukhandi 27 päeva tagasi
Pubg is banned
Max the Morning Angler
Max the Morning Angler 28 päeva tagasi
It should be KairosTalk Because I haven’t seen gameplay in so long
Ali SAID 28 päeva tagasi
I cant believe da capo is not in it
Mr. Allosaurus
Mr. Allosaurus 28 päeva tagasi
I like ricochets power where bounced shots do more damage
Napolje Brzo
Napolje Brzo 28 päeva tagasi
Rude - Sands... Darude Sandstorm
Amo Papane
Amo Papane 28 päeva tagasi
Mamas squeeze is underrated
Krystian Gamer
Krystian Gamer 28 päeva tagasi
Ja bym gdzieś umieścił któryś z star powerów do Bibi bo jak dla mnie są naprawdę op
tsoudapop 29 päeva tagasi
Thorny Gloves? Lol
Giacomo Fazio
Giacomo Fazio 27 päeva tagasi
Yes it sucks honestly, the other is way better
BSG _ Miro
BSG _ Miro Місяць tagasi
I feel like barley should be up there
Dylan Chen
Dylan Chen Місяць tagasi
Little did Kairos know that trip wire would get nerfed
Hollie Spellman
Hollie Spellman Місяць tagasi
I have leon
Hollie Spellman
Hollie Spellman Місяць tagasi
Naruto ha nani
Shiny Hydreigon - Gaming
Shiny Hydreigon - Gaming Місяць tagasi
I thought first starpower was going to be number one but i guess not
Seven Seas
Seven Seas Місяць tagasi
Star Powers for other brawlers Bandaid is a quick fixer upper for Shelly while ambushing. Magnum Special provides Colt with higher overall offense quality. Berserker is a lot better than Tough Guy, as Bull doesnt need to leave his safety bush for long in many maps. Also, it's better with intense close ranged 1v1s. Photosynthesis is very good for a brawler that has low HP, providing him with some comfort when entering bushes. Good for thrower v thrower. Magic Puffs can provide a Crow counter, and is hella useful in Graveyard Shift, along with Gene's ability to let allies fight the enemies while he heals them. Mama's Hug can really give you the upper hand on some firefights in defensive maps. Healing Shade provides an extra support for Tanks, functioning as a Poco Star Power pet. El Fuego can serve as an alternative to Crows main attack, and can deal some extra damage to targets trying to heal. Shocky can rip through teams and Robots like nothing. Dynajump is easy to use hard to master, providing a useful dodge for slow attacks. Hyper Bear is more useful when used on stationary targets like the Safe or the I.K.E. Bear With Me can be used as sort of a Bruce buff, making him very tanky with a Nita alongside him. Beeload is my favorite as a Bea main and can be used to trick enemies into thinking you can't deal massive damage, which can also be used to distance enemies or reaim at your target, while giving them a false sense of security.
SpaceFace04 Місяць tagasi
Good thing I just bought Invisiheal today. 10/28/2020
#BrunoLike Місяць tagasi
why pipers ambush isnt on the list, like, it makes piper be so usefull on bounty and be a little bit usefull on gem grab (principally with gene isnt in the meta)
GFL Jeffery
GFL Jeffery Місяць tagasi
7:58 prACTicly immune
Nooblox 29
Nooblox 29 Місяць tagasi
I bought a brawl pass and i hope i could get gadget and star power soon :)
Nehemiah Vang
Nehemiah Vang Місяць tagasi
What not 1 life 8 bit
Barbora Haupenthal
Barbora Haupenthal Місяць tagasi
Carl and 8 bit are not tanks🐝😀
chus gaming
chus gaming Місяць tagasi
Me having were wolf leon always using inviseheal be like \(◎o◎)/
Musty246 Місяць tagasi
I already had all of these lol
Patrick Adams
Patrick Adams Місяць tagasi
it is also time for me to say my first maxed boi is ELLLL PRIMO
Lou got 3 Buffs... How STRONG is Lou Now?!
KairosTime Gaming
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