The most important video I'll make in 2021

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My most important video in 2021 | KairosTime
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#BrawlStars #Brawl #BrawlKairos
This is my most important video in 2021
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 19 päeva tagasi
Thanks for all your support everyone!
Aziel Plays
Aziel Plays 2 päeva tagasi
@Boyan Ganev can i have a code when am bigger
Boyan Ganev
Boyan Ganev 2 päeva tagasi
Kairos I will actually start using your code in one of my 4 accouts because I mostly or actually I always put code lex in the shop but I will start to put your code in the game in one of my 4 accounts #KairosForever
alrs1006 6 päeva tagasi
Aziel Plays
Aziel Plays 6 päeva tagasi
Aziel Plays
Aziel Plays 6 päeva tagasi
your welcome :D need gems if u want to give
Alex 8 tundi tagasi
I just got around to watching this but #kairosforever
KV XTREME 11 tundi tagasi
#KairosForever Just came home from my boarding school And ngl I watch each and every video of yours as if I've missed out smth in a series
South 14 tundi tagasi
#Kairosforever I've recently found your channel and I've instantly fallen in love. Your personality makes each video super special and funny. Thank you for putting out all of the amazing content
NRM Gaming
NRM Gaming 16 tundi tagasi
Turned off ad block just for you my man #KairosForever
Celeste Pua
Celeste Pua 17 tundi tagasi
DannyX 19 tundi tagasi
Im not puuting the hashtag because i didn't watch to the end jk #kairosforever
Antonio B.
Antonio B. Päev tagasi
#KairosForever Owo
Mahim Sheikh
Mahim Sheikh Päev tagasi
#KairosForever 😉
Krzysztof HD
Krzysztof HD Päev tagasi
BDM GamingYT
BDM GamingYT Päev tagasi
#kairos forever
fishywashy Päev tagasi
Roge Mtz
Roge Mtz Päev tagasi
Sammysalem 123
Sammysalem 123 Päev tagasi
Camper Creator
Camper Creator Päev tagasi
Avocado Gaming
Avocado Gaming Päev tagasi
The Logical Gamer
The Logical Gamer Päev tagasi
Talan Gardner
Talan Gardner Päev tagasi
random piano guy
random piano guy 2 päeva tagasi
who the heck would dislike this......
Daniel Ramin
Daniel Ramin 2 päeva tagasi
#kairosforever Happy to support an honest, quality creator
BogdaIsLegend 2 päeva tagasi
Memocoir 2 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever thanks for all the amazing content my guy, and you know what they say : *invest in the future*
PieWar30 2 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever sorry I’m a little late
Ano nymous
Ano nymous 2 päeva tagasi
I absolutely love your content and I am commenting for you to have a good day
Terra 2 päeva tagasi
TRT Gaming
TRT Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Ow kairos said everyone watching the vid has already impacted with covid me: i havent get sick in 2 years ;-;
Cute Dj Gaming1
Cute Dj Gaming1 3 päeva tagasi
Love brawl stars
Random_games 3 päeva tagasi
#kairosForever I love youuuuuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻
Sir Oblivion
Sir Oblivion 3 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever Thanks for the great content. Don't listen too much(or at all) to the grouchy super minority of your viewers. The vast majority of us are happy to support you and totally understand why it's important for you to do sponsored content. Keep up the great work! :)
Brady Notman
Brady Notman 3 päeva tagasi
#kairosforever 😃
Alexa Jadach
Alexa Jadach 3 päeva tagasi
Shivank Kushtawar
Shivank Kushtawar 3 päeva tagasi
Gadolinium64 3 päeva tagasi
shadow leaner
shadow leaner 3 päeva tagasi
Boom Blue
Boom Blue 3 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever Until a few months ago, i wasn't playing brawl stars, i was watching because i liked watching you, and now because of you brawl stars is my favorite game
Samuel Sanabria
Samuel Sanabria 3 päeva tagasi
Lee Alvin
Lee Alvin 3 päeva tagasi
Guns and Glory
Guns and Glory 3 päeva tagasi
Skux. 3 päeva tagasi
#kairosforever I hope everything is still going as well as you said it was in this video and I won’t forget to use code KAIROS lol
Undentified 3 päeva tagasi
Um Kairos i Think a made a mistake... I posted a comment without saying #kairosFeorever... Forgive meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Undentified 4 päeva tagasi
Kairos Decides to bring up the topic about addvertis- *Add Pops up*
Gavin High
Gavin High 4 päeva tagasi
uploading virtual hug
Zloak 4 päeva tagasi
I mean it's been about 10 years that minecraft release and still good on interested so it's a MAYBE that brawl stars will be in interested in 15 years
Nwachukwu Ujah
Nwachukwu Ujah 4 päeva tagasi
ADLG8 4 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever :D
Ribal 2008
Ribal 2008 4 päeva tagasi
JOSEPH WORKMAN 4 päeva tagasi
Ribal 2008
Ribal 2008 4 päeva tagasi
Thx so much for spending ur time on us I really appreciate you kairos ur my favorite youtuber iv been watching u since star shelly was out aka 2019 pls notice me that would mean alot to me
Ash Tumne
Ash Tumne 4 päeva tagasi
Andres Rengifo
Andres Rengifo 4 päeva tagasi
Panini Panera Bread
Panini Panera Bread 4 päeva tagasi
Moony 5 päeva tagasi
Santiago Sanchez
Santiago Sanchez 5 päeva tagasi
Portal 5 päeva tagasi
You’re amazing, Kairos! Thank you for so humbly opening up to us. #KairosForever
trashy oma
trashy oma 5 päeva tagasi
The daughters in the other room be like: 😘☺️😜😙😗😜🤑🤪😘😝🤡💩🥱😞😡🥱😓😠😱💩🥺😡😠💩💩😯🤠😮🧐😮🙁🥶😎🙁🙁🥵🤓😲😰🧐🥺😖😱😭😱😭😱😭😱😭😱😭😱😱😭😱🧐😰🤠😈😢🧐😯🤠🧐😲😰🙁🙁😎🙁🤓😮😮🥳🥳🤯🤠🤯🥳🤯🤯🥳🤯🥳🤯🤒😔🤤😬😶🤥😶🤕😶😬😶😶😬😶🤥😶🤒😶😷😴😏🙄😴🙄😒😒😒😒😲😞😦😲👹👹👹👹👽💩💀👹💀👺👺👿👹👿🤡💀🤡💀🤡💀🤡💀🤡🤡🤡💩🤡💩🤡👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🧡😿🗽🕋🏪🕋🏬🗽🌭🧈🍖🌭🍗🍔🍳🌭🧸🧸🧿🪁♥️♥️🎱🀄🎰🎭🎮♠️🎯♥️🧩🕹️🎴🧩🥌🎮🧩🎰🎭🧩🕹️🎭 And also #kairosforever
Devy Rog
Devy Rog 5 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever!!! Love all your vids ;]
smöbblkop 5 päeva tagasi
RogerFK 5 päeva tagasi
You, and every EEpostr, should try those pretty poor (but "free") programming courses like *(but not limited to)* Microverse, where you pay only after landing a job (of course, try to learn how to code beforehand). I'd recommend video editing but I don't know how the market is around that and it's way worse if we're talking Offeo does it for a really good price. Coding is the only thing you can safely do at home (i.e. remotely). Start saving and take courses that'll land you a job.
CHILL McChill 5 päeva tagasi
Yea if u did not play the thing of u playing no one will care
Azen 5 päeva tagasi
Banire Adeyemi
Banire Adeyemi 6 päeva tagasi
Fayez Fayez
Fayez Fayez 6 päeva tagasi
Do an opening u vs ur wife plz. And take care of u and ur family. CONTINUE LIKE THIS.
SLIMY and RHYME 6 päeva tagasi
SLIMY and RHYME 6 päeva tagasi
SLIMY and RHYME 6 päeva tagasi
SLIMY and RHYME 6 päeva tagasi
thank you so much for your great content. I love the fact that you have a great reason to do your work and i see you really enjoy it and this is the best, liking what you do
Aziel Plays
Aziel Plays 6 päeva tagasi
i have a channel but is small
Aziel Plays
Aziel Plays 6 päeva tagasi
Rohan Robinson
Rohan Robinson 6 päeva tagasi
Bernardo Magalhaes
Bernardo Magalhaes 6 päeva tagasi
David Eastley
David Eastley 6 päeva tagasi
KAASSTENGEL 6 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever !!!
Jeremy Dabrowski
Jeremy Dabrowski 6 päeva tagasi
Emilie Falaux-Bachelot
Emilie Falaux-Bachelot 6 päeva tagasi
Love your work, it has always been so useful to improve my game and keep track of everything. I really really like watching your videos #KairosForever
Steven Wong
Steven Wong 6 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever Love your content...keep it up
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran 6 päeva tagasi
RiftBrawl 6 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever also known as #CaraSimonForever
YerBoi Chips
YerBoi Chips 6 päeva tagasi
Samuel delgado
Samuel delgado 6 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever. We appreciate you Kairos ❤️❤️❤️
David1548 7 päeva tagasi
Dominika Sivák
Dominika Sivák 7 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever :)
rachael jensen
rachael jensen 7 päeva tagasi
Just hit the notif bell! Happy to join the notif gang
# DATszalámi
# DATszalámi 7 päeva tagasi
Brandon Lacy
Brandon Lacy 7 päeva tagasi
Nathanial Hammonds
Nathanial Hammonds 7 päeva tagasi
I absolutely loved your vedios but the reason I started watching your vedios was because of the braw Olympics, so what if like in between brawl stars up dates you could make one of those #kariosforever💘
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 7 päeva tagasi
Mark The Bear
Mark The Bear 7 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos, you probably won’t see this but I really enjoy your videos and found you recently because I got back into brawl stars about a month ago. Thank you for making these videos and trying so hard to keep going on the channel. #KairosForever
Hancheng Zhou
Hancheng Zhou 7 päeva tagasi
Abhishek Aryal
Abhishek Aryal 7 päeva tagasi
#kairosforever You really inspire me and i am also thinking of doing youtube as a part time like you did
Impervious Noobs
Impervious Noobs 7 päeva tagasi
I watch and love Kairos’s videos and I don’t skip the advertisements. I love your videos Kairos and I use your code in the Brawl Stars Shop. (I am also subbed and hit the bell.) Love your brawl stars stuff keep up the good work Kairos. #Kairosforever
Jeremy Dabrowski
Jeremy Dabrowski 8 päeva tagasi
I never click off kairos video
David HernandezVasquez
David HernandezVasquez 8 päeva tagasi
Yuri van de Ven
Yuri van de Ven 8 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever You might not read this anymore after 2 weeks but thank you for the good content!❤
Bennett Deaver
Bennett Deaver 8 päeva tagasi
Mystical Illusion Gaming
Mystical Illusion Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
butterkeks 8 päeva tagasi
So literally I feel with you no friends is soo bad but it makes me feel good when I see your videos #KairosForever stay strong in corona 👍👍
Fredrik Vahlne
Fredrik Vahlne 8 päeva tagasi
Diane Lee
Diane Lee 8 päeva tagasi
#kairosforever ❤️
Richard Tolsma
Richard Tolsma 8 päeva tagasi
Just Studying ツ
Just Studying ツ 8 päeva tagasi
#KairosForever thanks for putting a smile and some excitement in my life every time I watch your videos, youre an amazing person Kairos!
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