Supercell tells the truth about map maker... Mistake?!

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The TRUTH about Map Maker being a mistake... | KairosTime
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Supercell recently told me some facts about the map maker and in this video, I'm going to reveal the truth about it! Was map maker a mistake?! We're about to find out...
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Please share your 100% honest thoughts! How do you feel about repeats of map winners?! My Phone comes from OnePlus:​ Subscribe Here ►
Ethan Nielsen
Ethan Nielsen 24 päeva tagasi
Executioner is driving me crazy
Kailo - Brawl Stars and More!
Kailo - Brawl Stars and More! Місяць tagasi
If I see execution time, I dislike
Carlos Osorio
Carlos Osorio Місяць tagasi
what’s your least favorite brawler mines the edgar
Game is life
Game is life Місяць tagasi
ur just a 6 yr old
Samuel Li
Samuel Li Місяць tagasi
disappointing, i like map maker but i don't enjoy playing the same types of map 23842378492738429 in a row
MR.CRISPYMELON boii 6 päeva tagasi
Sooo what did the devs say....
楊卓譽 Місяць tagasi
Lol oh would say CHEEEEEEEEESE
楊卓譽 Місяць tagasi
My main mode haven’t change it’s still duo showdown THATS my fav
luv pie
luv pie Місяць tagasi
0:21 kairos makes an amazing map me : seeing this map and disliking it because i couldnt cheeese (i regret it) lol
Kevin Місяць tagasi
We acctually need to know Supercell's intention to add Map Maker into the game,if supercell made it just for fun,ehh...maybe it's not a mistake,but if Supercell kinda serious about this Map Maker stuff like to get new map in the rotation maps,then maybe it's just a mistake. Also I think supercell should add new slot for "Troll Map" and "Balanced/Serious Map".
RioTap - Brawl Stars
RioTap - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
6:51 the kill feed doe
Cup Man
Cup Man Місяць tagasi
Tarek Ghattas
Tarek Ghattas Місяць tagasi
Me like you I like a little cheese maps and normal map I vote uppp
Supreme Slicer
Supreme Slicer Місяць tagasi
We all know everyone just loves brawl ball and showdown map makers and remember Wkbrl still exists...
AmateurBassoonist Місяць tagasi
Kairos is so generous with giving likes to the map candidates 😆My like to dislike ratio on the map candidates is like 1:15
Applicable Apple
Applicable Apple Місяць tagasi
It was 💯% a mistake.
Tyler Sand
Tyler Sand Місяць tagasi
Kairos: Awwww, c'mon, another bad map?! Me: Nah, Kairos, it's not the map, it's just you.
Emanuel Vega
Emanuel Vega Місяць tagasi
I got that map but didn’t like it😭😭
Muhammad Haseeb
Muhammad Haseeb Місяць tagasi
Kairos In 2021 February: Was Map Maker a Mistake??? Kairos In 2021 March -???: WAS BRAWL WORKSHOP A MISTAKE
Brawl EAA
Brawl EAA Місяць tagasi
Me still waiting for the 20 map slots
Sankdom Місяць tagasi
Why aren’t you using any of ur skins
dink Місяць tagasi
I ran into the sudden death map you made and I didnt even know lol
Ong Chun Jien
Ong Chun Jien Місяць tagasi
Gotta be honest here... I don"t really like the map maker.I think its an extremely great addition,but I feel like these past few weeks people have been making the same maps over and over and over again,just because they want to get the winner spot,which kinda sucks and I am sick of it.This is just my opinion,that"s whyI dont play it anymore.Kairos also had a good point on the latest the update review about that the trophies were removed,and yes...I admit that I abuse the maps but besides quests it still dosent have any point for me.Also,if you disagree with me and have a different opinion,Im happy for that.Great video anyway! Ok fine,Im not done yet....Another reason why I am so negative about that is because I feel like troll maps are a waste of time,I hate em and yeah dat's it.Which is why I make lots of competitive maps.If you wanna try it you can add me as friend.I mean,if you want to just ask me ;)
Robert Shotsniper
Robert Shotsniper Місяць tagasi
Kairos: I want Hot Zone, I want Siege, I want Duo SD Me: I JUST WANT LONE STAR AND TAKEDOWN
Jonathan Місяць tagasi
I found a "to be continued" Brawl ball
spicy peppers
spicy peppers Місяць tagasi
Honestly map maker is the reason I came back to brawl stars I was getting bored playing the same maps and this freshens up nicely
Barbara Troy
Barbara Troy Місяць tagasi
I played your map
Magixii Among Us
Magixii Among Us Місяць tagasi
lol i got to play that map, upvoted it for sure :)
Vulture - Brawl Stars
Vulture - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Tbh I made a map named Sudden Death before seeing this video, it’s a PROPER 1v1 arena
Liam Troy
Liam Troy Місяць tagasi
Hi kairos I actually played your map and liked it it said from kairostimeyt and I'm pretty sure that it was yours
Ελενη Σωτηροπουλου
Ελενη Σωτηροπουλου Місяць tagasi
Thicc Rocket
Thicc Rocket Місяць tagasi
I just played ur map in map rotation and obviously upvoted
Anthony Murray
Anthony Murray Місяць tagasi
The best character for the 9 tile maps is tick with second gadget
DJ matexx
DJ matexx Місяць tagasi
9:31 *oh my gosh there's a baby*
Offical_Script Місяць tagasi
This Is not mistake
Itz_ PeachyRoses
Itz_ PeachyRoses Місяць tagasi
It was a mistake
Nikola Komlenac
Nikola Komlenac Місяць tagasi
Kairos y u so bad :(
Noah E
Noah E Місяць tagasi
"Arene el foile" That name brings back memories.
Swordfish -Brawl Stars
Swordfish -Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
13:07 so we waited for the whole frickin video for that, hmm fair enough
Sudhamadhuri Devupalli
Sudhamadhuri Devupalli Місяць tagasi
Woah this video revealed the SINGER in kairos! 🤩🥳😇
funbuttstain butthole
funbuttstain butthole Місяць tagasi
I got My Edgar to 750 trophies today my first ever rank 25
GetRecktM8 13
GetRecktM8 13 Місяць tagasi
Idea for mapmaker showdown: we can choose where the gas starts from and what direction it goes. Like right now its like a box that closes in; can we make it so that it is just a line at the bottom then it moves up
Raine Gaming
Raine Gaming Місяць tagasi
Kairos, who illustrates the Brawlers in the thumbnail?
Faraz Rashid
Faraz Rashid Місяць tagasi
Supercell should add rules in map maker, hot zone and siege.
Sudha Gupta
Sudha Gupta Місяць tagasi
Kairos is the best
Anton Alley
Anton Alley Місяць tagasi
I played kairos's map a few weeks ago and I down voted it lol
Game is life
Game is life Місяць tagasi
this is why i dont like supercell games 90% of the playerbase has 10% of the brain cells
Willow Fish
Willow Fish Місяць tagasi
Will there be a another Genshin stream
Xuân Tùng
Xuân Tùng Місяць tagasi
Supercell should introduce a new currency or reward of some kind for playing the brawl map contest
Marko Stanic
Marko Stanic Місяць tagasi
I really hope that Supercell starts taking initiative to remove map winners (especially for SSD) when the winners keep coming back *execution time I'm looking at you* cos it's really frustrating when you wanna play a brand new map on your fav mode and the same one's keep coming back each cycle. That's my view at least.
Bright Kim
Bright Kim Місяць tagasi
Roblox Winning Smile [also loves minecraft]
Roblox Winning Smile [also loves minecraft] Місяць tagasi
Max Majerowicz
Max Majerowicz Місяць tagasi
Poison card mix, crow and tara.
Gren Місяць tagasi
Why is the intro so aggressive 😂
Pablo Gutierrez
Pablo Gutierrez Місяць tagasi
Its kind of what happened with mario maker, all the garbage in smm1 was showing with some good levels, now on mm2 its still garbage but you can search the maps that you want to suffer through
Elias Malik
Elias Malik Місяць tagasi
at 4:18 the jacky had 69 health for a millesecond
Elias Malik
Elias Malik Місяць tagasi
0:56 epilepsy warning
Eason Lam
Eason Lam Місяць tagasi
OJ: Kairos doesn't know how it feels to CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE in troll maps.
Nightmarebeast290 Bronco
Nightmarebeast290 Bronco Місяць tagasi
You should be able to choose how many trophies you get when you make a map
The Whovian
The Whovian Місяць tagasi
I was about to comment that I agreed with your choice of the default Surge skin when I realized that your wife forced that upon you
Paavan Bajaj
Paavan Bajaj Місяць tagasi
why are u not playing mecha palladin surge, or a cooler crow. PS: I know the answer, that one video
maly smith
maly smith Місяць tagasi
I've played the first shown map
Bloody Chomper
Bloody Chomper Місяць tagasi
I just got an ad about lex...
Chris Haasnoot
Chris Haasnoot Місяць tagasi
Map maker: exists Every EEpostr: M I S T A K E
Grimsen Місяць tagasi
9:10 when you blow the party horn in the birthday party
Gh0sTy Місяць tagasi
5:08 2 lovers teaming
CubanPanda Місяць tagasi
The first couple of times I played the Executioner Map was fun but, now I hate it. It is literally every other Solo Showdown map.
CHEFÃO FF ツ Місяць tagasi
Alquem pode traduzir oq ele fala ?
memes of Olish
memes of Olish Місяць tagasi
Well yes. Yes it is
Ahmed Alshater
Ahmed Alshater Місяць tagasi
I hate execution time map
Bushranger Місяць tagasi
9:32 OmG ThErEs a BaBy
JRman Місяць tagasi
Dude, I clicked the link in the description to check the phone and the website freaking warned me about cancer and reproductive harm
nandhini neelakantan
nandhini neelakantan Місяць tagasi
2:23 play in 0.25 speed
YoU_UglY Місяць tagasi
kairos if u dont know the maps full of bushes are mostly the hide and seek maps like custom games on friendly game also there is a lot of more modes ig u understand
Kirk Hayden
Kirk Hayden Місяць tagasi
COC FUN Місяць tagasi
2:24 🤣
COC FUN Місяць tagasi
Question and answer
KiraTW Місяць tagasi
14 min which not even 5 addressed the subject... One thing not said was number of maps created, that I think certainly dropped and that's why it's so repetitive.
S B Місяць tagasi
M0unt YT
M0unt YT Місяць tagasi
We need tnt from the beta of the brawl stars in the map maker
InsantCore Місяць tagasi
Im kinda bored with the map maker competition map, its just the same maps over and over again, so like whats the point of it? If people just keep recreating the same map over and over again, the fun thing about it is that you can gain much trophies from it even tho its remove now
Hulkzz _YT
Hulkzz _YT Місяць tagasi
That was a big mistake- cit byron Even byron says that the map maker was a mistake...
OppoF7 180526
OppoF7 180526 Місяць tagasi
Kairos do you want to play my map my map isn't troll it's competitive
Ina Gvozdenovic
Ina Gvozdenovic Місяць tagasi
Lol i delete my maps so i create more but ill never delete my first map also i need only 96 trophies to 11K
harley quinn
harley quinn Місяць tagasi
Getting a new fun map made by kairostime Or playing the same sd map for more than 5 times 9 year olds: You know the rules and so do I
Fabrizio Orlando Kamsi
Fabrizio Orlando Kamsi Місяць tagasi
Kairos : ( lose the match ) Kairos again : this map is so bad
jakedelhom Місяць tagasi
I dont think the map maker is a mistake, but choosing the daily winner makes usually no sense to me.. Its the same map idea over and over again, and most of the time its a troll map or something that doesnt give every player the same chance to play. Like for example most of the brawl ball maps that people make and vote to win keep atleast one player locked away and unless you choose a certain brawler, you cant do anything during the match unless your teammates help you. To me, those are the most frustraiting maps that people somehow seem to make and vote over and over again.. Like I said in some other comment, I would suggest that they add another daily winner and that map is chosen by the development team or maybe even a few content creators together :)
Malachi Hornback
Malachi Hornback Місяць tagasi
I just play it because I like it and we do get tokens?😅
Rei Akirariru
Rei Akirariru Місяць tagasi
Still in double token event? Last week video then.
Simisola Shodunke
Simisola Shodunke Місяць tagasi
Idea: if you win you get 5 trophies and if you loose 5 trophies
gaganpreet1978 Місяць tagasi
ikr executioner maps are soooooooo annoying >:(
Aiden Schumacher
Aiden Schumacher Місяць tagasi
Kt: *sings* Me:*nods along*
yash prahladka
yash prahladka Місяць tagasi
Just scrool behind in the brawl pass you will see the *spike socks* 😱😱😱😱😱
PZB 101
PZB 101 Місяць tagasi
12:02 I’m on the same boat as you are in. But my luck is horrible. I got, and I kid you not, 49 executioner/to be continued maps In. A. Row.
Wallace Hazard
Wallace Hazard Місяць tagasi
7:10 Wow. Kairos killed Coronavirus.
Gabriel Serrano
Gabriel Serrano Місяць tagasi
At 9:32 you sound like Barry Benson from The Bee Movie
Shell Shock- Brawl Stars
Shell Shock- Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
i play map maker only for quests
dark Місяць tagasi
Map marker isn't the problem *the people are*
Ernesto navarro
Ernesto navarro Місяць tagasi
I really like map maker
XxDarkSidexX Місяць tagasi
And also, I have crow and both his star powers but none of his gadgets🤦
XxDarkSidexX Місяць tagasi
I was just watching an old video about the Star Park Corporation and I realized SPC/Star Park Corporation is like Super Cell Su the S,Per, The P, and Cell, The C Spc!
Gohsty Gaming
Gohsty Gaming Місяць tagasi
The mistake that u made is not make a best build for poco tara or mr.p
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong Місяць tagasi
The scariest thing in your life is not using Code: kairos in the Brawl Stars shop.
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong Місяць tagasi
Kairos I'm the user on reddit that you replied to, you said "Maybe someday! Feel free to say hi to me if you happen to see me in public." I also just recently got dumpling Darryl. I want to friend you or join your club in Brawl Stars, but sadly I only have 12.5k trophies :(
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