SNEAK PEEK: Season 4 Brawl Pass, Balance Changes & More!

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Update Sneak Peek: Season 4 Brawl Pass, Map Maker & Balance Changes
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It's time for #Snowtel Brawl Stars update Sneak Peeks! In this video I'm going to show you the new Season 4 Brawl Pass, changes to the map maker, explain how MILLIONS of players can play YOUR map, review Balance Changes, and More!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
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RAELgamer the N00b?
RAELgamer the N00b? 14 päeva tagasi
Mango Tango in Brazil is Manga Tanga
Complex Assault
Complex Assault 14 päeva tagasi
map entry slot is fun until you realize how many game notifications you have
錢柏希Koil 5A04
錢柏希Koil 5A04 14 päeva tagasi
One Person lol wow I all way seen that ever week
One Person
One Person 14 päeva tagasi
There's new photos on not sure if it's worth a brawl theory vid EDIT: WAIT "THE ARTIST IS MISSING" okay maybe it is
Cjag31 14 päeva tagasi
Hey mr.gaming I was wondering if I could join your clan in guardian tales, I really love your videos and I always support you in brawlstars and I just wanted to be able to play with you which would be amazing
Dave Iler
Dave Iler 3 päeva tagasi
Who else is watching a hour before the new season 4 brawl pass
Arnav Chatrathi
Arnav Chatrathi 4 päeva tagasi
Is your name from Dragonvale? Like the big dragon on the side. The big blue one. I just thought of it.
Pirate Gaming
Pirate Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Im a f2p player and I somehow collect 160 gems but now I can't decide should I buy this brawl pass or wait for next one
Aron Smith
Aron Smith 4 päeva tagasi
I'm not sure I should buy the new Brawl Pass because I don't like Lou very much. Maybe the next Brawl Pass will have a better Brawler. What will you do???
Afzeena 1802
Afzeena 1802 8 päeva tagasi
Lapo 9 päeva tagasi
I actually watched the whole add this video. I’m saving your watch time 1 viewer at a time lmao
Lapo 9 päeva tagasi
Love you Kairos no homo
Shubham Bhosale
Shubham Bhosale 9 päeva tagasi
i only purchasing this season cuz of Dynamite
Cosmic - Brawl Stars
Cosmic - Brawl Stars 11 päeva tagasi
Kairos: "You Could Make Like 10 Alts..." *CHIEF PAT HAS ENTERED THE CHAT*
Cosmic - Brawl Stars
Cosmic - Brawl Stars 11 päeva tagasi
Can't wait for the new season so I cant get the new brawler 🙃
Aleksandre Sarachi
Aleksandre Sarachi 12 päeva tagasi
I just got amber out of a blue box lol
SAMUEL NG TIAN YU 6D-2021 12 päeva tagasi
In the back ground you can see poco and emz sharing a room
diglory89 12 päeva tagasi
The weekend event slot still gives 10 tokens. The other regular events now give 5 tokens. So with the new map maker event tokens +30, we will still get the same amount of tokens. So all good :)
Luke Modenbach
Luke Modenbach 12 päeva tagasi
Will you get tokens anytime the map maker slot changes every 10 seconds? If so..... THAT IS A LOT OF TOKENS!
nozx30 12 päeva tagasi
Hi Kairos, can you convey the message to brawl stars to add battle-related emo like go go go, fall back, defense, hide, i'll be the gem holder, or any other type of message instead of emojis.. i guess it's much more useful than happy or sad emoji..except for anger, it's very useful if u play with random..
Reyansh Singh
Reyansh Singh 12 päeva tagasi
New idea true neo skins
hello _
hello _ 13 päeva tagasi
I'm so late, I blame notifications!! Btw loved the video !! 😊👋
Natethekindagrea T
Natethekindagrea T 13 päeva tagasi
Ambers nerfed a little to Hard. I think she should still have a fast movement speed. Also it really hurts for me because I unlocked her from a box, and she’s been fun but I knew she was gonna get nerfed into the ground. I wish I had gotten crow, who I have always wanted :(.
Cylland 13 päeva tagasi
Is it possible to place safes on top of springs/teleporters?
Isabella Santiago
Isabella Santiago 13 päeva tagasi
Do you remember that Siri the same that bow is the dad of Nia and I forgot to other person to me but he's in that picture in those who are in it you're one step closer to finding out
Filip Likala
Filip Likala 13 päeva tagasi
When is archvillan Bea coming
Anitha B
Anitha B 13 päeva tagasi
did anyone notice that gales new skin in the loading screen
killer king jocker gaming
killer king jocker gaming 14 päeva tagasi
shahad almutairi
shahad almutairi 14 päeva tagasi
How to UNSUBMIT a map !!! No unsubmit bottom 😑 oh god I have to delete it and redo it?????? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
yash and kitty
yash and kitty 14 päeva tagasi
I needed 3 approve and i had 3 acc *think what happened
hey kairos! i just wanted to say that in the wkbl live stream there are 7 underscores i hope that helps you!
Janko Topek Maniiil
Janko Topek Maniiil 14 päeva tagasi
Kairos: 5 tokens is not alot 7 year olds: SuPeRcElL HoW CoUlD YoU Do dIs tO Us??????
Mark Escobar
Mark Escobar 14 päeva tagasi
Scorchin’ Siphon for amber is going to be broken. Can you believe it? 50% faster reload?!?!
Mark Escobar
Mark Escobar 14 päeva tagasi
Do you think they will nerf that too?
YT CLAPPER 14 päeva tagasi
Thank you supercell for making her weak she was a god in any game mode
_Damoman _
_Damoman _ 14 päeva tagasi
Amber: nerf. Me : obviously 🙄
Bolticco 14 päeva tagasi
You forgot: they nerfed Carl's shield star power from 40% to 30% and buffed darryl gadget, he can now get 25% of his super everytime a bullet hitted the ennemy
Bolticco 14 päeva tagasi
7:45 Among us fans will say this is the electricity task
Jasim Ameer
Jasim Ameer 14 päeva tagasi
Dat 5 tokens tho.......... 😢
Culture Gyan
Culture Gyan 14 päeva tagasi
I unlock colleete in brawl box without brawl pass
Brady Smith
Brady Smith 14 päeva tagasi
1:27 if you want to skip the ad.
Gaming Boy
Gaming Boy 14 päeva tagasi
how to get season 4 plz reply man
Calix Jace Sombillo
Calix Jace Sombillo 14 päeva tagasi
There should be a map code like make a map and get a random code to send to your friends and they can play in your map
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 14 päeva tagasi
I'm Aguzman88 on Brawl Stars 🌟
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 14 päeva tagasi
I already Submitted my map its Called Hide and seek
JamieHasLigma 14 päeva tagasi
Fun fact There will never be a tier 1 free mythic or legendary skin because you get the brawler for it too and they don’t want to give away high rarity brawlers
JamieHasLigma 14 päeva tagasi
Me about to get Santa mike. Bellhop mike in the brawl pass *I think NOT*
KINGofCLASH- yutube
KINGofCLASH- yutube 14 päeva tagasi
Kairos: its onley 5 tokens F2P: am i a joke for you
Andreas Hvass
Andreas Hvass 14 päeva tagasi
Lou olympics plz
LOVE IS WAR 14 päeva tagasi
I’m Using Code Rey! Join the Dance Party’s !!😄
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars 14 päeva tagasi
These are so Good 🤩🤩🤩
DRAGON EMPEROR 15 päeva tagasi
Next vid: Eating ice cream until I unlock LOU
Mr Gaming Yt
Mr Gaming Yt 15 päeva tagasi
I am Using code:- Kairos for evey brawl pass.❤️. KT squad
xXx_MlgKnight_xXx 15 päeva tagasi
sadness, no buff for rico or jessie
Balan T R
Balan T R 15 päeva tagasi
its 5 tokens a week. but its 5*4=20 tokens a month and 20*12=240 tokens a year. WE need to PROTEST !!! i thought that in a year it may be more but it soo less
Victor Ng
Victor Ng 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos, Please respond to this, how much will cony max be? Werewolf leon is in the shop for a few hours left and I'm debating between the 2. If cony max is 80 ill get it, but if it's 150, i won't and ill get werewolf leon. If i can't get werewolf leon ill have to wait till next year. ALso, whats your prefrence?
Camsports22 15 päeva tagasi
I watched the entire sponsor for ya kairos
Meow Kee
Meow Kee 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos I saw at the showdown his name is *KairosTimee*
Aleksandar Rankovic
Aleksandar Rankovic 15 päeva tagasi
How i much i get with your code
ⵖⵉⵍⴰⵙ ⵍⴰⵜ ⵓⵎⵄⵓⵛ
ⵖⵉⵍⴰⵙ ⵍⴰⵜ ⵓⵎⵄⵓⵛ 15 päeva tagasi
I'm going to skip this season pass too I'll wait for the next one .
KC - 05AA 905881 Champlain Trail PS
KC - 05AA 905881 Champlain Trail PS 15 päeva tagasi
is this early access?! because I got my game updated and it still says 11d so is it just time zone or something else?
snezana radulovic
snezana radulovic 15 päeva tagasi
I cant wait for Lou olympics
Aaryan Sehgal
Aaryan Sehgal 15 päeva tagasi
can you give lou Olympics video
Chlo 15 päeva tagasi
Oop?? Still alive looks good 👀👀 imma check that out 👀👀
jansån Janson
jansån Janson 15 päeva tagasi
I hav sen a star poover on de perch mr.p frov at bul. Ps I hav us kod Kairos.
Rhythm Games YT
Rhythm Games YT 15 päeva tagasi
Me: Forgets to watch Brawl Talk and watches Kairos Instead... Also Me: OH MY GOD I HAD A MAP MAKER VOTE IDEA LITERALLY ALMOST LIKE THAT
Shobeir Johnson
Shobeir Johnson 15 päeva tagasi
I unlocked Amber on the day she got nerfed 😔
Dribble The ball
Dribble The ball 15 päeva tagasi
My guild mates: why u use code kairos Me: K A I R O S code kairos in the brawl stars shop!! Plz use it kairos Bro I miss it
Ojas Patil
Ojas Patil 15 päeva tagasi
I will be buying the next brawl pass but i havent unlocked amber yet, so shld i use up my saved boxes rn bcuz pulling lou will lower my chance or is there any better solution? Plij help
THE Golden Monster
THE Golden Monster 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos Lock at the windows clowsly
THE Golden Monster
THE Golden Monster 15 päeva tagasi
There is a pink thing I the right side next to poco
HARKESH BAIRWA 15 päeva tagasi
Imagine🤔 if we recieve tokens from map maker slot of roatating in every 10 sec Me: stonks↗️
Sitti lana Omar
Sitti lana Omar 15 päeva tagasi
EEpostr: making map Viewers: vote the map Discord: has voted by youtuber Random: :')
EpicGamerKid 15 päeva tagasi
Sooo is no one going to talk about emz and poco in the hotel room in the loading screen in the windows
Droza Zadro
Droza Zadro 15 päeva tagasi
An idea to improve true sliver and gold skins even more:What if their attacks were silver and golden too
Vincent De Leon
Vincent De Leon 15 päeva tagasi
Amber got nerfed now its gonna be easier for me to be targeted thanks Supercell
Timothy Norman
Timothy Norman 15 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who wants Mr. P to get a new skin
Meme Stars
Meme Stars 15 päeva tagasi
Why you always change shit while promotion
Dividing Leo
Dividing Leo 15 päeva tagasi
If you look at the windows in the new title screen, you can see Emz and Poco which supports Kairos's theroy that they may or may not be dating.
Ehtesham Ali
Ehtesham Ali 15 päeva tagasi
Balence changes, hmm.....
RyanRich 15 päeva tagasi
and we thought the lag was bad before...
MitosHacking Team
MitosHacking Team 15 päeva tagasi
You are not kairos. Kairos is a hacker
MitosHacking Team
MitosHacking Team 13 päeva tagasi
@REACTGAMINGYT ✔️ I know bro I just kidding. Did you get it?
IRON MAN 15 päeva tagasi
Why new pass is not came in my indian brawlstars after update
Helena K
Helena K 15 päeva tagasi
oj looks like a korean person
Purple_Guy 15 päeva tagasi
I’m soo excited for this update bc I have 130 gems and I’ll have to get some more in season 4 omg
ATDA TheProGamer
ATDA TheProGamer 15 päeva tagasi
Sometimes I think supercell is literally nerfing brawl stars
BurntToast 15 päeva tagasi
In the loading screen, If you look at the windows on the right, Poco and Emz are either in a room together or next to eachother.
Bbseow 15 päeva tagasi
Lil Helper Penny's eye is kinda weird
Bbseow 15 päeva tagasi
Zoom in
It's Krowas
It's Krowas 15 päeva tagasi
snowtel trio -Lou,Mr.P,Gale -- Mexican trioAmber,Primo,poco
Jiorjin Prakash
Jiorjin Prakash 15 päeva tagasi
I wish i could get into kairos's head and see all the sneak peaks supercell has been giving him :(
Nooblox 29
Nooblox 29 15 päeva tagasi
Yay amber got debuff
ClayZi Bly
ClayZi Bly 15 päeva tagasi
Adarsh Kesarpersad
Adarsh Kesarpersad 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos if you see this scroll to out of the brawl pass you see spikes socks
DE KAT 15 päeva tagasi
This is technically unrelated to the video, but A3: Still Alive looks so fun!
h h
h h 15 päeva tagasi
Colt, Pam and Jessie all have something in common. Red hair. But what you didnt think of, is that they all have the same base PIN. That is obviously a hint of supercell. Please dont ignore it
Rat Ice Cream
Rat Ice Cream 15 päeva tagasi
Use code Kairos in the shop
frlnsisca Wolfe
frlnsisca Wolfe 15 päeva tagasi
So can we get lou at tier 30 if we buy the pass or at tier 70 becuz of the skin 😐
Haider Tube
Haider Tube 15 päeva tagasi
New brawl theory please!
Jijimon Km
Jijimon Km 15 päeva tagasi
Kyra Simon lollll 😂😂😂
King Nivedan
King Nivedan 15 päeva tagasi
Bro still there is time to for brawl pass 12 days
xXCarnageXx -Fear
xXCarnageXx -Fear 15 päeva tagasi
I've prayed and prayed for Amber's movement speed to be nerfed And the Brawl gods have finally answered
Sharath S
Sharath S 15 päeva tagasi
5 tokens a week amounts to around 1 big box every 2 years, so no fighting please
Will Wojdylak
Will Wojdylak 15 päeva tagasi
Karios u don’t have more subs cuz ur weird and not funny
Warren YEUNG [6S]
Warren YEUNG [6S] 15 päeva tagasi
Why does Kairos always change clothes during sponsoring
PRIYA KJ 15 päeva tagasi
0:15 Supercell with the update: Imma end this man's whole career
Amadeus Andrew
Amadeus Andrew 15 päeva tagasi
Omg he’s really cute
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