Race to Gem Mountain - I need your help...

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Race to Gem Mountain - I need your help | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to be playing the race to gem mountain, which is Brawl Stars's newest challenge across EEpost. This is the 2nd week of the Gem Mountain challenge and I am going to need your help because there are a LOT of very difficult challenges ahead of me. Clearly I'm not doing too well so far, so I'm going to need your help & support for this. #BrawlStars #GemMountain
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
I need your help... help with code kairos ► bit.ly/2nQd1Cd help by subbing ► goo.gl/1qE15w
ELITE GAMING 17 päeva tagasi
@KairosTime Gaming aren't u indian
lol lolover
lol lolover Місяць tagasi
I willll help you evry day love vids
Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha
Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha Місяць tagasi
And I also got a epic brawler out of a free box
Pulpezmano Місяць tagasi
Check the wkbrl stream now "We already told you, this is normal" This is pretty much a threat directly to you, they want you to get silent already
Pulpezmano Місяць tagasi
Check the wkbrl stream now "We already told you, this is normal" This is pretty much a threat directly to you
Roees Akinola
Roees Akinola 28 päeva tagasi
it's either you or pat thats gonna win
I like pie
I like pie 28 päeva tagasi
So uh.. Somebody told me that you can hold an egg in a spoon better in the side of your mouth.
Rinit Veliu
Rinit Veliu 29 päeva tagasi
Where’s other episodes
MrCatching_cord Місяць tagasi
ShubAndThePugs Місяць tagasi
manasvini rajan
manasvini rajan Місяць tagasi
You're a great player Kairos. You can do it!
Amr Jammoul
Amr Jammoul Місяць tagasi
#Kairosforever and a komment for the algorithm…
Weird Mango
Weird Mango Місяць tagasi
You sure will win i am gonna pray for you
RxBxT 123
RxBxT 123 Місяць tagasi
Kara Simon returns
Fox_Dark Місяць tagasi
Imagine kairos hearting your comment
Cherry BS YT
Cherry BS YT Місяць tagasi
#kairosforever you are the best
Ali Pashayev
Ali Pashayev Місяць tagasi
Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson Місяць tagasi
Luca T
Luca T Місяць tagasi
Im rooting for you!!!!
PUBG STAR Місяць tagasi
Only this I have to say #KairosForevevr
Snomy Місяць tagasi
Ramy Ayman
Ramy Ayman Місяць tagasi
Kai Ratner
Kai Ratner Місяць tagasi
Chandra kumar
Chandra kumar Місяць tagasi
i want crow give me pls
ROXAS P5 2020
ROXAS P5 2020 Місяць tagasi
Go for it Kairos! You are the first youtuber that I watched. Goooooooooo!
MzDeKing Місяць tagasi
Tidders 88
Tidders 88 Місяць tagasi
Jaydon Lee
Jaydon Lee Місяць tagasi
#kairos forever
Sean Chou
Sean Chou Місяць tagasi
Tohtori Pingviini
Tohtori Pingviini Місяць tagasi
KairosTime You have to look further.
pdog gaming
pdog gaming Місяць tagasi
pdog gaming
pdog gaming Місяць tagasi
It's my youtube can I get to 100 views plx
KingJasonPlays Місяць tagasi
Murr Services
Murr Services Місяць tagasi
NINJA PLAYS Місяць tagasi
dont worry it happened with oj in his first episode and with you in the second
HYM !!
HYM !! Місяць tagasi
I am soooo so so sorry that I didn't use your code wen I bought the brawl pass I didn't use any code iam soo so sorry for this
James gaming
James gaming Місяць tagasi
KAIROS Pls Talk about this in The next brawl Theory There's a channel called rejected Some say its From SPUDE
Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha
Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha Місяць tagasi
Here's an Easter egg:if you are playing on the cave mape(
Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha
Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha Місяць tagasi
Go to the left side of the map and you'll see Carl's minecart and gems coming out of the mine and some effect but when you or someone plays as Carl they're all gone except the pile of gems ⛏️
CLEMENT JR ONG Moe Місяць tagasi
Quick post the next brawl theory video their awesome but some times mostly the k-a-i-r-o-s part
Maryam Bipar
Maryam Bipar Місяць tagasi
Hey Kairos! I have news. On the WKBRWL live stream, the “This Is Normal” has turned into “We already told you, This is normal.
Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy Місяць tagasi
What a loser
Sangeeta Singh
Sangeeta Singh Місяць tagasi
When is brawl talk
Amerizza Juan
Amerizza Juan Місяць tagasi
Hello kt i just want you to ask supercell to buff tara’s damage and health maybe even a rework pls reply i really want to be a tara main
Jaume Arau
Jaume Arau Місяць tagasi
Kairos. I think I found something. So if you look closely at dani before the screen turns black in the brawl talk vid. You can see the face of barley from the investor vid. And sorry if you know this.
TV J Місяць tagasi
How can I register in my super Diwali tournament brawl star pls help help please pls pls
Brian Kim
Brian Kim Місяць tagasi
Go Kairos gooo
Janet Lim
Janet Lim Місяць tagasi
Never Give Up! ,Kairos. You can do it!
FERSUL Місяць tagasi
кто русский? тыкай на лайк чтоб они поняли тут русские короли
József Péterfi
József Péterfi Місяць tagasi
HINT: We already told you, this is normal.
Contented Flea
Contented Flea Місяць tagasi
Ok the 10 10 20 was on the Mr. P doll so I think something is happening on the 20th 10:10pm.
Contented Flea
Contented Flea Місяць tagasi
Or it's 10:10pm or am on the 20th
Contented Flea
Contented Flea Місяць tagasi
is 10 10 20 saying on the 10th on 10:20pm
EGY 4 GAMING Місяць tagasi
If I find you in a game I will lose on purpose 😉😉 Not that I even can hit you 😢😢
Hamza - Brawl Stars
Hamza - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Everyone do code kairos in brawl stars !!
Destroyers18 Gaming
Destroyers18 Gaming Місяць tagasi
I just started my channel a few days ago can you guys please check it out and tell others.
Leonardo Vivas
Leonardo Vivas Місяць tagasi
KAIROS NOW THE WKBRL STREAM SAYS "we already told you this is normal" and I hear fire in the backround
zamien 222
zamien 222 Місяць tagasi
Ethan Fuhriman
Ethan Fuhriman Місяць tagasi
RYAN Місяць tagasi
we already told you This is normal
Damien Fazio
Damien Fazio Місяць tagasi
#kairos4ever Don’t let this week affect your mood, keep it up and you’ll be on top of the mountain!
MenudoFarmer Місяць tagasi
KAIROS this might be old news or new news but agent p’s suitcase has a sticker that looks like the S.P.U.D.E sticker.Edit:nvm,now that I zoomed in on the sticker it looks different than the spude sticker rip
Arman Tech And Animation
Arman Tech And Animation Місяць tagasi
Ilangesan Jayavikash
Ilangesan Jayavikash Місяць tagasi
I have watch the Brawl Stars Olympics by you
Ilangesan Jayavikash
Ilangesan Jayavikash Місяць tagasi
I am a big fan of you
Ilangesan Jayavikash
Ilangesan Jayavikash Місяць tagasi
Kairos what is your club name
Joury Khalaf
Joury Khalaf Місяць tagasi
Kairos u are the best brawler I ever knew
Clau Dom
Clau Dom Місяць tagasi
I relly want a lengendary brawler piz get me a lendindary brawler
KZ Team
KZ Team Місяць tagasi
Kairos врун
alex1040 Місяць tagasi
I have great news wkbrl streem is going agein
Pizzan Місяць tagasi
Pizzan Місяць tagasi
Moon-related on 10.10.2020?
chinmay kolambkar
chinmay kolambkar Місяць tagasi
#kairos forever
Suneel Sachdev
Suneel Sachdev Місяць tagasi
Kairos is a big nooooooooooob
Shahid Umair
Shahid Umair Місяць tagasi
Kairos if you focus on Gale. I think is a microphone the black colour and there's a logo. Can you figure it out
AstroJack Місяць tagasi
His theory fucked he said 10/10 something special would happen but no bruh lol
Zerdthebird Місяць tagasi
Hay tip don’t say “omg guys thanks for likes omg” just don’t please
FaZe_ chris
FaZe_ chris Місяць tagasi
Kairos : Hasn't posted a brawl theory video for 6 days All people : Is Kairos dead? Ehh, Is Kairos dead, somebody tell me, IS KAIROS DEADDDD????
WradeXrZ Місяць tagasi
Today is 10 October. Where is the update😕
Ludvig Eronn
Ludvig Eronn Місяць tagasi
JalilGames Місяць tagasi
Kristián Humeník
Kristián Humeník Місяць tagasi
@KairosTime WHY is nothing happening today?? It is 10/10/2020!
TV J Місяць tagasi
Why why😡😡😡😡
TV J Місяць tagasi
Why update not come todat
Amos Kesop
Amos Kesop Місяць tagasi
محمد طليمات
محمد طليمات Місяць tagasi
Mr.p had a s.p.u.d.e sticker on his bag 🤯🤯🤯
Ritesh Parab
Ritesh Parab Місяць tagasi
Badger Fan107
Badger Fan107 Місяць tagasi
Samrajyam T
Samrajyam T Місяць tagasi
Kairos is there any brawl talk as you told in brawl theory
Toywell J Crimpson
Toywell J Crimpson Місяць tagasi
#Karios 4ver and a goodluck and ima use code karios
Charon YT
Charon YT Місяць tagasi
Are you in the club oblivious kairos? Cause I'm in there and I saw ur username but it might of been a troll
Jayden Tesfaye
Jayden Tesfaye Місяць tagasi
YeBoiRikky Місяць tagasi
yes videos
yes videos Місяць tagasi
I got spike and surge by using ur code
AMV ARTIST207 Місяць tagasi
6:48 OJ he is directly trolling OJ😂😂😂😂
Deepa N
Deepa N Місяць tagasi
When will KT start reading the comments again?
The Batsbury
The Batsbury Місяць tagasi
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez Місяць tagasi
LeonHUH - BS
LeonHUH - BS Місяць tagasi
Use Code Kairos
Shahid Ahmed
Shahid Ahmed Місяць tagasi
#kairos forever
MHM Місяць tagasi
Paige Parker
Paige Parker Місяць tagasi
i'm currently training myself for october 10th
Its A max
Its A max Місяць tagasi
Hey, cheer up. I bought Shark Leon with your code!
joseph acel
joseph acel Місяць tagasi
ben brittain
ben brittain Місяць tagasi
Darren Kim
Darren Kim Місяць tagasi
⚠️30 HIDDEN SECRETS YOU MISSED! In New Brawl Talk from Brawl Stars #WKBRL #Starrpark Update, 3:50 at the back says 0419(April 19). When wkbrl stream started
ECx CLAN Місяць tagasi
These Brawl Stars Challenges are IMPOSSIBLE!!!
KairosTime Gaming
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