Power League Theory: 8 Brawler Archetypes & How to WIN EVERY Time!

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Ultimate guide on winning Power League! Brawler Archetypes! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to reveal my Theories behind Brawler Picks & Bans in Power League. We're going to reveal the 8 Brawler Archetypes, as well as which brawlers counter them! This ultimate Power League guide will help you win more matches BEFORE you even start battle!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Thank you to Infinity Kingdom for sponsoring this video! Download this EPIC game FREE: patron.me/Kairos_IK Use code 'kairostime' to get $50 worth in-game rewards. Join and find me in my favorite Alliance: the killer waler on Server 22 Get Ready... Power League is COMING!
pidgey 21 päev tagasi
Easy just don't play power league
Maximina Chean
Maximina Chean 28 päeva tagasi
@Samson Francis trying it out now. Seems promising.
Samson Francis
Samson Francis 28 päeva tagasi
Dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instapwn. Just google for it if you care
Colby Wolfensberger
Colby Wolfensberger Місяць tagasi
Ninja Slakkie
Ninja Slakkie Місяць tagasi
@Brawl Stars goud not real brawl stars
Millennios 8 tundi tagasi
YES they finally added a draft/ranked or more competitive way to play Brawlstars, due to it feeling too casual i got bored too easily and took long breaks between but now i might return to it
AmiRu Li
AmiRu Li Päev tagasi
I gonna use the code
Wolfz900 Päev tagasi
What are counters for collette?
Ibrahim Ahmad
Ibrahim Ahmad Päev tagasi
I have watched the whole video but still not understand man
JustNebz 2 päeva tagasi
Never play "Solo" if you wanna rank up
ღ SuzResurrected ღ
ღ SuzResurrected ღ 3 päeva tagasi
i feel like the one thing they should change is that if your in the first 3 leagues....you shouldn't lose any points or whatever...cause its the first 3 leagues you know?...and so by the time you get to the next 3 is when you start to lose...idk what to call it? points?
bare coat
bare coat 3 päeva tagasi
I last so many game all the way gold to sliver 1
Ghosted 3 päeva tagasi
I usually play penny because if you place a sentry even decently most players will ignore it and die lol
GD Reviews
GD Reviews 4 päeva tagasi
One of the best vids I seen but almost turned it off after the 8th commercial
I’m dumb, but
I’m dumb, but 4 päeva tagasi
Cant Gene be considered a Assasin?
Administrator_Dom 4 päeva tagasi
Thanks for this video because even listening through the video and trying to win i lost multiple times thanks idiot.
Fenmare Playz
Fenmare Playz 4 päeva tagasi
"Thrower" Archetype: My Team😂
Sad Potato
Sad Potato 4 päeva tagasi
Randoms be like "This brawler has power 1, so he must be the number one brawler I have right.??"
Robot Gamer
Robot Gamer 6 päeva tagasi
Eliz 7 päeva tagasi
8:15 *I use the dynamike to destroy the dynamike*
DeathFlag 7 päeva tagasi
Estatistica Estatistica
Estatistica Estatistica 9 päeva tagasi
where is the watson ?
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 11 päeva tagasi
Only if Randoms saw this
unaiz hussain
unaiz hussain 12 päeva tagasi
the most important thing i learnt shelly is op
azur clerx
azur clerx 12 päeva tagasi
Tara and Bo are better than mister P and Rosa. Mister P and Rosa : « Vengeance. We’ll be waiting for it... Sooner than you expect it »
Cool Kid
Cool Kid 12 päeva tagasi
Mr p counters mr p
Natan Tedros
Natan Tedros 13 päeva tagasi
I just got a ad from brawl stars
Itsfreerealestate Bois
Itsfreerealestate Bois 13 päeva tagasi
brawl stars as a whole is starting to get on my nerves, yesterday I decided to push from 19.5K to 20K trophies, and then this morning found out that the trophy league ended meaning I am just where I started again, then I load into what should be a fun game of power league just to be paired with 4.5K trophy people and lose because they decide to pick a short-range power 1 brawler in an open map. I think some things in the game should be taken into consideration of whether the community even wants it because there is nothing worse than losing 500 trophies when you just spent an hour gaining them, then being matched with new players to the game when you are experienced yourself.
ToXic Gaming
ToXic Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
Fact : Enemy is also watching this video 😂 ( not a spammer ) :(
cabrator bkn
cabrator bkn 14 päeva tagasi
Can people not tell people how to win so it can more fun if everyone learns how to play by themselves 😂
Samuel Lai
Samuel Lai 14 päeva tagasi
A. Pick the best brawler for this map B. Pick the best brawler to counter your enemy brawler. Me: ...
роман нету
роман нету 14 päeva tagasi
>>Assassins struggle against tanks >>Edgar destroys Frank, Jacky and Rosa, and can win in 1v1 situation against El Primo >>Stu and Crow can outrange most of the tanks and deal a lot of problems for them in 1v1 >>good Mortis can mance around Frank, so he cannot even touch him Yeah, you are right... Right?
Furbait 15 päeva tagasi
I think you described control type wrong. Control type brawlers are better at controlling the field with their abilities to block enemies from going somewhere important, or making them do things that will get them at a disadvantage.
Jayson Boniog
Jayson Boniog 15 päeva tagasi
a bit disagree with assasins being weak against tanks cause Leon, Crow, and Stu eats tanks for breakfast.
Dicka03 15 päeva tagasi
me hacia falta la info gracias por la data me suscribo
Carlo Salenda
Carlo Salenda 17 päeva tagasi
*Snake Prarie:* Teammate: Gets to ban any brawler Me: PLEASE ban tara, bo, or any other close range brawler Teammate: Bans piper Fr tho randoms are so infuriating sometimes
PRO time
PRO time 19 päeva tagasi
Did you guys notice that he put Bea in g cannon and control archetype
Joan Avramow
Joan Avramow 19 päeva tagasi
And this is why best players' games last so long?
Joan Avramow
Joan Avramow 19 päeva tagasi
Shelly is anti - everything
Lemon Gaming
Lemon Gaming 19 päeva tagasi
just tank
trollstash midas
trollstash midas 19 päeva tagasi
It's so sad that this video is made with love but it's super inaccurate I love kairos I watch every single video of him and I respect pro players but sinse I was using this method I am losing my ranks every time like what do you mean bull counters piper or Brock or Mr p counters Nita or tick counters jessie everyone who sees this pls like so less people lose their rank and I hope he sees this and make an accurate one thanks
Gio Mendiola
Gio Mendiola 19 päeva tagasi
what is the synergy between Nani and Bo? 4:52
Safari Knight
Safari Knight 20 päeva tagasi
This is like pokemon xD
Gemikoni 20 päeva tagasi
Don forget one thing. PLAY THE OBJECTIVE!! I have lost count how many times I lost because I forgot to play the objective that the game told me to.
Yusuf Hussein
Yusuf Hussein 21 päev tagasi
Let’s be honest, we all faced an insane mortis that just beats every brawler (rarely Shelly)
DrinkFireBurnWater 22 päeva tagasi
I think that for the honor system, you should only be able to give positive awards, since players would just give bad ratings to people who didn’t play as well. I think this would put average and good players higher and players who should get better or toxic ones lower. However, there could still be a report feature for people giving up and stuff.
Brawl Stars Baby
Brawl Stars Baby 23 päeva tagasi
How you counter trolls???
Allen Emyr Cerbo
Allen Emyr Cerbo 23 päeva tagasi
I feel like shelly is a tank because it can deal a lot of damage Close range and with her then ban aid to give her more health that’s considered her a tank and surge is a glass Canon if surge is.Stage two and add to the max star power to increase his range thatConsider him a glass cannon and colette can be a control brawler. With her cycle super and with na an gadget and push it star power and bibi is a tank with her vitamin booster gadget and batting stand star power and. This is what I think only
Extra Email
Extra Email 24 päeva tagasi
At 7:33 you said that control brawlers take a while to charge their supers, and at 9:29 you say they charge supers very fast...
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo 25 päeva tagasi
4:16 OMG kkkk
I got bored
I got bored 25 päeva tagasi
All the dislikes were the people who took "Win Every Single Match" seriously and lost 1 match
Fatima Ryan
Fatima Ryan 25 päeva tagasi
Why does the brawler Jackie say the f word?
M. Chen
M. Chen 26 päeva tagasi
Surge is a hard Assassin counter.
Zanvulf R
Zanvulf R 26 päeva tagasi
I HATE power league cause I keep on pushing and losing and now I am in bronze (I was in gold)😭😭😭
짭준 26 päeva tagasi
Mr.P counters MR.P??11:36
Wee Goh
Wee Goh 27 päeva tagasi
What are the weaknesses of support brawlers? You never mentioned that.
Lemon Gaming
Lemon Gaming 19 päeva tagasi
low burst damage. Countered by assassins
SKYZO FF 28 päeva tagasi
Tysm for informations
shadow 21
shadow 21 28 päeva tagasi
Omg!! For hell's sake 3 minutes for A f advertisement like i really don't know what to say
Banana Fusion
Banana Fusion 28 päeva tagasi
"45 brawlers means over 2000 interactions" Star powers and gadgets:
Miguel 28 päeva tagasi
Worst mode ever since the beginning of the game if you play with randoms. Either it’s incredible rigged for you to win and lose or people are incredibly stupid.
Ram Poonye
Ram Poonye 28 päeva tagasi
My problem is that my enemise also is watching that
The Jakeman Fog
The Jakeman Fog 28 päeva tagasi
I always play nani in siege bus her super deals damage to the ike and I NEVER get countered lol
Daem Rodfema
Daem Rodfema 28 päeva tagasi
Hola, buen video saludos desde España me suscribí a través del canal de OJ
No1 Of Interest
No1 Of Interest 28 päeva tagasi
9:10 I would argue that most of the time stu is a pretty hard counter to tanks, as they have high enough DPS and range.
tyu D
tyu D 29 päeva tagasi
All the people I play against on power league: watch this and know what to do Everyone I play with: randomly spins in corner
Morris Kenzie
Morris Kenzie 29 päeva tagasi
Is it just me but power league is so fixed ever game I get noob players and my rank is just dropping literally for gold 2 to silver 2 I CANT STAND IT
Morris Kenzie
Morris Kenzie 10 päeva tagasi
@Achyut Badri add me back my name is bike sandwich
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 10 päeva tagasi
@Morris Kenzie achyutthegoat
Morris Kenzie
Morris Kenzie 10 päeva tagasi
I’ve added u what’s ur name
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 11 päeva tagasi
@Morris Kenzie You're just a noob lol.
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 11 päeva tagasi
@Morris Kenzie #CGP2YYRG
K T 29 päeva tagasi
Step one: get all brawlers at power level 10
Ultra Boy Samyak
Ultra Boy Samyak 29 päeva tagasi
Thank u Teacher for the lesson
Devils 29 päeva tagasi
Hope ransoms understood this
Lukas Meditz
Lukas Meditz Місяць tagasi
I always use ur code!
ID G AF YT Місяць tagasi
playing with randoms is like a instant lo lose
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
This is so helpful 🤩👍
Drow Lim
Drow Lim Місяць tagasi
@7:52 bea counters bea Mind blown
Hansa Dutt
Hansa Dutt Місяць tagasi
Your voice is like a robot 😂
Vinod Sharma
Vinod Sharma Місяць tagasi
Cookie Місяць tagasi
1:04 to 1:05 Damn. Fastest clothes changer in the world?
QxPink Місяць tagasi
How are you supposed to win if you have teamates who don't know how to play the game on solos, I keep getting a mortis in bounty that is aggressive and gets killed 10-15 times per round. It's really annoying and I don't enjoy power League for this reason, why can't there be a solo showdown ranked mode or mors solo modes. I literally have no fun and get really annoyed in 3v3 games because I'll have a couple good games but then I get teamates that have 10k trophies less then me but the enemy is within a couple thousand trophies.
Wolf Toned
Wolf Toned Місяць tagasi
*Probably hlf the people think we are the bad randoms and once they realise they are bad at the game they'll finally know what they have done*
Wolf Toned
Wolf Toned Місяць tagasi
Friends don't exist in just alone....with no teamates that are good.....its always randoms......so dumb.....so stupid......damn f*ck randoms for life
Nomura Amraa
Nomura Amraa Місяць tagasi
Was about to skip sponsor halfway through crazy sour candy: *appears* me: I think I'll stay
Juan Esteban Moreno Pinzon
Juan Esteban Moreno Pinzon Місяць tagasi
Me taking notes:
u65 ketelsuw
u65 ketelsuw Місяць tagasi
Yh lol I picked Mortis onceand my eneies were like: ima pick piper, emz and dyna They also clumped up so I could super-chain
gusferde plays
gusferde plays Місяць tagasi
Did he contradict himself saying that control brawlers charge their super slowly and then he said that the control brawlers charge their super fast?
Montana Tatum
Montana Tatum Місяць tagasi
The only real problem I have taking down Tanks with Edgar is the Bull and Rosa. I found the others to be very easily beaten.
FlamePlayzYT Місяць tagasi
Kairos: the ban system is really important. Me who only bans tick just because I hate him 😂
Pie Місяць tagasi
The secret to winning every game is having the best wifi
Viktoria Schlegl
Viktoria Schlegl Місяць tagasi
My strategy: JUST BANN AMBER
nadia afrin
nadia afrin Місяць tagasi
Kairos, this video has changed my life, well; brawl life. 😁
Jaiden Mendez
Jaiden Mendez Місяць tagasi
I might have to watch this a few hundred times 🥴
VRISHABH KIRAN Місяць tagasi
I literally chindi-chitrana'd [Destroyed] the enemy team in power leauge. Thanks a lot KT but why didn'tyou sing K A I R O S code kairos in the brawl stars shop !
Safayet Hossain
Safayet Hossain Місяць tagasi
me ; When i will get leon supercell ; never
derp e w
derp e w Місяць tagasi
11:14 yes i see mr.p struggles agianst mr.p
Danial Ali
Danial Ali Місяць tagasi
The only lesson I show up to
Piotr Borkowski
Piotr Borkowski Місяць tagasi
"Assasins have slow reload speed" Edgard: Am I a joke to you?
Declan Vaughan
Declan Vaughan Місяць tagasi
can you make a vid where you explain as you play and pick like you go into power league and select while showing us how to do it cause it was a little confusing?
shantanu playz
shantanu playz Місяць tagasi
Edgar with a fast reload speed Am I a joke to you
Adam Kee
Adam Kee Місяць tagasi
You are really good at what you do! This is a great video, and your channel is just getting better which each of those!
Green Screen Vented
Green Screen Vented Місяць tagasi
"Choose the character you want before they ban" My random teammates: "Hm yes I think I'll choose the one that my teammate chose even though we have first pick"
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer Місяць tagasi
If supercel release a space brawler go to moon ;) ;) ;)
புலியோன் Місяць tagasi
Video starts @ 2:40
Itshack_kalet Місяць tagasi
Omg how did you know i am deciding to win every match in that mode!!!
Berci Pap
Berci Pap Місяць tagasi
Jessie and nita being both spawners and anti-spawners: I'm playing both sides, so I always come out on top.
Gaurav Rajendra Jadhav
Gaurav Rajendra Jadhav Місяць tagasi
Use sprout in power league and try to change its gadget on the given time slot the game will crash . Thank me later ✌️
leimah Місяць tagasi
9:00 Edgar: Am I a joke?!
Waltz Blue
Waltz Blue Місяць tagasi
I would have added a special mention about mobile spawns (Mr. P & Nita mainly, Tara to a lesser extent) making throwers struggle (with ammo and keeping pressure on the ennemy). You did mention Nita as a threat to throwers but Mr. P has really been a pain to deal with as a thrower when he uses the 2 porters gadget and porter reduced respawn cooldown starpower.
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