Playing the WORST Brawl Stars RIP-OFFS!

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I played the WORST Brawl Stars Rip-Offs with @Lex - Brawl Stars | KairosTime
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In this video, @Lex - Brawl Stars and I are going to be playing terrible Brawl Stars rip-offs to see if there are any worth playing! We'll be starting with the worst lowest-rated games, and work our way up to some other bad knock-offs. These games are truly Brawl Stars imposters!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Wow... these knock-offs were TERRIBLE! Check more out on Lex's channel ► Thanks to PUBG MOBILE for sponsoring this video! ►
black mask
black mask 25 päeva tagasi
My boys pubg
Jakks To The Max
Jakks To The Max Місяць tagasi
That tune it sung at 5:00 is the win sound on B.A.T.T.D.
Arika Emerson
Arika Emerson Місяць tagasi
Brawl Girl
Brawl Girl Місяць tagasi
pranit kalra
pranit kalra Місяць tagasi
*Triggered Indians wants to know your location*
Ieatfood 13 tundi tagasi
Nulls brawl is the best one probably
• Tubble•
• Tubble• Päev tagasi
I saw the thumbnail, and i was like.... *Wait, Pam is a furry?*
Jorrit Vos
Jorrit Vos Päev tagasi
How loud was that 14 gems
Idle 32
Idle 32 4 päeva tagasi
And your Attitude
Idle 32
Idle 32 4 päeva tagasi
I love your content
Kriss Loo
Kriss Loo 4 päeva tagasi
People actually put effort into making that They won't get any popular or big by ripping off, that's a fact but making fun of them like that is not cool your content can be way more interesting without mocking others, or at least without mocking the way you did
Константин Шаралиев
Константин Шаралиев 4 päeva tagasi
Super cats was befor brawl stars
Arsenal boss
Arsenal boss 5 päeva tagasi
Watchtower my vidios
VXR LIE 6 päeva tagasi
i dont rlly like these copies but the reason their gameplay and graphics arent so good because they dont have enough crowdfunding
dt332894 6 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars crossover moba might be fun
Millennios 6 päeva tagasi
You know I don't play Brawl Stars anymore but damn if I didnt feel bad for Supercell rn
Yukta Rangavajjula
Yukta Rangavajjula 6 päeva tagasi
LoserAtGames 7 päeva tagasi
If u want to play brawl stars ugh its free duh
LoserAtGames 7 päeva tagasi
Forget the duh k nice thx
KAYAS 7 päeva tagasi
Pigou Fuller.
Tornado 7 päeva tagasi
The rip-off Pam on the thumbnail is not as T H I C C As the real one
Matthew Ngai
Matthew Ngai 7 päeva tagasi
THIs IS brawl stars ?
LAI JAYDEN 7 päeva tagasi
Copy games be like: "Hey watcha buildin brawl stars?" "A very cool statue" "Can i copy you?" "No" " *Proceeds to copy* "
Flint Cedric Base
Flint Cedric Base 8 päeva tagasi
Can you play hereos strike for the next rip off vid
Asma Razzak
Asma Razzak 9 päeva tagasi
I remember finding that cat game on app store thinking it was good. The images taught me reality.
drydrybones 9 päeva tagasi
5:00 that sound is stolen from Bloons tower defense 6
DagTheBox 9 päeva tagasi
Dang people don't realise that Brawl Stars was a huge rip-off on Paladins Strike. Clash of Clans was also a rip-off on Galaxy Life
haisam gebeil
haisam gebeil 9 päeva tagasi
Him saying let in the house me:corona virus!!!
Legands Saner
Legands Saner 10 päeva tagasi
Wow there budy
Scudushy 10 päeva tagasi
I think since Brawl Stars is so good, it makes ever other game that is similar, look and overall playing is baddd!
Soldier-2047 10 päeva tagasi
Lex and kairos were crazy insane on this,cmon man they worked on it,they aint no supercell,they tried
Player Rida
Player Rida 10 päeva tagasi
I acctually like super cats . When brawl stars dident got release on android then i enjoyed it alot
Sippy Meo
Sippy Meo 12 päeva tagasi
The El Primo cat jumps like the mega knight😂😂😂😂
Seed Snipe123
Seed Snipe123 12 päeva tagasi
They're playing with duplicate brawlers
Infinity 12 päeva tagasi
I saw super cats and I’m like ok this is totally a rip off from brawl stars
jian lin
jian lin 13 päeva tagasi
This. is. A. Rip. Off. Game. Of. Brawl. Stars
Ewan Steel
Ewan Steel 13 päeva tagasi
If brawl stars was a game you had to buy, I’d understand playing the rip off. But it’s literally free, why play the rip off when you can just get the real one? 🤣
Moop_ Foxy
Moop_ Foxy 14 päeva tagasi
Do you play league of legends?
Alarick Divaio Irawan
Alarick Divaio Irawan 14 päeva tagasi
you know super cats the gem grab is actually the map spare space
Mason Wehmeyer
Mason Wehmeyer 15 päeva tagasi
yummy time to eat some power pills
Fried Mercy
Fried Mercy 15 päeva tagasi
Honestly i found supercats before brawl and thought brawl was a ripoff
Jalapeno Serrano
Jalapeno Serrano 16 päeva tagasi
Moral of the story: it's not brawl stars
Antho42 16 päeva tagasi
Play pico tanks its like brawl stars but tanks
Gianni Morgan
Gianni Morgan 16 päeva tagasi
I have Supercats
Killingmadd RE
Killingmadd RE 16 päeva tagasi
Supercats rip-off’d league of legends bruh:/
Alek Kariniemi
Alek Kariniemi 18 päeva tagasi
You can tell they’re trying to stay on supercells good side
Best Jojo
Best Jojo 19 päeva tagasi
Kid: Mom I want to download Brawl stars Mom: you already have brawl stars on your phone *Brawl stars on the Phone:*
never gonna lou you up
never gonna lou you up 20 päeva tagasi
hey hey that suck supercats is not my favorite the control cant move
DoggieRanger 8791
DoggieRanger 8791 20 päeva tagasi
mikayslittlesister2 20 päeva tagasi
I want the link of super cats ;^;
Ryftz 20 päeva tagasi
Super Cats:Hey can I copy your homework Brawl Stars: Yeah but don’t make it obvious Super Cats Game
nikola gaming
nikola gaming 23 päeva tagasi
I just saw my name in Kairos' video
Tilon Plays
Tilon Plays 23 päeva tagasi
I like jelly beans
Feroux Brawler
Feroux Brawler 23 päeva tagasi
Subscribe to my channel
cactus /\/\/\
cactus /\/\/\ 16 päeva tagasi
No :)
mobile plays
mobile plays 24 päeva tagasi
Guys did you see big daddy from bioshock on fury wars?
Johnemast Sammlewr
Johnemast Sammlewr 25 päeva tagasi
Omg a cat
Teabag999 26 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: Brawl stars was the ripoff
sowlow2008gaming 26 päeva tagasi
Legends will remember moly yt and chicken brawl stars
[]AFIF[] 27 päeva tagasi
It's all fun and game until the rip off game start to sponsoring them.
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX 27 päeva tagasi
The only advantage I can see in Super Cats is.. Teamers
Gerald Yeager
Gerald Yeager 27 päeva tagasi
0:50 I legit thought that was RoboCop
Colin Gerlock
Colin Gerlock 28 päeva tagasi
I think this guy got the inspiration from Neatmike
kill me
kill me 29 päeva tagasi
The one thing that super cats have that brawl stars doesn't have is that you can play as the same brawler lol XDDDDDD
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed Місяць tagasi
Super Cats copied brawl stars
Tara Carey
Tara Carey Місяць tagasi
I downloaded zooba
no Місяць tagasi
0:05 Is That Coach Cory???
Virtual Victory VD
Virtual Victory VD Місяць tagasi
The first one actually looks good
Virtual Victory VD
Virtual Victory VD Місяць tagasi
LOL its kyras time
Lil Eggo's
Lil Eggo's Місяць tagasi
People who created super cats watching this be like >:v
楊卓譽 Місяць tagasi
I think super cats is the most well known brawl stars rip off
Hah nie
Hah nie Місяць tagasi
Who else remebers, when tribe was sponsored by super cats, and they said "Its no brawl stars clone! Its totally different!!"
Ryan Perez
Ryan Perez Місяць tagasi
try zooba
Davio #
Davio # Місяць tagasi
Check out heroes strike (Such a rip-off)
VBS YT Місяць tagasi
Brawl stars + ugly = supercat @_@
Bhowse Gaming
Bhowse Gaming Місяць tagasi
Super cats is horrible and I know that because I have it
Steyn Visch
Steyn Visch Місяць tagasi
Super cats had something which was cool that you can be the same cat as ya teammate
Elisabeth Koiduste
Elisabeth Koiduste Місяць tagasi
My dad plays pubg mobile
fire plays games LV
fire plays games LV Місяць tagasi
Pubg mobile 1 gb cod bo cold war 104 gb
Rania Zeid
Rania Zeid Місяць tagasi
Bro karos's face 6:31
I oink alot
I oink alot Місяць tagasi
1:56 when the gameplay begins
T - S - unami
T - S - unami Місяць tagasi
I remember when pubg was good :(
Muhammad Umar Azrin
Muhammad Umar Azrin Місяць tagasi
Brawl star: making cool updates Supercats: and I took that personaly
Rachid Sabbagh
Rachid Sabbagh Місяць tagasi
Im sad for the pple whocreated this game and thier fav you tuper is kt and... see that they hate theier games🤪🤪
Angry birdsfan1090
Angry birdsfan1090 Місяць tagasi
3:51 trolltrax character looks like a cat inkling
Angry birdsfan1090
Angry birdsfan1090 Місяць tagasi
How the turns have tabled
General Chipi- Shredder
General Chipi- Shredder Місяць tagasi
Tanks a lot is really fun
Luke Adams
Luke Adams Місяць tagasi
For albie and max in super cats you can shoot though walls lol
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong Місяць tagasi
The super cats game is bad AF
UDOKA Solomon
UDOKA Solomon Місяць tagasi
It's rude to be mean to other people games I now is a copy game but he tryde or she tryde
mashhad Місяць tagasi
When brawl stars was in its initial years of beta I really wanted to play the game so I installed super cats at the time.
Sophia The Caramel
Sophia The Caramel Місяць tagasi
lex: they’re teaching you to pop some pills, that’s good me: *you have 7 children*
Ong Chun Jien
Ong Chun Jien Місяць tagasi
By the way,you should do more rip off videos like these with other content creators,not just lex
Ong Chun Jien
Ong Chun Jien Місяць tagasi
12:58 Well thats something brawl stars should add to the game.
Marantha Korobacz-Hammadou
Marantha Korobacz-Hammadou Місяць tagasi
kairos we need more law
SoidelAlt Місяць tagasi
I like how when I clicked on this video a brawl stars ad came on
musicD Місяць tagasi
ok bruh the first showdown looks kinda nicer like the real brawl stars cuz its more 3d :o
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 Місяць tagasi
Kairos: These games are garbage! Zooba: What am I sponsoring u for??
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
maayan uouo
maayan uouo Місяць tagasi
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