New Skins Gameplay, Animations, Gem Costs, & Release Dates!

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Update Sneak Peek: New Skins, Gameplay, Costs, & Release dates!
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Brawl Stars is getting some new skins in this current update, and I'm going to show their gameplay & animations as well as reveal how much they'll cost & when they will be released in game!
This is a quick sneak peek to give you everything you need to know about the new skins coming to Brawl Stars in November & December 2020. We'll be showing the animations for Bellhop Mike, Sally Nani, Choco Piper, Cony Max, and King Lou!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 14 päeva tagasi
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Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute 2 päeva tagasi
JK Bellhop Mike He’s so cute *correction: The Amber sign on the luggage*
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute 2 päeva tagasi
Amber :-)
Oғғɪᴄɪᴀʟֆmartʑ 8 päeva tagasi
but i hahve a tablet
Oғғɪᴄɪᴀʟֆmartʑ 8 päeva tagasi
Cant download BS on pc
Fuzzy Face Bastard
Fuzzy Face Bastard 11 päeva tagasi
Are you gonna do a video for clay pigeons and Amber's 2nd star power
Noob Pro
Noob Pro 19 tundi tagasi
i dont have max in my brawler list ,so if i buy cony max than i will get max or not????Plz give me this question answer bcz it is roaming in my mind 😵😵
Noob Pro
Noob Pro 15 tundi tagasi
@rusty thanks bro you saved my gems❤
rusty 18 tundi tagasi
if u dont have max and buy the max cony skin u cant play it
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute 2 päeva tagasi
Oh Chocolate Merchandise………
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute 2 päeva tagasi
Corr: Choco merch
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute 2 päeva tagasi
If you can have any brawler to get immediately, who would you choose? *ONE BRAWLER ONLY*
mike13899 2 päeva tagasi
Kerem Değer
Kerem Değer 3 päeva tagasi
2:14 2:18 2:19
Silvia Bennett
Silvia Bennett 3 päeva tagasi
Yusuf Beceren
Yusuf Beceren 4 päeva tagasi
i saw chicken crow but not coming why?
ROS BS 4 päeva tagasi
Where are link ?
blackbox1800 4 päeva tagasi
4th december is my birthday and my favourite skin is going to be released yayay
Omar ash Ash
Omar ash Ash 5 päeva tagasi
5 skins it’s comes out
Tiffany Bailes
Tiffany Bailes 5 päeva tagasi
I am preparing by getting dynamike
Simina Ban
Simina Ban 6 päeva tagasi
i choose cony amx because she's the cutest in my opinion
Anas Samir
Anas Samir 7 päeva tagasi
i will buy max she super cute
Girlie Calderon
Girlie Calderon 8 päeva tagasi
Sally nani losing is springtrap failure
Karan Karan
Karan Karan 8 päeva tagasi
I like max's new skin
BMX BOIS Group 8 päeva tagasi
Cony max
Oғғɪᴄɪᴀʟֆmartʑ 8 päeva tagasi
Cony Max Really I Think She Kinda Has A Different Winning anamation but lex said no...
SID - Brawl Stars
SID - Brawl Stars 8 päeva tagasi
kairos mabye u should do a favorite skin with lady k sometime its been so long and there r many skins now
SID - Brawl Stars
SID - Brawl Stars 9 päeva tagasi
kairos: doesnt sing code kairos me:wait something is wrong
Dasa dd
Dasa dd 9 päeva tagasi
i cant wait for december 12 to get free mega boxes for my birsday like last year. best present ever
Omar ash Ash
Omar ash Ash 9 päeva tagasi
Lou all skins come out
Jeylon 9 päeva tagasi
You look tall actually
Christopher O'Horo
Christopher O'Horo 9 päeva tagasi
Honestly the nani Skin should be cheaper
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 10 päeva tagasi
I can't wait for this (Update)! It's so awesome! And we're going to be having better and better things coming in the future updates!
JAMs Gaming Station
JAMs Gaming Station 10 päeva tagasi
My favorite is choco piper. Shame I don't player enough to justify buying it
GluuStik YT
GluuStik YT 10 päeva tagasi
You can unlock Bellhop Mike in TIER 1 TIER 1 TRIGEERED
Mazen Hossam
Mazen Hossam 10 päeva tagasi
I loved cony max
iDream4Life N.
iDream4Life N. 10 päeva tagasi
Conyyy maxxx TwT 150 gems..
Noel Nagy
Noel Nagy 10 päeva tagasi
kairos you are the best
AnselmBlox 11 päeva tagasi
*raisehand.jpg* Kairos, I have a question, what would happen if you unlocked bellhop mike without owning dynamike?
Gecko Dude
Gecko Dude 11 päeva tagasi
Drowsy M
Drowsy M 11 päeva tagasi
Just gonna get bell mike to do double jumps 😅
Debangshu Garai
Debangshu Garai 11 päeva tagasi
Max is looks like doremon
Nima Elder
Nima Elder 11 päeva tagasi
i use code kairos on m alt acount
Dan Jenson
Dan Jenson 11 päeva tagasi
I think I found some information If you screenshot 8 bit while he's loading it gives you some guidance on something but at the bottom it says select safe which I'm guessing is like a heist safe and telling someone or something to stop
Dan Jenson
Dan Jenson 11 päeva tagasi
Update: it says select safe mode but idk what it means
Dan Jenson
Dan Jenson 11 päeva tagasi
Kairos pls read this
Cosmic - Brawl Stars
Cosmic - Brawl Stars 11 päeva tagasi
Can't Wait For The new Season To Release So I can't buy any of these skins...cause I'm broke 🙃
Ds Styles
Ds Styles 11 päeva tagasi
When will rouge mortis come to shop again?? PLEASE I WANNA KNOW.
m lelo
m lelo 11 päeva tagasi
how many gems this pass is going to give?
Fe Chuaquico
Fe Chuaquico 11 päeva tagasi
Ajay Ajay
Ajay Ajay 11 päeva tagasi
Who didn't even buy any pass still....😂😂 Put the attendance ... ¥
Spike 11 päeva tagasi
Oh boy can't wait to try this on Practice
Sheldon 11 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos I need help with my account because of an error on apples side. I offered to repay supercell the money money since I hadn’t refunded it on purpose even though it was only a ten dollar pack. They said it wouldn’t change anything because they can’t change my balance again. I had 109 gems before I bought the $10 offer but now I have -598 gems because it’s the equivalent of the brawl pass I bought using the gems from the offer. Please help me
Blue Weirdo
Blue Weirdo 11 päeva tagasi
0:20 honestly I feel like that's crow
Coloring Sauce95
Coloring Sauce95 11 päeva tagasi
The great thing is I saved gems up this season and I’m gonna get the brawl pass next season
Carson Carpenter
Carson Carpenter 11 päeva tagasi
I thought it was crows suit case not ticks I mean the mark and a hint of red
Lina Ayari
Lina Ayari 11 päeva tagasi
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 11 päeva tagasi
Why do skins cost 150 gems and why does daryl super auto charges
Nosa Egbon
Nosa Egbon 11 päeva tagasi
Wait but is sally Nani not an boy? Cause he looks very much like an guy
Nosa Egbon
Nosa Egbon 11 päeva tagasi
And I say he cause to me the skin looks like an male. Plus you also have an female spike cause of the skin. So I think this Nani skin is male
Melitia Frankel
Melitia Frankel 11 päeva tagasi
I just got cooler from a normal brawl box
Sally Duck
Sally Duck 12 päeva tagasi
I should use kairos in the Brawl shop
Jai Aung Main
Jai Aung Main 12 päeva tagasi
Gonna buy Max skin for sure!!! Super cute!
Cesar Cruz
Cesar Cruz 12 päeva tagasi
Can u buy me the battle pass
Judith Valencia
Judith Valencia 12 päeva tagasi
Is the reason why ChocoPiper cost 80 gems because of its outfit...
Robin Remes
Robin Remes 12 päeva tagasi
O_O I just realized that I have an USB of Conni
Schnapp 12 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Kairos: look, here is Pipers new skin, see how it looks ingame for 2.3 sec
xx Elliott xx
xx Elliott xx 12 päeva tagasi
Roses are red violets are blue , I came for the thumbnail and so did you
jonathan vergel
jonathan vergel 12 päeva tagasi
Hey kairos can i give a friend request to you?
Pranav Mane
Pranav Mane 12 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos , can u help me please I have limited resources, so which brawler should i upgrade Surge, Gale or Spike???
Kingsley TV UK
Kingsley TV UK 12 päeva tagasi
Yasmin Nur Hanni
Yasmin Nur Hanni 12 päeva tagasi
And one for tick I thought that was crow's scar
DANGER JI 12 päeva tagasi
Eliopå L
Eliopå L 12 päeva tagasi
I don't know if you have already noticed but 8-bit has got some new animations like the victory screen and the select brawler screen
baka lee
baka lee 12 päeva tagasi
So youre telling me , cony max is comming in brawlidays?
Tobyas Santosa
Tobyas Santosa 12 päeva tagasi
kinda jealous that starr poco skin doesn't have any unique stuff going on
Jacob xxx
Jacob xxx 12 päeva tagasi
Cony max looks soo cute
suryadeep prasad
suryadeep prasad 12 päeva tagasi
Kairos got featured : 2:59
Jeremiah Peñaranda
Jeremiah Peñaranda 12 päeva tagasi
That piper skin tho
Wonder 12 päeva tagasi
Brawl Pass season 4 has the most value out of all Brawl Pass seasons!
Wonder 12 päeva tagasi
Balance change idea: Buff Piper minimum damage by 40%, nerf Leon damage from 460 to 400 but every attack does the same amount of damage regardless of range but increase Leon reload speed by 0.1 second, and buff Dynamike damage from 800 to 900 :)
Stellarrz 12 päeva tagasi
I have a mapmaker issue plz read 😄 If I try to submit my map its says "Not available to underage players" when I'm 14 and younger players haven't had this problem and I'm super bummed that I can't submit my map 😔
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen 12 päeva tagasi
I want the chocolate piper
bokyproky 12 päeva tagasi
Bell hope mike is for the brawl padd *holy music stops*
Levi V.P.
Levi V.P. 12 päeva tagasi
If we're rating maps now they should let us rate their maps so we can stop playing trash like Corner Case
Ice gamer gamer
Ice gamer gamer 12 päeva tagasi
BRO Choco Piper tic😂😂...LMAO
Among Us
Among Us 12 päeva tagasi
I use code kairos in the shop
TheGoldenNuke 12 päeva tagasi
can you pls make a video on your top 10 favourite brawlers?
Jahir Lopez
Jahir Lopez 12 päeva tagasi
I love you you made such a short and nice video no content creator has done that
Balloon Boy
Balloon Boy 12 päeva tagasi
I'm. Getting. Sally. Nani.
Celalcan KÜÇÜK
Celalcan KÜÇÜK 12 päeva tagasi
I wonder shall we ever see the other versions of you again :d
Mauro4gamer Galvan
Mauro4gamer Galvan 12 päeva tagasi
They make last year 3 boys and now 3 girls xd nobody ask but its ok
BRAWL STARS 12 päeva tagasi
Who getting piper
Still Slick
Still Slick 12 päeva tagasi
Time for a new free brawler
LUKAS Tobolar
LUKAS Tobolar 12 päeva tagasi
Can u make a new video with the relationsships in brawl stars pls
GGALAN13 Gamming
GGALAN13 Gamming 12 päeva tagasi
Dam these skins are fire coni max bel hopper max Lou himself and salí Nani
GGALAN13 Gamming
GGALAN13 Gamming 12 päeva tagasi
And choco not do much but it’s cool
Joshua Curin
Joshua Curin 12 päeva tagasi
In my option chocolate piper isn’t a good skin, it’s just piper is a skirt in pink with a bear gun. Compared to sally Nani and bunny max they are both great skins and the max skin dosent have much detail but it’s cute but the best skin is prop sally Nani and the brawl pass skins so yea and the bunny max is cheaper
KingJuju 2112
KingJuju 2112 12 päeva tagasi
I am definitely getting the piper skin
not your typical axe
not your typical axe 12 päeva tagasi
Poco starr def needs a rework cuz the dyna one is 10× better
Poco 12 päeva tagasi
Caca Chorro
Caca Chorro 12 päeva tagasi
Love the content bro
The Volt Tiger
The Volt Tiger 12 päeva tagasi
My skin i hope to get is cony max
x340x 12 päeva tagasi
bellhop mike kinda meh to be honest
panda master
panda master 12 päeva tagasi
I got gale and the same box
VIP_ VIPER 12 päeva tagasi
I am the only one or you need to lose with cony max for this very cute animation
Gangster - brawl stars
Gangster - brawl stars 12 päeva tagasi
Hey guys pls check out my new brawl stars channel U might like it.... im tryna get to 100 subs... so yeah..
youngBOItheswet 12 päeva tagasi
pls do more genshin impact
Adel Narsh
Adel Narsh 12 päeva tagasi
Choco piper looks so cool and piper is my fav brawler so I wanna buy her but I have 29 gems 😢😢😢
Xavier Campbell
Xavier Campbell 12 päeva tagasi
Im excited for Cony Max
Chang Chang
Chang Chang 12 päeva tagasi
Big Brain Time: I haven't collect Dynamike from the trophy road. When the new brawl pass is here, I will buy and unlock the Dyna skin, which also unlocks Dyna. Then I collect Dyna from trophy road, which I can't cuz I have already unlocked it so it will compensate me with a free brawl box. Edit: Hope Kairos sees this and give comment.
Sameer brawler
Sameer brawler 13 päeva tagasi
Max skin
Luck BS
Luck BS 13 päeva tagasi
Awsome video!!
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