NEW Gadgets + BEST BUILDS for Gene, Frank, Rosa, & Nani! | BEST Gadgets & Star Powers!

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New Gadgets & Best builds for Gene, Frank, Rosa, & Nani | KairosTime
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For this video I'm going to break down the new gadget for Gene, Frank, Rosa, & Nani! Each of them are having their 2nd gadgets put into the game & which means that it's time to cover their Best Builds! I'll break down Gene's, Frank's, Rosa's, & Nani's Gadgets & Star Powers, and then talk about which ones are the best & which are the worst!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Submit your clip to mine & Lex's GameOn Duo Showdown Challenge for a chance to win $500! ► Lex & I will be announcing the winner on Twitter in 2 weeks! What is your FAVORITE Gadget out of these new gadgets?!
Mr Orange
Mr Orange Місяць tagasi
Return to Sender (80% shield) + Tempered Steel (80% shield)= 160% shield (no damage) Big brain time (KairosTime!)
Kevin Tse
Kevin Tse Місяць tagasi
KairosTime Gaming can u pls make a vid on battle cats, it is not too like brawl stars , it is a tower defense game which may seem boring at first but later on it will get harder and more fun. I liked, Subscribed, changed the bell to all AND I USE YOUR CODE. Battle cats is a game that gets harder as you play and there are these cat capsules that you can get cats from, but you can have story modes like empire of cats, into the future, cat of the cosmos, stories of legend and cat claw dojo. They also have collaborations with other companies and they give you free stuff everyday. they give you catfood which is kind of like gems but cat food comes for free very often and how often does supercell give you free gems. If you play it on nintendo 3ds, there are 3d effects AND YOU CAN PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND PLAY ONLINE IF YOU PLAY ON THE NINTENDO 3DS. Pls, Pls, Pls play this game.
Rasmus Stensig Høyer
Rasmus Stensig Høyer Місяць tagasi
Also i don't remember this, but have made a best build for every brawler? If not please do it!
Rasmus Stensig Høyer
Rasmus Stensig Høyer Місяць tagasi
I personaly think that franks best build in brawl ball is he's first gadget with first starpower
TackyWaacky Місяць tagasi
Ruff was in aidbits mini game and crashed?????
Michael Klamm
Michael Klamm 13 päeva tagasi
When Leon gadget
•{Pisces}• 18 päeva tagasi
666 damage per second? We need a priest brawler.
Ant Man
Ant Man 22 päeva tagasi
Gene’s first star-power may be insane for healing... but colonel ruffs’s star power literally gives people free health and you don8t need power cubes for it XD
Random Thing YT
Random Thing YT 25 päeva tagasi
gene gadget buff idea: it only shoots one but if it hits it will shoot another
MIEL 2255
MIEL 2255 Місяць tagasi
Димитър Цветков
Димитър Цветков Місяць tagasi
,, After Nani activates HIS gadget SHE....,, wow kairos..
Kai Han
Kai Han Місяць tagasi
I was extremely confused when EVERYONE in cavern got SLOWED now I know what happened when 3 players used Rosa
Jose Malaga
Jose Malaga Місяць tagasi
*Sad leon main noises*
Simran Singh
Simran Singh Місяць tagasi
Frank gadget:do u think ur better than me Brawlers like shelly:I'm 1000x op if u pull me
SayMeowNow Місяць tagasi
Opinion: All of these gadgets sucked except rosa's
Cole W
Cole W Місяць tagasi
Is that Gene gadget a reference to hollow knight?? Wait nobody here knows about that game?
Jasmine Місяць tagasi
Does anyone know if frank’s first gadget is nerfed?? I used my gadget and still got canceled with shelly’s super
Cole W
Cole W Місяць tagasi
I just noticed all the 8 brawlers who got second gadgets have 4 letters in their name Except for Frank.
Unofficial_Ducky Місяць tagasi
Rip Chief pat in the back
ItsEmpty Місяць tagasi
"...her ONLY skin" Damnit you don't have to remind us Rosa mains
Holden Weisman
Holden Weisman Місяць tagasi
Pls pls pls do another race test vid
Cristi Dobrin
Cristi Dobrin Місяць tagasi
What's the song at 1:30?
aria fostress
aria fostress Місяць tagasi
*taras first gadget* - *cries in conner*
Devaraj S
Devaraj S Місяць tagasi
You are getting like 600-700 coins per megabox given you aren't getting any power points, but why am I getting only 400-500 per megabox given the same consequences.
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming Місяць tagasi
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming Місяць tagasi
Nani is definitely the best UNO player.
Bun Bun
Bun Bun Місяць tagasi
I gpt the Rosa gadget when it was realised then i got byron after - lol
Debjati Pandit
Debjati Pandit Місяць tagasi
I did not know that frank's real name is Rosa 😂
Lior Resida
Lior Resida Місяць tagasi
How to get a video over 10 minutes Kairos: diD YoU kNoW GeNE HaD 2 StAR PoWeRs?
Gacha_YOUKNOWME Місяць tagasi
I just got Rosa new gadget
ForsteakenFAN2Roblox SuperFanBrawl stars
ForsteakenFAN2Roblox SuperFanBrawl stars Місяць tagasi
Thebluex Brawl stars
Thebluex Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
Thebluex Brawl stars
Thebluex Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
Thebluex Brawl stars
Thebluex Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
Zaza Місяць tagasi
when is 49 mega box for 49 gem?
Eleonor Gallate
Eleonor Gallate Місяць tagasi
kairos i am waiting for your brawl theaory
Aparna Mahesh
Aparna Mahesh Місяць tagasi
someone pls tell what background music this is
Dimitar Місяць tagasi
Are you repated to Jazza the art youtuber
The Beast
The Beast Місяць tagasi
Heyy kt today i got piper from a brawl box
GuyThe Guy
GuyThe Guy Місяць tagasi
You’re a fully grown man
rado pawdomu
rado pawdomu Місяць tagasi
Look at 6:23 that’s not franks gadget
Jaivin chu
Jaivin chu Місяць tagasi
I'm hoping emz's next gadget is broken
RoboarmyGames Місяць tagasi
Can u do another genshin impact video
Sourav Dey2
Sourav Dey2 Місяць tagasi
kairos u killed me with bea i was dynamike And U took bea
pirate Herbert
pirate Herbert Місяць tagasi
I thin frank’s normal gadget is the best
Niaaz Kasiem
Niaaz Kasiem Місяць tagasi
Kairos please give me a Legendery
Kotvič Місяць tagasi
bit more loud music :/
Night Місяць tagasi
Gene is useless idk why he is even mythic
Ulrich Hamid
Ulrich Hamid Місяць tagasi
That frank tho😍✨
KingYote Gaming
KingYote Gaming Місяць tagasi
Maya Davison
Maya Davison Місяць tagasi
Plz make another brawl stars theory video.
Sohan K
Sohan K Місяць tagasi
Hey kairos! I just wanted to know - when it the next brawl theory coming out? I don't mean to pressure you - I love your videos, but I also can't wait for another theory
Sohan K
Sohan K Місяць tagasi
I mean when is not when it
Mr lion
Mr lion Місяць tagasi
Faraz A
Faraz A Місяць tagasi
Why some new gadgets were having Edgars gadget icon 🤔
Faraz A
Faraz A Місяць tagasi
Idk How But by using your code I got two brawlers back to back in two days lol But yess code really was lucky for me 😃
Jahaan Pawa
Jahaan Pawa Місяць tagasi
I got rosa gadgets two days ago
Nie Wiem
Nie Wiem Місяць tagasi
kairos i used ur code and bought big box for 30 gems does that mean u will get some gems?
ShadowDragon - Brawl Stars
ShadowDragon - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Kairos : NEW GADGETS!!!!!! Me : old gadgets....
Build a boat for treasure
Build a boat for treasure Місяць tagasi
I have you at friend my name in brawl stars is: CHARALAMBOSPRO
SKYJ Vlogs
SKYJ Vlogs Місяць tagasi
Has anyone had noticed that all the four brawlers had their logo like Edgar's gadget (let's fly)
John Przybilla
John Przybilla Місяць tagasi
Hey kairos, I was wondering if you could change cactus bandits trophy limit to 20000? You guys have lost 8 members in the past month, and I think opening the trophy race a pole would encourage more people to join.
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
This is so Good 🤩👍
Cheazy Monkey
Cheazy Monkey Місяць tagasi
Nani new gadget return to sender is from minecraft
Manjiri Deshpande
Manjiri Deshpande Місяць tagasi
When will come next brawl theory video
rwanin Місяць tagasi
RMK Місяць tagasi
Frenk's gadget exsist: Frenk:Come over here! Uncle Frenk give hug for you!
Cool 03
Cool 03 Місяць tagasi
nani is op in sd now, trust me, if you are on 800+ the beas do suicide if they shoot you, go and push her 1k xD
Marss Gaming
Marss Gaming Місяць tagasi
Bro i got Tick's and Rosa's second gadget!
chun tung
chun tung Місяць tagasi
if you use mr p there is a secret if you tios in a while it has spike,s socks
Home9634 Місяць tagasi
I like how the Holiday Frank skin clip was recorded before Frank's latest gadget came out
Deeplyk Yt
Deeplyk Yt Місяць tagasi
Go to gaymann
Vincent Lin
Vincent Lin Місяць tagasi
for once android is in advantage
Mod time gaming
Mod time gaming Місяць tagasi
i love all this info could you predict the next brawler
Super R
Super R Місяць tagasi
Sarma BS
Sarma BS Місяць tagasi
I can't wait for ruffs best build.
Attila Adnan Behbudov
Attila Adnan Behbudov Місяць tagasi
Hi Kairos, when will you release the next competitive tier list?
Diego Orgill
Diego Orgill Місяць tagasi
Gene heals for 600 damage
Salty Lemon
Salty Lemon Місяць tagasi
How do you do the health calculations of a brawler with a shield? Sorry I’m bad at math
Jake Rizzo
Jake Rizzo Місяць tagasi
Remember when spirit slap was pat on the back
Rai Ford
Rai Ford Місяць tagasi
Ahh the stupidity
Kurtaizen Місяць tagasi
12:01 Before "He" Hits Them
a Potato
a Potato Місяць tagasi
Vengeful spirit... *Triggered Hollow knight sounds*
Oreoz and Chill
Oreoz and Chill Місяць tagasi
‘Gene heals for 600 damage’ -kairos
XTedWinner YT
XTedWinner YT Місяць tagasi
If you go to playstore and check the description it will have a link to wkbrl stream
Takemo Місяць tagasi
Frank gadget = discounted gene pull
Solace Onumaegbu
Solace Onumaegbu Місяць tagasi
Kairos definitely made frank attractive in the thumbnail
lucutes Місяць tagasi
Kaishi Kiro
Kaishi Kiro Місяць tagasi
3:57 How did you get not hit by the Pam tho? o.O
Ty Nina
Ty Nina Місяць tagasi
Ur the worst EEpostr karios
Pawan Singh
Pawan Singh Місяць tagasi
Bro what is your brawl stars gaming tag pls pls pls tell pls pls
A 909
A 909 Місяць tagasi
I don't play any of this games anymore... but still i came to check on your progress after a long while. i don't know why but i think its because i started watching your videos when this channel had only 3k subs.
Mihai Vergelea
Mihai Vergelea Місяць tagasi
Vengeful Spirits *hollow knight flashbacks*
Green Devil
Green Devil Місяць tagasi
Sponge is worst sp ever.
Леон из бравла
Леон из бравла Місяць tagasi
Luuk Wiltvank
Luuk Wiltvank Місяць tagasi
What happens if sproot makes a wall in super city rampage
Vintage_Vibez -YT
Vintage_Vibez -YT Місяць tagasi
Kairos “and we will see you in brawl stars” 9 year olds “ KAIROS BRAWLER CONFIRMED,L,,,,..,L,.,,!?!?!??!!!!???????
RekoReko Місяць tagasi
I can already imagine a Sword Brawler Movie Theater Environment Members: Popcorn Rico
ᏒᎪhuᏞ tαlpαdє
ᏒᎪhuᏞ tαlpαdє Місяць tagasi
13:30 my internet left the chat at that time and it sounded like " i like you ", and i fainted
Vintage_Vibez -YT
Vintage_Vibez -YT Місяць tagasi
“HAHA I AM HERE” all might 2020
Flying Spike ッ
Flying Spike ッ Місяць tagasi
I love it when kairos says Nani like Nohni
Rakhi Khatana
Rakhi Khatana Місяць tagasi
pancakeman man
pancakeman man Місяць tagasi
why do you have 673ksubs you should have 100,000,0000subs because your the pro to tell us what to do in brawl stars
Amarendra Chakra
Amarendra Chakra Місяць tagasi
Hey kairos I want that we could be able to use both the gadgets of a brawler in a match. It will be awesome! Pls talk to the suppercell developers to make it! We will be able to use both the gadgets in the same time! Other than it i also want mods like u said it in one if your videos (healing mod, range mod etc). Please talk to the developers! 😊
Nuggetdude_ Productions
Nuggetdude_ Productions Місяць tagasi
Warp blast gadget is good for Japanese memes
Sarthak Patil
Sarthak Patil Місяць tagasi
Heyy what if nani takes damage from the gas?
Juanna Sam
Juanna Sam Місяць tagasi
Hey kairos, it's me.🖐 Thank you for introducing this video and for telling me the best build for rosa👌 Sorry for the things happened earlier🙏
ExodusDoesYT Місяць tagasi
Why are all the gadget symbols Edgar's gadget symbol
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