NEW Gadget for Bea, Darryl, Sprout & Nita! | SNEAK PEEK!

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29 päeva tagasi

Best Build & Sneak Peek for Bea's, Darryl's, Sprouts, & Nita's 2nd Gadgets
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Bea, Darryl, Sprout, and Nita are getting 2nd gadgets in this update, and I'm going to share a sneak peek of their gameplay. I'm also going to talk about how good they are, cover their other Gadgets & Star Powers, as well as talk about their best build so you know which Gadgets & Star Powers are better for each brawler. This is an update sneak peek before the gadgets are released into the game!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 29 päeva tagasi
Which NEW Gadget are you MOST excited for?! Subscribe Here: Brawl Stars Creator Code ►
Boyan Ganev
Boyan Ganev 21 päev tagasi
Well I think this proofed it. You will NEVER make a video for Shelly's best build
Nicolas Demol
Nicolas Demol 24 päeva tagasi
and bull has a new gadget
The Someone
The Someone 25 päeva tagasi
@aka Eggy I think that he doesn't care for us bro😒
DOOMiniX 25 päeva tagasi
MIIXXON 25 päeva tagasi
Darryl basicaly just pisses himself
Rafał Myma
Rafał Myma 8 tundi tagasi
3:11 People that killed 3 or more people with her New gadget: 🤔
Viper Päev tagasi
Bruh he got all of these wrong
DarkDUD YT 6 päeva tagasi
Have you guys noticed that the icon on Bear with me and Faux Fur are the same, and that the only difference is that the gadget icon has a shield on the back, and the star power has a heart
Reyansh Singh
Reyansh Singh 6 päeva tagasi
Plechovka YT
Plechovka YT 7 päeva tagasi
i like every of those gagdet except beas gagdet
Kevdawg 1
Kevdawg 1 10 päeva tagasi
just got faux fer i hate memes they look stupid in text
Bot 7
Bot 7 15 päeva tagasi
Cyber Guy
Cyber Guy 15 päeva tagasi
Use nita's hyper bear and bear paws in brawl ball which have grassy terrain. Helps a lot
That One Radical Dude Cool Dude
That One Radical Dude Cool Dude 15 päeva tagasi
Me who hates using Bea: Whoa! This is worthless! 0:30
viper4976 15 päeva tagasi
I lOVE Carl's new gadget.
undefeated 404
undefeated 404 16 päeva tagasi
Bea do be thicc
Jacob Wolfe
Jacob Wolfe 16 päeva tagasi
if darryl has steel hoops and rolls across a long body of water does he keep the shield the entire roll or for only 0.9 seconds ?
Ay Çeliker
Ay Çeliker 17 päeva tagasi
CLINSMANN Francesco 19 päeva tagasi
darryl second gadget is trash
Drogon_ Gamingz
Drogon_ Gamingz 19 päeva tagasi
Time stamps: Bea: 0:30 Darryl: 3:21 Sprout: 6:13 Nita: 8:37 Hope this helps.
bananaplays 19 päeva tagasi
Kairos: talking about nita* Me: Why the hell is bruce not the main brawler and Nita is his assistant
Rafael Cazuela
Rafael Cazuela 20 päeva tagasi
Is anyone else curious where bea stands in the swarm test with her new gadget?
Husnain Ali
Husnain Ali 21 päev tagasi
Sprout gadgets and startpowers are best
Axel Peterson
Axel Peterson 21 päev tagasi
What do you guys think bees best showdown build? Honey coat and what else
Silje Stevy
Silje Stevy 21 päev tagasi
I love bralw stars
Silje Stevy
Silje Stevy 21 päev tagasi
I love bralw stars
Pug no Espaço
Pug no Espaço 22 päeva tagasi
AwesomeGuyBS 22 päeva tagasi
When supercell releases third gadgets, I think a movement speed buff for nita’s bear will be best
AwesomeGuyBS 22 päeva tagasi
when I take a piss I see honey molasses
Juliusz Kostecki
Juliusz Kostecki 22 päeva tagasi
You don't really have to do it in any order just matters that we get to see the gadgets
vicvicking 1
vicvicking 1 22 päeva tagasi
Daryl's gadget is just Emz's super.. Not really interesting, even though good for the Brawler
INFERNUS 812 21 päev tagasi
But actually its better than first one
Jose Rangel
Jose Rangel 21 päev tagasi
Ur right, but I like the sound it makes when in use so it’s all good:)
N. Vee
N. Vee 21 päev tagasi
Oh you realized? Well they're getting uncreative anyway. Frank Gains 1100 Health. Jackie takes 15% less damage. The same Starpower just put in a different way.
Muhammad Ali Zia
Muhammad Ali Zia 22 päeva tagasi
poke master
poke master 22 päeva tagasi
Really cool *star power* for sprout
Sene JJ
Sene JJ 22 päeva tagasi
Malek Bosita
Malek Bosita 23 päeva tagasi
Plz KT plz tell me the code on brawl stars so I can play with you for my birthday
Juliusz Kostecki
Juliusz Kostecki 23 päeva tagasi
All of the
White Devil gamer
White Devil gamer 23 päeva tagasi
Kairos I know more gadgets will release so please I want to show you that gadget no one know about like 8 bit will get second gadget so how I will show you gameplay of these gadget?
Nick Stewens
Nick Stewens 23 päeva tagasi
Nick Stewens
Nick Stewens 23 päeva tagasi
No no no no carl
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox 23 päeva tagasi
Brock will also get a new gadget, very soon His rocket will be larger and will deal 3080 damage + incendiary is 4280 damage
Race 27
Race 27 23 päeva tagasi
I think I liked this kind of video a lot but the other way is also good to explain more about the brawler!
Drawing 4 KIDS
Drawing 4 KIDS 24 päeva tagasi
Now nita is legendary for me 😍😍
Edgar Juarez
Edgar Juarez 24 päeva tagasi
Lets just say i have a mod and ive tried the new gadgets and have every brawler with 100000 gems and 10000000 coins
THE Golden Monster
THE Golden Monster 24 päeva tagasi
Kairos:lets start with Bibi because she is Bea utifle
TV Jegue
TV Jegue 24 päeva tagasi
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers 24 päeva tagasi
Love how they add a new Nita gadget after making the other one trash
MaFee 24 päeva tagasi
Прикольно (если б я что нибудь ещё понимал😂)
Milind Gargote
Milind Gargote 25 päeva tagasi
NinjaNetherlands De goede reactie poster
NinjaNetherlands De goede reactie poster 25 päeva tagasi
Luv bea gadget luv sprout range star power luv darryl gadget
Lejhand Wala
Lejhand Wala 25 päeva tagasi
Please anyone tell me the name of the BG music ??
Angry Boy
Angry Boy 25 päeva tagasi
I want a clan to join
jose Bernal
jose Bernal 25 päeva tagasi
El de daril
Kirb gamer
Kirb gamer 25 päeva tagasi
Kairos I forgot to use code kairoswhen I bought an 80 gem skin how can I repent for my sins because I won't be able to sleep tonight
The Someone
The Someone 25 päeva tagasi
I like bea's gatzet more😄
ZozoCat 19
ZozoCat 19 25 päeva tagasi
Here for the time stamps? Here ya go!
Patricia Mendes da Silva
Patricia Mendes da Silva 25 päeva tagasi
kairos manda salve pra galera do brasil
Eugene Chege
Eugene Chege 26 päeva tagasi
I prefer longer, more in-depth builds
Re. Drew
Re. Drew 26 päeva tagasi
I like how he Skipped Shelly's Best Build, literary the First Brawler you get. Its Kinda Sad not Gonna Lie
Raging Commet
Raging Commet 26 päeva tagasi
Angel 26 päeva tagasi
Idk why but I seen beas new gadgets in game
GeorgeTDM 26 päeva tagasi
I love how Supercell gives OP brawlers OP gadgets and bad brawlers like Shelly trash
Brawlstars_Blue 26 päeva tagasi
Cool, but he forgot max second's gadjet and bull too
In yo face brawl stars
In yo face brawl stars 26 päeva tagasi
Angus Vadishima
Angus Vadishima 26 päeva tagasi
Ur subs grow quicker than other creators
Chris Rosen
Chris Rosen 26 päeva tagasi
I find it kind of sad that all of the new gadgets are worse than the old ones except for Darryls.
Chris Rosen
Chris Rosen 26 päeva tagasi
Both of Bea's gadgets are useless honestly. I prefer honey molasses sadly.
Pikachu’s friend
Pikachu’s friend 26 päeva tagasi
Me finally get Nita gadget:clam Nita get a new gadget: panic
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez 26 päeva tagasi
unlukuy me i never got learrey or chomire
Bashir Ahmad
Bashir Ahmad 26 päeva tagasi
I'm so glad I got gale and sandy 🥳
Bashir Ahmad
Bashir Ahmad 26 päeva tagasi
I like the darrall gadget
Nikutron Gamer
Nikutron Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
Transplant: Exists Kairos: star power
Jaro de Moor
Jaro de Moor 26 päeva tagasi
I got the bea gadet
ilikepotatoes 26 päeva tagasi
Everyone be voting sprout it will be op in brawl ball
PhantomPrince 26 päeva tagasi
Linger vids are good always
AstroFish - Brawl Stars
AstroFish - Brawl Stars 26 päeva tagasi
Sorry I'm late, but Happy 600k Subs :D
Ender Night
Ender Night 26 päeva tagasi
You forgot the bull gadget. But it's ok you did so good
Yuk Yuk
Yuk Yuk 27 päeva tagasi
I just got the bea gasket and i like to use it to detect enemies in bushes
Jesus Casas Zuniga
Jesus Casas Zuniga 27 päeva tagasi
bea: you cant defeat me *darryl with second gadget* bea: darryl: so whos powerful now?
mike13899 27 päeva tagasi
Zenny Playz
Zenny Playz 27 päeva tagasi
tittle: sneak peek of new gadgets Me when watched video: ok ummm you showed the whole thing not a sneak peek
Darren 27 päeva tagasi
therealwaseem should make a video about every time kairos said “star power” instead of “gadget”
Daniel Ju
Daniel Ju 27 päeva tagasi
Can you put Beas gadget in the area olympics
Quinton Wong
Quinton Wong 27 päeva tagasi
You can actually use your super to get to the middle of the boss, deal 6000 damage to the boss with recoiling rotator and instantly use your recharged super again.
Ultimate Gaming
Ultimate Gaming 27 päeva tagasi
My luck is good because Collette was my first chromatic brawler 😊
Athena YT
Athena YT 27 päeva tagasi
darryl: a puddle of pee
Chick Bomb
Chick Bomb 27 päeva tagasi
9:33 This makes NITA'S attack much faster
Chick Bomb
Chick Bomb 27 päeva tagasi
7:52 Yeah like Snake Praire Right (Did i spell it right)
Trash boi
Trash boi 27 päeva tagasi
so im a nita main and before the bear paws buff i didnt round of nita b4 season resets. Now i m realy confused. what duild should i use. i have a aggressive playstyle
Chick Bomb
Chick Bomb 27 päeva tagasi
1:47: Let's bea-lieve that bea is bea-utiful
Chick Bomb
Chick Bomb 27 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Bea-utiful Me: You got another 'bea' pun eh. 1. Bea-lieve 2. (the one up there)
Kamla Bisht
Kamla Bisht 27 päeva tagasi
Bea gadget is so cool
Harsh Suthar
Harsh Suthar 27 päeva tagasi
Colt new gadgets oppp, 😍😍😍😍
Pandora yt
Pandora yt 27 päeva tagasi
Hey guys, do you like the starpower bear with bea?
Gudda Kumar
Gudda Kumar 27 päeva tagasi
,, ,,,,,,,,
Dom Some Gaming
Dom Some Gaming 27 päeva tagasi
New Gadgets Are Coming Chances of Getting Brawlers Are Decreasing 😰😰😰😰😰😰
DHËËRÂJ JØSHÏ 27 päeva tagasi
thangarevathi S
thangarevathi S 27 päeva tagasi
Daemian Costeniuc
Daemian Costeniuc 27 päeva tagasi
I'm voting for Darryl because I'm a Darryl main and his voice lines are cool and I really like his skins.
Nathan Chae
Nathan Chae 27 päeva tagasi
Thanks this video was helpful the new gadgets were awesome
Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez 27 päeva tagasi
Bee’s Honey Coat used to reload after every time respawn in a match and idk why they nerfed it :((
out OF pocket
out OF pocket 27 päeva tagasi
Eventually everybody is gonna have a slow gadet or star power
Subhan Tarar
Subhan Tarar 27 päeva tagasi
I want the daril gajet because my little brother want it
vanja_pro10 27 päeva tagasi
Play Fortnite pls... 🌅
I.A.R.G GAMING 27 päeva tagasi
I really want that carl gadget should change
Matt Ward
Matt Ward 27 päeva tagasi
Like the short and sweet better
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