New Gadget & BEST Build for El Primo! | Gadget & Star Power Tier List!

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El Primo 2nd Gadget SNEAK PEEK & Best Build! | KairosTime
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El Primo is getting a new gadget and this is a sneak peek for this Brawl Stars update! With El Primo's gadget, he's able to summon a Meteor to strike nearby enemies. We'll review his new gadget, original gadget, both of his star powers, and then talk about his BEST Build! I'm also going to rank his pins and skins from worst to best and talk about how to play with El Primo's new gadget!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 3 місяці tagasi
How do you think El Primo is able to summon meteors underground in the Gem Mine?!
Robert Smiley
Robert Smiley Місяць tagasi
@Tấn lập Lâm maybe
Tấn lập Lâm
Tấn lập Lâm Місяць tagasi
@Robert Smiley Maybe he can fire bend with his star power :v
Robert Smiley
Robert Smiley Місяць tagasi
Tấn lập Lâm He definitely can bend those giant rocks onto people
Tấn lập Lâm
Tấn lập Lâm Місяць tagasi
@Robert Smiley Nani so he meteors bending ?
Pyronist Me.0
Pyronist Me.0 3 місяці tagasi
El primos meteor is 4000 hp but the wall decreases and there is always a roof
NOT hqck3r
NOT hqck3r 2 päeva tagasi
Best combo Throwing with fire bc just throw them and then super when they land
NOT hqck3r
NOT hqck3r 2 päeva tagasi
El primo:BIG ROCK TIME 8-bit:Why we here just to suffer
Grand Salt
Grand Salt 3 päeva tagasi
I use the supplement gadget in showdown because you can throw people away or at other people and basically eliminate them by having them fight
TheAlmighty_YT 20 päeva tagasi
ZenyX CZ
ZenyX CZ 25 päeva tagasi
Meteor rush is the better star power. While yes, el fuego can provide el primo with additioal damage, this damage only ever applies when a brawler is directly hit by primo's super. Since they got hit, el primo is now very close to them, and can deal a lot of damage to them himself. All of that primary attack damage coupled with the super damage is going to make it hardly ever required for more damage at all. On the other hand, meteor rush gives you quite a long lasting movement speed increase that can help you chase after brawlers in the case of you missing them. Even if you do hit a brawler, they will be quick to perish from all the damage, and now the speed lasts longer to perhaps chase down other enemies. My point is, el primo is an extremely short ranged brawler, with whom every piece of mobility matters. CHANGE MY MIND
TTV NINJA SA Місяць tagasi
u can use the meteor belt gadjet on heist to deal a ton of damage
Odin Lietzau
Odin Lietzau Місяць tagasi
El Brown is the best el primo skin
Aiden Sweeney
Aiden Sweeney Місяць tagasi
el brown is so much better than el rudo
Rohan R
Rohan R 2 місяці tagasi
Weird...this was the most weird brawl theory Kairos released
weepeanuts 2 місяці tagasi
Kairos is so handsome.
Polar Bear
Polar Bear 2 місяці tagasi
RISHI BHATT 2 місяці tagasi
me with el brown watching this video
Magical Musa
Magical Musa 2 місяці tagasi
To be honest i love el brown he my fav but i dont have him cuz me f2p
M.G strike gaming
M.G strike gaming 2 місяці tagasi
7 out of 10 Because i am a solo showdown player and new cromatic brawler is not about it soooo
Ghoulex 2 місяці tagasi
Nice content kairos!
Stabby 2 місяці tagasi
for me skins are: 6:default 5:silver 4:gold 3:the king cousin 2:the rude cousin 1: el brown
Prashant Koti
Prashant Koti 2 місяці tagasi
6:18 if you listen closely you can hear someone saying el primooo Hmmm who is it is it kairos?
Tom Amba
Tom Amba 2 місяці tagasi
His gadget is bugged. It charges his super in the training cave but not in real games
Bách Lâm
Bách Lâm 2 місяці tagasi
the "but wait, there's more" transition into the skins threw me off guard lmao
Ozzy 1
Ozzy 1 2 місяці tagasi
El fuego is a bad starpower considering that most brawlers have heals and shields so their damage is mediocre and very situational like their gadgets are very situational that is why el primo is one of the worst brawlers
David Tan
David Tan 3 місяці tagasi
Maybe my kid likes you ,he plays this to and yeah 😂😄
Muhamad Wadeed
Muhamad Wadeed 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos : which el primo star power is better it depends on the mod Me: tow of el primo star powers are nothing to me why Because I don't have a level 9primo
Nik Jaksic
Nik Jaksic 3 місяці tagasi
Best el primo skin is el rudo primo
Tinyx Style
Tinyx Style 3 місяці tagasi
Interesting fact: the second gadget on El Primo was released on August 19 (then it was my birthday) And I knocked it out on the same day(note that I do not have the first gadget) Yes are used Google translate)
Ahsan Ali
Ahsan Ali 3 місяці tagasi
Imagine ranking Rosa's skins. That must be sick
SF Fshy
SF Fshy 3 місяці tagasi
Holld up 1:53
Edgeshot 3 місяці tagasi
Lol I'm the 13000 like
CyrusMapleSyrup 3 місяці tagasi
10 months is recently ~KairosTime, 2020
Maksuda Akhter
Maksuda Akhter 3 місяці tagasi
Adiluck Lertkomvat
Adiluck Lertkomvat 3 місяці tagasi
Wait why doesnt it charge up my super at all?
ÖZTÜRK 3 місяці tagasi
N_B0T 3 місяці tagasi
how many more new gadgets are coming?👀
korinna Georghiades
korinna Georghiades 3 місяці tagasi
El brown is the best skin for el primo
tewoplayzuwu 3 місяці tagasi
I actually unlocked this gadget! It's really good!.... atleast in hot zone. It's still really good in other modes! cuz when someone's camping in a bush his gadget tells u if a player is in there if u get close enough
Stephen Squire
Stephen Squire 3 місяці tagasi
What if you don't have a maxed out account on brawl stars
Adam Klaiber
Adam Klaiber 3 місяці tagasi
El brown is the best
Xander Lopez
Xander Lopez 3 місяці tagasi
Guys I’ll save us some time In brawl ball use meteor rush with asteroid or pancake flip Asteroid for more offense And pancake clip for defense For any mode just use el fuego with asteroid belt
Toby Sotis
Toby Sotis 3 місяці tagasi
Pls do Bibi when she gets her second gadget ❤️
Respectrum 3 місяці tagasi
I get a brawl stars ad at a brawl stars vid lol
joshele 2
joshele 2 3 місяці tagasi
With el primo's second star power, he can catch up to enemies that you've hit with his super more easily, so.... You can hit other enemies with your normal attack instead of the burn, which does more damage than the burn from the first star power.
Aekta Chachra
Aekta Chachra 3 місяці tagasi
Hey Kairos I want you to see the new 8-bit's game . If you complete there are some Easter eggs and there is also an Easter egg where there is an Ferris wheel
Disney Potter
Disney Potter 3 місяці tagasi
My main question is "Does he know that kairos in greek means weather??"
CalebaTron09 3 місяці tagasi
Go to 8-bit in brawl stars and tap his character, trust me, it won’t be a disappointment Edit:continue to tap him until his screen shows 0
БАНАН п 3 місяці tagasi
А почему на онглийском?
Li Jian
Li Jian 3 місяці tagasi
can we aim the gadget
Hanshin Kim
Hanshin Kim 3 місяці tagasi
Hi kairos. I'm a big fan of yours... There is a 8-bit glitch on mine and my friends ipad can you please help me? I saw that 8-bit started a countdown.. Please, PLEASE help! Please make a video about the glich. Your fans, hannah kim and lydia chun
Hanshin Kim
Hanshin Kim 3 місяці tagasi
P.P.S. check other supercell games for the glich... Olso check for your self for the glich.
Hanshin Kim
Hanshin Kim 3 місяці tagasi
P.S. tell the tribe people
Oridemic 3 місяці tagasi
Please do a video on finishing 8-Bit’s mini game.
Void Boi
Void Boi 3 місяці tagasi
Who here wants kairos to do another mythbusters? Also here is my myth: when you go to brawlers and select 8-bit, if you click him multiple times, it takes you to a fun pixelated game
Caca Stain_YT
Caca Stain_YT 3 місяці tagasi
Good video, but we all have different opinions. Thank you for making these types of videos, it helps me a lot, but I believe the best build it the with his mentor rust and duplex supplement. Go check one of my videos if you don’t believe me. Anyway, thanks for making this video! I will be sure to leave a like and try this new gadget. 😊
tamerkimo13 3 місяці tagasi
Hey kairos tap on 8 bit cuople times see what happens
Xecnor B
Xecnor B 3 місяці tagasi
I got a new phone and dowloaded brawl stars and the supercell id option never showed up so im still playing on an alt trying to get on my main 😭😭😭
Shonie 4 Caplan
Shonie 4 Caplan 3 місяці tagasi
To anyone reading this, I’m not asking for likes, I just want to say... Have a great day, cherish every moment you have in life. No matter what is going on in your life right now, If you are in a bad situation, I promise things do and will get better. Have a great day!
That Guy0462
That Guy0462 3 місяці tagasi
I don't think there is a worst loadout for primo, each gadget and sp has it's own advantages and disadvantages compared to other gadgets/sps
Outerpace 3 місяці tagasi
idk why but the intro gave me nostalga
Ripo Khan
Ripo Khan 3 місяці tagasi
Bro if you click 8 bit then a secret game will come pls shout out me
Secrets Stingz
Secrets Stingz 3 місяці tagasi
Season 3 BG music by Wkbl Live stream
Mr Voras
Mr Voras 3 місяці tagasi
⚠️!!!EVERYONE!!!⚠️ If u go to Brawl Stars and spam on 8 bits face in brawler select, there will be a mini game!!!
Ayaan Gupta
Ayaan Gupta 3 місяці tagasi
how the hell is el brown so bad
Kiwiᬊ᭄ψ 3 місяці tagasi
Key Kairos! I found a secret with 8-BIT! When you press the red button 3 times you will be brought to a game named project laser
yàp SNÁP
yàp SNÁP 3 місяці tagasi
Does anyone know about the SECRET minigame? If you dont know well heres how you do it. 1. find 8-bit (do not play with him. Just in brawler menu) 2. tap on 8-bit alot 3. Play the game:) I found this out because i was just listening to some brawlers voicelines and i was.... yep spamming their voicelines.
daxow gaming
daxow gaming 3 місяці tagasi
Help me i tried today to enter brawlstars it doesn't work why😭😭
Hammod Koohgard
Hammod Koohgard 3 місяці tagasi
hello kairos tap 4 time fast at 8 bit face try that i think you like that
Dark Bro
Dark Bro 3 місяці tagasi
El'primos new gadget is really bad they should buff it... I got that gadget and it's super easy to escape
Dark Bro
Dark Bro 3 місяці tagasi
I mean it's TRASH
Мартин Георгиев
Мартин Георгиев 3 місяці tagasi
Did yall know that if u tap 8-9 times on 8-bit in the brawler screen it openes a minigame
Metal Penguin
Metal Penguin 3 місяці tagasi
Has anyone seen project laser when you tap. 8bit multiple time’s
Santhosh.K 3 місяці tagasi
Aryav Jaiswal
Aryav Jaiswal 3 місяці tagasi
Not only long time dedication and high spending dedication but also hacking and using gem generators can get you true gold skins a lot of the generators are scam and only 1 or 2 work
Rubber Duckie!
Rubber Duckie! 3 місяці tagasi
I think while Asteroid Belt has its uses in showdown, people are capable to dodging meteors in the mode in general, so it's use in showdown could be very limited. In my honest opinion, I think you are understating the value of Suplex Supplement. It may seem like a meme, but it makes him counter every other tank and is a bush check, and that is very useful given the popularity of Poco Double Tank.
Rubber Duckie!
Rubber Duckie! 3 місяці tagasi
I personally think that Suplex Supplement is just as good of a pick in showdown, if not better, since it removes a lot of aggression off of him and if you spam the gadget button while you walk into a bush its a free bush check.
ggg g
ggg g 3 місяці tagasi
You should do another voice acting video
Arsh Sahu
Arsh Sahu 3 місяці tagasi
PatThePat 3 місяці tagasi
I just learned kairos real name is micheal winters
Kashinath Kajale
Kashinath Kajale 3 місяці tagasi
Now what do u think about primo in which tier he is
Kashinath Kajale
Kashinath Kajale 3 місяці tagasi
A in over all and s in hot zone
Storm Lala
Storm Lala 3 місяці tagasi
Here’s a tip while el primo is using his first gadget the ball can go straight through him as if he is stunned
donthurtmeplsss 3 місяці tagasi
El primo new gadget almost never hit the enemies though...
Josh Presbury
Josh Presbury 3 місяці tagasi
Hehe funny story I bought 5$ worth of gems to get 3 mega boxes (already had 80 gems) and I used code kairos. All I could get was star powers and gadgets (I have all brawlers) and from the 3 mega boxes, plus a few big boxes and a mega box from trophy road, I got 7 star powers and 1 gadget. Best code 😂
Josh Presbury
Josh Presbury 3 місяці tagasi
Hehe funny story I bought 5$ worth of gems to get 3 mega boxes (already had 80 gems) and I used code kairos. All I could get was star powers and gadgets (I have all brawlers) and from the 3 mega boxes, plus a few big boxes and a mega box from trophy road, I got 7 star powers and 1 gadget. Best code 😂
Noah Sage
Noah Sage 3 місяці tagasi
I think suplex supplement is definitely the better gadget because it is much more targeted, more accurate, it keeps your enemies from attacking during the time in the air yet still keeps them close enough to hit, and will in my opinion be better in brawl ball, one of primos best and most played modes
Wilfred Nazareth
Wilfred Nazareth 3 місяці tagasi
Me with 12 power cubes king of game kiaros yea right
PSY-KYO DYSFI 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos Y U LIE to me. It doesn’t charge super at all. U A LIAR I SAY
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo 3 місяці tagasi
Let's be honest its USELESS lies btowirb *that was blabbering btw* nobody's gonna get hit
Karcsika Kecske
Karcsika Kecske 3 місяці tagasi
Ketrikz 3 місяці tagasi
I got the gadet👌
AHMED Shujath
AHMED Shujath 3 місяці tagasi
My favorite skin is El BROWN 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Nathaniel Gagnon
Nathaniel Gagnon 3 місяці tagasi
Oh no, Kairos is one of those bush camp energy drink guys 7:51 (Lol okay, I know we all have done it)
Daniel Kang
Daniel Kang 3 місяці tagasi
Kaitos!!! I battled you today in bounty. Do you remember as me as the mortis that rlly sucked and you were crab tick skin
J&K Brawl
J&K Brawl 3 місяці tagasi
mortis test
Jax 3 місяці tagasi
Dark's Loomian Legacy WORLD
Dark's Loomian Legacy WORLD 3 місяці tagasi
I think that suplex supplement is better at brawl ball because you can YEET enemies trying to score a goal for their team
ACHYUT PANDEY 3 місяці tagasi
el fuego is definitely a better star power.
Malstrous Gaming
Malstrous Gaming 3 місяці tagasi
I already got it so lucky me
Keith Walker
Keith Walker 3 місяці tagasi
Do voice acting again
MyLuckySuperegg 3 місяці tagasi
Kinda recently!!!! It was like a year ago!!!!
VITIN TM 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos is Beautiful 😳
David Walker
David Walker 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos - not sure if you will read this as the video is a couple days old...but I got Primo's gadget today and played with it a bit. At first I didn't like it - but I think you have to use it strategically and just count on it giving control and breaking walls. But...i think it might be better if it were like Penny's new gadget where it sent the meteor to where you were...b/c then you could get to an area and call out the meteor and know where it's going to go. Also it would deter enemies from getting too close to you. I think that would be better. Would love to know what you think.
Venom 3 місяці tagasi
I here just to get likes
Noah Eichhorst
Noah Eichhorst 3 місяці tagasi
Me: Forgets to do homework My dad's belt: 11:07
SHARK LEON 3 місяці tagasi
5:33 and he is only slower than rico with robo retreat,leon with smoke trails,and max with her super Mortis with Coiled Snake: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
Diana A
Diana A 3 місяці tagasi
To be honest, i think Suplex Supplement is the better gadget. While meteor belt does 2000 damage, it is very easy to avoid, especially in higher trophy leagues when enemy brawlers are really paying attention.
Lucas Nogelo
Lucas Nogelo 3 місяці tagasi
bleh I hate el rey
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