New Brawler Kit?! | Something BIG is coming! | Update Predictions & Wish-List!

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Brawl Stars Update Predictions & Wish-List! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to be breaking down EVERYTHING we know about the upcoming update! We're going to talk about the possibility of Kit coming in the game, and talk about everything that Dani revealed in the most recent round table!
Brawl Talk is coming soon, and it's time for us to talk about the update! I'm going to make some predictions, and add some "wish-list" items that I hope Brawl Stars is adding in the next update!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Sponsored by Riot! Play Legends of Runeterra FREE here - New expansion Empires of the Ascended live now! What are YOU hoping for in the next Brawl Stars update?!
Best Brothers
Best Brothers Місяць tagasi
@Harijs Hahelis make content hate is Hahelis
Best Brothers
Best Brothers Місяць tagasi
And a camel
Best Brothers
Best Brothers Місяць tagasi
yousif Місяць tagasi
Kairos,i just wanted to thank you for advertising for genshin made me leave brawl stars and coc for a better game
Trolify Місяць tagasi
New water brawler bet
Maria M
Maria M 3 päeva tagasi
🎶K.A.I.R.O.S code kairos in the brawl stars shop🎶
Itz_GachaStars 4 päeva tagasi
My friend old kitten name rip
DeadlyHornet667 7 päeva tagasi
The ranked model is pretty awsome ngl
DeadlyHornet667 7 päeva tagasi
Id make sans if a maker kit was added,ill give the details in the comments
DeadlyHornet667 7 päeva tagasi
His main attack would be a gaster blaster that did 10 damage per,yknow as fast as it does in the game, could be buffed or nerfd, I want his super to be super unique,you'd press it,press on a brawler, then attack the way you want to force push them, and the gadget could be some bones, thats all I got im not the best at explaining but ill think add on any ideas if you'd like
Seth van Harten
Seth van Harten 8 päeva tagasi
Yo Kairos, at that image of spike eating the keyboard you can see the taken off keys on his desk are “S K I P E”, I thought you might like this
Chihiro Fujisaki
Chihiro Fujisaki 11 päeva tagasi
Alernate Title: Power Leauge Prediction
Hello Zuko Here
Hello Zuko Here 11 päeva tagasi
If kit ain’t gonna be a thing, she would still be a sick nita skin
Mandy M
Mandy M 11 päeva tagasi
Bell has insane range
Leona Zhao
Leona Zhao 13 päeva tagasi
well you were wrong kairos the new brawler is called stu
Kim Ballew
Kim Ballew 14 päeva tagasi
Some random player from your group could say ''give me a good rating or I'll mass report you''said mr toxic
canko gruev
canko gruev 14 päeva tagasi
power league
Mimwiekguel Tamayo
Mimwiekguel Tamayo 15 päeva tagasi
Matteo super Jeux
Matteo super Jeux 15 päeva tagasi
Matteo super Jeux
Matteo super Jeux 15 päeva tagasi
Matteo super Jeux
Matteo super Jeux 15 päeva tagasi
Faaakkke booooo
Matteo super Jeux
Matteo super Jeux 15 päeva tagasi
Kit is not available kit is fakeeeee
Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson 19 päeva tagasi
:/ have you ever got these right??
Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson 19 päeva tagasi
Just like have you gotten the brawlers right
King Kennedy
King Kennedy 19 päeva tagasi
Concept idea for Kit: - Super: A bomb that disables all enemy supers and gadgets caught within its radius - Basic Attack: A narrow cone that shoots three small lasers at a long range
Froggy Tales
Froggy Tales 20 päeva tagasi
Kit is a cat skin in fortnite
Roberts Vitols
Roberts Vitols 20 päeva tagasi
In sezon 6 kit brawler
Ersan Brawl Stars
Ersan Brawl Stars 22 päeva tagasi
MrNightmarekill 23 päeva tagasi
I love how at 3:44 when Kairos does the air quotes for emphasis, he didn't want to let go of the mouse, so he just did the air quotes with the mouse in his hand xD
Normal Guy
Normal Guy 24 päeva tagasi
Ok that new power play is true you did it perfect
Normal Guy
Normal Guy 24 päeva tagasi
I’m out of the future it’s not in March
daisy 24 päeva tagasi
So basically brawl stars is turning into furry stars
Sad Skull
Sad Skull 24 päeva tagasi
Bruh.... How did he predict power league?!
THE LADYS CAT ON TV Miaw 25 päeva tagasi
Oh no I need to fast draw my new brawler
Chakradhar Bhatnagar
Chakradhar Bhatnagar 27 päeva tagasi
I am your biggest fan, love your videos
Wolf Gamer 4
Wolf Gamer 4 29 päeva tagasi
plot twist :kairos work at supercell
MIEL 2255
MIEL 2255 Місяць tagasi
Zeppelin KMKZ
Zeppelin KMKZ Місяць tagasi
What about a rabbit named “abra” (abracadabra) witch shoots a piercing ray. Slightly squishy, and, for super shoots a shot that traps that brawler in a hat with an amount of health they have to break out of. Other brawlers can attack the hat, and “abra” and his teammates can attack brawler inside said hat.
Zeppelin KMKZ
Zeppelin KMKZ Місяць tagasi
Kairos: predicts everything Me: if I gave you 500$, would you predict an op brawler with drop rates that only give the brawler to me?
Fansas C0
Fansas C0 Місяць tagasi
Yay more troll maps!
No No
No No Місяць tagasi
How have I never noticed the multiple camera angles
BozeKuiken TR
BozeKuiken TR Місяць tagasi
In 2023 people will have 100k 🏆
NSX NILA Місяць tagasi
Virtual Victory VD
Virtual Victory VD Місяць tagasi
This video did not age well litterally the new thing was a new game mode
slogamercom playz
slogamercom playz Місяць tagasi
Yea you are copying Gnar from league
Goku Kenji
Goku Kenji Місяць tagasi
Once again... u literary predicted it again
Stephen King
Stephen King Місяць tagasi
I think Brawl Stars is taking the path League Of Legends took after season 8. The game generally is easier to understand but every new character is complex and broken beyond belief due to their specific mechanics that leave them only two possible outcomes, being overpowered or being very bad. Notable examples include, but are not limited to: Tahm Kench, Azir, Ryze, and Twitch in League, and Edgar, Surge, Mortis and Stu in Brawl Stars. They all have a specific feature or mechanic that if buffed or left untouched, make them unstobbaple, but if nerfed, make them useless, like Azir's soldiers, Tahm's W, Ryze's passive, Twitch's passive, and Edgar's healing, Surge's super, Mortis' attack and reload speed, and Stu's unfathomable mobility while still having decent HP and damage.
Joaquin Lionel Caceres
Joaquin Lionel Caceres Місяць tagasi
Sudhamadhuri Devupalli
Sudhamadhuri Devupalli Місяць tagasi
“ Something Big” - Kairostime 2021
Death Nater TM
Death Nater TM Місяць tagasi
Will Kutcher
Will Kutcher Місяць tagasi
Why is there a thumbs up thing I just got there and I’m screwed I have the same business with Edgar
Will Kutcher
Will Kutcher 11 päeva tagasi
@Zagnose as in why does having all the rare pins stop you from getting pin packs. After I got Edgar I got his thumbs up pin and now I don’t get pin packs/ ones from the brawl pass can’t be obtained. Just saying it’s a dumb mechanic and I’d like to complain
Will Kutcher
Will Kutcher Місяць tagasi
And how do I complain
Will Kutcher
Will Kutcher Місяць tagasi
What is there to do
Steven Lin
Steven Lin Місяць tagasi
when is brawl theory
Ambar Alianis
Ambar Alianis Місяць tagasi
If they release a cat brawler like that I will only play that brawler. I will main them. Give me cat beast brawler pls.
Ambar Alianis
Ambar Alianis Місяць tagasi
Goose Juice
Goose Juice Місяць tagasi
Julian Brodie
Julian Brodie Місяць tagasi
Wow. Kairos picked Power League almost exactly... interesting 🤔🤔🤔
paperpando Місяць tagasi
Idk guys, seems like there’s something big coming.
Jack H
Jack H Місяць tagasi
Hey you bloody legendssssssssss!!
MrKooderna Місяць tagasi
Happy you got sponsored by LOR, as a long time MTG fan LOR is SO GOOD
IsaacDs7 Місяць tagasi
R kothandapany rk
R kothandapany rk Місяць tagasi
No dont band brawl pass😭😭😭
Mark Anthony Ancheta
Mark Anthony Ancheta Місяць tagasi
i wish brawl stars will release an Survival Brawl.. 100 players can play.. =)
kurt stone
kurt stone Місяць tagasi
Should be able to sort the brawlers by which class they are Fighters,Throwers etc. Sometimes will scroll past the brawler am looking for
alexxpena27 -_-
alexxpena27 -_- Місяць tagasi
It’s always fun to revisit these predictions after brawl talk is out
Bryce Beckman
Bryce Beckman Місяць tagasi
I have pet chickens and I'm in a large city so... Totally not weird
Saleem Died
Saleem Died Місяць tagasi
There are pins of the craters of brawl stars next to the mug that says super cell
9D15 MohanKumar
9D15 MohanKumar Місяць tagasi
I think kit transforms to a beast coz it drank the potion 🍵 made by witch shelly. This is my guess 🤔
Madelyn Malonzo
Madelyn Malonzo Місяць tagasi
LEMONLIME 652 Місяць tagasi
Watch the brawl talk kairos
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming Місяць tagasi
Захар Ермаков
Захар Ермаков Місяць tagasi
А можно на руском
Filip Jens Hjalmar Aaltonen
Filip Jens Hjalmar Aaltonen Місяць tagasi
Ok guys... hes from the future!
William abrahamullas
William abrahamullas Місяць tagasi
Why does kairos scare me when he says "BUT THIS IS NOT THE SOMETHING BIG"!
Maliko Chamseddine
Maliko Chamseddine Місяць tagasi
League of legends is a very good game
THUNDER GAMING Місяць tagasi
The next update will come next week
Feran Walloga
Feran Walloga Місяць tagasi
kiaros on the spike photo there is and ipad to control peep there is a message button a mail button and a heart with green backround
T-Series Is still shit
T-Series Is still shit Місяць tagasi
"gg report primo for trolling"
benjamin law
benjamin law Місяць tagasi
The post at bottom right look Dani ,Ryan and Frank pins!
Adam K
Adam K Місяць tagasi
When the captions think “KairosTime and...” translates to “kyra simon”
Lavva Animation
Lavva Animation Місяць tagasi
How the heck does he guess the updates before the brawl talk comes out.
Trolify Місяць tagasi
We are actually getting a new water brawler MARK MY WORDS I said this at 4:57pm Monday March 8th
Trolify 9 päeva tagasi
So guys, a new water brawler came out...
Trolify 21 päev tagasi
Sure you say that now... but just wait, you'll see
Jeffery Official •BS•
Jeffery Official •BS• 21 päev tagasi
@Trolify no
Trolify Місяць tagasi
Either in this update or future updates
Trolify Місяць tagasi
Arminium #
Arminium # Місяць tagasi
"something... BIIIIIIIIIIG"
zaDpi Gaming
zaDpi Gaming Місяць tagasi
"Hello fellow brothers i'm kyra simon" - EEpost subtitles, 2021
Animator Місяць tagasi
I hope too that brawl stard get complicated because like we all i hate randoms but if its hard than only people that know how to play come higher XD
Atlas Місяць tagasi
Story mode might be big?
Hadis Haris
Hadis Haris Місяць tagasi
Bruh a day later a new updated
Avocado Juice
Avocado Juice Місяць tagasi
You just lying
Flavien109 Місяць tagasi
Kairos: ban fase Supercell: were lissening
Matthew Місяць tagasi
It would be extra cool if Kit or the beast changing brawler was controlled by AI during the transformation.
ANIME FOREVER Місяць tagasi
Kairos you are always wrong you should watch lex's videos and copy him
FreakZone Місяць tagasi
'update prediction' more like early look of the new updates
Ninjarock Gamer
Ninjarock Gamer Місяць tagasi
Mars Lion
Mars Lion Місяць tagasi
I sometimes watch some random brawl stars youtubers, and somehow, in their brawler list they have the brawler which comes in the next update. Ive seen a video with nani, and even a video with the cat brawler!
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon Місяць tagasi
I like your ranked idea but not everyone has all the brawlers so I don’t they will add this
Howie Ju
Howie Ju Місяць tagasi
Sharing replays as URL link would be nice too
meme. exe gaming
meme. exe gaming Місяць tagasi
Lemonade Man
Lemonade Man Місяць tagasi
I want the option that you can play with people in the training cave and that you can also buy the battle pass for like 30,000 star points or something, and that you can trade currencies for example 30 gems for 500 coins in a marketplace tab and a new mode "basket brawl" and a duel mode with a random showdown mini map, and some new type of star power where you can find them in a battle which lasts the entire battle!
Patato Gamez
Patato Gamez Місяць tagasi
C a t
toast Місяць tagasi
Gucci Brille
Gucci Brille Місяць tagasi
Kit = Gnar ? (lol)
knotty Місяць tagasi
A Riot sponsor, I'm so happy for Kairos
Dulce Andrei-Marian
Dulce Andrei-Marian Місяць tagasi
Something big
Ma4iu Місяць tagasi
Im league of legends player and wild rift too :)
MARKOPLS Місяць tagasi
People aren’t voting for troll maps they accidentally thumbs up trying to press exit bring this to supercells attention and ask them to move the thumbs up and thumbs down to bottom mud of screen
Justin, Why?
Justin, Why? Місяць tagasi
I like how he guessed almost literally everything that happened during brawl talk
hagar marwan
hagar marwan Місяць tagasi
why is this here
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