My Wife Rates the BEST & WORST Skin for all 44 Brawlers!

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My Wife Picks the BEST & Worst Skin for every brawler! | KairosTime
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In this video, my wife is going to pick her favorite & least favorite skin for every brawler! Some of them she really likes, while she really dislikes others so I imagine there's going to be a lot of disagreements with this video.
Which is your favorite skin for every brawler?! Which is your least favorite?! How would you rate the skins?! Lady Kairos is going to show you her preference! Plus, I have to play her favorite skin for the next month for each brawler!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Well... I'm pretty sure Lady Kairos just started a war with the comment section... My Phone comes from OnePlus:
Zayden Davis
Zayden Davis 4 tundi tagasi
Alex Emmons
Alex Emmons 6 päeva tagasi
Kode kairos
Alex Emmons
Alex Emmons 6 päeva tagasi
Vuk 007
Vuk 007 11 päeva tagasi
I have dark mecha crow
Baz Alaric
Baz Alaric 25 päeva tagasi
Put code kairos on the brawl stars shop
Sejdi Mecani
Sejdi Mecani 3 tundi tagasi
LadyKairos needs to be a Brawl Stars voice actor Im not kidding
BruhBoi 7 tundi tagasi
Umm Kairos in Greek means weather
Shlok Shah
Shlok Shah 8 tundi tagasi
Lady kairos literally denies to accept any evil skins as good
j L
j L 10 tundi tagasi
Welp Lady kairos knows the future I guess Quick draw Edgar is good in my opinion Stay safe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Jacqueline Toh
Jacqueline Toh 17 tundi tagasi
Kairos: halhahaha Lady Kairos: AHHHHHHHHH! *oof*
Zander 18 tundi tagasi
I l
Timur Zaurbekov
Timur Zaurbekov 19 tundi tagasi
my brother just said that robo mike was the oldest mike...
RBX Naruto Uzamaki
RBX Naruto Uzamaki 23 tundi tagasi
lady kairos: evil things are my least favourite. boys: so you have chosen DEATH
// Cløxdy cløud //
// Cløxdy cløud // Päev tagasi
13:35: Karios be like: BLALALALAALA
Gifted Spicy Bee
Gifted Spicy Bee Päev tagasi
Kairos: *says bea* Subtitles: 🅱 Kairos's wife: *says cute* Subtitles: Q
Jaquel WONG
Jaquel WONG Päev tagasi
Lady kairos: edgars skin is going to be so cool Edgar skin: good idea
Ngọc Loan Siêu
Ngọc Loan Siêu Päev tagasi
14:23: is a robot!?!?!
Abdullah Alsabbagh
Abdullah Alsabbagh Päev tagasi
She said evil gene is gifar I was diying
the mlg Jay
the mlg Jay Päev tagasi
''sexytime poco'' -''KairosTime Gaming 2021''-
ᅥʀᴀᴍᴇɴツ Aᖙᖙicτᅡ
ᅥʀᴀᴍᴇɴツ Aᖙᖙicτᅡ Päev tagasi
13:06 concpiraciess
Ave Seei
Ave Seei Päev tagasi
You bo not all the skins the ta
Aleric Yee
Aleric Yee Päev tagasi
Joao Contente
Joao Contente 2 päeva tagasi
this reminded me of all the brawler ideas I have come up with which I am happy to talk about if anyone is interested
Division 2 päeva tagasi
Least Favorited Original Jessie's Nanny, Nani.. NANI HAD A FRIENDSHIP BRACELET THOUGH
Burgerbuns 500
Burgerbuns 500 2 päeva tagasi
You mean 47 brawlers
Billy tan BS
Billy tan BS 3 päeva tagasi
Gtmax is coooool
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry 3 päeva tagasi
Lady Kairos is so wholesome
Ghost Toast
Ghost Toast 3 päeva tagasi
Little does he know Ryan is leaving supercell
Clifford 3 päeva tagasi
Alijah Celestino
Alijah Celestino 3 päeva tagasi
You forgot el tomico
Sebastion Kulka
Sebastion Kulka 3 päeva tagasi
What about dark bunny penny it was out at the time of this video
Eight world’s tv
Eight world’s tv 3 päeva tagasi
The new update have
Eight world’s tv
Eight world’s tv 3 päeva tagasi
Edgar have a skin
Mr Pro 2169
Mr Pro 2169 3 päeva tagasi
Lady K: Picks Default Skins Kairos' Alternative: Doesn't Play Brawl Stars for a month!!
Atheer Nazar Saadallah
Atheer Nazar Saadallah 4 päeva tagasi
Kairos and his StepMOM having fun time
Cheers 4 päeva tagasi
I really wanted werewolf Leon but it was back then before I unlocked Leon
Philip Strzelczyk
Philip Strzelczyk 4 päeva tagasi
13:34 kairos scares his wife by saying alawalaba
Izuku Vedant
Izuku Vedant 4 päeva tagasi
*Lady k choses: original crow* "Kairos: ok crow time u go in the basement"
Sofia ploypan
Sofia ploypan 4 päeva tagasi
I have the one plus phone
Izuku Vedant
Izuku Vedant 4 päeva tagasi
*Girls like cute skins* *Boys like terrifying skins*
badge magnet
badge magnet 4 päeva tagasi
No hat mortis is the worst skin for mortis and I don't know why they made him
Juise Box
Juise Box 4 päeva tagasi
Penny has more skins, Kairos just doesn't have them yet
Nicholas Dufault
Nicholas Dufault 4 päeva tagasi
LK: picks robo spike as least favrote ANYONE: can u dont
Shrek 4 päeva tagasi
All the simps in the comments or is it just me😩🥵
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 5 päeva tagasi
Jesus is king
1000 Iq idiot
1000 Iq idiot 5 päeva tagasi
I listen to the gene lala la lalala sound at least 20 times
1000 Iq idiot
1000 Iq idiot 5 päeva tagasi
Supercell: finally giving roza skin Also supercell: limited
Kirbyboi1 5 päeva tagasi
kairos: says bull Captions: BOWL
Dean Van Graafeiland
Dean Van Graafeiland 5 päeva tagasi
Lady karios only picks cute skins and not cool skins
Araz ÜNGÖR 5 päeva tagasi
13:33 ...
Just_ _Fast
Just_ _Fast 5 päeva tagasi
My favorite Skin for Surge is ... Nothing. I don’t like Mech paladin Surge. I more like his default skin
Zuraini Mohd Ariffin
Zuraini Mohd Ariffin 5 päeva tagasi
Ah ye normo grilg ol whes pick the cutw one
Abhin Ajayakumar
Abhin Ajayakumar 5 päeva tagasi
Dude.. virus 8bit is the OG skin! She dumb😒
MastRoy YT
MastRoy YT 5 päeva tagasi
Melquisedec Hernandez
Melquisedec Hernandez 5 päeva tagasi
She was right
Shane House
Shane House 5 päeva tagasi
Im way too into all the skins on brawlstars.....Dymamike and his canary being my favorite character...I love that bellhop mike actually is holding other brawlers suitcases and packages. He is carrying BIBI's , Leon's , Piper's , Tick's and Amber's suitcases. Superfan EMZ is the same way she has Piper's clothes like shirt and skirt, Spike socks , Carl's pickaxes as earrings , An 8-bit purse, Poco keychain , a Tick hat , Mortis' bat as her phone case , And Jessie's turret as her hairspray canister. Sugar Rush Sandy. Has some stuff too like the Leon Hat , Mortises bats as shoes , rosa's helmet as his sandbags , The El Primo lollipop and his Brawlstars t shirt.....and maybe the watch is the indicator that shows you where the boss is is bosshunt and in biggame event
Omar Azeez
Omar Azeez 6 päeva tagasi
It’s a robot in disguise
Omar Azeez
Omar Azeez 6 päeva tagasi
I think that’s the name
Omar Azeez
Omar Azeez 6 päeva tagasi
Season 6 Calavera Edgar
SLIMY PLAYZ 6 päeva tagasi
12:13 Edgar 17:39 welcome to the skin club and onother one cence new skins
Hadrian Zheng
Hadrian Zheng 6 päeva tagasi
She is living in the old days and she is not used to cool
Naitik Jain
Naitik Jain 6 päeva tagasi
Ali Limbada
Ali Limbada 6 päeva tagasi
Its agent p
Eddie Argent
Eddie Argent 6 päeva tagasi
Why do I want to cuddle with sally nani
Oofigator 6 päeva tagasi
12:15 and now there is
Cool-Gen 6 päeva tagasi
Fun fact mr p is gene Which means gene used his magic to steal spikes voice
RensTheCommander 6 päeva tagasi
I hate the fact that supercell changed dark knight jessies face from grumpy to semi-evil
Γεωργια Κωνσταντινου
Γεωργια Κωνσταντινου 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos remember when you did this,and original 8-bit was her fav NOW SHE LOVES WHAT AHE HATES
Max Levine
Max Levine 6 päeva tagasi
just so you know, poco actualy has a ukulele you can tell because he does not use a pik and it has 4 strings
Abdel Chaibi
Abdel Chaibi 6 päeva tagasi
kairos: *so fucking tired of saying all of the skins* lady kairos: *liking retro 8-bit more then virus 8-bit*
ertBeatz 21
ertBeatz 21 6 päeva tagasi
16:02 What about Vel-crow?
XxMika Loves Boba xX
XxMika Loves Boba xX 6 päeva tagasi
Yea when I bought heroine bibi I didn’t like the hair
mnhuang 7 päeva tagasi
Lady k: my favorite crow skin is original Kairos: take her to brawl star therapy !
Adam Paul
Adam Paul 7 päeva tagasi
Spike slipers
ZAMAZENTA 7 päeva tagasi
I have mrp agent and mrp is a robot he's the one behind the mask
Kian Sachin
Kian Sachin 7 päeva tagasi
how could she pick classic 8bit over VIRUS 8BIT
ann Williams
ann Williams 7 päeva tagasi
I once had a NO Sandy November
House of shows Bud
House of shows Bud 7 päeva tagasi
Kairos forgot bad bunny penny
House of shows Bud
House of shows Bud 7 päeva tagasi
He also forgot dark mecha crow
Sharifatul Akmaliah
Sharifatul Akmaliah 7 päeva tagasi
Lmao 🤣😆 13:34
Dream Shaper
Dream Shaper 7 päeva tagasi
Paladin surge has been betrayed
Granny's here
Granny's here 7 päeva tagasi
It gurts how he misses out dark bunny penny and el atomico
Arivan 8 päeva tagasi
Why does his mortis have 9 skins?
Grecia Woodward
Grecia Woodward 8 päeva tagasi
In the link that's why I never saw it I thought I had to click your chest
Martin Aamodt
Martin Aamodt 8 päeva tagasi
Lady Kairos: i like the classic 8bit more Kairos: bruh
Apple Lover
Apple Lover 8 päeva tagasi
Lady kairos least favorite evil bee favorite ladybug bee Me:I am having a heart attack
Noah 8 päeva tagasi
The best part of this was the deep analysis into the thoughts of every skin
VIOLENTGAMER727 8 päeva tagasi
Do a skin rating video every 4-5 seosons with lady kairos
jalaja santhosh kumar
jalaja santhosh kumar 8 päeva tagasi
I don't know why kairos look like vertongen
Useless Time
Useless Time 8 päeva tagasi
Why does lady kairos seem more elder than kairos
BLUE BLAST GAMING 8 päeva tagasi
the new edgar skin is fireeeee
kitchen krab
kitchen krab 8 päeva tagasi
Whenever the lion dance brock skin comes up i always immediatley think of the” i do my lil dancey dance”
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson 9 päeva tagasi
alright get a divorce she said jafar wasn’t a good villain
Ian Benčič
Ian Benčič 9 päeva tagasi
Txheem 10 päeva tagasi
Lol I didn’t even realise the blue Sandy skin had spike slippers mainly because I don’t have Sandy 😭😭
pinal teacher
pinal teacher 10 päeva tagasi
Blue psg mike 😳
Markuss Tobiass
Markuss Tobiass 10 päeva tagasi
When colts new skin comes out colt will have 6 skins
TylerPlays2507 10 päeva tagasi
Evil skin:Exists Lady Kairos:I diagnose you with worst skin
Mohammed Al kahtani
Mohammed Al kahtani 10 päeva tagasi
Sim Lee Hung
Sim Lee Hung 10 päeva tagasi
Oj is proud of shiva Nita
Edward Lim 鑫佑
Edward Lim 鑫佑 10 päeva tagasi
U have poor taste
abdelrahman olayan
abdelrahman olayan 10 päeva tagasi
She defiantly didn't pick skins by coolness but by cuteness. Bruh, KAIROS DID U TELL HER TO NOT PICK ANY SPECIAL SKINS LIKE BRUHHHHHHHHHH IM GETTING frustrated watching this. 15:57 I disliked and I changed my mind about subscribing right now I'm literally about to punch my phone.
DAVID-BSシ 10 päeva tagasi
20 minutes of kairos feeling pain
gilt- topic
gilt- topic 10 päeva tagasi
Pls do this every month
Moopypan100 11 päeva tagasi
Honestly I hate night witch Mortis
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