My Wife Opens MEGA BOXES & Gets X New Brawlers!

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Wife opens MEGA Boxes & unlocks NEW Brawlers | KairosTime
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My wife, @Lady Kairos, is going to open up a TON of Mega Boxes & KEEP opening boxes until she unlocks new brawlers! After unlocking the new brawlers, she'll try them out and then get right back to opening up Mega Boxes! How many new brawlers will she unlock?! Let's find out!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
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John Päev tagasi
You don’t know how to use him
Ben Kearns
Ben Kearns 18 päeva tagasi
I get 1 brawler in 70 boxes
Rory Daniel
Rory Daniel 29 päeva tagasi
@Maximilian Bridger Whoa! Took about 10 minutes but it reallyworked!
Maximilian Bridger
Maximilian Bridger 29 päeva tagasi
I dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D
I’m better
I’m better Місяць tagasi
Hello everyone
Juanita mendoza
Juanita mendoza 6 minutit tagasi
Marcus Andersson Lå 4-5
Marcus Andersson Lå 4-5 Tund tagasi
she is talking about i dont have spike. I dont even have legendary brawler and i have over 17000 trophies
KING BULL 15 tundi tagasi
Gadget buster xd
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 Päev tagasi
Jesus loves you !
Agent Yeet
Agent Yeet Päev tagasi
I got Colette gale and Lou from three mega boxes
Elite375 Päev tagasi
What was in the pin packkkkk ;-;
Gamer Forever
Gamer Forever Päev tagasi
thank you so much i use your code: kairos and got CROW FROM A BRAWL BOX!!!!!! its my first legendary
Talan Gardner
Talan Gardner Päev tagasi
Imagine unlocking boxes without gemming.
Disconected 2 päeva tagasi
im sorry i pauzed at the wrong moment XD 4:42 pauze at exactly 4:43
Mr. sprout
Mr. sprout 2 päeva tagasi
Actully it's £5 per mega box. And she freaking has Tara I've played for 6 years and I have no mythics! And I have two legends 2 chromatics 3 epics! WHY?
sam pede
sam pede 3 päeva tagasi
One day I opened my free brawl box And I got spike from that box
Vishakha Sikka
Vishakha Sikka 3 päeva tagasi
Me has amber Me dosent have any epics
Gavin Shawn Bryce Malonzo
Gavin Shawn Bryce Malonzo 3 päeva tagasi
me too gale
Cindy Nowak
Cindy Nowak 3 päeva tagasi
Loved when she said she doesn’t like surge my heart broke into a million prices. I was a sad boi. I have a power ten surge.😭👉🏻😁
Sharkninja 09
Sharkninja 09 3 päeva tagasi
I love surge 😂
Gamer boy Luka
Gamer boy Luka 4 päeva tagasi
tip:Kairos used X that means she got 10 new brawlers because X is romanian for romanian number so X=10 in romanian
The Misadventures Of Ronald Munoz
The Misadventures Of Ronald Munoz 4 päeva tagasi
I think when you see a glowing thing a thing around the number one you either get a brawler or a gadget
Spike 4 päeva tagasi
Idk why but I don't trust mega boxes
Willem Berkhof
Willem Berkhof 4 päeva tagasi
12:05 this is weird
gamer cat
gamer cat 4 päeva tagasi
I would hang out with gale tell a story about his life Surge is a robot so ok
Andrew Huynh
Andrew Huynh 6 päeva tagasi
Yes more lady k (kairos)
Azaan Siddique
Azaan Siddique 6 päeva tagasi
0:10 I like it when they sing use code kairos in the brawl stars shop
Lynx- BS
Lynx- BS 6 päeva tagasi
At least guys are getting the number 6 and 7 more than me
Adam Paul
Adam Paul 7 päeva tagasi
Mohammad Maaz
Mohammad Maaz 7 päeva tagasi
Gadgets ruin EVERYTING
Alberto Brea
Alberto Brea 7 päeva tagasi
Kairos wife gets a lot of 6 items in mega boxes. Brawl stars I’m about to end this persons whole carrer
Amit Shmueli
Amit Shmueli 7 päeva tagasi
Two front up teeth fell out for me in same day
Rey Lopez
Rey Lopez 7 päeva tagasi
11:54 lol xdd good job your girlfriend or wife kiros and im 12 so dont know how to call it ok
Hapukurk 9 päeva tagasi
surge is literally the best though
Santiago Munoz
Santiago Munoz 9 päeva tagasi
Her voice is lovely you should let her say K-A-I-R-O-S code kairos in the brawl stars shop she sings lovely
Angel Avila
Angel Avila 9 päeva tagasi
Thijs Bol
Thijs Bol 10 päeva tagasi
When they Said the word wait.. i thout. K a i r o s Code kairos in the Brawl Stars shop
Ryan Clayton
Ryan Clayton 10 päeva tagasi
dude u lied u said she got x brawlers but she didnt x is 10 in roman numerals
Keano Beeksma
Keano Beeksma 10 päeva tagasi
I like to see frank is her buddy
Angel Alvarado Videos
Angel Alvarado Videos 10 päeva tagasi
Bro I had so much luck today when I got a big box I was like OK I’m not gonna get anything but then I got a mimic
Luciano Da Costa
Luciano Da Costa 11 päeva tagasi
Her voice is perfect for a female character in Brawl Stars 😍
Adomas Dičkus
Adomas Dičkus 11 päeva tagasi
Oh, I get it now. The X means unknown number, but not 10 lol
tedros welday
tedros welday 11 päeva tagasi
Chico’s World
Chico’s World 11 päeva tagasi
I do not even have Piper lol
DragLegKing 11 päeva tagasi
Lady kairos before this video be like:Honey why is there no money left in our account? Kairos:umm its a business expense
Stacy 11 päeva tagasi
Ay when she was battleing at least she tried
Connoriscool 11 päeva tagasi
Them: 6 in a row with nothing Me: well I opened 15 mega boxes in a row and got nothing with a total cost of 40 bucks
Connoriscool 12 päeva tagasi
How you so *lucky xd*
Connoriscool 12 päeva tagasi
Me: gets 100000 gadgets in a row and gets mad Kairos: gets 1 gadget and a row and gets every brawler and gets mad Me: that’s a big difffrence
Parker Byrd
Parker Byrd 12 päeva tagasi
Pat: Box opener Lex: dirty gemmer Oj: Mythbuster Kairos: the random dude that is smart
walid Basraoui
walid Basraoui 12 päeva tagasi
Lady kairos:I want gale Me:I have gale
walid Basraoui
walid Basraoui 12 päeva tagasi
Lady kairos saying crow spike or amber. Me:I have spike and my other 2 friends have crow and amber
maya 12 päeva tagasi
Other wives : I WANT MAKEUP SHOES CLOTHES...... Lady Kairos : GEMZZZZ
Spy ninja Aliyan Boom
Spy ninja Aliyan Boom 12 päeva tagasi
My favourite is surge
Spy ninja Aliyan Boom
Spy ninja Aliyan Boom 12 päeva tagasi
My favourite us surge
Trubblie 13 päeva tagasi
K-a-i-r-o-s code kairos in the brawl stars shop (i use it two)
Jérôme Goetghebuer
Jérôme Goetghebuer 13 päeva tagasi
Poper de sniper
God Cat
God Cat 13 päeva tagasi
Karen Shishido
Karen Shishido 14 päeva tagasi
But surge is my favorite brawler
flag1090 16 päeva tagasi
I didn't know that geming boxes coast 4 dollars a box ! That's crazy.
Rage Boiii
Rage Boiii 16 päeva tagasi
She does not deserve i mesn its not a hate comment but if she get all the brawlers she won't have skills she will 9nly have brawler it will take time to practice like us we unlock brawler train to be a pro with a brawler We get another brawler after a month we train with the new brawler we get another we train just like that we have skills I won't say its the best skill but I have skills she does not remember jot a hate comment
Nevo Alsberg
Nevo Alsberg 16 päeva tagasi
7:39 Voice actress?
Arlushadze gaming
Arlushadze gaming 16 päeva tagasi
You have a mega box, you: :D It’s a gadget, you: :/ You had 7 and the next one was the brawler you wanted, you: :D
super spider
super spider 16 päeva tagasi
Challange foy you guys what meams llxllxl
Domantas Rickevičius
Domantas Rickevičius 16 päeva tagasi
Russian Kid 23
Russian Kid 23 17 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Gemming with my wife Lex: Gemming with my daughter Pat: Gemming with Chief Cat
Thomas Packer
Thomas Packer 17 päeva tagasi
Rip youer walet
vitenskapsbilla !
vitenskapsbilla ! 18 päeva tagasi
PenguinsCanFly 18 päeva tagasi
C O D E. K A I R O S
Ben Kearns
Ben Kearns 18 päeva tagasi
Nice voice
Ali Alkandari
Ali Alkandari 18 päeva tagasi
When she was piper and then Nita steals the power cube but when she was bea she stole the power cube from shelly
FailsGoBrrr 20 päeva tagasi
When I open a box I get nothing 😑
Fansas C0
Fansas C0 20 päeva tagasi
Lex Daughter name Tilly is a dirty gemmer
Stefan Davidovic
Stefan Davidovic 21 päev tagasi
K a I r o s code kairos in the brawl stars shop
Wild Lion
Wild Lion 23 päeva tagasi
I been having leon
Mega Boxer
Mega Boxer 23 päeva tagasi
Sam Korn
Sam Korn 24 päeva tagasi
no edgar.. you hate to see it
Sam Korn
Sam Korn 24 päeva tagasi
no edgar.. hold up.. that triggers me...
Ali Alkandari
Ali Alkandari 25 päeva tagasi
Piper the sniper woo I like your sound
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX 25 päeva tagasi
What video do I want to see: Lady Kairos and the Tribe in a Box Opening Challenge
Noah Gaming
Noah Gaming 26 päeva tagasi
Hypo64 26 päeva tagasi
How is lady kairos lucky he got all my fav brawlerss
Jussi Salonen
Jussi Salonen 27 päeva tagasi
I got GALE today and BIBI today
Kool Girl
Kool Girl 27 päeva tagasi
I do agree with Lady Kairos about Gale being better than Surge
DumbCoder 27 päeva tagasi
Me : you got token doublers which mean stonks in brawl pass B)
•Antonia UwU•
•Antonia UwU• 28 päeva tagasi
K-a-i-r-o-s code Kairos in the bs shop
Stefan Davidovic
Stefan Davidovic 28 päeva tagasi
Yeah im tired of sandy
CØØŁ WØŁF 28 päeva tagasi
I would like surge more than gale
Aesthetics clothing roblox
Aesthetics clothing roblox 29 päeva tagasi
Pause at 0:00
Yessica ponte
Yessica ponte 29 päeva tagasi
I am a fan
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia Місяць tagasi
Whenever you say 'ticking by' I keep thinking you will say "signing out"
Rockabilly Mortis
Rockabilly Mortis Місяць tagasi
piper is one of the epic songers
Karthik Viswanathan
Karthik Viswanathan Місяць tagasi
lady kairos getv amber
rity dey
rity dey Місяць tagasi
I have 10k trophies but literally lady kairos have more brawler than me😅😅
Adam Celovsky
Adam Celovsky Місяць tagasi
Mr p is gonna be so happy lady k wersion kairos is gonna be so happy
Lepro Moaaz butter dawg
Lepro Moaaz butter dawg Місяць tagasi
Mei Lin
Mei Lin Місяць tagasi
I Surportting u
Cris Flores
Cris Flores Місяць tagasi
Who doesn't even want to hang out with surge
HighHype 1
HighHype 1 Місяць tagasi
sulaiman Fakhreddine
sulaiman Fakhreddine Місяць tagasi
Lady kairos after killing someone she spams the auto aim
Maryam Loved
Maryam Loved Місяць tagasi
Make more videos with your wife
Lucio Chavez
Lucio Chavez Місяць tagasi
Hi I just want to say that you make me happ and your my favorite EEpostr ❤️
Is aacAlasia Gonzalez-Holiday
Is aacAlasia Gonzalez-Holiday Місяць tagasi
I like brawl stars
Brawl Stars Gameplay
Brawl Stars Gameplay Місяць tagasi
Me:10K Edgar free My Friend:800🏆Edgar box
My Wife Opens Mega Boxes & Gets CRAZY lucky!!!
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