Is Colonel Ruffs worth it?! | Honest Thoughts!

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How good is Colonel Ruffs in Brawl Stars?! | KairosTime
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This video is all about figuring out how strong Colonel Ruffs is! I'm going to play him in each game mode & see how strong Colonel Ruffs is with his Gadget & Star Power. I'll open some boxes to get his gadget & star power, and then determine how strong he is. Ultimately, this will decide whether or not Colonel Ruffs is worth gemming the Brawl Pass for!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Sponsored by Raid! Install for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days! How strong do YOU think Colonel Ruffs is?!
JeffTheBlockOfCheese 17 päeva tagasi
I know there’s a low chance of you seeing this but Should I get this brawl pass or next one in a few days cause ruffs isn’t that good but I was just wondering if I should wait or get this pass, I’ve never gemmed before and I have every brawler except for 3 mythics and have no legendaries and I was just wondering if I should buy this pass or season 6, and I’ll be sure to use code kairos lol
Actiontime70 Місяць tagasi
Weak as bloody hell
yuanliang's channel
yuanliang's channel Місяць tagasi
@Poppino E
yuanliang's channel
yuanliang's channel Місяць tagasi
Mxpx1112 2 місяці tagasi
2FoolsinOne 9 päeva tagasi
Kairos: "Man that was rough" Me: it was ''Ruff''
Ofi _Newton
Ofi _Newton 15 päeva tagasi
2:22 Einfach das System ausgedribbelt 🤙
Not The FBI
Not The FBI 21 päev tagasi
I got him in big box
Eduardo Sampaio
Eduardo Sampaio 21 päev tagasi
Kairos: "Ruffs is kinda an average brawler" Ruffs: *absolutely the best brawler in the game*
Bechari Radha
Bechari Radha 24 päeva tagasi
I pushed ruffs to 500+ on level 4 and you're talking about star powers? I don't even have it on any brawler. 😂😂
Avery Duong
Avery Duong 25 päeva tagasi
Imagine you use riffs new star power and collets gadget
Mad x ninja gaming
Mad x ninja gaming 25 päeva tagasi
I got colonel ruffs in my 40th big box
AKAsilverdigger 26 päeva tagasi
C.Ruff is really good at hot zone
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong Місяць tagasi
Why does Kairos like other people's comments but ignore mine? :( I feel worthless.
Phenomenal Clash
Phenomenal Clash Місяць tagasi
Raid Shadow Legends ...................
Lord Vulcan
Lord Vulcan Місяць tagasi
Raid is such a garbage fucking game 😂🤣
DragLegKing Місяць tagasi
8:25 #alwayscheckthebush
shock ._.
shock ._. Місяць tagasi
captions be like hello fell rolloers iam curious kime
Zsidókacsa Місяць tagasi
Title should be: ,,Honest ruffs!"
Water Місяць tagasi
im going to buy brawl pass and using CODE:KIROS
Impact - Brawl Stars & And more
Impact - Brawl Stars & And more Місяць tagasi
I used kolonel ruffs in showdown and i think it is about your teammates an/or enemies
RicharDung _
RicharDung _ Місяць tagasi
9:16 "That was RUFF"
Andrew Місяць tagasi
Stop being excited for everything ffs
Yasir Hamid
Yasir Hamid Місяць tagasi
Kairos I wanna see more videos like this
Smile Місяць tagasi
Is it just me, or did kairos have a different personality today?
Nisha Sanjeev
Nisha Sanjeev Місяць tagasi
Kairos: puts down the gadget in fronta Tara Tara: yEs
Nisha Sanjeev
Nisha Sanjeev Місяць tagasi
He says a lot of oh my word
Matthew Dhanai
Matthew Dhanai Місяць tagasi
Green Panther
Green Panther Місяць tagasi
I thought the raid shadow legends sponsor was a joke
Tanish Thakur
Tanish Thakur Місяць tagasi
i once played with you or your mini i think in the profile it said your club but it did not have maxed brawlers
Caleb Ballew
Caleb Ballew Місяць tagasi
I have him he is broken just like spike sub to kairos kairos code kairos in the brawl stars shop
Erika San
Erika San Місяць tagasi
Damn, I'm done with Raid: Shadow Legends 3 months ago. 😒 I'm all about Brawl Stars now. 😂
Ashvij Patil
Ashvij Patil Місяць tagasi
I already got colonel ruffs from mega box, is it still worth buying? I am also not a darryl player, so not interested in D4D-RY1L(Darryl free skin), and also the ronin ruffs skin is not as good as merchant gale, paladin surge, trixie colette, and king lou. Please Suggest
kiran maharjan
kiran maharjan Місяць tagasi
I always use ur code when buying Brawl Pass.....
Nathan Reyes
Nathan Reyes Місяць tagasi
I made my ruff to 700 trophy, and he is just level 7 with no gadget
yuanliang's channel
yuanliang's channel Місяць tagasi
FADI ENNASSER Місяць tagasi
wen he sed raidchadow legends i thoughit was meme lol in ya kairos is great leave a like in subcribe so you can support hem pls guys support hem
iRaider Місяць tagasi
oh no hes been taken by the demons please no dont download raid demons legends ita virus
ً Місяць tagasi
Finna spend 499 pesos to buy the brawl pass
SuperStar7650 Місяць tagasi
You kiddin... of course he's worth something! Just look at his cute widdle doggie face. 🥰🥺
Random Gamers YT
Random Gamers YT Місяць tagasi
0:05 I have colonel ruffs
SCALEB_1234 A 2 місяці tagasi
mans was slowly raging
Sven Gaming
Sven Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Nice editing 😂😂😂
Colin Leon
Colin Leon 2 місяці tagasi
I forgot the Edgar there? It is not an Edgar Its a Byron!
Esai Cruz
Esai Cruz 2 місяці tagasi
Kairos I pressed the link it gave me nothing
annoying weeb
annoying weeb 2 місяці tagasi
Oh no, its back.. RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
Aaron slaughter
Aaron slaughter 2 місяці tagasi
I feel you kairos I get edgar and byron mixed up to
Champion234 2 місяці tagasi
I’m glad he didn’t have to smash something important 😉
Just Andrei
Just Andrei 2 місяці tagasi
Usr code BRAWL STARS in the Karios shop!!
James - gaming
James - gaming 2 місяці tagasi
So funny how you rewinded to make a challenge that you will win
Rinton Wiggelinkhuijsen
Rinton Wiggelinkhuijsen 2 місяці tagasi
*yes hes good*
Jerry Mouse
Jerry Mouse 2 місяці tagasi
Valentine Ofon
Valentine Ofon 2 місяці tagasi
Yes 8bit and ruffs is an insane duo. Your damage being boosted by 70%. 8 bit is better than he already is I think...
GaryZun Gaming
GaryZun Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
14:17 you know the rule, and so do I
Bluebax 2 місяці tagasi
Xx_Aaron Wolfie_Xx
Xx_Aaron Wolfie_Xx 2 місяці tagasi
Could u show the sandbags vs the Tara shadow clones pls the ones from the gadget
Hellish_CH 2 місяці tagasi
Me : push Colette until rank 20 ( and she's level 1)
Gingy 2 місяці tagasi
He needs a super small damage buff to be able to 3 shot Lou
JACK 2 місяці tagasi
Supercell is coming to your house!
Duncan Tsang
Duncan Tsang 2 місяці tagasi
PERSONALLY, I think colonel ruffs if friggin annoying. These ruffs just keep out ranging and spam on me. I’m having a RUFF time fighting them.
Samu Sipiczki
Samu Sipiczki 2 місяці tagasi
9:16 that joke physically hurts
i in de box
i in de box 2 місяці tagasi
9:16 That was ruff...
no name
no name 2 місяці tagasi
The question is Is ruffs worth gemming He could have said no and explain why to make at least 6 min video samé for yes but No rather make a 19 min video with sponsor unescenery scenes that why i dont like videos like this
Victorious Kuching
Victorious Kuching 2 місяці tagasi
Kairos : Aw Man That was ruff Me : Colonel RUFF? idk what my brain is doing help meeeeee
PTG Konstantinos
PTG Konstantinos 2 місяці tagasi
Colonel Ruffs is my favourite brawler
Sean Power
Sean Power 2 місяці tagasi
Quick one for the brawl people. But, I got amber AND spike from 2 boxes in a row last month. But, I have Sandy already, so crow is my last legendary. and he’s in the shop for 350 gems... my chance of a legendary is 0.02. Should I purchase?
Adnan Algihani
Adnan Algihani 2 місяці tagasi
14:26 I was this close to unsubbing
Maliha Nishat
Maliha Nishat 2 місяці tagasi
I pushed him to 500 trophies and lost 300 :(((((
Vidhyuth 2 місяці tagasi
When I see you lose in solo showdown Me : 1070 solo wins (solo player) Nah nah nah. I don’t want him
Barley Main
Barley Main 2 місяці tagasi
Ok so the colt at 6:50 is actually my friend irl and I’m so jealous of him to not only kill kairos but have it on EEpost as well. He’s SO LUCKY
gamer 621
gamer 621 2 місяці tagasi
Im sooo angry its because my screen is broken👎👎👎
Turtle Monster
Turtle Monster 2 місяці tagasi
11:08 Not an edgar
Kristi Hammond
Kristi Hammond 2 місяці tagasi
Kristi Hammond
Kristi Hammond 2 місяці tagasi
San Leon
Jerry Mudoola
Jerry Mudoola 2 місяці tagasi
Kairos: 500 trophies is nothing ! Me: ;-;
hypezoneninga 2 місяці tagasi
I didn't gem and I have him
Zahraa Razzaq
Zahraa Razzaq 2 місяці tagasi
I have him
Jack Picton
Jack Picton 2 місяці tagasi
I have clonel ruffs
Tigx10 - Brawl Stars
Tigx10 - Brawl Stars 2 місяці tagasi
Great Content, I think your channel is great and you inspired me in fact I am trying to grow and audience and a strong loyal community so from the bottom of my heart it would mean a lot if you joined Thank you for reading this oversized text blocks
Ayaan Imran
Ayaan Imran 2 місяці tagasi
I always want him to say the brawler is broken :(
Лемещук Марія
Лемещук Марія 2 місяці tagasi
So shall I buy the pass or save gems to buy a legendary? I have got 12600 trophies, all epics, 2 mythics and no legendaries.
The Someone
The Someone 2 місяці tagasi
Kairos forgot about Edgar or Byron I am confused... 🤔😅
Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall 2 місяці tagasi
He took the thicc raid money I don’t blame him :)
RockRush-BS 2 місяці tagasi
i have colonel ruffs
Samuel Blais Durocher
Samuel Blais Durocher 2 місяці tagasi
Anyone knows exactly how Ruffs boost affect Colette's damage output?? % of her main attack and super, her minimum damage and gadget ?? Could be a good video how Ruffs boost affect every brawler
Hardik Brawl star
Hardik Brawl star 2 місяці tagasi
Ezenio 2 місяці tagasi
I remember you smashed a tablet lol, I hope somebody else here still remember that
Ripislleku 1
Ripislleku 1 2 місяці tagasi
I just bought smooth lou and i love this skin. I didn't forget to put code:kairos :) k-a-i-r-o-s code kairos in the brawl stars shop
[ Yushi ]
[ Yushi ] 2 місяці tagasi
9:16 Kairos: Oh my, that was ruff
xPaul rh
xPaul rh 2 місяці tagasi
Playing hin in hotzone and i swear Hes broken there
Poh Qi En
Poh Qi En 2 місяці tagasi
Hopefully yes cuz I don’t wanna jinx the brawler that I paid for with my gems;-;
eLf BS
eLf BS 2 місяці tagasi
Is kairos the only one with good randoms????
Daily Dog
Daily Dog 2 місяці tagasi
1 mil sub (also lex)????
Daniel Sellars
Daniel Sellars 2 місяці tagasi
Having paid Raid for a while and then stopping after 6-8 months, I gotta say the link "sign up bonus" stuff is laughably bad. You wont know what I mean till you
Flying Spike ッ
Flying Spike ッ 2 місяці tagasi
Haha F2P go Brrrrrrrrrrrrr
mitz tapuhim
mitz tapuhim 2 місяці tagasi
just unlocked him today without any gemming
cheese Gaming
cheese Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Boring content you know
Toan Hoang
Toan Hoang 2 місяці tagasi
Do another fixed race olympics test next
Stelliferous Oofer
Stelliferous Oofer 2 місяці tagasi
Literally me when Ruff came out: *enemy team* : places Ruff's super on ground *me* : wHaT iS tHiS sUsPiCiOuS oBjEcT *also me* : runs to suspicious object like a fool
Matt-WhiskeyBS 2 місяці tagasi
One reason there are less high ruffs is because most of the people who gemmed right away got r35 before season reset, and people who haven't won't have unlocked him yet
Chirasmith Mishra
Chirasmith Mishra 2 місяці tagasi
i watch this video being at tier 29 with a brawl pass 😛🤣😅
A Mushroom
A Mushroom 2 місяці tagasi
ONLY 500 trophies that's slot I only have 7 rank 20s. I trash
Shanti 2 місяці tagasi
kairos:i forgot about the edgar there byron: am i a joke to you?
MCNifflerCraft 2 місяці tagasi
Today is the big day, the day when almost everyone with brawl pass unlocks ruffs and he is op af
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