I was joking, but is Map Maker ACTUALLY a mistake?!

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Brawl Stars Map Maker - is it actually a mistake?! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to be playing Solo Showdown maps created by players and searching for good maps that are worth voting for! Will I find any good maps or is Map Maker actually a mistake?! At first, I was joking about Brawl Stars' Map Maker, but with the 1st Solo Showdown map winner, I'm not so sure!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
Obviously I STILL don't think Map Maker was a mistake, but this is getting kinda ridiculous... Thanks to PUBG Mobile for sponsoring this video! ► pubgmobile.live/MRKairosTime
I thought you were a pro player
I loved the spring map so easy and won every time because the some players didn't know how to go forward .
Snyperboi Gaming!
Snyperboi Gaming! 5 päeva tagasi
Arnizah Damit
Arnizah Damit 6 päeva tagasi
Hai kairos
The lol gamer
The lol gamer 6 päeva tagasi
I love pub g
Cooldude 49
Cooldude 49 4 tundi tagasi
It wasent is actually made the game better.
SnooBanana124 Päev tagasi
Who accepts those maps?
Viver Päev tagasi
Yes, I like this garbage..
Juan Osorio
Juan Osorio Päev tagasi
There was like three good maps
chubbyface46 Päev tagasi
You can tell by how much times Kairos laughed, that he's annoyed.
YASEEN UDDIN Päev tagasi
To me, teleporters are by far the worst object in map maker because 90% percent of the community map use them in the worst way possible. To me it seems that teleporters are just a less good version of jump pads.
minky Dutta
minky Dutta Päev tagasi
Lol pubg banned in india
Brawl Stars Brawler
Brawl Stars Brawler Päev tagasi
I made an Animal Crossing New Horizons replica of you and I will post it on twitter.
aiko meng
aiko meng 2 päeva tagasi
I play PUBG
Anish Poojary
Anish Poojary 3 päeva tagasi
I had once played with you as opponent in map maker Kairos time yt
Lord Jesus
Lord Jesus 3 päeva tagasi
Saif Osama
Saif Osama 3 päeva tagasi
Oh its me MAP!!
depressed believer
depressed believer 3 päeva tagasi
I love map making
FESHii_PLAYZ 3 päeva tagasi
I give you the gift of GARBAGE
Nabaah 3 päeva tagasi
Teaming was a mistake . Sorry it but no complains pls. Brawl stars shouldn't always be competitive. Troll maps should also be there
Ironic Orca
Ironic Orca 3 päeva tagasi
Well The maps are trash but when they put ridiculous maps all I see is free trophies because when a map is so bad there's always one Brawler that is so OP on that map.
Keenan Wu
Keenan Wu 3 päeva tagasi
Omid Fallahi
Omid Fallahi 3 päeva tagasi
You are big noob who have lot of money to buy gems and coins😐
Eldar Krnjic
Eldar Krnjic 4 päeva tagasi
I played pubg mobile about 2 years
amr ashraf
amr ashraf 4 päeva tagasi
Karios: this sponsor of thos video is pupg moble Brawl stars: You dare sponsor our enemy???
PieWar30 4 päeva tagasi
Don’t worry not all the maps are bad. I made a showdown map that’s not garbage. Everyone I know who’s played it likes it :)
ThatoneGuy 4 päeva tagasi
9:03 I got that same exact map and it sucked
It's Yisa :3
It's Yisa :3 4 päeva tagasi
It I thought you said where did the naughty go?
GoldenBot-BS 4 päeva tagasi
POV: Kairos actually came up with the map maker update
OFFICIAL ANIMAL SQUAD and BIBI Truong 4 päeva tagasi
Kairos: am safe now Few seconds later Darryl: are you sure about that
Flowey the flower
Flowey the flower 4 päeva tagasi
I pushed nani to 600 and i had 200 trophies :D
Boy Goddeau
Boy Goddeau 4 päeva tagasi
kairos is so hard to convince
翁雪梅 4 päeva tagasi
but in amoug us you spawn next to everone around the table
My other channel is Leah_playz Oreo
My other channel is Leah_playz Oreo 4 päeva tagasi
I know I play the only jumping map it was hard to kill the brawls but I won beau the posin helped me
grim reaper deadman
grim reaper deadman 4 päeva tagasi
That PUBG mode is boring and there are so op level people
Rup Biswas
Rup Biswas 4 päeva tagasi
Ahh....atleast sponsiring abt PUBG
Hados_RM 4 päeva tagasi
people who use tanks in showdown like hitting puppies and kittens
Et YT 4 päeva tagasi
you are not forced to play them
Ediz Yen
Ediz Yen 4 päeva tagasi
The Gordon Ramsay of Brawl Stars Mal Maker.
Chick Bomb
Chick Bomb 4 päeva tagasi
mander 4 päeva tagasi
when you're alone with your step sis at home 10:23
Mohamed playz
Mohamed playz 4 päeva tagasi
Man it's a mess but that's what make it fun 😂 As you see kairos was laughing the whole video
Kokushibo上弦壱 4 päeva tagasi
3:24 Kairos: We'll come right over here then I guess Darryl: Bonjour Amber: This is fine :)
simpson wu
simpson wu 4 päeva tagasi
the 1st showdown map:is a mistake ALSO the 2nd showdown map:still a mistake...
Shad0w 4 päeva tagasi
Look closely and indeed that's a swastika 6:09
valentin scinteeanu
valentin scinteeanu 5 päeva tagasi
Obviously not a mistake. Finally we can have some fun in this game and make trophies also.
Adrian 4 päeva tagasi
@valentin scinteeanu And I am not really disagreeing with your idea. It isn’t a mistake to us, but it would be to someone else.
Adrian 4 päeva tagasi
@valentin scinteeanu Yeah but not everyone wants to team and hide in bushes. Some people could be playing casually but then get frustrated when people begin to team on these maps. I personally like some of these maps and I like how I can gain trophies from them but there really isn’t an obvious answer to this debate. We all think differently and have different ideas. Some might dislike these maps because of teaming and some might.
valentin scinteeanu
valentin scinteeanu 4 päeva tagasi
@Adrian realistically speaking 95% of the players are not playing competitive. Having troll maps is making things funnier. Those who want to spin like crazy or hide in the bushes for some stupid trophies they can play "the good maps"
Adrian 4 päeva tagasi
It is obviously different for all of us. Depending on how you see it can determine if it is a mistake to you. Also there is a “we” now?
tripleduoddw 5 päeva tagasi
I have a special place in my heart for bad maps especially the bounce around maps and maze maps
weep 5 päeva tagasi
I'm gonna be honest the map maker brings back the fun to Brawl Stars. I been playing it so much it's so hilarious.
Oscar 2b91
Oscar 2b91 5 päeva tagasi
I think the maps are good maybe you’re just bad
Adrian 11 tundi tagasi
@Oscar 2b91 Well it is pretty obvious that he has played more modes. I do watch his content and he definitely does decent in his gameplay.
Oscar 2b91
Oscar 2b91 12 tundi tagasi
He has played more then one mode. You need to watch more videos!
Adrian 4 päeva tagasi
I think most of the bad maps can be fun but maybe he isn’t really used to these types of maps. You can’t determine if someone is bad in only one mode.
Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller 5 päeva tagasi
The middle of the map at 6:06 😳
NG JIN HAO Moe 5 päeva tagasi
U know what kairos u can do mission by keep trying the mapmaker so u can do mission without throwing tropies
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 5 päeva tagasi
Couple of the maps were good, you just died like a forehead.
Dj Pearcy
Dj Pearcy 5 päeva tagasi
If you don’t like this it’s ok but can you tell supercell to decrease the quest tokens for the tiers cause at tier 10 you already get 400 tokens just to pass to the next tier it’s to high.
Brenda Vargas
Brenda Vargas 5 päeva tagasi
Are you kidding me i was tryptophan play solo showeown but the map was definitely a map maker the owner of the map was mil_momas just like him the EEpostr
Zxc Zero
Zxc Zero 5 päeva tagasi
I wish you friend me so I can show you my map
Thales gameplay
Thales gameplay 5 päeva tagasi
O mapa tinha que ser br mermo kkkkkkk
Caseko CSK
Caseko CSK 5 päeva tagasi
I have to admit... Some of those maps are FUN and refreshing... Something that SuperCell wouldn't dare to make.
Yuna Akari
Yuna Akari 5 päeva tagasi
Im the 14,1 k like
ok-Brawl Stars
ok-Brawl Stars 5 päeva tagasi
I have not watched this yet but ppl in my club said my map was in this
Puppet Rylan
Puppet Rylan 5 päeva tagasi
Garrett Cassidy
Garrett Cassidy 5 päeva tagasi
6:07 its a nazi symbol...... bye
Tomás Vargas Lema
Tomás Vargas Lema 5 päeva tagasi
i want to see you try it kairos trust me its hard
Tygon 5 päeva tagasi
6:09 is that a fucking Swastika
Sprutzy 5 päeva tagasi
Jesus Christ ur right, how did I not realize that wow
S P R O U T 5 päeva tagasi
I N S T A N T R E P L A Y : 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39 7:39
Sam’s Amazing
Sam’s Amazing 5 päeva tagasi
I loved that spring map . I won so many times .
Ezequiel Carranza
Ezequiel Carranza 5 päeva tagasi
The reason why we have trash maps like that is because people can't behave themselves so they do those troll and bad maps honestly i think supercell takes away map maker until people learn there lesson to stop making bad maps
Alireza Saberi
Alireza Saberi 5 päeva tagasi
I gonna play pupg mobile w
Alireza Saberi
Alireza Saberi 5 päeva tagasi
Kenneth Shealey
Kenneth Shealey 5 päeva tagasi
Just my uhvhv 😘👌
Parth 5 päeva tagasi
Kairos: get sponsored from a banned game Me :watches the full ad just to support him
Magical AG
Magical AG 5 päeva tagasi
Actually map maker wasn't a mistake, the map maker contest was a mistake!
Ben Jauhiainen
Ben Jauhiainen 5 päeva tagasi
Is Map Maker a mistake????? Or not????
Snyperboi Gaming!
Snyperboi Gaming! 5 päeva tagasi
Jesse 444
Jesse 444 5 päeva tagasi
Map maker isn’t a mistake, it’s the community.
SexyDuck Bro
SexyDuck Bro Päev tagasi
@Sarita Yeah kids play the game...... is that a problem? what do you expect?
YASEEN UDDIN Päev tagasi
@Ulisses Yeah, both Brawl Stars and Roblox communities are pretty bad...But Roblox is probably less good.
Ulisses 3 päeva tagasi
@Sarita *Worse, and roblox does actually have a few good games despite 90% of it being pretty bad, just like Brawl Stars it also has a lot of kids though.
Flowey the flower
Flowey the flower 4 päeva tagasi
IcyDuckBS 4 päeva tagasi
OP roast lol
Mathai Chacko
Mathai Chacko 5 päeva tagasi
I played a map twice in solo showdown
David Murillo
David Murillo 5 päeva tagasi
EEpostrs: get rid of troll maps! Me: How else am I supposed to grind then?
Vítek Pšenica
Vítek Pšenica 5 päeva tagasi
One map is so bad like Mortis
Carlos Dañiel Sauñi Talaverano
Carlos Dañiel Sauñi Talaverano 5 päeva tagasi
And For The subs and whose Created those maps: GAH! WAS THAT YOUR PLAN DON'T AGREE WITH KAIROSTIME?! If so, Bravo You Nimcompoops!
Carlos Dañiel Sauñi Talaverano
Carlos Dañiel Sauñi Talaverano 5 päeva tagasi
Calm Down I Know It's a mistake But Let's Be Generous and Be Better doing Those maps.
The Emperor
The Emperor 5 päeva tagasi
Kairos. You're a big influence on Brawl stars and the devs listen to you. So PLEASE! For the love of everything you love. PLEASE, tell them to buff Jessie!
MENOM GAMER 5 päeva tagasi
Adrian 4 päeva tagasi
Ok but why the self-promo?
MENOM GAMER 5 päeva tagasi
A trick in bs check it out if u love kt as much as i do
Fam Lit
Fam Lit 5 päeva tagasi
Big Woke
Big Woke 5 päeva tagasi
i made good maps for balanced playing, but they dont get upvoted enough 😔😔👌
Rocky dezen
Rocky dezen 5 päeva tagasi
U know u dont have to play them 😂😂
Ethan Lui
Ethan Lui 6 päeva tagasi
8:39 is there any excuses that u missed it?
Quaker Man
Quaker Man 6 päeva tagasi
Pubg is nock of call of duty
Ann Brawl Stars
Ann Brawl Stars 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos: 'Was map maker a mistake?' - going into the future - giggling 90% of the video Us: WHATS WRONG WITH YOU KAIROS? 'I give you the gift of...garbage' - KairosTime Gaming 2020 Us: We will remember this moment.
SOUMOJIT SARKAR 6 päeva tagasi
Where is new gadget video
ToysBlox Gaming
ToysBlox Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
A RAI 6 päeva tagasi
I got it worse. I had a gem grab map i had to run round in a big loop with those spring traps EVERYWHERE i walked. we all spawn in the same place and i kept on dying because they would kill me and thw spring traps kept on flying me back. we won but it was DREADFUL
Parshva Sanghavi
Parshva Sanghavi 6 päeva tagasi
I have made good map bit it is not getting approved😭😭
manado robertbrown
manado robertbrown 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos can try my map solo showdown
Blyke Modequillo
Blyke Modequillo 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos:Talks about Flooded Dam Me:*hApPyNeSs NoIsES*
shaly kuriakose
shaly kuriakose 6 päeva tagasi
Map maker is just a place for fun
Christian T
Christian T 6 päeva tagasi
Hell no ! Showdown map winner was a genius map with many layers on what tactic to use to win that we havent seen before. Thats why it won and i enjoyed it for hours.
suwaaq kothari
suwaaq kothari 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Map maker was a mistake. Me: NO!!! It was teleporter!!!!
Daemian Costeniuc
Daemian Costeniuc 6 päeva tagasi
To be honest, I think Kairos has already featured this sponsor and said the same thing.
Joejar Lay
Joejar Lay 6 päeva tagasi
If you keep going forward to dynamike you can dodge the tnt
A sponsorship for pub g in front of an Indian😂we literally die for pub g😍🥰love from India🥰
Predator 20357
Predator 20357 6 päeva tagasi
Remember that giving people the power to use the tools will create 90 percent trash, 5 percent meh, 4 percent good and 1 percent great. ( This is not a accurate measurement)
Oscar Fitzharding
Oscar Fitzharding 6 päeva tagasi
also 8:47, you arnt terrible
Oscar Fitzharding
Oscar Fitzharding 6 päeva tagasi
my map was in here!
DJ_ Beast
DJ_ Beast 6 päeva tagasi
Rip you kairos using mortis without getting a testy snack
Skygaming 6 päeva tagasi
It’s fixed
Skygaming 6 päeva tagasi
Help I am stuck in a Mach in gem grab and can’t win or lose pleas notify supercell
Lou got 3 Buffs... How STRONG is Lou Now?!
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