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I was SO wrong about Stu... | KairosTime
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In this video, we're going to talk about Stu. Before the update, I thought Stu was going to be OK. I figured he'd be pretty good in some modes, but not really that great in other modes. Well... I was wrong... It's time to share my 100% honest thoughts on how strong Stu is!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Thanks to Razer for sponsoring this video! I've been pretty spoiled with all the AWESOME stuff the sent me haha! Get the True Wireless earbuds 30% off using code HHTWOFF! ► rzr.to/tribe​ How strong do you think Stu is out of 10?!
Greecy TreeYT
Greecy TreeYT 4 päeva tagasi
Ryan Chew
Ryan Chew 27 päeva tagasi
@R i think it's balanced. yes you could knock the ball out of a tank that would usually score, but the low health makes up for it. If they were gonna score then they could just kill you then do it. this is just my opinion but I am top 250 for stu in the us rn.
R 27 päeva tagasi
Stu’s super should NOT knock the ball out of possession. Repost this to help spread awareness.
Ryan Chew
Ryan Chew 28 päeva tagasi
rank 27 top 250 stu in the us! I don't have stu's star power but I tried it in the championship challenge. I think stu is extremely good on canal grande. Mainly because you can get to the back and be very aggressive. Stu is also amazing on certain brawl ball maps where there aren't throwers. Stu's star power in my opinion is too slow. Bc you can't shoot while dashing and the longer dash makes the animation take longer. His best mode is probably brawl ball. He counters melee brawlers like bull, edgar, frank, he can also counter mid range brawlers like emz, poco. In brawl ball don't put ur gadget behind a wall at the start. Keep it in the back near your goal to keep it alive as long as possible. The range is really good on the gadget.
lewie_the_boss07 29 päeva tagasi
MLG GAMER 4 tundi tagasi
did anyone realise that the first teamates name was jesus the poco
Millennios 14 tundi tagasi
He looks really fun, if i ever return to brawlstars i'm definitively maining him
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 Päev tagasi
Jesus loves you !
RedstoneCreeper Päev tagasi
2:17 Thats not a backflip, it’s a backhand spring.
jufsuzanne 2 päeva tagasi
7:33 kairos: a Darryl can’t jump on you Me: uhh jump?
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
I think Kairos did it on purpose, after RealWasseem's video
Red _!_!_
Red _!_!_ 3 päeva tagasi
So I don’t have to push trophies anymore
Ammar -brawlstars
Ammar -brawlstars 4 päeva tagasi
I think kairos is wrong for the 1st time
Theo boss lol
Theo boss lol 5 päeva tagasi
Your so awesome man keep it up
Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more!
Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more! 5 päeva tagasi
He has the shortest super 🙃
genocide 6 päeva tagasi
kairos: im gonna backflip! me: he's gonna successfully fai- kairos: *proceeds to casually do a backflip* me: 👁️-👁️
Opium Ma
Opium Ma 8 päeva tagasi
I was born wrong
FR- LazyPotato
FR- LazyPotato 8 päeva tagasi
No one: Literally no one: Kairos: PaRkoUr
Smith Kayzo
Smith Kayzo 10 päeva tagasi
Nickity 10 päeva tagasi
Who remembers when stu got released everyone in solo showdown used him?
Sea Serpent
Sea Serpent 11 päeva tagasi
Can you spend 69,420 dollars on brawl stars?
HYPRA_37 11 päeva tagasi
I didnt know he could backflip
The Great Gamer
The Great Gamer 11 päeva tagasi
AxCcel 11 päeva tagasi
Elephant of brawlers I’m kairos time 0:00
Mahmood 12 päeva tagasi
He is good I reached him rank 17 while he was power 1
Mahmood 12 päeva tagasi
Tf he did a flip so easily
Arvi Is Here
Arvi Is Here 12 päeva tagasi
My opinion on both star powers is, that the healing is better, because when you have more distance, it also takes a bit more time to even end with the dash than without the star power
Joanne Drelias
Joanne Drelias 12 päeva tagasi
I'm a giant fan from razor to :D
Aiden Fredette
Aiden Fredette 12 päeva tagasi
omg i was the poco no way
Eetu13 13 päeva tagasi
The "jesus" named teammate Poco was your enemy next round. You noticed?
Aviv Miller
Aviv Miller 13 päeva tagasi
i love your videos
Arlushadze gaming
Arlushadze gaming 14 päeva tagasi
4:30 what was that sound
Amazing Box
Amazing Box 14 päeva tagasi
4:17 L
L Green
L Green 14 päeva tagasi
in brawl ball i can killl every body whith elprimo
Robert Romero
Robert Romero 15 päeva tagasi
10:05 all the same name?
Rashmit Sinhmar
Rashmit Sinhmar 15 päeva tagasi
Man I pushed stu to 800 without star power and gadget and trust me it was easyyyyy!
Ziv Javen Berjuela
Ziv Javen Berjuela 15 päeva tagasi
Never see that before LOL 2:14
Ilyana Galen
Ilyana Galen 16 päeva tagasi
I don’t get why so many seem baffled as to how Stu is broken...he’s ridiculous considering every attack, EVERY attack can charge his super and with that SP he can dash for miles. But just like Ruffs, Edgar, Byron...Supercell keeps releasing these OP brawlers so we can be their beta testers. Get some fucking play testers for god’s sake.
Badņoòß Ĺapņóß
Badņoòß Ĺapņóß 16 päeva tagasi
Why does everyone keep saying backflip its a backhand spring his hand touch
mike13899 17 päeva tagasi
Kishu The Great
Kishu The Great 17 päeva tagasi
Kairos: I was so wrong! Me: Are you kidding me? That is no way
Dark Smarly
Dark Smarly 18 päeva tagasi
If my teammates are bad I don’t get agitated, I carry them because these poor souls don’t know what it feels like to win
AsahiYT 18 päeva tagasi
idk why, but all the sponsors that i see in other videos are boring, except for this man's vids. All his sponsors are so cool, like actually.
Boba Fettuccini
Boba Fettuccini 19 päeva tagasi
I was hoping this would be brawl theory. Where is the next episode?!?!?!
ProDudeThGod 21 päev tagasi
6:06 poco name jesus 6:45 ENEMY poco name jesus too
YA BOOOIII 21 päev tagasi
You where in the same game and got killed by that poco you didn’t play again with earlier!
Ano nymous
Ano nymous 21 päev tagasi
He’s be super broken, but he isn’t braking the hole gaming because most players are at 9000 trophies and it is hard to learn how to play with him, but when you do learn it is just spam attack over the super button when in close enough range (because his attacks are farely fast, his super goes in the direction that you’re walking unless you aim, causes knock back and fire that deals 1030 in the maximum level. I do think that his life or his damage should be nerfed but if there is a buff to be had is to make the flames stack over the flames of another super)
Sergeant 23 päeva tagasi
all I saw was Kairos doing a Backflip Teach me please
sibin Edison
sibin Edison 24 päeva tagasi
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Danyal Gaming
Danyal Gaming 24 päeva tagasi
GD Reviews
GD Reviews 24 päeva tagasi
Kairos. Still my fave BS youtube guy but commercials and sponsor love has taken over my friend. 4 commercials in 1st 16 min and the sponsor portion. Too much for me.
Cricketine 24 päeva tagasi
6:44 Anyone realize that poco was his last partner?
Bayuhw29 TV
Bayuhw29 TV 24 päeva tagasi
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Trixian Wackyll Castro
Trixian Wackyll Castro 24 päeva tagasi
I love how STU is so good at brawl ball even though he don't have a leg, logic right there guys
not_gameing 25 päeva tagasi
Kairos : i am just gonna do a back flip me :😶😶😶
Polar 25 päeva tagasi
Your videos are really cool, I also started posting brawl stats content, the game is super fun
Kai Genender
Kai Genender 25 päeva tagasi
did u notice kt how u got into the same match as the poco the next round
Sanjay Yadav
Sanjay Yadav 25 päeva tagasi
Omg Kairos doing back flip wow 😲🤩😍
BOI! 26 päeva tagasi
do u know lesley chen
:0 26 päeva tagasi
Pedro Utuc-hernandez
Pedro Utuc-hernandez 26 päeva tagasi
i tot it was gana bee kit
Pedro Utuc-hernandez
Pedro Utuc-hernandez 26 päeva tagasi
XLeeroy79 26 päeva tagasi
4:18 Just straight up ''L''
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars 26 päeva tagasi
I haven't played even a single game with STU 😜
JOSHUA DAIRO 26 päeva tagasi
That was the same poco lol
Breaks27 26 päeva tagasi
Kairos, or should I say Cara Simon. Is always right.
kingadamw1 26 päeva tagasi
Knowing the brawl stars balance team they’re gonna give him a 1000 damage buff
EvilErrorYT 26 päeva tagasi
When I 1st used him he seemed weak but as I started using his super more and more he became this sorta hybrid of poke and burst which is nasty to do with
Camouflage Playz
Camouflage Playz 26 päeva tagasi
Has anyone saw poco's name is jesus
Adam Marxen
Adam Marxen 27 päeva tagasi
Did you actually do the backflip
Adam Snow
Adam Snow 27 päeva tagasi
Yes razor scooter
Racool 27 päeva tagasi
I don't know how to play with Stu at all lmao. Can't even get him to 200
R 27 päeva tagasi
Stu’s super should NOT knock the ball out of possession. Repost this to help spread awareness.
henrique viera Vieira
henrique viera Vieira 27 päeva tagasi
0:58 whatsapp
Jackson Campbell
Jackson Campbell 27 päeva tagasi
i like how every body things that stu is like god rn but he is probably going to get nerfed in the next season
Hari Sharma
Hari Sharma 27 päeva tagasi
2:14 @C9 Keeoh
Bonwo 04
Bonwo 04 27 päeva tagasi
He played against the same Poco in the second match of Showdown.
Bonwo 04
Bonwo 04 27 päeva tagasi
楊卓譽 27 päeva tagasi
4:32 new brawler unlocked stu:rank F*** Frank Stu Doesn’t Care What The F*** frank does
Kairos said that he ONLY pushed stu to 500ish trophies, meanwhile me who havent have stu
Chunky Runky
Chunky Runky 28 päeva tagasi
The most I would need is needing a full ammo to charge super
Skool Wifi
Skool Wifi 28 päeva tagasi
Jesus (Poco teammate) was the guy who wrecked you for your second game of Duos. Karma is a B.....
ckaeley 28 päeva tagasi
I don’t like stu I only have him power 3 and he’s just sooooo..bad
ineke favero
ineke favero 28 päeva tagasi
Who new kairos could backflip
GL domonator
GL domonator 28 päeva tagasi
Sorry dear, your father is a brawl stars addict
Wolf.Master 28 päeva tagasi
3:16 that “SwEeEEt” tho
Ryan Chew
Ryan Chew 28 päeva tagasi
WHAT RANK IS EVERYBODY'S STU?? I'm rank 27! top 250 us.
Bjorn Agaçi
Bjorn Agaçi 28 päeva tagasi
12:40 he said "I can't hit press play again"
Bjorn Agaçi
Bjorn Agaçi 28 päeva tagasi
He pressed play again
Jalapeno Channel
Jalapeno Channel 28 päeva tagasi
Stupocalipse is here 😵
Chris Litsos
Chris Litsos 28 päeva tagasi
Kairos: rosa is just a little bit to tanky for my liking.... Also kairos next clip: goes up against the rosa.. Keep up the good work kairos!! 👍👍
Viktoria Schlegl
Viktoria Schlegl 28 päeva tagasi
Remember when (idk wich) a new brawler came out and the free boxes were there and you opened 400 brawl boxes 20 big boxes I think and the whole trophy road but didn't get the new brawler? 😂😂
Román Kaiser
Román Kaiser 28 päeva tagasi
I just got yesterday colonel ruffs, and byron from the same mega box, but I can't play them, because everyone plays stu at low trophies
Hrachia Harutunian
Hrachia Harutunian 28 päeva tagasi
You played again
M0rpan 28 päeva tagasi
He is actually REALLY good, he counters the meta very well, which makes him easy to play
PitaMetLooksaus 28 päeva tagasi
Where tf is siege and hotzone in mapmaker
Sunny Fish
Sunny Fish 28 päeva tagasi
Stu super chain
Green Screen Vented
Green Screen Vented 28 päeva tagasi
Where'd you get that Razer sweater?
charlie sylvester
charlie sylvester 28 päeva tagasi
I pushed stu to 800 at power 7. Definitely strong and does not need sp for a good push :)
Timothy Chan
Timothy Chan 28 päeva tagasi
Your YT account has grown so much.....what happens when passion meets quality. Keep it up!
Michael Coate
Michael Coate 28 päeva tagasi
Kairos: I got him to rank 20 I know it’s not that much Me: My best rank brawler is Edgar rank 22 😂😅🥲
BABA wahle
BABA wahle 28 päeva tagasi
the problem with stu is he completely counters any short ranged brawlers, like primo and edgars ults are useless against him
bucketsarecool 28 päeva tagasi
You are not alone if you clicked on this video because you thought that kairos thought that stu was bad
Argentum Gaming
Argentum Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
Kairos: This enemy team has a lot of health. Commercial: Slaying in these shorts!
Argentum Gaming
Argentum Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Do I need to do a backflip? Commerical: What is wrong?
Sijbren Ouwerkerk
Sijbren Ouwerkerk 29 päeva tagasi
Sijbren Ouwerkerk
Sijbren Ouwerkerk 29 päeva tagasi
I have stu rank 25 powerlvl 5
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