I thought I would like Power League | 100% Honest Thoughts

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100% Honest review of Power League | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to talk about everything that released in the most recent Brawl Stars update. I'm going to be 100% honest with my review & talk about all of the things I'd like to be improved with Power League. At the end of the video I'll rate this update as well.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
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Ayanthepenguin 12 päeva tagasi
Morris Kenzie
Morris Kenzie 12 päeva tagasi
Team - 7.5 Solo - 2.1
FootedNeptune 13 päeva tagasi
? 16 päeva tagasi
JESUS 18 päeva tagasi
I hate this game mode so much
shubham hanbar
shubham hanbar Päev tagasi
solo Power league and solo showdown is most toxic..And I know all clearly see the frustration of power league in Kairos ...he is controlled all his anger for video
Abhay Mhatre
Abhay Mhatre Päev tagasi
Power League is a really good concept but there are a lot of issues. I know you started from gold 3 but I know how it feels for players from silver 2 to gold 2 . I started from gold 1 and the players in these leagues are just dumb and Don't pick good brawlers . I think a chat feature is needed to strategize and discuss about picking Brawlers . Plus I think there should be more time in between matches and chat feature so we can talk about the mistakes . One more thing I think Is needed is more clarity on the progression system . Like they say that you get progression based on the enemies . But how do you determine of they are better or worse than me ?? They need to tell us. Because a lot of times I've lost to people on same league as mine but just lost a little progression. But sometimes there were one or two players on higher rank than mine but I got just a little progression .
The Dee And Doo Bros
The Dee And Doo Bros 2 päeva tagasi
I did it once but the reason was that lunch was ready but I tried to finish it no success
Pedro De Mello Gondim
Pedro De Mello Gondim 2 päeva tagasi
3:35 Nah it happens to everybody or the guy puts cry emote or he spins
Eudaimonic Egoist
Eudaimonic Egoist 2 päeva tagasi
I have a three strike rule for doing the angry emote thing when they still haven't really learned not to rush mid like a dumbass in three attempts you just have to rub in their face that they're doing something wrong and realize it
Trickster #
Trickster # 2 päeva tagasi
2:21 i thought you’d say bad connection most people who get banned from power league only leave cuz their game crash
Trickster #
Trickster # 2 päeva tagasi
i just think they should add the report feature
Sylo Dui
Sylo Dui 2 päeva tagasi
i dont care if u t bag me for doing something stupid but dont t bag me n troll maps
Ano nymous
Ano nymous 4 päeva tagasi
I would report people playing Mortis in Heist, and they definitely should add a “exit” button before the match, a give up button between the first 2 matches (and if a whole team clicks it the enemy gains extra and the given up team loses normally, it would also make the matches quicker) and a suggest button
Luuk Lubbers
Luuk Lubbers 4 päeva tagasi
I think people spinning only happens when you play really really poor. When you make a living out of bs and your in gold 3 you are problably shit, so they shouldn’t fix this, you need to fix your game
Pepon Vatrahedes
Pepon Vatrahedes 4 päeva tagasi
Brawl Cats wasn't that bad of a game after all.
Nickity 4 päeva tagasi
I’ll be honest, I’ve gone into a breakdown about 50 times when playing power league.
Raven Baetiong
Raven Baetiong 5 päeva tagasi
Might aswell not play power league because I keep getting matched with strong and skilled people
Kiriagos Bauer
Kiriagos Bauer 6 päeva tagasi
How you get upset about a emote 😂 you soft lmao
Ethan Beecher
Ethan Beecher 6 päeva tagasi
I agree with everything else in this vid but if you get mad about people emoting on you then you shouldn’t be on the internet grow a skin lol
Aden Aden
Aden Aden 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos I’m not sure if you are going to read this but the reason why became toxic was due to the lack of communication.I have gotten mad at my teammates for just being bad and I’ve deleted this game a couple of times.It’s time that supercell should put mics I think that commcation is key specially in power league.Like you said there teammates who pick brawlers that are bad.In fortnite when I play with my friends we win most of the time but not always but mostly always.Why?b/c of comncation if supercell really likes feedback than I guess it’s time for them to put voice channel and it’s really stressful for a comptive player like me to play with teammates who don’t know what their doing.
Sean Chou
Sean Chou 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos: the brawl stars community isn’t toxic Me who always gets BM’ed in showdown and always gets a “nobody asked” or any other mean reply whenever I comment on a brawl stars video:
bruh 6 päeva tagasi
sorry but that would not work
Woohie 7 päeva tagasi
I wish that the unlockable skin from power league would be cheaper or even free because I'm not maxed out and I spend my star points on mega boxes and don't want to spend 25k for a skin
Brett Walker
Brett Walker 7 päeva tagasi
I grinded out 50 games in power league thinking I would get the skin but noooo maybe I just wasn't paying attention but 25,000 star points?seriously
Killercool 7 päeva tagasi
Well what if they report you for no reason
Rafael Leana
Rafael Leana 8 päeva tagasi
Dang you’re really getting sensitive over a player emoting you or spinning on you lol, I don’t like it either but it’s not hurting me the way it’s hurting you lol
Nightmxre34 8 päeva tagasi
It kinda irritated me bc I really don’t have a lot of brawlers and don’t have many choices and other people have socmany
Damn that’s Emman
Damn that’s Emman 9 päeva tagasi
I think they need to add a chat but like emote. Like Attack!, Retreat!, Hide!, Hold your position!, Beware of Ambush! And you just click it. Because its so frustrating specially in gem grab where my teammates have 14 gems and he just keeps going forward and fight and I can’t tell him to retreat cause there’s no easy communication system.
Ethan Schaefer
Ethan Schaefer 9 päeva tagasi
The people leaving was a bug I think, happened to me at least, on the pick your gadget page if you clicked on your brawler it crashed the game, said I would get banned if it happened again so I haven't touched the game mode since
Sunni the creator
Sunni the creator 10 päeva tagasi
I would have been okay with power league if we kept power play, but I agree with what you said about it in the video.
Barkah Rama
Barkah Rama 10 päeva tagasi
If you want to all about skill how bout all the hero made to be level 10
김류시 10 päeva tagasi
It wasn't fair if you lose you decrease a lot of points and if you win you just get a liitle amount of points Even your opponents have lvl 10 heroes and that sucks
wacky goat
wacky goat 10 päeva tagasi
Both teams should be able to use the same brawlers
Psychic Cream Corn
Psychic Cream Corn 10 päeva tagasi
I did have a funny scenario in a normal brawl ball game where the them was winning and they were by our goal spinning with the ball about to shoot but they missed We won that game :3
Remington Cord
Remington Cord 10 päeva tagasi
I feel like most people only hand matches over if they are getting obliterated, have a troll on the team, or see the team for sure losing. I have def done this a few times. I just want to play and I tend to like to have a chance at winning. Reporting people for enjoying the game they want to seems a bit excessive. I really liked the other ideas though :) 9/10 seems accurate.
Reflexo The Mirror Master
Reflexo The Mirror Master 10 päeva tagasi
I wasn't able to get to gold 1 due to toxic players
Dan Copsen
Dan Copsen 11 päeva tagasi
I think you forgot that the community ist a bunch of 9 year olds lol
Flaming Charizard
Flaming Charizard 11 päeva tagasi
How fragile can you be to get "cyber bullyed" by some emotes? No, just tell me how fragile no body is saying anything to you and everything is a toxic behaviour. Just grow some skin so you do not get offended or bullied by everything and everyone. This advice will help you, the internet or people on internet won't be nice to you because you want them to.
Meadrick The Fluke Master
Meadrick The Fluke Master 11 päeva tagasi
Reporting Players is a good idea, but this has never been done well, LOL and Rocket League has these already in place, but toxic players abuse this system, if BS can get it right then I welcome it 100%
Tim Swing
Tim Swing 11 päeva tagasi
My main issue is tryhards aka 99% of the players
Daniel Villaveces
Daniel Villaveces 11 päeva tagasi
Tbh I rly like power league haha a lot
OMG IS GG XD 11 päeva tagasi
2:52 I have this happen to me all the time especially in high gold 3 lobbies just grow up holy I didn’t get frank to rank 27 without his anti knock back gadget and in solo showdown out of thin air and no stress
True J
True J 11 päeva tagasi
Talks about how teammates are toxic and attack you at the Spawn. Meanwhile in the gameplay in the background: enemy tick attacks Edgar on same team
PlasmaZ 11 päeva tagasi
I very agree with this, I quit the game for a week because I was trying to push power league but for hours I was just getting spinner on and people left my team. It did not feel very good and just felt burned out
YoU_UglY 12 päeva tagasi
its not like we leave because our team is shit and i don't think its toxic its more like big middle finger like in this full bush bounty's map and your team is first, besides just showing if they had Like star power for bo or tara with gadget but they get their new AND IN MY OPINION there should be LEAVE button because these players get like mortis and enemy team isn't easy to kill, like my opponent instantly leave because someone picked up 1lvl mortis power league should be more like at 15k trophies or 20k because when you like have 25k and bronze 2 and your team is 7k power league is shit and doesn't work as competitive mode, better than power play but still its not so good, even the rewards does not ALSO Kairos the 4,5k ppl does not had star powers its hard to find those its rare i see 14k and they have 2 epic and gale and most of them is casual players like actually most of players :/
Green Panther
Green Panther 12 päeva tagasi
Power league Aka the mode where everyone leaves when you’re about to start the game
DangerX 12 päeva tagasi
i din't really like how power play required a brawler to have a star power, nice that this doesn't have that
Jonathan Aviles
Jonathan Aviles 12 päeva tagasi
It’s good to rub it in. If you’re team is able to swiftly get the win I don’t mind them emoting and spinning. Also while I do hit my teammates it’s only when it’s completely obvious they mess up the team and only once to get my anger out. I do not support people who spend the whole match shooting at their teammates, that makes them a person messing up the team as well. If you can’t handle emote toxicity then there is a mute button on you’re options. Giving up should be a punishable offense though.
Joel Scaria
Joel Scaria 12 päeva tagasi
stop complaining noob
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 11 päeva tagasi
You're also a noob.
Kian 12 päeva tagasi
so what if tou get bmmed
LAMZEE m 12 päeva tagasi
kairos I like your idea of reporting but what happens if people randomly report and get people banned for no reason?
FEN BEAN 12 päeva tagasi
Now okay bruh- here's my opinion about the POWER LEAGUE BAN SYSTEM--- Now look ik it's annoying and frustrating when someone leaves the match after not getting a good brawler pick and the whole match + potential game advantage has been lost and much much more wrong with toxic players in power league. I fully understand BUT to ban a whole players account is NOT the way to go in really don't think it is. Now I'm gonna be honest I've played a few matches where I mistakenly leave the game or my internet randomly cuts off and I get a warning in my inbox. Now look I'm the type of player who spends hundreds of dollars on this game and after hearing the news from the official brawl stars team that my account may be banned if I leave too much it scares me and I feel like I'm being punished for a mistake that I had no control of. I love this game and I'm sorry if I'm coming across as rude but pls don't take it that way I'm literally just scared and sad that players accounts may be banned just because of power league. Please @brawlstars consider a less harsh punishment? Such as temporary ban from power league - what I mean by that is if a player leaves too many matches in power league then temporarily ban them for hours at a time and mabye- if they keep leaving matches after already being temporarily banned from the power league they should get days added to their punishment. I believe this is a more effective way of keeping toxic players out of power league. Other than banning their entire account and wasting their money and possibly losing players. (Though they are toxic they can still change) and just a reminder I love the game I love the devs I love the community if anyone ever gets to see this please don't think I'm toxic I'm just scared to play power league ☹️
FEN BEAN 12 päeva tagasi
Does anyone agree?
Hank Curtis
Hank Curtis 12 päeva tagasi
You gonna cry if a 12-year-old bms before he scores a goal? ;..(. Grow tf up man its just all in good fun
R3KT7 13 päeva tagasi
Agreed,I want to supercell to make an option to dislike a teammate or opponent
EvilErrorYT 13 päeva tagasi
I barely play power league I've played like 39 games and I've reached gold I next season I'll go for diamond I guess 💀
Storm 13 päeva tagasi
Karios: “But when you have a teammate that just starts spamming angry emotes and attacks you instead of making up for the mistake” Me: uhhh yeah... never done that before of course
Enrique Ortiz
Enrique Ortiz 12 päeva tagasi
Your the real person who needs to be banned
Péter Magyar
Péter Magyar 13 päeva tagasi
By the way if the game crashes during the character selection then supercell is still sends threathening messages. They should fix their game first and 5hen handle the idiots.
Jaimie D
Jaimie D 13 päeva tagasi
Look to Vainglory for honor system/communication. Great stuff
FootedNeptune 13 päeva tagasi
Idc about enemy toxic behavior I just care when my teammates are toxic and quit or attack me. I also think that there needs to be a numeric value connected with ur power league progress. And I hate that I just can’t get good teammates!!!
Weenieburger 13 päeva tagasi
Honestly an endorsement system similar to Overwatch would be great, and it actually reduced the toxicity within the competitive scene. I only think reporting should be used for players who deliberately throw or disconnect from the match. Spinning or sending emotes as BM is not a reportable offense IMO. It's annoying at most, but doesn't screw your team in the end.
teodor stoyanov
teodor stoyanov 13 päeva tagasi
Thought on honor sistem: overwatch has it and I've been playing overwatch since it's release for 4 years. The sistem gives you abilities to endorse people and they have endorsement level witch gives them boxes and they have a system when if you leave a competetive match you get suspended from competetive for hours. The system is good but the game is still toxic because of its community whatever changes supercel does about brawl stars its important for the community to not be toxic. Game changes will not do a lot.
Saleha Kanwal
Saleha Kanwal 13 päeva tagasi
But what if you disconnecte accidently
Samuel Reinoso Reyes
Samuel Reinoso Reyes 14 päeva tagasi
They should give high honor ranking for being good so I could humbly FLEX IT
Mateja Radmanovic
Mateja Radmanovic 14 päeva tagasi
Imagine whining over people spinning in brawl stars
Shings 14 päeva tagasi
maybe Supercell can do some research at some famous MOBAs like LoL and DOTA2 since Power League is similar to those
ItsSapi 14 päeva tagasi
I don't think the spinning is that bad tbh, I just find it funny
роман нету
роман нету 14 päeva tagasi
My only problem with power league is that i do not want to be a leader! I have no idea who to ban, i do not want to choose strategy depending on my team picks BEFORE i see opponents' pick, i definitely do not want to be responsible for something more than my part Guess who becomes leader every time? Guess who leaves match after that? Guess who will be banned in future in whole game because of one good game mode with some minor problems? Great, isn't it?
роман нету
роман нету 14 päeva tagasi
About toxic behaviour and players rating. Don't. Even. Dare. People often have a bias in different situations when it comes to rating. Opponent being toxic to you, but you still won? Nah, i will not rate him, we won after all. Teammate was not toxic, but suck in playing? VOTE HIM DOWN! There is no chance people will be 100%, no, even 60% objective in votes, you already can see it (even with yourself) when voting for maps in mapmaker slot. If you die first in showdown, for example, there is much more chances to down vote the map, especially if you never saw this map before, especially if you are a kid (how many players are underages again?) Imagine having less rewards or even being banned because your team lost match because of you. Oh, and also there are many content creators, people known by community, and other well known people. And they are easy targets for downvotes spam for sure. Or opposite, they can ask "if you see me in power league, upvote your favourite content creator!"
Pico Luna
Pico Luna 14 päeva tagasi
Tbh I feel like it’s literally a grind With randoms.
_Adrian_ 07
_Adrian_ 07 14 päeva tagasi
Don’t be soft, reporting someone for spinning is stupid 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Legacy Trails
Legacy Trails 15 päeva tagasi
What I see every match: Penny, sprout, tick, sandy, jessie, stu, emz
Jacko 15 päeva tagasi
the only thing wrong with power league is the players. you shouldnt be able to queue into it without power 10 players. too many times do i play a game of power league and theres one teammate that picks a power 7 or lower brawler and completely throws the match. too many times there are people that are definitely not cut out for the gamemode. mistakes during play are very different than completely playing the map and mode incorrectly. kids dont know how to pick bans according to the map and mode and just ban tick every match because its their least favorite character to play against. the toxic players are NOT THE ISSUE. if you suck at brawl stars you shouldnt be queueing into a COMPETITIVE GAME MODE without power 10 players, map and mode knowledge, and basic teamwork capability. there definitely needs to be placement matches as well. i cannot stand playing with a 5k trophy player randomly because they get carried through ranks. power league itself is a 9/10 game mode but as always, the awful brawlstars players are what destroy the games integrity.
Baraka Obama
Baraka Obama 15 päeva tagasi
Ngl if I wipe out the whole team imma spin like crazy
km10speed 15 päeva tagasi
no u r not the only one
pizza 15 päeva tagasi
Its either I suck. OOOOR I just face good players ( because I'm only on silver )
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 11 päeva tagasi
If you're stuck in silver, you're bad.
Dark Smarly
Dark Smarly 16 päeva tagasi
Here is a story : I once has a level 10 Shelly and a level 7 bull. The Shelly was messy and the bull was cool. The Shelly gave up but the weaker bull thrived in his harsh situation
Dark Smarly
Dark Smarly 16 päeva tagasi
I learned how to play with these people in brawl ball first of all they are only useful as distractions. If you can carry a team of noobs on your back like a hero even the most toxic are nice to me.
Boi 5219
Boi 5219 16 päeva tagasi
I only shoot at my teammates if they are afk as kind of a hey focus
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 16 päeva tagasi
Any kind of progression in solo Power League is absolute trash. No fun at all.
Tatoshi rat
Tatoshi rat 16 päeva tagasi
I had account got with maxed brawlers, but my acc got Lost. Now I have new acc, but without starpowers etc, And everytime I play Pl, there Are pros with maxed out brawlers, And Its kinda hard for me to win Now... Not saying Im like people giving up ať first place, but IT just sucks. And i would do that the amount of trophys you have, there would be people with same amount
Xinfei Huang
Xinfei Huang 16 päeva tagasi
New brawl stars player here. Any recommendation on what community I should go to to have news and discussions? Maybe reddit?
Amelia Staresinic
Amelia Staresinic 16 päeva tagasi
I’m a little worried that I will be banned because I’ve had connection issues and left brawl league games at least ten times please don’t ban me
suppaboi 16 päeva tagasi
I feel like bad players need to be in lobbies with other bad players.. like they do in Apex Legends
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 16 päeva tagasi
That's what ranks are for.
Pika 16 päeva tagasi
If you guys wanna see a dumb player from power league i suggest you see my video lol
Mr 8-BIT
Mr 8-BIT 17 päeva tagasi
I think i hava a "salutation" what if you could suggest brawler to you're teamates in powerleague.
GGs channel
GGs channel 17 päeva tagasi
pov: you are coming from the latest kairos video and want to see the comment that kairos talked about
Ic Blood
Ic Blood 17 päeva tagasi
the fact that you guys have to be asking ppl to chose specific brawlers mean the game isn't balanced, i dont wanna see an update with new content i just want update with balance thats all thats necessary with this toxic spammy game today...i mean the game was good before now its just bad
Maddie Costantino
Maddie Costantino 17 päeva tagasi
okay tell me honor system isn’t genius though
Ten O
Ten O 17 päeva tagasi
I’m not trynna get banned for leaving a goofy game when I decide to do something more productive. It’s not the end of the world to lose a teammate. If ur good enough u should still be able to outplay 2 people
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 16 päeva tagasi
@Ten O Fr
Ten O
Ten O 17 päeva tagasi
@NebelAmoebe mag Bitcoins I swear 90% of Brawl Stars players are under the age of 12
NebelAmoebe mag Bitcoins
NebelAmoebe mag Bitcoins 17 päeva tagasi
Leaving is bad just don't do it it are only 2 minutes
tiz 17 päeva tagasi
nah you should get banned if you leave a game 👍
Flash Tortoise
Flash Tortoise 17 päeva tagasi
Why do I have 18,000 trophies put no max brawlers
Tito 17 päeva tagasi
I would pick new content
JESUS 18 päeva tagasi
Arman Rashid
Arman Rashid 18 päeva tagasi
26:09 not rlly i got bored of Brawl Stars after a year and my friends got bored in a month
PhaZaz 18 päeva tagasi
I would love this honor system. It would make me feel so good to be given a reward at the end of a match by another human because they thought I was a fun player. That’s slot coming from a 12 year old like me XD
Bugati 500
Bugati 500 18 päeva tagasi
I really hate it cuz sometimes my phone just exits power League matchmaking,even tho I did nothing,and I get a warning,that I may get banned,even tho it's not my fault. Please fix this STUPID issue.
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines 18 päeva tagasi
Whenever someone spams angry emotes and attacks their teammate who messed up, I spam the thumbs down emote to them and be like “come on bro, chill out”
Furry Diaper
Furry Diaper 18 päeva tagasi
Sounds like this game is getting a lot worst.
Tõnn Lipp
Tõnn Lipp 18 päeva tagasi
Im playd so my all teamates were afk
Farny 18 päeva tagasi
Its sad how no one accepts Brawl Stars went to the big shit long time ago
Flee Gaming
Flee Gaming 18 päeva tagasi
Tbh all the games communities is toxic so have fun and ignore them and if they start doing something more frustrating to you just hear doom soundtrack and ruin their lives
Nelson Celis
Nelson Celis 18 päeva tagasi
I hate disconnecting from the game and being banned for like an hour. I have lost a lot of the bar to that :)
Julian Williams
Julian Williams 18 päeva tagasi
Shit sounds dumb asf
P01SON BS 18 päeva tagasi
ChickenKSI 19 päeva tagasi
Simple, just have better methods of communication amongst your teammates. The reason people get so frustrated is because they can’t vent their frustration and explain what needs to be done to win. Its not a team if you can’t communicate, you’re all playing as solo players, just on the same side. I know kids these days can’t cope with voice chat, but make the pins more intricate and useful, or even make a chat box to type in, in the lobby and between the matches ...
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