I LOVE Auto Chess! Duo's with @Lex - Brawl Stars!

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Auto Chess Duos with @Lex - Brawl Stars! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to be playing some Auto Chess Duos with Lex! I love how strategic Auto Chess is!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Download Auto Chess on the Epic Games Store here! pixly.go2cloud.org/SH2Cx Watch quick tips on how to play & win Auto Chess here ► eepost.info/my/video/pnmmmGVnrJt9xos.html
gamin with mohit clasher007
gamin with mohit clasher007 Місяць tagasi
Ummm i need your help plz share the link of your brawl star throry
Maxime Leysen
Maxime Leysen Місяць tagasi
Try a normal game of chess pls. Would be fun haha ;)
Scott Harler
Scott Harler Місяць tagasi
Help me! It's telling me it's available PC only not mobile
INDIAN BRAWLER Місяць tagasi
Why i think a brawl talk on 4 march or on 6 or 7 what do you think
mackb996 YT
mackb996 YT Місяць tagasi
You made me click on the video saying brawl stars . I did not like it . plz remove brawl stars from the title
ApolloCat 16 päeva tagasi
Me: *Waiting 10 mins for the sponsor to end.* Me after 10 mins: *Oh wait, this whole video is a sponsor! 😅*
Jure Goličič
Jure Goličič 28 päeva tagasi
I still dont understand how this game works
ExodusDoesYT Місяць tagasi
These videos really don't get many views eh
Benjamin Tu
Benjamin Tu Місяць tagasi
Where’s the epic games support-a-creator code?
Lana the _awol wings
Lana the _awol wings Місяць tagasi
Kairos and lex are the only best Buddy's
not me
not me Місяць tagasi
Wait that's just a TFT rippoff
SparkyJeTady Місяць tagasi
My dad played this a long time ago, such a great time
Wish Місяць tagasi
I cant install it on my mobile.Why?
ali akeel
ali akeel Місяць tagasi
@Wish my pleasure
Wish Місяць tagasi
@ali akeel Ok.Thanks for responding 😃
ali akeel
ali akeel Місяць tagasi
@Wish oh, sorry. I wrote that while I was doing something else. I meant to say "mobile"
Wish Місяць tagasi
@ali akeel WDYM on EEpost?
ali akeel
ali akeel Місяць tagasi
I don't think it's available on youtube
RMC BS Місяць tagasi
I like how there’s only 29K views 😂
Johan Florin
Johan Florin Місяць tagasi
16:26 haha I love this editor!!
Genji No.2
Genji No.2 Місяць tagasi
Love the new content. Would love to see more of these videos
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
Nice 👍
Ryan Pranata
Ryan Pranata Місяць tagasi
Random Facts
Random Facts Місяць tagasi
I think that another brawl stars video came of Kairos 😞 we love you to see making videos of brawl stars
Hacene Elaichi
Hacene Elaichi Місяць tagasi
I miss genshin impact
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Місяць tagasi
Kat roast tie, one more time about the highest damage
Granny's here
Granny's here Місяць tagasi
u probably got payed
Luke Hawkins
Luke Hawkins Місяць tagasi
Definitely a tft remake aha
Yajur Raghavan
Yajur Raghavan Місяць tagasi
Epic Games... big leagues Kairos, big leagues.
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali Місяць tagasi
I also have auto chess....GIMME A HEART ❤️
Humam_331 Місяць tagasi
Keinaza Boss
Keinaza Boss Місяць tagasi
When u click on the vid coz brawl stars is in the name
Harmly Місяць tagasi
Looks like team fight tactics
dimitrije stanisic
dimitrije stanisic Місяць tagasi
You are playing too tactically i win WAAAAAY easier and its more fun when you just rush three 3 stars instead saving gold and buliding statistic synergies i just rush b сука and I win,too statisic too bad 🤔
Adam Schaafsma
Adam Schaafsma Місяць tagasi
I liked this you should do more. Have you tried Chess Rush?
Pineapple - Brawl Stars
Pineapple - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Lex + Kairos = Unstoppable Friendship
Evzonaki • Brawl Stars
Evzonaki • Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Brawl Stars
youtubeteam 3220
youtubeteam 3220 Місяць tagasi
Me who really likes playing chess: dId sOmEoNe sAY cHeSS
m00ninite Місяць tagasi
Sorry Kairos but AutoChess is trash.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Місяць tagasi
Lol at first I thought it was auto cheese : (
Amaan Kazi
Amaan Kazi Місяць tagasi
Wow the thumbnail photos of them r pretty old now. Oof
Scott Harler
Scott Harler Місяць tagasi
Help me! It's telling me it's PC only not mobile! How do I get mobile version!?!
Dragone Місяць tagasi
Isn’t this just TFT?
Ashi Sharma
Ashi Sharma Місяць tagasi
Hi bro my chance to get surge,Gale ,and collete is epic since 2 months (last season)will I get any of them this season ??
Sam Marfleet
Sam Marfleet Місяць tagasi
Why is there OBS logos on the lanterns in the game at the start of the video?
Colin Duffy
Colin Duffy Місяць tagasi
KT try playing cookie run kingdom its a really good game
Tommy Yu
Tommy Yu Місяць tagasi
@Lex - Brawl Stars
AKGamer Місяць tagasi
If you play guardian tales again that's gonna be so awesome!!!
L3G3ND4RY Місяць tagasi
I played this game about 2 years ago lol
Suma Biju
Suma Biju Місяць tagasi
Only OG's Remember *that Kairos* in the thumbnail.
Malina Sarkar
Malina Sarkar Місяць tagasi
Suraj Prakash
Suraj Prakash Місяць tagasi
The most sponsered video ever
Forsoul Місяць tagasi
Play Genshin with lex pls!)
Chess is great :D
Chess is great :D Місяць tagasi
chess is such an underrated game
LIT PhantoM
LIT PhantoM Місяць tagasi
Plz play genshin Impact again
Sojose Skaria
Sojose Skaria Місяць tagasi
I used to play this a lot But I stopped because the matches were way to long
Guntas Chief Gaming
Guntas Chief Gaming Місяць tagasi
I quit BS but watch the vids
Guntas Chief Gaming
Guntas Chief Gaming Місяць tagasi
Who plays Auto Chess onPS5 (I)
CLINSMANN Francesco Місяць tagasi
Me see's it's not BS Bye
Shanoo 317
Shanoo 317 Місяць tagasi
Every character and ability is a rip off from dota 2
Neelam Mittal
Neelam Mittal Місяць tagasi
Kairos before shooting video Lets use same airpods
Rising invader
Rising invader Місяць tagasi
When you turn on post notifications you will get notified when the video is first uploaded Recommendation: are you sure about that
Daniel Hesmondhalgh
Daniel Hesmondhalgh Місяць tagasi
I like how you and Lex have gone for similar OG thumbnails
Stevie Aguinaldo
Stevie Aguinaldo Місяць tagasi
0:22 von.lgbt
PT_Reppz18 Місяць tagasi
Haii kt! How are you doing? :D Its been a long time since I've watched any of your vids. I'm so sorry! Life has been crazy since the pandemic hit! I used to comment on your vids all the time and interact through them to you :3 I hope you're doing well! Hope you're recovering well also and that your family is okay 😊
Star of Bs
Star of Bs Місяць tagasi
This is very boring game😑😑
Bulbasaur Piplup
Bulbasaur Piplup Місяць tagasi
Me: Expects Brawl Theory. Kairos: AUTO-CHESS Me: ......
Musty246 Місяць tagasi
As a chess player I’m sad
MightyKanisshk Місяць tagasi
First 5000 view
Dimi Dzam
Dimi Dzam Місяць tagasi
This game is dead. No matter how much they are promoting it
sridhar sundar
sridhar sundar Місяць tagasi
Kairos I'm just saying this coz I think many can agree too.... Ur brawl stars videos are much well received And loved and as a person who only plays 2 games and only uses around 30mins-1hr ..... It'd be soooo good for u both/(u and any famous BS youtuber) to pick an innovative new series and collab!
mike13899 Місяць tagasi
purple asasin pg3d
purple asasin pg3d Місяць tagasi
This for you kairos and anyone who plays genshin impact Hey if ur gonna be pulling for hu tao may you take this song and poem to thus make ur luck better well weather that's a yes or a no I'll give the poem of luck Hu tao luck poem: Oh hu tao may the butterfly's guide and lead you to us until our eyes are met and we're able to see your flowers for pupils oh hu tao when our eyes meet you'll get taken care of oh hu tao you fell right in to my heart the second I saw you but will you fall from the skies with a beautiful yellow meteor descending from the heavens to make our lives thus better? That's the question to be asked and now we will thus wait till the heavens respond
Steel X - Brawl Stars
Steel X - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
*Maybe I will download it*
All Time Gamer-Brawl Stars
All Time Gamer-Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Kairos:we need a new sponsor Lex: Yeah Epic Games: Let us introduce our self worth auto chess OJ:Did someone say chess or cheese
TheSAPIboss Місяць tagasi
this game is 99%like chess rush
All Time Gamer-Brawl Stars
All Time Gamer-Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Well idk what this is but ok
Panna Andrew
Panna Andrew Місяць tagasi
Hello fellow brawlers he is kairos time and it is time go automatic
sup? Місяць tagasi
so the title is a lie innit
Winter Місяць tagasi
me who played chess rush: *i guess i played the wrong game*
Goalbound Gaming [BS]
Goalbound Gaming [BS] Місяць tagasi
Malo Romain Poncy
Malo Romain Poncy Місяць tagasi
If you do not have a club in brawl stars, can you join mine? Its called: The Kiwis🥝🥝. Im the president at 25,8k trophies.
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 Місяць tagasi
Kairos: were playing a epic games game! Me: what's next? Fortnite? Rocket league? Lol
JustCayos09 Місяць tagasi
@VideoGameplay 9 yes I'm a SSL by the way I have all the alpha items I was one of the first 100k to download the game. Big flexs I know
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 Місяць tagasi
@JustCayos09 rocket league is the best game of all time
JustCayos09 Місяць tagasi
Chase Wilson
Chase Wilson Місяць tagasi
“Hello fellow gamers”😭 I miss fellow brawlers already
Chase Wilson
Chase Wilson Місяць tagasi
@No One obviously
No One
No One Місяць tagasi
Hello fellow brawlers is only for brawl stars videos fool and as you can see this is not brawl stars
Daniel Ceylanli
Daniel Ceylanli Місяць tagasi
Kairos when is your next post gonna be with lady K
shea pelinggon
shea pelinggon Місяць tagasi
I officialy liked all comment so no one feels lonely
Movie Mania 3000
Movie Mania 3000 Місяць tagasi
Kairos When Is Your Brawl Theory Video Coming I am waiting for *BUT HEY IT'S JUST A THEORY A BRAWL THEORY*
junior rishabh
junior rishabh Місяць tagasi
You are my best youtuber I use your kode and I love your content
Azam Місяць tagasi
If I haded a scar for everytime KT wore that red sweater/jumper, I would be dead.
Tycho Vanbrabant
Tycho Vanbrabant Місяць tagasi
Finally a game other than bs
Mr Pineapple
Mr Pineapple Місяць tagasi
Feuerstern Gaming
Feuerstern Gaming Місяць tagasi
Looks like a good game, but these types of games are too complicated for me 😂 Maybe I will try it tho 😊
No One
No One Місяць tagasi
@Malo Romain Poncy no
Malo Romain Poncy
Malo Romain Poncy Місяць tagasi
If you do not have a club in brawl stars, can you join mine? Its called: The Kiwis🥝🥝. Im the president at 25,8k trophies.
Marc Mateo
Marc Mateo Місяць tagasi
shea pelinggon
shea pelinggon Місяць tagasi
hallo ninio
hallo ninio Місяць tagasi
yay am one of the 400 first people, great vid
Wallace Hazard
Wallace Hazard Місяць tagasi
Thumbnails with Kairos' face!
Himadri Patra
Himadri Patra Місяць tagasi
I left this game because of too much lag..🙂
No One
No One Місяць tagasi
@Himadri Patra says the one using emojis
Himadri Patra
Himadri Patra Місяць tagasi
@No One 😒😴
No One
No One Місяць tagasi
You have garbage pc or mobile
Pew Die Why?
Pew Die Why? Місяць tagasi
Me waiting for him to play real chess...
Aarush Sharma
Aarush Sharma Місяць tagasi
Love from India
So Місяць tagasi
It’s just off brand Teamfight tactics or TFT
L3G3ND4RY Місяць tagasi
@Dat Potatoes yeah that could be!
Dat Potatoes
Dat Potatoes Місяць tagasi
@L3G3ND4RY probably thought that because those other companies are more famous.. because tbh I dont even know who made this Auto Chess game
L3G3ND4RY Місяць tagasi
However tft is more fun tho
L3G3ND4RY Місяць tagasi
Lmao riot copied this game for tft....league players 🤣🤣
Maru Maru
Maru Maru Місяць tagasi
This Game and its owners literally create the whole Auto Chess genre. What are talking about?
Star Mountain Gaming
Star Mountain Gaming Місяць tagasi
Me in the Morning: Homework or Kairos' video? Kairos all the way!!! No Contest.
Ganesh Iyer
Ganesh Iyer Місяць tagasi
U knows it’s gonna be good when one plus isn’t the first sponsor he talks about
Danger Місяць tagasi
@YOBAMA Grandmaster of CBT hello fellow yobama
Broccoli Man
Broccoli Man Місяць tagasi
It’s not though
Pupzyy Місяць tagasi
@YOBAMA Grandmaster of CBT lmao
YOBAMA Grandmaster of CBT
YOBAMA Grandmaster of CBT Місяць tagasi
U edited it but still managed to make me have a stroke lol
R K Місяць tagasi
Still waiting for brawl theory ._.
Jordyn Wright
Jordyn Wright Місяць tagasi
Kairos can you open your clan back up(The mini account clan)
BlueFlamez 96
BlueFlamez 96 Місяць tagasi
Is it funny that I just reinstalled this game literally 2 days ago
edsel catle
edsel catle Місяць tagasi
pumpped about this game already..gotta download
Skere Місяць tagasi
Themainscrutinizer Місяць tagasi
K for kairos :)
Devendra Gupta
Devendra Gupta Місяць tagasi
This is the key to getting likes. People who want to get likes should click read more. Patience..... For likes..... Just a bit more... . . . Come on you are nearly there! Why do you want likes bruh?
Jinn Hoe
Jinn Hoe Місяць tagasi
Jinn Hoe
Jinn Hoe Місяць tagasi
And goblin pandaman is too toxic
QHZ Місяць tagasi
I’m from the future when everyone notices this video does horrible
Rami ali
Rami ali Місяць tagasi
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