I LOVE This Game! | Wishing for & Playing NEW Characters in Genshin Impact

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Brought to you by Genshin Impact. Join me in Genshin Impact via PC: bit.ly/KairosGenshin002PCdownload and mobile: bit.ly/KairosGenshin002Mobile
Use Genshin1111 to treat yourself with Primogem*60 & Mora*10000! Redeem after reaching adventure rank 10+ Get 20 free wishes for new players. Redeem here genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
I am a HUGE fan of Genshin Impact! I've been playing it for about 2 months almost daily, and I can't get enough of it! In this live stream, I'm going to be wishing for the 2 new characters: Childe (Tartaglia) and Diona! IF I get them, I'm going to be switching my party around to try and bring them in for additional damage!
A HUGE Thank you to Genshin Impact for Sponsoring this stream!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
I wanted to give a HUGE Thank you to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this stream! Join me in Genshin Impact via PC: bit.ly/KairosGenshin002PCdownload and mobile: bit.ly/KairosGenshin002Mobile Use Genshin1111 to treat yourself with Primogem*60 & Mora*10000, redeem after reaching adventure rank 10+ Get 20 free wishes for new players
The Poké Star Ranger
The Poké Star Ranger 14 päeva tagasi
@Marvel Universe you have to go onto the internet and search up Genshin promo code
Ds Styles
Ds Styles 15 päeva tagasi
When will rouge mortis come to shop again?? PLEASE I WANNA KNOW.
Brian Lee
Brian Lee 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos time,I want clash royale
Marvel Universe
Marvel Universe 15 päeva tagasi
Where to put the code
יהונתן סלע
יהונתן סלע 15 päeva tagasi
osman nasro
osman nasro 12 tundi tagasi
What u play a **** girls game u made the channel for brawl stars
Pusparaj Mishra
Pusparaj Mishra 5 päeva tagasi
Triple Loli team les guooo!
Ashirul Patel
Ashirul Patel 7 päeva tagasi
I unsubscribed you since i dropped BS But if you're going to play genshin impact I'll be waiting for your guides Thanks you very much Happy to see you again after couple of months
Atharva Sonawane
Atharva Sonawane 8 päeva tagasi
Can tribe gaming do genshin impact
Rivano Krens
Rivano Krens 8 päeva tagasi
NotSoLengendaryCrossBow Plays
NotSoLengendaryCrossBow Plays 8 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Finally get's Ningguang Me: First five star and get's Ningguang
NotSoLengendaryCrossBow Plays
NotSoLengendaryCrossBow Plays 8 päeva tagasi
And also get's Skyward Harp
Alex 8 päeva tagasi
This game SUCKS
GriffenFuzion 6 päeva tagasi
It's his Fav game He won't listen to a rude kid like you
Maximilian Sutterlüty
Maximilian Sutterlüty 9 päeva tagasi
Why are there quite a lot of german words in there?
Pika- Ju
Pika- Ju 10 päeva tagasi
I am crying, one of my 2 fav games played by my fav EEpostr😍How did I just find this😅
P4CIFIST PLAYZ 10 päeva tagasi
Olivier van Aken
Olivier van Aken 10 päeva tagasi
5:00 to 6:00 you forgot nintendo switch 😔
Nathaniel Zhan
Nathaniel Zhan 11 päeva tagasi
Lmao im ar 40
Tejas D
Tejas D 11 päeva tagasi
Wait so is genshini imapct just basicly like a cartoony verson of Legend Of Zelda Breath of the wild, if so WHERE DO I GET IT!!
SILVER ILIA 11 päeva tagasi
We need another live stream about genshin impact 😍🙂👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Silly Potato
Silly Potato 11 päeva tagasi
You'd be so lucky if u pulled of Tartaglia I've wasted all my faint stuff (I forgot what it's called) and primogems and got trash
yule chua
yule chua 12 päeva tagasi
I do not like gen shin impact :(
GriffenFuzion 6 päeva tagasi
He does and let him enjoy what he enjoys
Blake Bytheway
Blake Bytheway 12 päeva tagasi
Do another genshin stream I downloaded it because of you and I'm having a lot of fun
Nikoruuu 12 päeva tagasi
i wonder if he'll make guides for this game that would be so helpful tbh but he's partnered w/ mihoyo😥 hopefully just this stream so he can say both positives and negatives
Nikoruuu 12 päeva tagasi
woooow kairos actually did it! cant believe I missed this
Matias Celi
Matias Celi 12 päeva tagasi
Ok, you got me playing this game now. I NEED you to make some videos about this, like team builds, character builds, advices for f2p and so on. DON´T LEAVE US LIKE THIS
Dasa dd
Dasa dd 12 päeva tagasi
K-A-I-R-O-S Code Kairos in genshin impact?
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed 10 päeva tagasi
shabbir mhowala
shabbir mhowala 13 päeva tagasi
Plz do more genshin impact
O_o 13 päeva tagasi
Guardian tales or genshin impact? I prefer guardian tales.
Lapo 13 päeva tagasi
I’m so tired rn, ty for the relaxing content
MR. HACKER 13 päeva tagasi
I hope this game doesn't take over the world or...... Impending doom will approach
SIM WEI LE Moe 13 päeva tagasi
wow kairos is playing genshin!!!!!!!!!!!
dhruv Chadha
dhruv Chadha 14 päeva tagasi
I downloaded genshin impact before this stream btw if u can please make genshin impact vids and I am Ar 33
Noriaki Kakyoin 1737
Noriaki Kakyoin 1737 14 päeva tagasi
More genshin
Camilo Black
Camilo Black 14 päeva tagasi
Nice game, now you just have to apply the maths to the game
dark diamond gamerz
dark diamond gamerz 14 päeva tagasi
kt! you play genshin!!!!!!!!!!!!
jude ancelet
jude ancelet 14 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars and Genshin perfect chanal
King Meed Spin
King Meed Spin 14 päeva tagasi
nice onee
Just ur regular italian pal
Just ur regular italian pal 14 päeva tagasi
day 4 of asking Kairos to do a voice range Video
Cms-Jeron Brawl stars
Cms-Jeron Brawl stars 14 päeva tagasi
Why did you not use the preorder free skin it's cooler
xd Raesk
xd Raesk 14 päeva tagasi
Ar 33 you’re addicted like me
Olivér Alberti
Olivér Alberti 14 päeva tagasi
Kairos :)
Raja Anoura Raja Mohd Biajid
Raja Anoura Raja Mohd Biajid 14 päeva tagasi
Hey kt guess what im the brawler that annoyed you i was excited
Vamshi Ganapuri
Vamshi Ganapuri 14 päeva tagasi
Thanks for wishing us happy diwali so much love from India 🤗
V E G E ?
V E G E ? 14 päeva tagasi
should i play genshin?
Cosmic - Brawl Stars
Cosmic - Brawl Stars 15 päeva tagasi
Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Oh wait wrong anime 😅😅
Ds Styles
Ds Styles 15 päeva tagasi
When will rouge mortis come to shop again?? PLEASE I WANNA KNOW.
Yashu S.
Yashu S. 15 päeva tagasi
Can't download it on any of my phones 😭😭😭😭😭😭
yw Tan
yw Tan 15 päeva tagasi
Dream came true brawl stars x genshin impact
Joshen -Brawl Stars
Joshen -Brawl Stars 15 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars amber: OP need nerf Genshin Impact amber: need buff 😂😂
Ali Abdullah
Ali Abdullah 15 päeva tagasi
Wow, it turns out the #1 game on the App Store is played by some pretty cool people.
lil Beast
lil Beast 15 päeva tagasi
Day 1 of waiting to see if kairos breaks brawl stars.
LegenDNeweR 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos playing Genshin Impact? pog
Arthur Peter Lange
Arthur Peter Lange 15 päeva tagasi
Wow, this game is so much fun. It would be great with more genshin impact videos👍
Berry Draws
Berry Draws 15 päeva tagasi
27:07 i would imagine it as Kairos saying a pun by saying , purrfect
bad youtuber
bad youtuber 15 päeva tagasi
Thnxs for this ktand same to u eepost.info/my/video/2LBog3ukjKKh0os.html and can u tell this to Frank and Dani cuz I don't have any contacts with them
Harkirat Singh
Harkirat Singh 15 päeva tagasi
To me it was kinda funny to see the 9 year old saying things like 'this game is bad and 'kairos play brawl stars' Just because kairos is a brawl stars youtuver doesn't mean he can't like other games
Gaurav M. Thakuri
Gaurav M. Thakuri 15 päeva tagasi
Wow idk kairos also plays this game💕
The Oracle
The Oracle 15 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Kairos: THIS GAME IS SO SO MASSIVE Nice stream btw😄 still prefer botw tho
stone crasher
stone crasher 15 päeva tagasi
Alright kiaros convince me to play genshin impact
Arcadia Sammy
Arcadia Sammy 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos, i saw on the WKBRL stream and the arrow went this, 0-10-0-10-0-20-0-10-0-10-0-20 and that all repeat.
Killer copter
Killer copter 15 päeva tagasi
My freind at 1k trophies got collete when it was legendary rate!😶
Killer copter
Killer copter 15 päeva tagasi
@Caleb Cervantes KK
Caleb Cervantes
Caleb Cervantes 15 päeva tagasi
maxess gaming
maxess gaming 15 päeva tagasi
The game is just a copy of zelda lmao
the pro gamer
the pro gamer 15 päeva tagasi
can you try out shadow fight I think you, would like it
Leeeaves 15 päeva tagasi
is there a way to decrease the size of the start-up window because i can't actually start it 😥
PCS LAI YU SHENG 15 päeva tagasi
I just realised a gale skin on the new loading screen
Пеньо Гинев
Пеньо Гинев 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos Time is the best person ever I am watching him since Day 1 My faverout EEpostr ever xxx 😚
jonathan vergel
jonathan vergel 15 päeva tagasi
I downloaded that but it needs email
יהונתן סלע
יהונתן סלע 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos time play drawlstars
Nᴜᴄʟᴇᴀʀ sᴇɴsᴀᴛɪᴏɴ シ
Nᴜᴄʟᴇᴀʀ sᴇɴsᴀᴛɪᴏɴ シ 15 päeva tagasi
sanjog dhillon
sanjog dhillon 15 päeva tagasi
Thank you for wishing us Indians a happy diwali Kairos! I'm a Indian and today at diwali I got a rank 25 bo! Thanks for your wishes:)
jitendra flora
jitendra flora 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos lots of Indian love and a very happy diwali big fan
Tyler Eom
Tyler Eom 15 päeva tagasi
I commend you as a businessman and a family man
GAMER XD 15 päeva tagasi
Happy Diwali ❤️❤️❤️❤️
EXSAMINO GM 15 päeva tagasi
EXSAMINO GM 15 päeva tagasi
I mean im happpy for you
Samir's Friend
Samir's Friend 16 päeva tagasi
My brother kairos. Thank you very much for wishing us happy Diwali . Hope your future will be as bright as today's night in India . Love from India and happy Diwali
Aparna Mahesh
Aparna Mahesh 16 päeva tagasi
stream more on yt
ThatDudeInConer 16 päeva tagasi
I can help you level up
Fusion Combat
Fusion Combat 16 päeva tagasi
ToysBlox Gaming
ToysBlox Gaming 16 päeva tagasi
Taco 16 päeva tagasi
Remember this eepost.info/my/video/y52HqKWqqqSqyGY.html 😁
Xander Lopez
Xander Lopez 16 päeva tagasi
I was hoping he would play this, I’ve been playing for like 1 week and I love it!
Nahuel Mamani
Nahuel Mamani 16 päeva tagasi
Pusparaj Mishra
Pusparaj Mishra 5 päeva tagasi
Tier lists dont matter much in this game tbh cause even the F tier characters can be decent if built well so yea all characters are good and specially in their places they shine well.
Blade Leaf
Blade Leaf 16 päeva tagasi
I was gonna get the game that is cool
Nicholas Jayme
Nicholas Jayme 16 päeva tagasi
I just wanted to let you know that I got Trixie collete today and I saw that when the pages were flapping in the book, I saw a little picture, but I couldn’t recognize it. Maybe you could could check it out? Or maybe people already know about that and I just was oblivious to it. Or, I don’t really know but if people didn’t, it might be worth checking it out. Idk
Marmag PL
Marmag PL 16 päeva tagasi
I was just about to comment on your last video that you should try out genshin impact of you don't already play it, and then saw this video, oof
Marmag PL
Marmag PL 14 päeva tagasi
@Joevim Yow Not really, I never had that issue myself Edit: Many people had that issue, it's a bug that sometimes happens after the last update, try downloading on a pc, maybe?
Joevim Yow
Joevim Yow 14 päeva tagasi
@Marmag PL can you help ;-;
Marmag PL
Marmag PL 14 päeva tagasi
@Joevim Yow Big oof
Joevim Yow
Joevim Yow 15 päeva tagasi
@Marmag PL yes
Marmag PL
Marmag PL 15 päeva tagasi
@Joevim Yow Do you mean you can't aim with a bow character?
saad ala7mary
saad ala7mary 16 päeva tagasi
I think kairos is can be good in any game he is playing His style can fit in any game , hope he go to other games
Ivan Jeromela
Ivan Jeromela 16 päeva tagasi
I finnaly figured out! Nobody is going to read this so... Kairos catchy fraze "But hey! that is just a theory, a brawl theory!" is not original as you may think. Let me explain. To begin with, there is a chanell called "the film theory" it creator Mat Pat is founding out deeper manings and many interesting things in mouvies you never taught that they are possible using sience and his great sence of humor and interaction with audience. At a very end of every video he says this: " But hey! That is just a theory, a film theory!". Chanel exist much longer than Kairos chanel. To sum up, I think that Kairos got inspiration for his fraze by watching his videos, and there is nothing wrong about it. I love Kairos videos. And Mat Pat and Kairos are simillar, they bith use sience which I also love and videos are really interesting to watch.
8-Bit Boba
8-Bit Boba 16 päeva tagasi
My favorite Brawl Stars EEpostr playing my other favorite game? To introduce Brawl Stars players to Genshin, instead of saying Daily Commissions, maybe say like daily quests, I’m trying to get my friend who is into Brawl Stars into Genshin so instead of saying Elemental Skill, you could say gadget, and the upgrading the constellation is like ranking up Brawlers, This game is amazing, so i think it would help people to make sense of it with tactics and language they are already used to.
S Fumm
S Fumm 16 päeva tagasi
I finally found the right game cause of u thx
Raid Break
Raid Break 16 päeva tagasi
We needed to talk about this XD
Manyak Ninja
Manyak Ninja 16 päeva tagasi
Geez dude stop playing other games you are starting to be like fake CaptainSauce
Jake Ferrier
Jake Ferrier 16 päeva tagasi
This is max 🐶 He can’t swim Don’t let him drown in the comments
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed 10 päeva tagasi
Thejazz collusul
Thejazz collusul 16 päeva tagasi
TrueKing 16 päeva tagasi
My respect for you went 📈📈, keep making Genshin with brawl stars pls
Billy Liu
Billy Liu 16 päeva tagasi
OK but like kairos KAIROS TIME playing genshin impact
Ari Gaming sphere
Ari Gaming sphere 16 päeva tagasi
I played this game but i didn't get the sound of talking 😕🙁:-(
Gaven Rendon
Gaven Rendon 16 päeva tagasi
I recommend nobody gets this game simply because how greedy the devs are with the summons,
Polar Bear
Polar Bear 16 päeva tagasi
This is a brawl star channel, and brawl star has a worse gotcha system than this one lmao
osman nasro
osman nasro 16 päeva tagasi
**** are u CRAZY,u made the channel only for brawl stars and now u play a ****girls game now I disliked and unsubscribed u
M E L L O 11 päeva tagasi
Muhammad Muflih
Muhammad Muflih 16 päeva tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/z3p2nJR8ZGtn138.html Skip to 3:00 and see who it is :v Why the f hell is this even happen?
Mohammed Uzair
Mohammed Uzair 16 päeva tagasi
I legitimately did a double-take when I saw this video. KairosTime is one of my favorite EEpostrs, and Genshin Impact is one of my favorite games. Never thought I'd live to see the day when the two met in the same place like this. :D
the pro gamer
the pro gamer 16 päeva tagasi
kairos time channel longest video
Aeyden 16 päeva tagasi
I really want tribe gaming to play genshin Impact together
L.E.K 16 päeva tagasi
Epic gamer Moment
mr. spAceman
mr. spAceman 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos is evolving...
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