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I had WAY more fun playing this game than I expected! Download Guardian Tales FREE & join my Guild ASAP! ► bit.ly/Kairos_GuardianTales
Thank you to Kakao Games for sponsoring this video! I had a blast playing it and I look forward to playing it even more!
Guardian Tales actually turned out to be a lot more fun than I was expecting! It's an isometric 2D action-adventure that does a great job at capturing the simple joy of the classic games while also providing a super deep RPG experience! It's a free Mobile game and I highly recommend playing it because Guardian Tales is so much fun!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 23 päeva tagasi
I'm really having a LOT of fun playing Guardian Tales! Download FREE right here ► bit.ly/Kairos_GuardianTales The "KairosWarriors" Guild is in the North Ametican server, World 2! Be quick to join! Hope you enjoyed this video!
MaLlOw ._.
MaLlOw ._. 16 päeva tagasi
Not bad for having Oghma Hero and his weapon
Walker Rawlinson
Walker Rawlinson 18 päeva tagasi
Plz let me join your guild. My name is Maverick
Geovany Eita
Geovany Eita 20 päeva tagasi
I downloaded this game yesterday and... Uhhh, how do I stop playing😅
Andrei Puscas
Andrei Puscas 20 päeva tagasi
I can not find your guild there.
Gattledocks 21 päev tagasi
"hello fellow gamers im kairos time and i know what you're thinking" 9 yr olds: *KAIROS TELEPATHY CONFIRMED????!!*
mike13899 6 päeva tagasi
Alex 8 päeva tagasi
this game SUCKS
O9PsychoSniper YT
O9PsychoSniper YT 8 päeva tagasi
Guys! I just got 2 White box Equipment summons in a row! I got 5 Star Epic Brave Heart and 4 Star Legendary Murasame!
Øptics S
Øptics S 10 päeva tagasi
Bogdan Gičevski
Bogdan Gičevski 10 päeva tagasi
Im halfway through world 2 and the story is great but it has a lot of glitches
Electro Brawl stars
Electro Brawl stars 11 päeva tagasi
Kairos:playing another game Probably everbody:what i thought you would play brawl stars
Robb James
Robb James 12 päeva tagasi
I have been playing guardian tales for almost a week now, and 5 of my heroes are already level 50, this game is really addicting.
O9PsychoSniper YT
O9PsychoSniper YT 12 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos try getting the 'Royal Guard' costume for your Knight, it looks awesome
Kunno Cha
Kunno Cha 14 päeva tagasi
Kairos try beating Erina
David Grant
David Grant 14 päeva tagasi
This game is actually cool. I really like it, I'm about 3hrs in. I like the graphics and controls. Would definitely recommend
Albie Smith
Albie Smith 15 päeva tagasi
Is this game online or can you play offline
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
Sorry to dissapoint you but its just online you cant play offline
GluuStik YT
GluuStik YT 15 päeva tagasi
Kairos, pls accept me into your guild
azz zen
azz zen 16 päeva tagasi
kairos add me to your club plzz😭😭
azz zen
azz zen 16 päeva tagasi
Unfound Winter
Unfound Winter 17 päeva tagasi
Please play more of this!
Joel Ocampo
Joel Ocampo 17 päeva tagasi
hey kairos! i just wanted to say that in the wkbl live stream there are 7 underscores i hope that helps you!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 18 päeva tagasi
Can someone help, everytime I try to open the game it says that it cant connect to server
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
You have bad internet or you cant play guardian tales on your device
melany fuentes
melany fuentes 18 päeva tagasi
I have this game to
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
Me too
Pablo Mallen Oliva
Pablo Mallen Oliva 18 päeva tagasi
Erena in world 2 is so powerful , took me 30minutes to kill her
Pablo Mallen Oliva
Pablo Mallen Oliva 13 päeva tagasi
I did beat her after 30 minutes of spaming (no need to avance worlds)
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
If you cant beat her just go to higher worlds level up and then attack her,I beat her in 20 seconds
Matthew welch
Matthew welch 18 päeva tagasi
Only watched this because you deserve the views Kairos 👊🏻
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
I mean you should check out the game its really good
Wrekintain 18 päeva tagasi
Shadow-YT 18 päeva tagasi
im not skipping the video :)
Mason CHAU
Mason CHAU 19 päeva tagasi
that fire girl is amber!
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
His name is Girgas and he is a guy
elJefe306 - Gaming
elJefe306 - Gaming 19 päeva tagasi
karios: hello fellow *gamers* im kairostime and... me: wait that's illegal, its *brawlers*
UOENO 19 päeva tagasi
Even though I’m not interested in this particular game I am commenting and watched the whole thing.
Athena YT
Athena YT 19 päeva tagasi
my first dislike on kairostime's videos
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
@cevapXD if you post it you are gonna get so many updoots for it
cevapXD 13 päeva tagasi
Lei Feng Lol
Lei Feng Lol 19 päeva tagasi
its sponsor, and he need money for living. ur one of those 10yo kid
jonas trindade
jonas trindade 19 päeva tagasi
vBleach 19 päeva tagasi
Was just about to skip this video but then saw the community post and was like damn well now I gotta watch it
DrTDM Pug 19 päeva tagasi
Lucky Nakarmi
Lucky Nakarmi 19 päeva tagasi
plz play pocket knights 2
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 19 päeva tagasi
How did you get oghma while playing for the first time?
Nikola Komlenac
Nikola Komlenac 19 päeva tagasi
Girgas is a he...
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
I expeted better from kairos time
Bettina Rossouw
Bettina Rossouw 19 päeva tagasi
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton 20 päeva tagasi
Wanted to play this but my iPad is too old:( and I can't get a new one cuz my family broke
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
The fall of the king
Robbie Harward
Robbie Harward 20 päeva tagasi
Really like this game thanks for sharing
Daemian Costeniuc
Daemian Costeniuc 20 päeva tagasi
Kairos should play other games like Among Us or Minecraft, or maybe even Five Nights at Freddy's. They are great games trust me. Kairos might not see this comment but It's a suggestion.
Keanu King
Keanu King 20 päeva tagasi
Sorry didn't get a notification, I'm watching it now though.
Dr Scorpion
Dr Scorpion 20 päeva tagasi
Its pokemon brawlstars and bit heros mixed together nice
Tom G
Tom G 20 päeva tagasi
Awesome 👍
Julie 20 päeva tagasi
That moment you're like: wow I want to play that game too. You're going to the appstore and you see that it isn't available in your country 😢
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
In what coutry do you live in?
darkest boi
darkest boi 20 päeva tagasi
I played it for a couple months
SHARKY 20 päeva tagasi
Its like a fast paced soul knight
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
You play soul knight me too
Chase Velez
Chase Velez 20 päeva tagasi
Glad this game is getting recognition, I've been playing for 2 month now and it's great and I would love to join the club after bari's raid. Thanks Kairos!
Alyssa Hernandez
Alyssa Hernandez 20 päeva tagasi
omg someone that knows Guardian Tales AND BRAWL STARS that is not me...........ITS EVEN KARLOS
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
Who is karlos?
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 20 päeva tagasi
This game is so good
Hinda The Panda
Hinda The Panda 20 päeva tagasi
Can ya lemme into your guild? I quit my guild since it wasen't that active, My Username is Hinda
Hinda The Panda
Hinda The Panda 20 päeva tagasi
14:07 this is quite literally my entire expirence of guardian tales summed up but without me wasting tons of free gems lol
To good
To good 20 päeva tagasi
For the first time in forever Kairos is not playing Brawl stars for the first time in forever Kiaros isn't a god (at the game)
Frank FIgueroa
Frank FIgueroa 20 päeva tagasi
EdenThe King
EdenThe King 20 päeva tagasi
In all the upgrade system its realy similair to genshin impact
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
Yea but it has better odds when sammoning and better controls then genshin
Ryan Gusmano
Ryan Gusmano 20 päeva tagasi
can I get a full team of dogs that will make it a good game
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
Sadly you cant
George Pallis
George Pallis 20 päeva tagasi
Thank you so much this game is so awsome!!
ediz Yalcin
ediz Yalcin 20 päeva tagasi
11:26 amber in a diffrent game???
ediz Yalcin
ediz Yalcin 20 päeva tagasi
Waifu Party
Waifu Party 20 päeva tagasi
Genshin better
Lei Feng Lol
Lei Feng Lol 13 päeva tagasi
@Damir Zivkovic I am talking about genshin not GT
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
@Lei Feng Lol and guild
Damir Zivkovic
Damir Zivkovic 13 päeva tagasi
lei fang lol, Ok but you have alot of dangons orbital lift,mirror rift, story mode, training room,city bilding mode mode,tower, hevenhold tower, colloseum,arena,awekening, evolution and sommening
Lei Feng Lol
Lei Feng Lol 20 päeva tagasi
its way too repetitive
gl kl
gl kl 20 päeva tagasi
I played this game and completed it and the trick to defeat that boss is to get powerful wepons
jerapenu 20 päeva tagasi
Oh the vampierer girl
Well Played
Well Played 20 päeva tagasi
Anyone waiting for the brawl talk analysis vid lol?
Mr NOOB BG 20 päeva tagasi
U r gay
O9PsychoSniper YT
O9PsychoSniper YT 20 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Tries To beat the boss repeatedly Me who did all the side quests:"Observe" (True Story I beat him first try)
Spike walter
Spike walter 20 päeva tagasi
The girl seems op. reality: trash
Devaney Smith
Devaney Smith 20 päeva tagasi
Kairos why are you not making a brawl stars video.I feel sad because I love brawl stars so much.💙💖I love your videos and I hope you saw this comment.
Art Morina
Art Morina 20 päeva tagasi
kairos all i am saying is i didnt even watch the video but when you posted it i was like : Did he waist a opload for a stupid game (bruh). stil i support you but i am not whatching the vid
NinjaX .E
NinjaX .E 20 päeva tagasi
I Downloaded The Game And Completed The First Chapter Also I Got New Character Miya I Am Loving That Game So Much...Thank You Karois Love Your Videos❤️❤️💗💗
Dillon Astudillo
Dillon Astudillo 20 päeva tagasi
Uh oh... Houston we have a problem... Amber has spread to Guardian Tales
giang tra
giang tra 20 päeva tagasi
God damn this is all your faulth, Kairos!!!!! I CANT STOP PLAYING THIS GAMEEEEE!!!!
black stark
black stark 20 päeva tagasi
Uhh I played guardian tales for 3 months soo I'm strong anyone want to be carried | |
Darsh Network
Darsh Network 20 päeva tagasi
Great game kairos. Thanks :)
Sipfried 64
Sipfried 64 20 päeva tagasi
Hey kairos a tip here : if you look at the top at the screen when in combat you see a DPS meter and if you touch it its switched modes . Im always set it on HP
Lord Lingard
Lord Lingard 20 päeva tagasi
You should try another Eden it's also a great 2d rpg game my fav all time
PIRETE KING_GAMES 20 päeva tagasi
I,m in world 6
PKORNI-Brawl Stars
PKORNI-Brawl Stars 20 päeva tagasi
I love this game!
ᴅᴇᴛᴏɴᴀᴛᴏʀ 20 päeva tagasi
Wow I play this game can't believe you liked it :o nice
Manas Jadhav
Manas Jadhav 20 päeva tagasi
We Told You This Is Not Normal At All !!!!!!
Lei Feng Lol
Lei Feng Lol 20 päeva tagasi
kairos: next video will be Brawl stars kids: OMG HE QUIT BRAWL STARS OMG BETRAYAL dear kids: this is a sponsor video, kairos is in need of moneys but he also want us to be entertained. So he spent time to try out a lot of games, to make sure that we would enjoy it as well. aight hope ya all 10yo kids can understand it
Legend - Brawl Stars
Legend - Brawl Stars 20 päeva tagasi
We will support you always 💜 K-A-I-R-O-S code KAIROS in the BrawlStars shop 🤟🏻
Random Shibe YT
Random Shibe YT 20 päeva tagasi
Hello Kairos! PLEASE, do a theory on what Jessie and Piper are saying! Just today, I was playing as Jessie. And saw her mouth move in a certain why as if she was trying to say something.. I found it creepy and really wanted to know what exactly they both were saying.. But ofcourse, if you cant do it. That's okay! As always, stay pawsome! And Goodbye. 👑
DZ 20 päeva tagasi
Man im playing for only 4hr and im better at game then kairos xD (pls dont hate me im his fan but i just wanted to say how much i made in 4hrs)
Mau Jau
Mau Jau 20 päeva tagasi
Niffler GamingYT
Niffler GamingYT 20 päeva tagasi
Kairos are you going to do more Brawl Theory videos in the future? I love them so much!!!
the pro gamer
the pro gamer 20 päeva tagasi
kairos can you try shadow fight 3
Irvin_ 20 päeva tagasi
who in the comments thought the lady with the staff was like amber.if you did plz leave like
Dumb dumb
Dumb dumb 21 päev tagasi
I got the game before this but I deleted the game because it got too hard in the third world
Lei Feng Lol
Lei Feng Lol 21 päev tagasi
learn to grind
Ai bagat codul Madalin pe shop?
Ai bagat codul Madalin pe shop? 21 päev tagasi
Tommorrow gg
Bakr Alarifi
Bakr Alarifi 21 päev tagasi
Kairos their is a new ice brawler this is a comment after a day of this video I think you should eat ice until you unlock her or him not ice-cream because we can just whack eating ice until unlocking mr.p I think it’s mr.p it’s was a long time ago
Bakr Alarifi
Bakr Alarifi 21 päev tagasi
I mean whack double opps 😅😅
Bakr Alarifi
Bakr Alarifi 21 päev tagasi
I mean watch not what opps 😅
Lyzardood 21 päev tagasi
actual good game
Jeffery M
Jeffery M 21 päev tagasi
You should really play Minecraft one day bro!!!!
Pradeep Thakur
Pradeep Thakur 21 päev tagasi
Hey Bro new season is starting at night
Zavh Yatta
Zavh Yatta 21 päev tagasi
I hreatly appreciate the decrease in oversexualized anime girls. I also appreciate the fact that it’s not a lack it’s just not every single one. Gosh I sound terrible.
Sam’s Amazing
Sam’s Amazing 20 päeva tagasi
Huh I don’t get it
Ludicolo 21 päev tagasi
This video was super interesting, I was only watching the same stuff so to see you make video of a different game was refreshing
Bipo :o
Bipo :o 21 päev tagasi
Sam’s Amazing
Sam’s Amazing 20 päeva tagasi
@Bipo :o yeah!
Bipo :o
Bipo :o 21 päev tagasi
i can now confirm that all of KairosTime's paid sponsorships are 100% legit
Benjamin Franz P. Yu
Benjamin Franz P. Yu 21 päev tagasi
Also me: im probably gonna stop subbing at this guy
Benjamin Franz P. Yu
Benjamin Franz P. Yu 21 päev tagasi
Kairos: im playing guardian tales Me: he still dilint make a vid after 1 day Also me: this is fine
Theo Robinson
Theo Robinson 21 päev tagasi
this game is acually very fun! im glad you introduced it to me
SCARLORD SAVAGE 21 päev tagasi
I like this game
Nick Harper
Nick Harper 21 päev tagasi
I started playing it. It’s really fun! High quality and long storyline with a lot of strategy and a variety of modes of play
Pacific - Brawl Stars
Pacific - Brawl Stars 21 päev tagasi
I can't stop playing this game, it's so fun Thx Kairos
anekii 21 päev tagasi
I’m glad popular youtubers are bringing attention to minor games :)
Siddharth Venkatchari
Siddharth Venkatchari 21 päev tagasi
Talk about the new brawl talk
Leo Gania
Leo Gania 21 päev tagasi
Kairos did u know that the robot on boss fight has some voice-lines of rico
Lou got 3 Buffs... How STRONG is Lou Now?!
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