How to Create & PLAY your own Minigames! Update Info! #BrawlMaps

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In this video, I'm going to be going over EVERYTHING you need to know about the Map Maker. I'm going to talk about how you can use the Map Maker in Brawl Stars. We'll talk about specific things you can do in the map maker, go over some tips and tricks to making the best maps, as well as advanced map making mechanics that will help you make Brawl Stars Minigames!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
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Ben Dover
Ben Dover Місяць tagasi
Kairos I’ve been working on a brawl ball map and I think it’s pretty good so if you ever want to give it an opinion just respond to this comment. And maybe if supercell has a competition and you like my map you can recommend it or something
we,ll meet agin see you
we,ll meet agin see you Місяць tagasi
Oblivion GMS
Oblivion GMS Місяць tagasi
Tbh this is the best update
Ross Cheng
Ross Cheng Місяць tagasi
Gladiator arenas
Jean Ho
Jean Ho Місяць tagasi
Scuse me but what is the music?
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX 3 tundi tagasi
However, some people *-ALMOST EVERYONE-* just bed people to approve it. But other people *-5% OF THE PEOPLE-* don't say that they made the map and I like that trick
kerim Bartsi
kerim Bartsi 3 päeva tagasi
Guys my map also has been published PLEASE vote yes/like The name of my map is "o taLiMPaN" please vote!!!!
catYT✅ 12 päeva tagasi
Naty Foce
Naty Foce 12 päeva tagasi
numberIII5243 28 päeva tagasi
why am i laughing about the x and check marks made with bushed
StandupKnight49 Yt
StandupKnight49 Yt 28 päeva tagasi
This is gonna end up like mario maker and its gonna be awesome
Everest Frieling Legrand
Everest Frieling Legrand 28 päeva tagasi
9:27 mortis realizing he cant open boxes
Defaulty Alex
Defaulty Alex 29 päeva tagasi
Jayden Huang
Jayden Huang 29 päeva tagasi
I made a map called yes and it was the same one he made and it was when I just started and my bs crashed and I didn't save so when he opened that one I was like hold up?
Piggyboy 6578
Piggyboy 6578 29 päeva tagasi
Why do you need 1000 trophies to unlock map maker?
aidan tan
aidan tan Місяць tagasi
pls make a brawler maker
ツEgg1ツ Місяць tagasi
“King of the hill” did u just copy me or did I just copy u?
ツEgg1ツ Місяць tagasi
Duduzin _
Duduzin _ Місяць tagasi
Supercell should let you turn off the smoke in showdown for maze-like maps
Fornite ooof
Fornite ooof Місяць tagasi
karios can i play brawl stars with you pls pls reply
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh Місяць tagasi
Brawl Stars has really improved. I think its safe to say that this game is the most popular game of supercell.
Nuns 4k
Nuns 4k Місяць tagasi
Help. Im making a 1v1 showdown map and im placing the 8 spawns in the corners so noone spawns in them but im always spawning in the corner with the other player Pls help anyone
HITHANSH _YT Місяць tagasi
If anyone copies our map.The name who created the map will ours or the guy who copied ?
B-Fuzzle Gaming
B-Fuzzle Gaming Місяць tagasi
I feel like one simple thing the map makes needs is an ability to turn on a grid for when you’re making the map
SuperBaldEagle 8
SuperBaldEagle 8 Місяць tagasi
1:51. Legend has it: A Bull is in there.
Cyan Fox
Cyan Fox Місяць tagasi
This will help me make an actual map on brawl stars
Aiden Sweeney
Aiden Sweeney Місяць tagasi
i like the king of the hill idea
Jenish - Brawl Stars
Jenish - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Can these maps be added in game? Like if I create a map in game, can it be added?
Suryakant Halingale
Suryakant Halingale Місяць tagasi
do you think that supercell should add carts in map maker
Huw Bui
Huw Bui Місяць tagasi
Huw Bui
Huw Bui Місяць tagasi
Cakez Місяць tagasi
I will fill the entire map with skulls
Randy Duke
Randy Duke Місяць tagasi
The description is wrong. This video is sponsored by Supercell haha.. (bottom of description).
Sar Morales
Sar Morales Місяць tagasi
When is the update?
pippa peg
pippa peg Місяць tagasi
0:25 nice gold mecha crow at 1.6k trophies
Brandon Razo
Brandon Razo Місяць tagasi
Watching this made my shorts tight
Jeev Sphoorthi
Jeev Sphoorthi Місяць tagasi
How did you get the map maker so early
CR - 09VP 717355 Lorne Park SS
CR - 09VP 717355 Lorne Park SS Місяць tagasi
I feel like king of the hill is going to encourage teaming
XxMocha PlayzxX
XxMocha PlayzxX Місяць tagasi
Me when I see what kairos named one of his creations: y e u s
FireDemon 111
FireDemon 111 Місяць tagasi
I dont have it but i have 7k trophies
Leon Parker
Leon Parker Місяць tagasi
Kairos, you wrote hill whitout the last l
we,ll meet agin see you
we,ll meet agin see you Місяць tagasi
Sammy Jazaeri
Sammy Jazaeri Місяць tagasi
Oh boy im3about to make a milion poer box jacky
Luke Ngai
Luke Ngai Місяць tagasi
"i play your maps"
Death shot
Death shot Місяць tagasi
Do a 9 Dynamike tower map with one Morris dodging until the gas kills off the dynamikes.
vytistas 9
vytistas 9 Місяць tagasi
i will make a map full of water and gonna do darryls super on water
Balan T R
Balan T R Місяць tagasi
actually Kairos promoted his code in this video in 0:49. but there wasnt the song there
Balan T R
Balan T R Місяць tagasi
KAIROS DIDNT SAY " IT IS TIME TO BRAWL" WHY?? Did Starr Park brainwash him?
Aslan Jeremy Jones
Aslan Jeremy Jones Місяць tagasi
If kairos puts in a meme link in my comments and likes it. I have to eat okra
Tharun Racharla
Tharun Racharla Місяць tagasi
i hope that supercell adds the "train or cart " as in gem grab in mapmaker
Orca lee
Orca lee Місяць tagasi
loos like its time to pull out my minecraft brain to brawlstars which is the point of playing brawlstars, to not use my minecraft brain
ESCANOR 7 Місяць tagasi
Its like building a coc base
JarryL T
JarryL T Місяць tagasi
The new buff for siege, bolts spawning everywhere, every round will be like : LEVEL 20 BOT
CoolDude MC
CoolDude MC Місяць tagasi
Smm2 little temmies: My time has come
Ross Cheng
Ross Cheng Місяць tagasi
Use code kairos to make the best maps
Big Woke
Big Woke Місяць tagasi
they should make brawlstars in unreal 4 and put it on every other plafoorm
TrisGJW Goh
TrisGJW Goh Місяць tagasi
Almost 600K
TrisGJW Goh
TrisGJW Goh Місяць tagasi
I just wanna know WHEN it will be realeased
SUB FOR SUB Місяць tagasi
i ahev 1428 thropies but still i cant see the map make tab can I know why is it like that
Tenzin Choeying
Tenzin Choeying Місяць tagasi
Kairos: Forgets to save his map (also Kairos after realising): *Zooming Intensifies*
Sylviana Martinus
Sylviana Martinus Місяць tagasi
Nice kairos really good
DUDE ROCKERZ_YT Місяць tagasi
Launch pads covering the whole map 😀
JYYKX Місяць tagasi
People are going to make among us maps
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
This is so cool 👍👌
Ben Walther
Ben Walther Місяць tagasi
You should do walk-through tutorials on how to make maps that could help us get better at every brawler. Or something else like a dynamike dodging mini-game that can help us get better at dodging throwers. Cool vid btw I'm super hyped too
Mepros Gamingz
Mepros Gamingz Місяць tagasi
I dont yave that kind of update tho
Intergalactic Continental Champ
Intergalactic Continental Champ Місяць tagasi
King of the hil
Sebastian Delgado
Sebastian Delgado Місяць tagasi
I’m really sad Brawl stars used to be one of my favorite games now it is P2W like if you agree
bigataco games
bigataco games Місяць tagasi
When does the update come out
Jonathan Garcia Huerta
Jonathan Garcia Huerta Місяць tagasi
wen is the update coming
Darwish TNT
Darwish TNT Місяць tagasi
When will the update take place
Menso Gaming
Menso Gaming Місяць tagasi
Me thinking of making a among us minigame:Ah yes a perfect idea
Kesi Christopher
Kesi Christopher Місяць tagasi
I love your content! K-A-I-R-O-S code Kairos in the Brawl Stars shop!
Viktor Markovic
Viktor Markovic Місяць tagasi
What if we can spawn some robots in map maker
Legolas FC
Legolas FC Місяць tagasi
Wow! That map maker sounds great! 😀 But 5 maps are definitely not going to be enough for me! 😅 I think 20 would be fine 😁
Santa Boii
Santa Boii Місяць tagasi
You should make something like a clash of clans map with defenses(brawlers, dyna towers, etc.) and some one tries to beat the defenses and get to the end. You could do this with tribe gaming
Shreyas Devarashetty
Shreyas Devarashetty Місяць tagasi
map maker is fun!
XootGames Місяць tagasi
Supercell: Map Maker! Modders: Am i a joke to you?
Nik Leduc
Nik Leduc Місяць tagasi
We need more ways to get people into a friendly party
Scorcher130 Місяць tagasi
I just was watching ur newest video as of now and on this I noticed 593k to 594k
Jack Bunyard
Jack Bunyard Місяць tagasi
Has anything been said about the special effects in showdown maps? Like the asteroids, healing mushrooms, energy drinks, or the giant robots chasing brawlers? Did they add those?
BS: Golden Panda
BS: Golden Panda Місяць tagasi
I would love for you to make a few videos on top 5 or 3 maps of the week for a while because if you are myself I would love to make fun maps for me and my friends to if you could just make them then show them in action. Also please put really funny videos on tribe gaming with the fun map creator I would love to see that. Thanks for that.
Ash Місяць tagasi
Whens the updateeeee!!
Lost Morty
Lost Morty Місяць tagasi
Wow ,now with this feature we will see more clickbaits by funny moments youtubers
Harrison Chiu
Harrison Chiu Місяць tagasi
If? 300gems for your map become in-game?
Kate Paulat
Kate Paulat Місяць tagasi
Make tutorials on how to make cool maps (ex king of the hill)
Berny Yolo
Berny Yolo Місяць tagasi
Didn't expect to see Supercell as a sponsor when I saw the "Includes paid promotion".
Tyres-brawl star & more
Tyres-brawl star & more Місяць tagasi
Fellow brawlers?
Jakub Jakubowicz
Jakub Jakubowicz Місяць tagasi
Will the new update in the map editor be able to edit all game modes such as Gem Grab, Showdown, Heist, Bounty, Brawl Ball, Siege and Hot Zone?
Papi0158 Місяць tagasi
Join FNF in the official Brawl Stars Discord server. It's an event where we always play minigames together made by the community.
yousif Qahtan
yousif Qahtan Місяць tagasi
I don’t have the button
Eva Vonblon
Eva Vonblon Місяць tagasi
“It is impossible for any tiles to be placed within 2 tiles of the ball/gem mine” Wasn’t there a Brawl Ball map with bushes next to the ball?
Tricky Atus
Tricky Atus Місяць tagasi
How amber gonna throw ball in brawl ball
Jacopo Dellana
Jacopo Dellana Місяць tagasi
Kairos please make a new brawl their base on trio. Pls
ohad shater
ohad shater Місяць tagasi
How do i find the background music in this video?
Elisabet Say
Elisabet Say Місяць tagasi
Kan you pls watch its a rui pls
גיא נתנאל
גיא נתנאל Місяць tagasi
Why i dont have a opstion to map maker?????
Silvia Maria
Silvia Maria Місяць tagasi
It’s not released yet
גיא נתנאל
גיא נתנאל Місяць tagasi
Outfit7mass - BS
Outfit7mass - BS Місяць tagasi
@גיא נתנאל how much trophy u have?
גיא נתנאל
גיא נתנאל Місяць tagasi
and why i dont have?
Outfit7mass - BS
Outfit7mass - BS Місяць tagasi
I have
Sumer Thakur
Sumer Thakur Місяць tagasi
kairos when is the update coming? like when will amber the skins and map maker come? please reply
Ertostik Baimukanov
Ertostik Baimukanov Місяць tagasi
Alisson Місяць tagasi
This map creator is gonna be so fun
Julian Steenhuisen
Julian Steenhuisen Місяць tagasi
Maybe you could make a map with different types of tests foor the brawllympics. That could be a map with potential
Bean Burrito
Bean Burrito Місяць tagasi
Well, you had a long run,, but it seems your mapmaking talents are no longer necessary
GAMING SITE Місяць tagasi
Devs really need to reduce tick's mine duration. It's annoying in brawl ball. Anyone with me?
Shade Media
Shade Media Місяць tagasi
Love this
Nooblox 29
Nooblox 29 Місяць tagasi
I have got 162 gems and mu next about 10000 tokens i would get more 20 gems ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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