How to Play & WIN Auto Chess! | Quick Guide + Example Gameplay! | Feat. @Lex - Brawl Stars

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Auto Chess Quick Guide to Win! | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to be going over some quick tips and explain how to win in Auto Chess. I'll explain how to play it, and then jump into a match of duos with @Lex - Brawl Stars while I explain the rules of the game. Auto chess mobile and Dota Auto Chess is a complex game but once you understand how to play, you'll have a much easier time.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
Download Auto Chess on the Epic Games Store here: And yes... I know it's DOTA... My tongue slipped and said Dodo because Drodo created Auto Chess haha. LOVE this game!
thijsmas 15 päeva tagasi
Plz make more videos just like this where you play some random games that you both like this is so funny
Carounanidy V
Carounanidy V 16 päeva tagasi
I want 500 gems please .reply me
Iker López Marcos
Iker López Marcos 17 päeva tagasi
This game is amazing I’ve been playing it for so long even before this video
AcidArmy Gaming
AcidArmy Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
I won Rey's Challenger Colt giveaway, and I actually used YOUR creator code when I bought it! Haha... I guess I owe him my next one. It was great talking to a top Supercell Creator, and I hope I can talk to you too sometime in the future!
Levi LaMontagne
Levi LaMontagne 17 päeva tagasi
Bruh whot is this. Where's my bs
Jesus Vieira
Jesus Vieira 8 päeva tagasi
Noah Segelnick
Noah Segelnick 9 päeva tagasi
Please play this again
Øptics S
Øptics S 15 päeva tagasi
Kunwar Shrestha
Kunwar Shrestha 15 päeva tagasi
Probably Kairos won't read this but if u do bro tbh I also felt a bit bored of just brawl stars on ur channel so I feel u should let BS be the main game on ur channel but regularly play other games . Even that is very entertaining for everyone tho.
Anime Official Amv's
Anime Official Amv's 15 päeva tagasi
And the award goes to Auto chest worst game of 2020 🥳🥳
jacklepie113 15 päeva tagasi
My first thought when you explained the class and race was: tft in league of legends but that’s another version of auto chess
False Flashlights
False Flashlights 15 päeva tagasi
I love this game, I used to play it and you got me back into it
Nano Hawk
Nano Hawk 15 päeva tagasi
Hello, I simply hoped to say that i really liked your content, congratulations! I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Perhaps, You can do the same and we will become "real" EEpost friends
Star Wars Nerds and Geeks
Star Wars Nerds and Geeks 15 päeva tagasi
Thanks for saying how to play this game :) it made it much easier to watch and enjoy. I like that you play different and new games, but it's hard to enjoy it when there's no info on how it plays so thank you for putting that in
vakhtang lortkipanidze
vakhtang lortkipanidze 16 päeva tagasi
This is kinda like a cheap version of TFT
Sharif Dah
Sharif Dah 16 päeva tagasi
Now that you played auto-chess would you ever try out Tft (Team fight-tactics) It is the auto battler developed by riot games (League if legends developers) and I think it’s a very fun game.
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 16 päeva tagasi
I get the same map over and over again is that supposed to happen?
Fire Boy
Fire Boy 16 päeva tagasi
WAIT, so basically ML took this idea for Magic Chess? Cool
LocVide 16 päeva tagasi
Omg brawl stars and auto chess are the two main games I am playing the last year, I have reached king 3 rank and when I saw you uploaded an auto chess vid I was very excited, just so you know try to go for demon beast in order to win future games (6 beasts fallen witcher and 4 druid)
Swapnil Jaiswal
Swapnil Jaiswal 16 päeva tagasi
I played compitation map after 2 match 1st map came again
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 16 päeva tagasi
I also get the same map every time like in 20 tries i got 15 times the same map and 5 times other maps
Uzzy 16 päeva tagasi
Team fight tactics is much better
LUKAS Tobolar
LUKAS Tobolar 16 päeva tagasi
Can u make a new relationsship in brawlstars Video
JAishKhAn 16 päeva tagasi
Ah yes the most boring game genre of all time Like seriously how can you just there for 10 minutes straight
DrFishStick 16 päeva tagasi
Play rocket league for a tribe tuesday
Heison Chan
Heison Chan 16 päeva tagasi
tell supercell to give us infinite gems
Prakyath 22
Prakyath 22 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos is it good to exchange your 500 power points for a mega box I haven't maxed all brawlers I have 4 brawlers missing and I don't have a lot of gadgets and star powers
Ng Damien
Ng Damien 16 päeva tagasi
This reminds me of a gamemode in mobile legends...
J.J. 16 päeva tagasi
You will not see me in autochess LoL! I know you have to do what you have to do to support your family and I get that; but this was the most boring video I have ever watched on your channel. BUT...supporting you as usual by playing it all the way through while I was working on other things. #KairosForever
Aditya Wardhana
Aditya Wardhana 16 päeva tagasi
What the best line up mister?
vijayaraghavan kannan
vijayaraghavan kannan 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos:Hello Fellow Brawlers, It's KairosTime and it is time for paid-promotion Me:😱😱😱
dragonyte w
dragonyte w 16 päeva tagasi
Fellow GAMERS!?
Eric Write
Eric Write 16 päeva tagasi
I dont feel as though irt was explained very well
HM Strausser
HM Strausser 16 päeva tagasi
That was a more complicated Lou Olympics than I expected...
Tyler Schuh
Tyler Schuh 16 päeva tagasi
Tbh I had no idea what was going on but this was really interesting! You should upload more videos of this game!
Adam Yasmeen
Adam Yasmeen 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos I saw something on the bottom map of feaster famen a star park hat my productions is someone ore something drowned (pls check it out) love your vid 🥰
Sub if you smiled at My comment :3
Sub if you smiled at My comment :3 16 päeva tagasi
Me tapping on kairos’s video Kairos: “Hello fellow *gamers* Me: Nani?
J R 16 päeva tagasi
Can you make videos of you and your daughters. Or your wife playin brawl stars?
the puff
the puff 16 päeva tagasi
Normal people just playing teamfight tactics original game not cheap copy
Jay101_memer 16 päeva tagasi
Make a new brawltheory
stuffly _hd
stuffly _hd 16 päeva tagasi
Karisotime gaming play more other game, My brain saiding we already told you this is normal
The death rider
The death rider 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos: how to play auto chess Me: *laughts in team fight tactics*
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Ferreira 16 päeva tagasi
I love autochess! I hope you cover it more!
Such Ryan much gaming
Such Ryan much gaming 16 päeva tagasi
can't say I'm a big fan of sponsor-themed videos, and I like ur brawl content more, but this looks kinda sick
Donghoon Y.
Donghoon Y. 16 päeva tagasi
Why does his stuff glow pink
Piran Wills
Piran Wills 16 päeva tagasi
I clicked on this video as a chess geek thinking that this was going to be like Might have been slightly out there
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato 16 päeva tagasi
Is this weird that this game has pretty much nothing to do with chess except for the board.
Ciaran Gavin
Ciaran Gavin 16 päeva tagasi
Hey should make a second channel for this type of content
Lei Feng Lol
Lei Feng Lol 15 päeva tagasi
its a sponsor lel hes not gonna make a second video on all of this
Nikos Koskinas
Nikos Koskinas 16 päeva tagasi
Play more auto it’s so good auto and brawl are my two games I play!
firedragon 16 päeva tagasi
Tft better
Goblinator 16 päeva tagasi
Wait This sponsor actually looks sick
pingou the pingouin
pingou the pingouin 16 päeva tagasi
Hm Were is brawl starz
lj38dream YT
lj38dream YT 17 päeva tagasi
I didnt actually watch both vids but I still liked the video(I'm already subbed to the channel
Captain Boom
Captain Boom 17 päeva tagasi
Hey, since you like this game so much maybe you could look into stormbound sometime :) it is a really cool strategic game, and its really cool once u gain some cards.(dont forget to read the card description beceasue otherwise the game will be reallly hard).
Pilmenox 17 päeva tagasi
i don't wanna hate but this kinda is a scuffed version of team fight tactics from league of legends i like airos and his videos btw i just wanted to say my opinion
AP FiglioDiAndrea
AP FiglioDiAndrea 17 päeva tagasi
Damn this looks kinda sick bro
Bob Banana
Bob Banana 17 päeva tagasi
We get you sponsored content is nessesary but this is a little much (no hate thou)
Aven John
Aven John 17 päeva tagasi
I can't believe Kyra Simon isn't brawling with his fellow brothers today
Aven John
Aven John 17 päeva tagasi
We already told you, Kairos playing games that aren't brawl stars is NORMAL
Sharktos 17 päeva tagasi
100% Skill based? Yeah...sure
Dinesh Kirimetiyawa
Dinesh Kirimetiyawa 17 päeva tagasi
Kairos why are there a lot of x's on brawlers
cute_Scarr Games
cute_Scarr Games 17 päeva tagasi
Lol I’m so confused on whts happening but ima still watch the full video cuz I have 2 support
AgentChaos 17 päeva tagasi
Nice 👌 to see different content other than brawl stars thanks for sharing 😇
Gnadenlos . gut . Games
Gnadenlos . gut . Games 17 päeva tagasi
FIS 17 päeva tagasi
I like how Kairos acts like most of the people watching this don’t know that 90% of his videos are brawl stars
T R 16 päeva tagasi
More like 99.7%
Elias Cabrera
Elias Cabrera 17 päeva tagasi
I have this game just putting stuff I think works but thx to kairos I understand much better thx ☺️
Gian Sabbadini
Gian Sabbadini 17 päeva tagasi
You know Mobile Legends? Well, it has a gamemode that is exactly the same as this game, and what i try to do is trigger some synergies at the beginning of the match and then try to level up as much heroes as posible while keeping the economy over 20 to gain the extra gold. I also reroll a lot to get the heroes I need, but in the end is worth it as none of the enemies can go down my troops' hp
Supercell 17 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos,Lex,Why Your Content Now Wasn't Brawlstars? You want to banned from EEpost Or even Brawlstars or All the games that you Playing Made by Me!
Ankit Godly
Ankit Godly 17 päeva tagasi
check me out!
Emrald Dan
Emrald Dan 17 päeva tagasi
I bet all the dislikes are from people that don't like Kairos playing other games.
Regus Milner
Regus Milner 14 päeva tagasi
@Smurf so don't watch the video lol.
Smurf 16 päeva tagasi
nah i disliked the vid cuz i just dont like the game
Hαykαl 16 päeva tagasi
Why hating him play another games lol. there's nothing to make from bs so he plays another games to fill the gaps
K S 16 päeva tagasi
Yes u must be one lol right?
RT - One Piece Addict
RT - One Piece Addict 17 päeva tagasi
I want you to try to play regular chess. Maybe stream it on twitch or something. It's not as "battley" as this AutoChess, but in my opinion, it is fun. (also use From, Someone that only plays traditional chess.
Zico Bricko burrito
Zico Bricko burrito 17 päeva tagasi
Please do more brawl stars
PHŒNIX BS 17 päeva tagasi
I like this game so much !
Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson 17 päeva tagasi
Awesome gameplay dudes. Wish I was that good.
Dragos Banica
Dragos Banica 17 päeva tagasi
Play teamfight tactics as well. It is similar but with league of legends champs
ayden funke
ayden funke 17 päeva tagasi
This reminds me of clash royal in a way that you do not control your characters
ayden funke
ayden funke 17 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail: QUICK GIUDE The Video length: 25 minutes long Me: *doubt
Tanishq Bhawsar
Tanishq Bhawsar 17 päeva tagasi
Aviv Nehemia
Aviv Nehemia 17 päeva tagasi
Who wants kairos to play league of legends?
Marek Moryc
Marek Moryc 17 päeva tagasi
Wow, i just started playing auto-chess and a couple days later kairos makes a video about this game. Great video!
Zavh Yatta
Zavh Yatta 17 päeva tagasi
Love it kairos! Glad to see you explore games other than brawl stars! (Though I still ADORE your news)
Cristian Galindo
Cristian Galindo 17 päeva tagasi
Thank you Kairos! I played this game but when I figured that no one else played it I gave up because of the no fun community. Thanks Kairos for reviewing this game!!!
Lars Skoog
Lars Skoog 17 päeva tagasi
I just downloaded auto chess and it’s so fun!
BeyondComics _2099
BeyondComics _2099 17 päeva tagasi
I don't understand.... Either lex and Kairos are really fucking cheap or they don't like wireless buds... I mean comon???? With all that ads and EEpost salary.. You guys can't even buy a fucking pair of ear buds??? Comon. Like if you agree.
Carlitos 17 päeva tagasi
Why not playing brawl stars?
YTKATZY 17 päeva tagasi
Chess looks different
nimesh haldankar
nimesh haldankar 17 päeva tagasi
Dont know how to share character and he is teaching tips😂 Refrence: Lex video
Happy 17 päeva tagasi
this game is fun
Kolin Thao
Kolin Thao 17 päeva tagasi
Oh I remeber this game it's pretty fun I got a bit bored of it because the gameplay got repetitive and and tried the other auto chess games but never got invested But I did play this over the time frame of over a year so take it into consideration
Lina Ayari
Lina Ayari 17 päeva tagasi
This is so good lmao
AXEL CHAVEZ REYES 17 päeva tagasi
you guys should play BR games as dous and maybe a lucky person toplay with you guys???!!!
James11 258
James11 258 17 päeva tagasi
Lit ketchup
Lit ketchup 17 päeva tagasi
Hey umm chek out friken 8bit something is wrong with him
Bb CHANNEL 17 päeva tagasi
the truth is that as long as im playing this game, i figure out i'm loosing my soul. all of the graphics and areas come along with suspens and exciting émotions, my heart is full of wird sensations.
Gian Sabbadini
Gian Sabbadini 17 päeva tagasi
Chess battle royale
R 480 Gaming
R 480 Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
I would love to download it but I can't for the following reasons:My data and my storage
Crystal H
Crystal H 17 päeva tagasi
Zaide Rihani
Zaide Rihani 17 päeva tagasi
I don't care that it's not Brawl Stars, I still love Kairos and his content. But the "fellow hello gamers" definitely felt different. Edit: I know i said fellow hello gamers, but I'm to lazy to fix it.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 17 päeva tagasi
Stop wasting time on random games
Ha Ha yes
Ha Ha yes 17 päeva tagasi
Tbh , I really don't liek chess based gamez
Missei Lecluyse
Missei Lecluyse 17 päeva tagasi
Omg i already have this game and love it
Ragnhild Ødegård
Ragnhild Ødegård 17 päeva tagasi
Where brawl stars?
Evan Zhao
Evan Zhao 17 päeva tagasi
so many sponsors
Digambar N Pai
Digambar N Pai 17 päeva tagasi
Hello fellow Pawnees this is pawn time and it is time. To pawb
RivalSniper1 Gaming
RivalSniper1 Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
Chess and Kairos are 2 of my favourite things that i see everyday... and this man managed to mix both of those.. love it !
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