Future Brawl Stars Update! | 6 Brawler Predictions

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Predicting 6 New Brawlers in FUTURE Brawl Stars updates! | KairosTime
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For this video I'm going to be going over 6 Brawler concepts that are likely to come in future Brawl Stars updates! These concepts aren't likely to be exactly what Supercell will add to the game in the next update, but I do think their mechanics are likely to be put in the game at some point in the future!
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Shivansh Yadav
Shivansh Yadav 4 tundi tagasi
Trash bot is lou wow man what a prediction
Romess10 Päev tagasi
pats special is Beas accsecori
JustBreezy Päev tagasi
Shell looks thick tho
dragonlive 57
dragonlive 57 Päev tagasi
Wow he predicted lou the ice cream machine
T M-W 2 päeva tagasi
You are my lif you are the wey I statid bral stars You blest me with Darwl and Bo
T M-W 2 päeva tagasi
Yor the Best av all
T M-W 2 päeva tagasi
Bread Skin
Bread Skin 2 päeva tagasi
Just wait for him to get three right and watch as the people in the comments wait for the likes to roll in.
Lizzy Hodes
Lizzy Hodes 2 päeva tagasi
Barber 3.0 is almost Lou lol
Prometheus 7424
Prometheus 7424 2 päeva tagasi
Pretty sure he knows more then he lets on, 5 brawler predictions? Just cuz he’s played other games similar to this? How does that predict names? Or if they are a plant or person, I think supercell gives him hints that he doesn’t tell everyone. seems too sketchy, love ya kairos but nah. U ain’t no magic man
One Confused Boi
One Confused Boi 2 päeva tagasi
Jack is my favorite brawler concept ever
Exploding Creeper
Exploding Creeper 2 päeva tagasi
Kairos:creates trash bot Me:is that moving inferno tower?
Pucx 3 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Its only a matter of time until we get a junker theme brawler. Me:👁️👄👁️
Zeerik Malhi
Zeerik Malhi 4 päeva tagasi
every brawler is equal in everything in brawl stars
Otis otis
Otis otis 4 päeva tagasi
He predicted amber kind of with brawler 5
Ice Broken
Ice Broken 4 päeva tagasi
Pat is litterly Brock
Riser Hage Mingo • 9 years ago .
Riser Hage Mingo • 9 years ago . 5 päeva tagasi
Kairos: pam has been jessie's father Me: wait what
Andrew Gerrits
Andrew Gerrits 5 päeva tagasi
He’s crazy it’s gale and surge
Wee Goh
Wee Goh 5 päeva tagasi
Trash bot is like Amber. Not only are they fire brawlers, the both have attacks the does burn damage.
charliedoesrandomstuff 6 päeva tagasi
ahhhhh the 6th one was pipers gadget =(
Your average simp
Your average simp 6 päeva tagasi
Subtitles: Hello fellow brawlers I’m Car simon!
Pepe the frog
Pepe the frog 7 päeva tagasi
I feel like Jack is Jessie’s father
ii-FNaF_Friend-ii 8 päeva tagasi
I need trash bot in the game
Wenshy Albert
Wenshy Albert 8 päeva tagasi
I think max belongs in a trio with surge
Roarster27 xbl
Roarster27 xbl 8 päeva tagasi
I swear half of these are like overwatch characters
Steven Abraham
Steven Abraham 9 päeva tagasi
kairos nailed 2 of them, predicting surge and amber, and got half correct of another, predicting nani. Plus chupa is really cool, and i would be very surprised if we didn't get a beast mode brawler, maybe for the hero trio, and shell's concept is really way too basic to not be put into the game in some shape or form.
Khalel Arata
Khalel Arata 10 päeva tagasi
Chupa should be a girl,you know for an idea as leo and nita's mom
TheFalseButTrue 10 päeva tagasi
3rd Brawler Is Surge And 6th Brawler Is Pipers 2nd Gadget
Benjamin Nguyen
Benjamin Nguyen 11 päeva tagasi
Well I think max should be with surge
J R Productions
J R Productions 11 päeva tagasi
4/6 mechanics already in game now 👍
Lukach30 11 päeva tagasi
Number 1 is here as Nani Number 2 not here Number 3 here as surge Number 4 not here Number 5 here kinda of here as Colette Number 6 here kinda as Beas new gadget
KingBob3 11 päeva tagasi
He has done it he predicted teleporters
john guzman
john guzman 11 päeva tagasi
5:14 And that is amber
Lavva Animation
Lavva Animation 11 päeva tagasi
Well he predicted portals.
guoyu chen
guoyu chen 11 päeva tagasi
Teleportation portal brawler Teleporters: nice
Mewz360 11 päeva tagasi
A brawler concept,the brawler has 1hp but it one shots every brawler in the game
Mel Sanchez
Mel Sanchez 11 päeva tagasi
Hi 👋 I ❤️ your videos
Rameash Lopez
Rameash Lopez 11 päeva tagasi
And surge
Rameash Lopez
Rameash Lopez 11 päeva tagasi
He predicted teleporters
Freezy Breezy
Freezy Breezy 12 päeva tagasi
Well we didn’t get jack but we got teleporters
Mohamed Amir
Mohamed Amir 13 päeva tagasi
Chuca is surge
JT 13 päeva tagasi
Abijah Gordon
Abijah Gordon 13 päeva tagasi
Lol I though wer gonna have a ice brawler lol
Daryl 2009
Daryl 2009 14 päeva tagasi
Kairos just predicted 2 gadjets lol
Panzer 9945
Panzer 9945 15 päeva tagasi
So far all wrong
Tony Lin
Tony Lin 12 päeva tagasi
U try and predict then lol
GALLO FEDERICO 15 päeva tagasi
No the 3rd is correct, surge upgrade and in his prediction of brawler was: he upgrade the attack like surge they are not the same but are near(sorry for my English I am Italian)
GrizzlyCraft Gaming
GrizzlyCraft Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
How rude
『VIPER_YT』 Brawl stars
『VIPER_YT』 Brawl stars 15 päeva tagasi
Last brawlers attack is the new gadget of bee
Phiniease facing forward
Phiniease facing forward 15 päeva tagasi
Good theory
Solaruimy 15 päeva tagasi
For the last brawler I think having those rockets are there base attack or they have none at all and they cannot restore the rockets around them until all hit. Fit they hit then they are defenseless. I say this because being able to get every hit is super op in brawl stars! Idk just a idea ^_^
Kittycat 77
Kittycat 77 15 päeva tagasi
13:15 He's gonna miss all those rockets
Radu Vlad
Radu Vlad 15 päeva tagasi
You just preducted Lou with the staking dmg
SparK_ Mamoon gaming
SparK_ Mamoon gaming 16 päeva tagasi
Well poor predictions this time
Sudheer Kumar
Sudheer Kumar 16 päeva tagasi
1.Gale 2. 3.surge 4. 5.Amber 6.bea’s new gadget
Nigel XD
Nigel XD 16 päeva tagasi
This dude predicted surge mechanics almost perfect
Susu 16 päeva tagasi
4:59 + 7:40 + 11:30 = surge
Susu 16 päeva tagasi
4:59 + 7:40 = surge
Yeet YouTube
Yeet YouTube 17 päeva tagasi
The real trash bot: randoms
Dr.FishStick _
Dr.FishStick _ 17 päeva tagasi
the fact that the brawler pat was based on chief pat missing rockets is lit
꧁ DarkChinala ꧂
꧁ DarkChinala ꧂ 18 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Yes we need a brawler who has teleports! Supercell: No we don’t need a brawler with teleporters....we need just teleporters :/
super awesome little guy
super awesome little guy 18 päeva tagasi
I want a brawler with a gadget that can die but then respond with even more health and more amo
Niño Bulilit
Niño Bulilit 18 päeva tagasi
When pat watches this: is this impossible Kairos: ;-; why did i say that Us: ok plus kinda funny to add him there lol😂😂😂😂
bin 18 päeva tagasi
We don't got a portal brawler, but we have portals on maps!
Marko Zekanovic
Marko Zekanovic 18 päeva tagasi
We have teleporters.. so ig he guessed that right
The Brawl Bros
The Brawl Bros 18 päeva tagasi
nani and surge
Kantilal Patel
Kantilal Patel 18 päeva tagasi
I think chupa has pretty good chances cos he could be added to heros trio as a villain LIKE SO THAT KAIROS CAN READ IT
Sans _5282
Sans _5282 19 päeva tagasi
He predicted surge and amber
Durreslake 19 päeva tagasi
Jack could teleporters and now wehabe teleporters
Gravity Gamers
Gravity Gamers 19 päeva tagasi
if we had a kairos brawler that could stop time for all brawlers including his teammates except for himself
Hady Hadla
Hady Hadla 19 päeva tagasi
kairos::trash bot Me::thats amber right?
Ambreen Alam
Ambreen Alam 19 päeva tagasi
kairos pat never misses a rocket chief pat misses all rockets
Truffle Goat Productions
Truffle Goat Productions 19 päeva tagasi
So barber is surge
Truffle Goat Productions
Truffle Goat Productions 19 päeva tagasi
They should make a chromatic or legendary that’s shot home in on people like pipers gadget but ALWAYS
yash and kitty
yash and kitty 20 päeva tagasi
Barber 3.0 is surge
Alessandra Carbonari
Alessandra Carbonari 20 päeva tagasi
3:35 Are u sure about that
Mr. ChaChaTree
Mr. ChaChaTree 20 päeva tagasi
kairos: ahh ok lets make a space steampunk blacksmith that creates portals me: ok! lets make a mole themed brawler who creates holes
G Toasty
G Toasty 20 päeva tagasi
Carl already kinda counts as a rage mode
sky sagor
sky sagor 20 päeva tagasi
its hard to balance jack so his super is an in game feature instead
Maxy 21 päev tagasi
Trash bot looks cool!
ADITYA CANDIAH 21 päev tagasi
hes a red head to
ADITYA CANDIAH 21 päev tagasi
colt is a junker family
srujan reddy
srujan reddy 21 päev tagasi
wait teleporters are now in gsme so his prediction is canda true
G C 21 päev tagasi
Wait any body else notice when he was talking about the first thing he said the f word..isn’t he a kid channel
Amanda 21 päev tagasi
I think if Chupa was in the game he would be in the Shaman family
Hotdog Shober
Hotdog Shober 21 päev tagasi
Ah yes, can’t wait for supercell to add *suck*
Who is here after one of them is in the game.
Bartosz Koć
Bartosz Koć 21 päev tagasi
Chupa and trash bot are the best
Falcon PAWNCH!
Falcon PAWNCH! 22 päeva tagasi
“He’s part of the arcade trio with Rico and 8-Bit” Brock: Am I a joke to you?
Kav Kav
Kav Kav 23 päeva tagasi
all these brawlers are overpowered. I can't wait to get them. (:
• M ø r u x •
• M ø r u x • 23 päeva tagasi
And the 9th is my birthday 🥰
Calix Jace Sombillo
Calix Jace Sombillo 24 päeva tagasi
Hehe youtube brawler
azzam jabali
azzam jabali 24 päeva tagasi
Amber collete and surge 3more to predict
Habib 24 päeva tagasi
They cant add jack, Due to it being BROKEN In brawl ball.
Leon Duh
Leon Duh 24 päeva tagasi
I really want chupa😢
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen 25 päeva tagasi
Infinite Chaos - Brawl Stars
Infinite Chaos - Brawl Stars 25 päeva tagasi
The brawler Pat: never misses rockets Chief Pat: always misses rockets
Angry Lesbian
Angry Lesbian 25 päeva tagasi
Brawler idea Name: magnet Magnet has two bullet charge. One is for throwing his 5 dagger, and second is for colleting his dagger. (kinda like carl but manually) The dagger will remain in the ground until he will you use his 2nd charge. When both of his ammo is charge the daggers will be automatically collected.. The dagger will be block but will not be destroy when hitting a wall. Super: magnet throws a single dagger into the enemy, magnet has 5 seconds to reactivate the super which allows him to charge into that enemy.
envy 09
envy 09 26 päeva tagasi
Well I guessed amber and suggested it to supercell so your welcome
Jeri Wheeles
Jeri Wheeles 27 päeva tagasi
How do you guys like my idea for a new brawler he fits in with Colette trio mirror man he doesn’t do much damage but his whole point is to reflect all the other brawlers attacks his super his were he slams the ground and a wall of mirrors that can reflect a other brawlers attacks but throwers are his weakness but f2p players rejoice because you earn him at 6500 trophies so yeah let me know what you think
shelley alvizo
shelley alvizo 28 päeva tagasi
I wish brawl stars would add an Summuner sumuns like tick and Nita star power can spawn 3 and same health as tick super and damage as bear nita's bear the name of brawler granny what does it summuns a mouth you know when a granny does not have they use. Like fake mouths to bite thats mine
4:47 Thats Rosa Like if u agree
it's ya boi rex
it's ya boi rex 28 päeva tagasi
The one that pulls is gene
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