EXCLUSIVE Map Maker & Amber BREAKDOWN! | Update Sneak Peek!

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#BrawlMaps Update Info! Everything you need to know! | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to be doing a sneak peek of the newest feature coming to Brawl Stars: the Map Maker which you can use to create custom maps that you can play with other players. I'll be doing a quick guide explaining what you can expect from it, and then I'm going to break down everything you need to know about the newest legendary brawler: Amber. Amber is a legendary fire-breathing brawler who completes the entertainer trio with Poco and El Primo.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
What are YOU most excited for this update, and why is it the Map Maker?!?! I have SO much more to show you in future sneak peeks! ► goo.gl/1qE15w Code Kairos for all your gemming needs ► bit.ly/2nQd1Cd
xd_David Pop
xd_David Pop Місяць tagasi
Amber deals 700 damge with her super
xd_David Pop
xd_David Pop Місяць tagasi
Her super deals 700 damage per second
vandana mehra
vandana mehra Місяць tagasi
waiting for the myth , that your are a timetraveller lol
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute Місяць tagasi
RaY. h
RaY. h Місяць tagasi
i really like the colt skin and i luv the new pin changes!
ahmad boss
ahmad boss 21 päev tagasi
My name in brawl stars is ahmad r add me and you what your name in brawl stars
Celiacartagena1993 Cartagena
Celiacartagena1993 Cartagena 24 päeva tagasi
you did this in intergram i saw it and i liked it and followed you
Itz Mayoya51
Itz Mayoya51 Місяць tagasi
If someone remembers the brawler that kairos made (Arson) you will find that he is all about fire like Amber. also Arson starts with (A) so do Amber. I think supercell steel kairostime's ideas or they tell him the update before anyone on earth. LIKE IF YOU THINK SO 👇👇
Owl London spitfire fan ;3
Owl London spitfire fan ;3 Місяць tagasi
Flamethrower yessss
Güney Er
Güney Er Місяць tagasi
Hardik Jharwal
Hardik Jharwal Місяць tagasi
The phak... *EEpost* *gave* *me* *a* *notification* *of* *video* *uploaded* *after* *5* *days*...and I have already watched it
Goldlight Brawl stars
Goldlight Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
Amber amber amber today make a vid of it pls
Kenneth Larrivee
Kenneth Larrivee Місяць tagasi
Everyone: can't wait till the update. people under 1000: :((((((((
قناة القران الكريم
قناة القران الكريم Місяць tagasi
Bull : Gadget : slow enemy 3 times ❌ Gadget : stun enemy 2 times ✅
Random things I do like cubing
Random things I do like cubing Місяць tagasi
Now that’s a lot of damage - Phil swift - Kairos time
Inge Steiner
Inge Steiner Місяць tagasi
Guys, we did it. We got Sans into the game.
Grigoriy Binnington
Grigoriy Binnington Місяць tagasi
I can't wait
Abcdefg Abcdeefg
Abcdefg Abcdeefg Місяць tagasi
next vid. eating fire until i get amber
Space Naut Games
Space Naut Games Місяць tagasi
Supercell: Releases new brawler Kairos: Eats something that has to do with that brawler Amber is fire sooooo.
HAKAIS Місяць tagasi
Amber throwing fire around her and not consuming a ton of ammo could be used against invisible leons
Cubing House
Cubing House Місяць tagasi
When is the update
Awesome Auggie 1016
Awesome Auggie 1016 Місяць tagasi
Eat hot tamales
Alan Wang
Alan Wang Місяць tagasi
Kairos is probably going to eat something spicy for the Amber video
Pepe The Frog
Pepe The Frog Місяць tagasi
they literally release better non battle pass brawlers than battle pass brawler
GamerPARTH Місяць tagasi
1:54 fire breathing 🔥 Tanjiro and Rengoku, only Anime lovers will get it 😁
GALAXYDrk titanz
GALAXYDrk titanz Місяць tagasi
Pat i have a problem icant create a map I dont have map maker.
Eric Kruckenberg
Eric Kruckenberg Місяць tagasi
Who else already cannot wait for Amber Skins?
Eric Kruckenberg
Eric Kruckenberg Місяць tagasi
Map Maker is gonna change the game just like it does for every other game that has map maker
Derek Strillacci
Derek Strillacci Місяць tagasi
When is the update
The Mythical Pro
The Mythical Pro Місяць tagasi
New subscriber
ecrooks Місяць tagasi
They’re definitely going to nerf her
にゃんじば Місяць tagasi
Dann Matildo
Dann Matildo Місяць tagasi
Suggestion for unlocking amber: everytime you dont get amber you eat a spicy pepper
M Afif Abdullah
M Afif Abdullah Місяць tagasi
I can wait!
Hotdog Shober
Hotdog Shober Місяць tagasi
I can imagine that one of ambers voicelines will be: “hey, anyone got a lighter?”
Sid D'Souza
Sid D'Souza Місяць tagasi
can you do a best build video for shelly, please? I noticed that she is the only brawler with 2 gadgets that you haven't done a best build video for.
Alex Mejia
Alex Mejia Місяць tagasi
Does anyone know when the update is coming
Nathanael Ngo
Nathanael Ngo Місяць tagasi
I hope you read this Kairos.i am a kid who before they released the update got an idea for a brawler it looks like colt and bull combined and carries a machine gun.his Super is shooting a bullet which explodes after hitting a brawler or exceeds its range.this brawler shoots bullets which deal bout 300 damage. Please believe me.
Alessandro De Sessa
Alessandro De Sessa Місяць tagasi
The map maker is the dream of "best moments in brawlstars" youtubers
tigers world
tigers world Місяць tagasi
I think brawl stars will be popular than among us
veena prabhu
veena prabhu Місяць tagasi
I am so excited about this update
Ali Axundzade
Ali Axundzade Місяць tagasi
5:23 Gale : New emote
tom tang
tom tang Місяць tagasi
This map maker feature was literally made for PUMBA's thumbnails 🤣🤣🤣
CHIN XIN YUE Moe Місяць tagasi
When will these launch?kairos cause I am so exited for this update!!!
Noah Konings
Noah Konings Місяць tagasi
I just noticed that Amber is so similar to pyro from team fortress 2.
Zach Wenman
Zach Wenman Місяць tagasi
i think ambers super lights enemies on fire- you can see penny light on fire in the frame after ignition of the gas
Aldo Maldonado
Aldo Maldonado Місяць tagasi
All the comments about his opening challenges eating lava this is close enough
Litwick The Candle
Litwick The Candle Місяць tagasi
Mabey this will sound dumb but when will the update drop?
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez Місяць tagasi
Is the update on Halloween
Adam Schaafsma
Adam Schaafsma Місяць tagasi
Needed Phil to say: "Now that's a lotta damage"
Karst BS
Karst BS Місяць tagasi
Isn’t the Rosa skin like PSG Shelly?
Cameron Lao
Cameron Lao Місяць tagasi
Me when I watch this video: YAY, ROSA IS GETTING A SKIN AND I MIGHT GET IT!!!!! Me when I remember that randoms exist: Well, f**k.
xd_David Pop
xd_David Pop Місяць tagasi
Amber super deals 700 damage per second Tell me if im right.
cristina magallanes
cristina magallanes Місяць tagasi
At 5:18 it shows how much damage the super will do and it will set enemy brawlers on fire
Henry Paschke
Henry Paschke Місяць tagasi
IMPORTANT: PLEASE LIKE THIS SO KAIROS SEES IT Did anyone else notice that Dani wasn't in the "Welcome to Starr Park" brawl talk? Kairos said in the "Supercell is Evil" video that the WKBRL Gale monologue and the brawl talk happened at the same time. What was Dani doing, and is it connected to Gale's message? There are two things that could be happening here: 1) Dani is a member of SPUDE and was helping Gale broadcast his message secretly OR 2) Dani is evil, and was trying to stop Gale before he leaked any important information Thanks for reading!
Jayme Chua
Jayme Chua Місяць tagasi
Who's waiting for Amber's tests?
Nathan James
Nathan James Місяць tagasi
They are going to nerf Amber for sure!
FidsVids !
FidsVids ! Місяць tagasi
When is the update?
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson Місяць tagasi
Kairos: eating “jalapeños” until I unlock Amber
QWE_shaggy Місяць tagasi
kairos you forgot to say that her super burns enemies at 4:50 the penny catches on fire when the super was ignited
iSys Місяць tagasi
No it was bo's arrows
Raaid Ahmed
Raaid Ahmed Місяць tagasi
When is the update?
Tyler Joshua Lim
Tyler Joshua Lim Місяць tagasi
Is the championship for the exclusive pins like the regular championships where we only have 4 lives n we are out cuz then shit
n e p t u n e
n e p t u n e Місяць tagasi
Imagine him making a video with the tile: "EATING SPICY FOOD until I get Amber" Just imagine 😐 I hope he doesn't... Yeah... =_=
Porsha Місяць tagasi
Nobody: Literally nobody: Rosa: me sAns
Br Hg
Br Hg Місяць tagasi
Amazing video
JA9MZ Місяць tagasi
Every brawler should aim like this.
HARKESH BAIRWA Місяць tagasi
Kairos:amber can do 12000 damage the most Spike: my gadget is joke to you(btw with no voice)
ultra duck 22
ultra duck 22 Місяць tagasi
Sans is in Brawl stars
Khaloofy -brawl stars
Khaloofy -brawl stars Місяць tagasi
MAHMOOD VALI Місяць tagasi
Tabseer Mohd
Tabseer Mohd Місяць tagasi
So in the invest the future thing they should dinosaurs And the new brawler Amber is a fire thrower Amber was in the time of the dinosaurs and Amber is stronger than dinosaurs So she was lost in the jungle then she went to the sea after she came to Mexico and learned to fire dance :). Pls see my comment
Mistrix YT
Mistrix YT Місяць tagasi
U could eat chilly peppers for the unboxing vid.👍
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal Місяць tagasi
0:48 teaming?
Supercell:New legendary brawler Me: doesn't even have one mythic brawler
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Місяць tagasi
When is this update
Mariam Riaz
Mariam Riaz Місяць tagasi
You will see Amber will get nerfed
Konstantin kon
Konstantin kon Місяць tagasi
Next Kairos video: Eating really hot cheetos until i get Amber
PXZ SportXX Місяць tagasi
I’m soooo excited
המסופסף asaf
המסופסף asaf Місяць tagasi
When is the update coming
blark blanco
blark blanco Місяць tagasi
Wy cory say 6000 up damage?!
Puk Van de Petteflet
Puk Van de Petteflet Місяць tagasi
Amder deals 700 damage with super 5:54
Rasoel Gaming
Rasoel Gaming Місяць tagasi
New update is out be like : IF I DONT GET AMBER I EAT FIRE
Redsun Why
Redsun Why Місяць tagasi
because you can create your own map and play with your friends
Samir - Brawl stars
Samir - Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
OMG he commented in my new vedio . May be he commented to support new youtubers?
Dhruv Dhadwal
Dhruv Dhadwal Місяць tagasi
finally there's a new skin for rosa
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute Місяць tagasi
Kairos must explode a pepper bomb in his face every box he does not get Amber
UniStar -_-
UniStar -_- Місяць tagasi
Eating burnt toast until i get amber
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute Місяць tagasi
Crow: HA I WILL WIN THE NEXT BOSS TEST 8-bit: I will win the next damage test Jacky: I will beat the next swarm test Amber: *beats every brawlympics in season 4*
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute Місяць tagasi
So can I delete a map so I can create a new map?
Deathstroke Playz
Deathstroke Playz Місяць tagasi
Please kairos can u make a video of how to win brawlstars champion ship with randoms please please please please please please please please please
Yuan Chen
Yuan Chen Місяць tagasi
In the oil clip from amber, the penny was lit on Fire, as in the Crow fire. This also makes her even MORE special
Jay ツ
Jay ツ Місяць tagasi
fun fact: amber is the first female legendary brawler
Jamie's Mum Talkz
Jamie's Mum Talkz Місяць tagasi
Copy this to ruin the post
Gameboy TV and fun
Gameboy TV and fun Місяць tagasi
Hey stop using cartoon stuff
AquaJet738 Місяць tagasi
tHaT's A lOt oF dAmAgE
binnu fc
binnu fc Місяць tagasi
Dinesh Wani
Dinesh Wani Місяць tagasi
Every update *exist* Kairos:- this update is HUUUGE
Xequs Ramos
Xequs Ramos Місяць tagasi
IP am supporting your creator code
Lucas lucas
Lucas lucas Місяць tagasi
Plese play among us
Xequs Ramos
Xequs Ramos Місяць tagasi
I am so excited for this update
Kyle Genereux
Kyle Genereux Місяць tagasi
Time to watch kairos eat fire
Yeet Pekka
Yeet Pekka Місяць tagasi
So Im 99% sure that the new max gadget will drop the lightning thing and whenever she wants she can press the gadget again and tp Back to the lightning.
David Richards
David Richards Місяць tagasi
Kairos's challenge: pour gasoline on houses and light them on fire
Caedmon Slade
Caedmon Slade Місяць tagasi
For your Amber unboxing you should learn to swallow fire and "eat" another flame each box XD Also what happened to the Code Kairos song's back-up chorus???
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