Eating 🔥🔥🔥 until I get Amber | Legendary Unboxing Challenge!

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Eating 🔥🔥🔥 until I get Amber! Unboxing Challenge! | KairosTime
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For this video, I'm going to eat something SO spicy, it's rated even higher than the Carolina Reaper or Ghost Pepper on the Scoville Heat Unit Scale! I'll eat it until I unlock the newest legendary brawler in Brawl Stars: Amber! Pure Chili Extract is SO spicy & hot that it literally makes your mouth feel like it's on FIRE!!! How many boxes will I have to open until I get Amber?! Let's hope I can last long enough to find out!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
That didn't feel good... BUT I'M OK!!! Subscribe Here: Brawl Stars Creator Code ►
Kipsaté 18 tundi tagasi
This was just straight up sad
Kipsaté 18 tundi tagasi
You won’t ever have to do something like this again
Roji Alhuwaidi
Roji Alhuwaidi Päev tagasi
It is even hotter than a ghost pepper
Juan David Britton
Juan David Britton Päev tagasi
I can't imagine how that feels doing number 2...
Jacquelyn calista Chen
Jacquelyn calista Chen 7 päeva tagasi
Oh this ******* thing..... R U KIDDING ME? 9 Mega Schoville Units (9 000 000 SHU) ?????? 1 Schoville Unit is 1000 Tera Schoville Units (1 000 000 000 000 000 SHU) for me! 🔥 🔥 🔥
SRK SANDY 45 minutit tagasi
XFS Abdullah
XFS Abdullah 4 tundi tagasi
Which app are u screen recording from plz tell me
Oliwier Strzala
Oliwier Strzala 4 tundi tagasi
A new fire brawler is realesed Kairos: Ah cow, here we go again.
Sean Jacob Castro
Sean Jacob Castro 6 tundi tagasi
Ellycia Yap
Ellycia Yap 13 tundi tagasi
Hi Kairos l play brawl stars too plus you are very funny hahaha to spicy
Toasty 20 tundi tagasi
I bet suppercell felt bad when they saw this
Teanoly Teamon
Teanoly Teamon 22 tundi tagasi
Kairos: *suffering* Supercell: *evil laugh* Time for a sour brawler 😈😈
Sensible Arrow45
Sensible Arrow45 Päev tagasi
Please don't push yourself, man, seeing you cry made me feel so bad...
Ledda Lorenzo
Ledda Lorenzo Päev tagasi
6:13 is good content
yeetus mcmemer
yeetus mcmemer Päev tagasi
The people who disliked this....
Jonathan Mendoza
Jonathan Mendoza Päev tagasi
Kinda felt bad
Roji Alhuwaidi
Roji Alhuwaidi Päev tagasi
You have the best content I’ve ever seen
Margarita Rodriguez
Margarita Rodriguez Päev tagasi
Kairos: im not pooping tonight
Sophia Li
Sophia Li Päev tagasi
Thomas Davidson-Taubel
Thomas Davidson-Taubel Päev tagasi
Are you ok?
Dv Freckled
Dv Freckled Päev tagasi
Did you just call gale water?
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 2 päeva tagasi
Me watching him suffer 👁️👄👁️
THE EAGLE 2 päeva tagasi
How do you get these gems kairos By the way don't do this challenge again its not good for you
Assassin 2 päeva tagasi
Maxing was lwl10 He needed the star power and gadget
HourToHour 2 päeva tagasi
New brawler: is a virus! Kairos:........
Carter Klassen
Carter Klassen 2 päeva tagasi
when hes opening the the extra boxes at @5:26 it looks like hes doing weird things
Lxter-BS 2 päeva tagasi
Anyone wondering what he was deinking
[CK] Flyinpigeon
[CK] Flyinpigeon 2 päeva tagasi
This is how many times he said OH BOY. 👇.feels bad for you
dan the sausage 123
dan the sausage 123 2 päeva tagasi
My friend gave me one of those chocolates and they r very hot
Mustafa Maimoon
Mustafa Maimoon 3 päeva tagasi
Now I have to do these things to get it 😂😂😂
Luka The second
Luka The second 3 päeva tagasi
kairos:*drinking milk to calm the spice* me:HE NEED SOME MILK
Jessy 3 päeva tagasi
Weren't you supposed to eat a chocolate every 10 boxes? You ate one spicey one and gave up
hx mxrz
hx mxrz 3 päeva tagasi
That’s just hot chocolate
Nisarg Parikh
Nisarg Parikh 3 päeva tagasi
Avatar and the last airbender
LeisureLemur - Brawl Stars
LeisureLemur - Brawl Stars 3 päeva tagasi
Supercell: New LEGENDARY brawler! Kairos: Aight imma head out
Sabari Raajan R
Sabari Raajan R 4 päeva tagasi
what will happen if supercell release a ditch based brawler🤣
dRiFt_CEG1 YT 4 päeva tagasi
9:32 “she’s just as hot as I thought she was” that sounded wrong🤣 ooooh kairos you crushing on amber😂
glass water
glass water 4 päeva tagasi
he should have eaten fire paan from india that thing is litterally on fire (not talking about spicyness)
TheEmeraldNether 2
TheEmeraldNether 2 4 päeva tagasi
Alt title. Gamer cries while eating spicy chocolate
Nathan Weiss Pio
Nathan Weiss Pio 4 päeva tagasi
In this video kairos more like cryos
Banana boy Bob
Banana boy Bob 4 päeva tagasi
Good lord
Cosmic Gamer
Cosmic Gamer 4 päeva tagasi
4:30 - the first time u get a legandary 🤣
TheDuduLee TM
TheDuduLee TM 4 päeva tagasi
Soon: Eating Ice until I unlock Lou
Adrian animations fan times
Adrian animations fan times 4 päeva tagasi
Phw u almost died
LouisTommo .
LouisTommo . 4 päeva tagasi
I K 4 päeva tagasi
Lol poor kairos he maybe hates spicy food.
Misha Joker
Misha Joker 4 päeva tagasi
ia man cries my mom told me that a men dosent cry and here it is
Olivier van Aken
Olivier van Aken 5 päeva tagasi
Looks like the effect of wasabi
pee 5 päeva tagasi
KaIrOs CyRiNg On CaMeRa
Cesar Esquivel
Cesar Esquivel 5 päeva tagasi
Lol I'm one of your biggest fans and I have never Sean yiu like this lol you look like your dying
Mike BS
Mike BS 5 päeva tagasi
0:15 Kairos: Why did I even wake up today.
L P 5 päeva tagasi
Did I hear him right he called amber hot
Capitán Taquito
Capitán Taquito 5 päeva tagasi
My latin ass eating carolina reaper like nothing laughs at his pain tolerance🤗
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen 5 päeva tagasi
Why is it blanks
Matej Cikarski
Matej Cikarski 5 päeva tagasi
Bruh chill you really cried man chill.
Enchanted Lightning
Enchanted Lightning 5 päeva tagasi
1 like = 1 prayer for kairos's tummy later
Vansh Gupta
Vansh Gupta 6 päeva tagasi
Oh man Kairos. Do not do anything like this ever again. This could have gone really bad. Never do this we wouldnt mind if would have done something unrelated. But please dont do anything like this ever again. Nooooooooo!!!!!
Black Rainbows
Black Rainbows 6 päeva tagasi
Watching this felt like I'm the reason he did this.. I feel so bad.
DarkSean 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos please don’t do this again I feel bad for you when you cry
#charkmbPRO Gaming
#charkmbPRO Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
I used code kairos and u won’t believe what I got!! NOTHING!!! OMG OMG OMG
Aichan Aichan
Aichan Aichan 6 päeva tagasi
why u got some many gems LMaO
_GeorgeWasFound_ 6 päeva tagasi
How old are you??
DADDY 6 päeva tagasi
i got crow in a mega then the box after that i got gale then the third box i got surge, and the final box i got ember idk how tf it happened
LowlyPooch4 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos should've gotten the ghost pepper chocolate bar challenge in the race to gem mountain, then he would be prepared
C BRAWL 6 päeva tagasi
Ow poor you
Dan The Pokemon Master
Dan The Pokemon Master 7 päeva tagasi
7:34 Amber rank:6 Amber trophies 66 666
Christy fuller
Christy fuller 7 päeva tagasi
imagine at the very end he says: "that was just a regular chocolate i fooled you"
David Enos
David Enos 7 päeva tagasi
12:15 the reaction tho XD wind 🌪️
Matthew Kang
Matthew Kang 7 päeva tagasi
Noo my favorite youtuber
sam govina
sam govina 7 päeva tagasi
this just makes me sad not entertainment
Sunshixx 7 päeva tagasi
Holy shit bro u can always top
fghvsdb _lol
fghvsdb _lol 7 päeva tagasi
While I was watching this I was eating smarties
Yousef ElSherbini
Yousef ElSherbini 7 päeva tagasi
the legend says kairos's ears are still ringing
Lizzy Hodes
Lizzy Hodes 8 päeva tagasi
By the way how much was your legendary chance mine is 0.07 is that good?
Ice Broken
Ice Broken 8 päeva tagasi
Goood kairos
ANTidude 8 päeva tagasi
Kairos: THIS IS IT! Bull Gadget: I'm about to end this man's whole career
the boi remastered
the boi remastered 8 päeva tagasi
You will forever be known as the man who ate fiery chocolate
john lacombjo
john lacombjo 8 päeva tagasi
Lol watching kairos die inside made my day
Apleikotopoulogreece apleisto
Apleikotopoulogreece apleisto 9 päeva tagasi
Kairos eatingonly two and he nearly cries Spicekingcam eating this for breakfast be like😎
Naman Khandelwal
Naman Khandelwal 9 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail LMAO
chicken man
chicken man 9 päeva tagasi
Ever seen a man cry on camera just cause of chilli and dying cuz of a good time
AR PowerPlayz
AR PowerPlayz 9 päeva tagasi
drink surge energy drink for surge
AR PowerPlayz
AR PowerPlayz 9 päeva tagasi
its my name of youtube
AR PowerPlayz
AR PowerPlayz 9 päeva tagasi
well will give you to amber lol
AR PowerPlayz
AR PowerPlayz 9 päeva tagasi
AR PowerPlayz
AR PowerPlayz 9 päeva tagasi
Acacia Robinson
Acacia Robinson 9 päeva tagasi
You ok
Josh Klapperich
Josh Klapperich 9 päeva tagasi
when lou comes out. chug ice water with 1 more mint for every box
Josh Klapperich
Josh Klapperich 9 päeva tagasi
Albert- Brawl Stars
Albert- Brawl Stars 9 päeva tagasi
hosam elagamy
hosam elagamy 9 päeva tagasi
Bahadır Yilmaz
Bahadır Yilmaz 10 päeva tagasi
Who thinks kairos is dumb and noob?
Chill God
Chill God 10 päeva tagasi
Challenge: when the lou update comes you get all the quests done till you get all the boxes and then eat the COLDEST icecream with ICE until you get him
Derpygolem 10 päeva tagasi
Should of done the death nut challenge (14 million Scoville units...)
Diego Javier Aguilera Ruiz
Diego Javier Aguilera Ruiz 10 päeva tagasi
I got amber at 600 trophies 🏆 which is a milestone that I will never forget
Jeremy Bufton
Jeremy Bufton 10 päeva tagasi
Do you like amber do you like like her
NSC gaming
NSC gaming 10 päeva tagasi
Literally nobody: Kiaros: I’m gunna eat chocolate that has 9,000,000,000 scovil units!!!!! Also kiaros: *crying*
Tanish Patel
Tanish Patel 10 päeva tagasi
Googly McRl
Googly McRl 10 päeva tagasi
you cheated tho you got one spicey one and just opened like 50 other mega and big boxes
PinaColada69 [Ashe]
PinaColada69 [Ashe] 10 päeva tagasi
Ouch. I had really high legendary rates until I got Mr. P yesterday. It was like 3.78 something but now they are .081 something
Lonnie Richardson
Lonnie Richardson 10 päeva tagasi
Why would u eat a burn or bliss? :/
Rahul Mallik
Rahul Mallik 11 päeva tagasi
U opened so much boxes I got amber in mega box the moment it was released 😎 luck level 10000
Keremoofoofo Ertem
Keremoofoofo Ertem 11 päeva tagasi
Wow that guy cried
Mohammed Faaiz Siddiqui
Mohammed Faaiz Siddiqui 11 päeva tagasi
You tortured yourself too much! I was literally gonna cry 6:13 . Don't do that kind of thing EVER AGAIN!
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