Brawl Theory: Supercell is Evil...

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Brawl Theory: Supercell has an evil plan with Brawl Stars | KairosTime
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In this video, I am going to recap the investor video that took over Brawl Talk, talk about the WKBRL stream including what many people are calling the Gale monologue, as well as many other things leading up to the TRUTH behind Brawl Stars & Starr Park.
This Brawl Theory will reveal so much about Brawl Stars and give us an accurate timeline for everything leading up to the investor video hacking into Brawl Talk.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
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Electro Brawl stars
Electro Brawl stars 4 päeva tagasi
When i saw the thumbnail i didnt see the evil smile all around the word brawl theory
Brody Meeks
Brody Meeks 27 päeva tagasi
So is Brawl Stars a bad game? Is this real?
TheKingBob #45
TheKingBob #45 Місяць tagasi
Joshua Fela
Joshua Fela Місяць tagasi
KairosTime Gaming KairosTime Gaming KairosTime Gaming KairosTime Gaming KairosTime Gaming
Joshua Fela
Joshua Fela Місяць tagasi
KairosTime Gaming KairosTime Gaming KairosTime Gaming
Fleg in
Fleg in Tund tagasi
Part 3 pls
Adrian Korożan
Adrian Korożan Päev tagasi
Me: Waches brawl talk and think its weiard Karios: Its a masseg, finds lot of clues Me: Wait there are clous
Emma Ungerová
Emma Ungerová Päev tagasi
so can we still play brawl
Emma Ungerová
Emma Ungerová Päev tagasi
like omg you have a secret twin Kairos go find him
Emma Ungerová
Emma Ungerová Päev tagasi
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is going on here
JustBreezy Päev tagasi
Me be like: Try’s Leon on Starr park Me: While playing Leon WHY IS HE’S SUPER NOT WORKING
Limes Päev tagasi
Just, can someone tell me, is he serious?
Playe r
Playe r 2 päeva tagasi
kairos past: *thinking about gay people*
Damian Corona
Damian Corona 2 päeva tagasi
Remember it's just a theory a Brawl Theory!
Lizzy Hodes
Lizzy Hodes 2 päeva tagasi
How do you think of this
ZERO GLITCH 2 päeva tagasi
So you were brainwashed and then you remember your name by putting KT lol!
Ryan Beh
Ryan Beh 3 päeva tagasi
I just realise that the logo for the starrpark is a no WiFi in brawlstars And it is upside down
That nobody Weeb
That nobody Weeb 3 päeva tagasi
I hope Kairos invites mattpatt for the next theory
Onstiw 2 o gamer terror Moreira
Onstiw 2 o gamer terror Moreira 3 päeva tagasi
Supercell is bad
Nikolas Ntalianis
Nikolas Ntalianis 4 päeva tagasi
tree lord
tree lord 4 päeva tagasi
I dont know if supercell are only doing this for fun or is it real?
Ventilator Mensch
Ventilator Mensch 4 päeva tagasi
No EEpostr can stop that or the police or someone???! 😭😭I don't want a black hole
Ventilator Mensch
Ventilator Mensch 4 päeva tagasi
You're was brainwashed!? +?! Noo bro no bro you was the architect
Ventilator Mensch
Ventilator Mensch 4 päeva tagasi
Is s..p.u.d.e not good for people
Banov R
Banov R 5 päeva tagasi
Season 1 : Happy Season 2 : Cool Season 3 : *D E M O N I C*
AW_gamer 5 päeva tagasi
Like how do u even notice those small details like the Morse code on the map
Playgendary pro gamer
Playgendary pro gamer 5 päeva tagasi
SPUDE is trying to safe us from the Star Park because if you go there you cant left
gaye ignacio
gaye ignacio 5 päeva tagasi
Is it just me that this is like the game,movie and food theory? Right
Tambong, Michael Dave, F
Tambong, Michael Dave, F 5 päeva tagasi
Wal Nut Playz
Wal Nut Playz 5 päeva tagasi
Special Trash Can
Special Trash Can 6 päeva tagasi
Dang it. I'm watching this at night, so I'm not going to be able to sleep
Noob BrawlStars
Noob BrawlStars 6 päeva tagasi
Sorry kairos but why you turned a creator? If Supercell is evil? Its just a game but we believe your theory
Kirby Blasters
Kirby Blasters 6 päeva tagasi
K a I, r o s, code Kairos in the brawl stars s h o p
This YouTube Guy
This YouTube Guy 6 päeva tagasi
the boi remastered
the boi remastered 6 päeva tagasi
did you sleep at night
Jonathan Carreras
Jonathan Carreras 6 päeva tagasi
this is creepy
Jonathan Carreras
Jonathan Carreras 6 päeva tagasi
Electro Brawl stars
Electro Brawl stars 7 päeva tagasi
This is probably true if not well this game is a little creapy
GriffenFuzion 7 päeva tagasi
Who thinks he should do a collab with Mathew Patrick
Noob BrawlStars
Noob BrawlStars 8 päeva tagasi
So scary
Noob BrawlStars
Noob BrawlStars 8 päeva tagasi
Why does the maker of brawl stars is evil?
Deniz Erem
Deniz Erem 8 päeva tagasi
Hello former interneters. i am not mind controlled. i only play brawl stars. Hee hee
Le lizard
Le lizard 8 päeva tagasi
I'm scared
Waves Plays
Waves Plays 8 päeva tagasi
I like brawl stars
Ksha San
Ksha San 9 päeva tagasi
I want that t-shirt that you wharing Kairos i want it plese.Plese is a kind word.Are you a idoat Kairos.
Lolman Troller
Lolman Troller 9 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars lore is scarier than fnaf itself man!!!
The Steelix Master
The Steelix Master 9 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars Now = fnaf
Aaryan Salvi
Aaryan Salvi 10 päeva tagasi
So mr p and Trixie collete is evil peoples of starr park
Aaryan Salvi
Aaryan Salvi 10 päeva tagasi
I think Kairos was architect of his past life
Aaryan Salvi
Aaryan Salvi 10 päeva tagasi
Amber saying all this is normal ?🤔😱
DaPepic 10 päeva tagasi
people who dislike the video = *probably* starr park executives. Change My Mind.
Lyubomir Hristov
Lyubomir Hristov 11 päeva tagasi
Crazy this is to much
mts L P L
mts L P L 11 päeva tagasi
so supercell is a evil?
delete and yeet
delete and yeet 11 päeva tagasi
At the end you have to reverse it
Isabella Santiago
Isabella Santiago 11 päeva tagasi
Michele Weir
Michele Weir 11 päeva tagasi
9:51 there is a piece of paper in the bottom right hand corner and it said wkbrl I think
Matthias Yeo
Matthias Yeo 11 päeva tagasi
What scared me the most was the creator code song
DarkLeg3ndz 12 päeva tagasi
If this is real... imagine
OCTAVIAN VLAD DOBRA 13 päeva tagasi
So, you are still here, a SPUDE member trying to reveal our truth. *you wont get away this time, architect Michael*
Mr. freddel
Mr. freddel 13 päeva tagasi
Kairos: THIS IS GOING TO BE INSA- Ads: 100000 poeple can't complete this. The ad is about brawl stars..
Chari Morgan
Chari Morgan 13 päeva tagasi
Chari Morgan
Chari Morgan 13 päeva tagasi
Tony Halo 75
Tony Halo 75 13 päeva tagasi
The wkrbl stream is on and is saying this is normal for 12 hours
Tony Halo 75
Tony Halo 75 13 päeva tagasi
And it was all planned when supercell was created
Annasweetyy! 13 päeva tagasi
Amber has a this is normal voiceline 🤔
Maria Guzman
Maria Guzman 13 päeva tagasi
I'm not use to his mustache
Jere Salomaa
Jere Salomaa 14 päeva tagasi
If Starr park was build in late 50:s and they there were the brawlers we know in love and brawl stars started making 2015
ID - Thing
ID - Thing 14 päeva tagasi
This creeps me out especially since its 3am rn..
Bogya Hunor
Bogya Hunor 14 päeva tagasi
18:45 Here Colt looks really new in the desert. This caption may be happening after his mindwash...Any thoughts?
x kanal
x kanal 15 päeva tagasi
Doctor:*shows fnaf* Me:not scary Doctor:*shows scp* Me:little bit Doctor:*shows Brawl stars* Me:OMG MOM DONT LEAVE ME BRAWL STARS GONNA KİLL ME HELP Doctor:??????
Rayden Ezra
Rayden Ezra 15 päeva tagasi
We have to stop this........if its true
Tencio Atx
Tencio Atx 15 päeva tagasi
I think it is like this: Starr Park was a park that was not that popular due to the food and strange stuff the guest noticed. Btw Mr P is the Nickname for owner of the park. After it shut down "Mr. P" was mad at the people who shut the park down. After many years his descendents took his plan to make "The Final Game" for revenge on those people. Because of his plan some descent of the old costumers heard about this and wanted to stop think when people wanted to work at Brawl Stars. Now the Lag Symbol is acutally important because it the Brawl Stars people are looking if you are on to them by seeing your info on your mobile device. Spude is is obvi the rebels against SuperCell. If SuperCells Plan succeeds then they will use similars to the Brawlers to use as their minions to reopen STARR PARK. If im correct my research has paid off
Dickenz 15 päeva tagasi
I think the guy that talked on the wkbrl stream could’ve been maybe been dynamike. In the one of his monologues he says he used to have a crow friend. One of dynamikes lines is “here birdy birdy”. Coincidence? I dont think so.
Sean Price
Sean Price 15 päeva tagasi
Holy crap I’m scared
Sean Price
Sean Price 15 päeva tagasi
Is Starr park real? I have many questions
Explay Games
Explay Games 15 päeva tagasi
PERERA Mahamuhamdiramge
PERERA Mahamuhamdiramge 15 päeva tagasi
If you were in the invester video, I think you are brain washed and the s.p.u.d.e. wants to take back your memory
PERERA Mahamuhamdiramge
PERERA Mahamuhamdiramge 15 päeva tagasi
With the map that you received
Prince Elizario
Prince Elizario 16 päeva tagasi
Guys im gonna try to play is it fake or real
Frej Aagaard
Frej Aagaard 16 päeva tagasi
I Think it would be cool if starrpark was just about to take over the World and Then all the brawlers would fight starrpark
Hades_ofHell 16 päeva tagasi
The Background Music makes the Video even scarier!!
Anca Radu
Anca Radu 16 päeva tagasi
kairos: its a video for kids me: its a horror movie
Anca Radu
Anca Radu 16 päeva tagasi
btw im a kid
8 bit
8 bit 16 päeva tagasi
Now for the real question: what makes big brawlers (big game)
Foxy Games
Foxy Games 16 päeva tagasi
I Just have a question, why would the arcetect be you when you look exagtly the same?! and this was so Long ago! You should have atleast been a little different, or there is something you are hiding from us!
Bil Anicoche
Bil Anicoche 17 päeva tagasi
Honestly it think this is the best marketing fo any game ever, behind the fact that suppercell got in touch not only on actually supercell partners but also to people who do not entirely know and play brawl stars
green crackers
green crackers 17 päeva tagasi
Wait doesn’t clash royal made for supercell???
فهد الشمري / F.H.D
فهد الشمري / F.H.D 19 päeva tagasi
Me: *hears this is normal before* Also me: *having a breakdown*
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 19 päeva tagasi
Mark my theory ( starr park created THE theme park as a trap for humans to come and be experimented.
Cutie Sweet
Cutie Sweet 19 päeva tagasi
ok imma get to the bottom of this
K4gaming 19 päeva tagasi
Ok... So just bare with me on this one ok ? Just imagine if all of this bullshit was actually real ... Just think about it for a second and imagine this happing in real life how messed up would that be ? Lmao
Anonym 19 päeva tagasi
Why did i watch this at 12 pm
Anonym 19 päeva tagasi
Mrs. Pee indeed is an angry worker so it could be Since he throwing luggage at others cause he rage quitting
Ciapeczek !!!
Ciapeczek !!! 19 päeva tagasi
This is normal We already told you.
Jahari Achilla
Jahari Achilla 19 päeva tagasi
is this just lore for the game cus im scared
Blaze gaming
Blaze gaming 20 päeva tagasi
Stat park is iluminati confirmed 😨😰😱😲😱😱
delvon dumar
delvon dumar 20 päeva tagasi
Hilfigure_ goat
Hilfigure_ goat 20 päeva tagasi
I wanna fight superhuman too
Madara Fogele
Madara Fogele 20 päeva tagasi
kairos lok at the global brawl talk kuz that on guy luks like pozest
Vero Jordan
Vero Jordan 20 päeva tagasi
the gay that scolded owt the Pinguin lukt like oj
Carlitos Martinez
Carlitos Martinez 21 päev tagasi
SOS bagels
SOS bagels 21 päev tagasi
Is this real or a video game
Jonathan R
Jonathan R 21 päev tagasi
Ok I just play the game and now I’m crepped out
Smayan Gada
Smayan Gada 22 päeva tagasi
So should we stop playing Brawl Stars?
Darrien Evan Stefanus
Darrien Evan Stefanus 22 päeva tagasi
My theory: The guy on the monolouge sounds like GRUNKLE STAN Also the dancer at the beginning at the vid is dancing SOS Amber is very dangerous becouse she can burn all people I think Mr P identity is very well........ I knew It! IN STARR PARK. TRUST NOONE
ElectricBluegaming 22 päeva tagasi
I’m tempted to uninstall the game now.
Thewinner Yt
Thewinner Yt 23 päeva tagasi
This just scared me to even play brawl stars
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