Brawl Theory: The Evil Plan Behind Brawl Stars...

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Brawl Theory: This is Supercell's evil plan with Brawl Stars | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to reveal what Supercell's evil plan is with Brawl Stars. In the last Brawl Theory video, I explained everything that's happened leading up to the recent investor video taking over Brawl Talk. I also provided evidence that the mastermind behind it all is SPUDE vs Supercell. In this video, I'm going to talk about specifically what happened at Starr Park, why they're creating brawlers, and what we can do to help!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
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Joshen -Brawl Stars
Joshen -Brawl Stars 20 päeva tagasi
HI KAIROS I KNOW WHATS THE INVESTORS VIDEO MEAN!!!!!! The first it show gale in tara bazaar garden. After it there is robot environment around. Then it show colette in his shop. After it that rido ride in this video!!!!! WE CAN PREDICT WHAT BRAWLER SHOW NEXT!!!
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter 22 päeva tagasi
in starr park in brawl stars(training cave) Taras super is black hole get all of the bots into the section of black hole and you will be stuck in starr park(low level Tara only
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter 22 päeva tagasi
in starr park in brawl stars(training cave) Taras super is black hole get all of the bots into the section of black hole and you will be stuck in starr park(low level Tara only
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter 22 päeva tagasi
@SalvoBlade BS in starr park in brawl stars(training cave) Taras super is black hole get all of the bots into the section of black hole and you will be stuck in starr park(low level Tara only
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter 22 päeva tagasi
@Cato801 in starr park in brawl stars(training cave) Taras super is black hole get all of the bots into the section of black hole and you will be stuck in starr park(low level Tara only
Alan Vasquez
Alan Vasquez 7 tundi tagasi
Ya know how in the background of wkbrl you can hear fire and in a collete picture there is a signature that starts with the a and that part is burnt so I think that AMBER is trying to rebel against starr park
Alan Vasquez
Alan Vasquez 7 tundi tagasi
It also mean that Gale is the only one that can stop this but he wants starr park to stop so they create Lou to stop Amber
Alan Vasquez
Alan Vasquez 7 tundi tagasi
And amber is a fire brawler so it just makes sense but that is just my theory
Rene brawl stars
Rene brawl stars 10 tundi tagasi
That's to deep
LITTLE PENGUIN BIRD 14 tundi tagasi
nikola boskovski
nikola boskovski 20 tundi tagasi
kairos if we are controling brawlers in game it mins they are duying put if we are canteoling them in real life too then from where are they coming so many feom
nikola boskovski
nikola boskovski 20 tundi tagasi
dragon ball live
dragon ball live Päev tagasi
Charlotte Ramirez
Charlotte Ramirez Päev tagasi
Hey you ever noticed why robots have attractions like rico,barley ,and lou
Green Panther
Green Panther Päev tagasi
Must save..... Lou must save...... Surge.... must save... Poco.. must save Leon. (My fave brawlers)
Brenda Vargas
Brenda Vargas Päev tagasi
My question is Are the brawlers real in life
Beiker Tafa
Beiker Tafa Päev tagasi
Its just like moment its a game for kids the second moment it turns to a horror experience
Electroo_ A
Electroo_ A Päev tagasi
MBH Galaxy7
MBH Galaxy7 Päev tagasi
Leo Päev tagasi
spude more like spoon
Muhammad Ramlan
Muhammad Ramlan 2 päeva tagasi
uninstall this brawl stars because they life is Die
giannaras tsiolis
giannaras tsiolis 2 päeva tagasi
Is this real
Noob 2 päeva tagasi
gale: WHO IS CONTROLLING ME me: me cuz i have gale
Salty Pepper
Salty Pepper 3 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: Piper animation video description has a ??? section with wkbrl link. Then, every single video other then championships have the link.
supreme_gamer 3 päeva tagasi
17:41 😱😰
Aisha Soderberg
Aisha Soderberg 3 päeva tagasi
I actually think that the guy is Dynamite
Janet Peprah
Janet Peprah 3 päeva tagasi
So is it safe to play brawl stars
Jesper AVG
Jesper AVG 4 päeva tagasi
October 10th something bad happened the full moon off emz
Edwin Ferman
Edwin Ferman 4 päeva tagasi
These theories scare me
Isabella Santiago
Isabella Santiago 4 päeva tagasi
Give a 20-minute thing okay is he making video right now oooooooo😎
Changmint 4 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars really pulling a big hit on us huh
Mario Rivas jr
Mario Rivas jr 4 päeva tagasi
Guys I just realized something remember how they wanted dancers amber is a fire dancer ring any bells
Mario Rivas jr
Mario Rivas jr 4 päeva tagasi
This is wild plz see this and make a vid kairos
Rayen Chan
Rayen Chan 4 päeva tagasi
Kairos aka mr scientific
Shayan Khan
Shayan Khan 4 päeva tagasi
please take lightly but i think it is all fake
Jyoti Rohilla
Jyoti Rohilla 4 päeva tagasi
Sir, plss don't add the horrible sounds in background 😱😱😱
Emma Ungerová
Emma Ungerová 4 päeva tagasi
had youve seen that the cart fell no one mentioned it 2:55 like wah
SneakBee0 4 päeva tagasi
(Late comment):who is 8-Bit, what is 8-Bit but nobody asked how is 8-bit and the answer to that my friend is...💀
Mahendra Vasanth
Mahendra Vasanth 5 päeva tagasi
00:00 pause as this moment
Fish kid
Fish kid 5 päeva tagasi
I feel like Colette is gonna eat my toes when I go to sleep
Renzo 90 • 3 days ago
Renzo 90 • 3 days ago 5 päeva tagasi
Scarier than any other horror movies LMAO
applepi 5 päeva tagasi
Hear me out You can hear fire in the wkbrl Livestream in the background as it says the familiar "this is normal" phrase repeatingly. Obviously there would be many questions like, who is "we", and why is this normal? Fire. Who does that remind you of? Amber. My theory is that Amber caused the fire, especially with the this is fine animation where she accidentally sets the stage and surroundings on fire. When they were trying to brainwash her into what we can assume a brawler, we can assume she went out of control, for something maybe like fear/self defense or something similar. Why is this normal you may ask? Because I'd say it's likely for the other brawlers to not cooperate with them until they brain wash them or something, so it's "normal" for her to be behaving that way at first. One of her voice lines are even "this is fine" Like the meme of the dog sitting at a table with fire around. Stretching it would be that the vice line is a reference to that faint memory of being surrounded by fire as the phrase "we already told you, this is normal" Is repeated. The choice of words in, this is fine, and this is normal, can be used in the same situation. SO maybe after they brainwashed her, she could still recall that memory! But hey! that's just a far fetched theory, a brawl theory-- I'll stop now
Tes Rxed
Tes Rxed 5 päeva tagasi
More brawl theory please
Adrian Korożan
Adrian Korożan 5 päeva tagasi
Karios: But hey thats just a theory a brawl theory Mat Pat: Finly, a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary
Stacey Johnson
Stacey Johnson 5 päeva tagasi
Why can’t it just be a theme park😭
ATDA TheProGamer
ATDA TheProGamer 6 päeva tagasi
Something is sus
Irene Perez
Irene Perez 6 päeva tagasi
If you are saying that Mr. P is evil and gale works for spude then you are wrong about one because gale works for Mr. P so either gale doesn't work for spude or Mr. P most likely is not evil
dozendiglets 6 päeva tagasi
16:08 Gale: “Change one letter in jams, and you get *GERMS.* It’s all coming together. Just like, spinning on top of the wheel. Here’s what they don’t want you to know. They have weaponized *SPAGHETTI.* Which is like a military grade *PASTA.*
It’s Gabriel Gamer
It’s Gabriel Gamer 6 päeva tagasi
This is a low budget Game Theory
MilanSter 6 päeva tagasi
I think I know where Leon’s dad is he is bo maybe
Raiyaan Khan
Raiyaan Khan 6 päeva tagasi
Delete this game
Hong Airlines
Hong Airlines 7 päeva tagasi
Thats what I call overthinking- Chill its a game made for people to enjoy
BR br
BR br 7 päeva tagasi
POV:this is more scary then a horror movie
The Flash
The Flash 7 päeva tagasi
Well... i don’t wanna play brawl stars anymore....
Young Faith
Young Faith 7 päeva tagasi
I dont think jessie is that girl I think pam was pregnant at that clip bc look at her big stomach
Virat Verma
Virat Verma 7 päeva tagasi
When you put all things together you can see something ridiculous. I watched kairos's old videos and saw myself how correct he is about every future update in brawl stars. And then, he was the only content creator to be featured in Starr Park investor video. Also, he did so many predictions about starr park that I don't think are mere predictions. Then I saw therealwasseem video on kairos and kairos's video on cara simon. Please let me know if someone else thinks like me.
elesey ignatovich
elesey ignatovich 8 päeva tagasi
U are *********** ********
Livia and sun bun
Livia and sun bun 8 päeva tagasi
What is your evil plan
Ventilator Mensch
Ventilator Mensch 8 päeva tagasi
I don't want a black hole plsss stop that shit
Hypnot1c 8 päeva tagasi
wait, the skin for poco in the brawl pass is wearing one of those hats, does that mean he was brainwashed? because i think so because they brainwash you
Gleaming - Story
Gleaming - Story 9 päeva tagasi
1:35 Me a fnaf fan boy : First time?
Erik Avdyli
Erik Avdyli 9 päeva tagasi
EVERYONE:This is not good this is scary. ME:Wow I am going to be like crow
Erik Avdyli
Erik Avdyli 9 päeva tagasi
If you think for brainwash than remember the bibi bouble gum. Supercell give you those in a box and a lot of other youtubers and you eats them all. Think about this
Erik Avdyli
Erik Avdyli 9 päeva tagasi
Mr.p is not a pinguin but that's a costume
Phoneix gaming
Phoneix gaming 10 päeva tagasi
17:30 😂😂
Sanika G
Sanika G 10 päeva tagasi
Its fake
Alegre Real
Alegre Real 10 päeva tagasi
Ok now i am scared and dont want to play brawl start
[Leah Rose.Moon]
[Leah Rose.Moon] 10 päeva tagasi
Jonathan Carreras
Jonathan Carreras 10 päeva tagasi
is this based of a real park?
Hudson Wang
Hudson Wang 10 päeva tagasi
Do you know Frag proshooter? It was developed before Brawl Stars and is quite similar. I think the people coding Brawl Stars just kinda copied another game so they could focus more on their real plans.
J R 10 päeva tagasi
Who else is just watching this because kairos stopped making brawl theory :(. I miss brawl theory
Bhavna Vimal
Bhavna Vimal 10 päeva tagasi
Colt: watches this video Also colt: I WANT MY MOMMY
Pony X Zizzy
Pony X Zizzy 10 päeva tagasi
Kairos U Work At Starr Park... Why... Why...
Amber Males
Amber Males 11 päeva tagasi
I am thinking that thay are trying to reopen the park
Acid Games
Acid Games 11 päeva tagasi
NGL This shit creepy
Future Noob
Future Noob 11 päeva tagasi
I hope noone looks at my plans while im sleeping
Prince Makes
Prince Makes 11 päeva tagasi
Prince Makes
Prince Makes 11 päeva tagasi
I have a glowing retagel
Prince Makes
Prince Makes 11 päeva tagasi
I am 9 and uummm
Silver The Hedgehog
Silver The Hedgehog 12 päeva tagasi
So how the heck do they respond?!
Yi Iy
Yi Iy 12 päeva tagasi
This turned from a regular KT Theory video to a Vsause video
Rose Lacson
Rose Lacson 12 päeva tagasi
That’s cursed this reminds me of five nights at Freddy because it’s like kids trapped in a suit by purple guy but this is more different kinda, but it’s kid and adult trap in a dimension.
Brawler Samet
Brawler Samet 12 päeva tagasi
You brawl stats
Ong Chun Jien
Ong Chun Jien 13 päeva tagasi
Kairos time when are you going to release the next brawl theory video
Ronk 13 päeva tagasi
I just saw a game theory video and never realized that the brawl theory line wasn't original
Victor Sujo
Victor Sujo 13 päeva tagasi
This is one of my theories if u see the back of mr p there is a zipper
A208BX PROبراول ستارز
A208BX PROبراول ستارز 13 päeva tagasi
You’re the evil not supercell
Aaryan Salvi
Aaryan Salvi 13 päeva tagasi
I am afraid can I play brawl stars or not 😭😭😭😱😱😱
Aaryan Salvi
Aaryan Salvi 13 päeva tagasi
Oh so Dani and Ryan are controlled by hats
Aaryan Salvi
Aaryan Salvi 13 päeva tagasi
What so that girl transformed into collete 😱😱😱🤔
Esma Alisoy
Esma Alisoy 13 päeva tagasi
dese namar😱
Banana is a Joe
Banana is a Joe 14 päeva tagasi
Starr park: *have these hats there super fine* FBI OPEN UP
Peel 6 Alan
Peel 6 Alan 14 päeva tagasi
Alright brawl stars is evil
Nilda Zuñiga Medrano
Nilda Zuñiga Medrano 14 päeva tagasi
Whenever you lose
Nilda Zuñiga Medrano
Nilda Zuñiga Medrano 14 päeva tagasi
8 bit says in brawl star "game not over" so it is kind of like a game
Nilda Zuñiga Medrano
Nilda Zuñiga Medrano 14 päeva tagasi
Ruba Mohd
Ruba Mohd 14 päeva tagasi
I feel Bad for Brawlors
Denis Morales
Denis Morales 14 päeva tagasi
Ok this just makes not wanna play brwal stars
Teanoly Teamon
Teanoly Teamon 14 päeva tagasi
The mind control part actually reminds me of something from another youtuber's channel, there's this one youtuber called matthias and he keeps on continuing the weird safe thing and in one of his video there was this mind control van and many other thing, this might be related to Starr Park or brawl stars some might say, it's just my theory might not be true
sotiris papaspyros
sotiris papaspyros 14 päeva tagasi
Thanks for the nightmare I appreciate it...
Orhan Celik
Orhan Celik 14 päeva tagasi
arter waching this i dont now how im going to sleep arter this
Resheilo Jr
Resheilo Jr 15 päeva tagasi
Bruh i am having nightmares of this
Emma Hernández
Emma Hernández 15 päeva tagasi
Glecco 15 päeva tagasi
Why couldn’t they just keep this a normal game 😞
M. Faceless
M. Faceless 15 päeva tagasi
This is genius
A_BOY’S Videos
A_BOY’S Videos 15 päeva tagasi
Even the ending mat pat’s
Diego Avila Hernandez
Diego Avila Hernandez 15 päeva tagasi
Help I’m scared
Kaydon Naidoo
Kaydon Naidoo 15 päeva tagasi
This may sound far fetched, but I think this theory kinda makes sense. Why brawl stars? supercell has made a lot of games on the past like clash Royale and clash of clans. I think that brawl stars has been the most successful development so far. Maybe they tried both clash Royale and clash of clans but it wasn’t successful. What if they thought that a more advanced clash of clans (like boom each) would work better. But it didn’t and they were forced to make a new game each time. Idk but that theory sounds right.
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