Brawl Theory 2: Brawl Stars's REAL TRUTH! | NEW Brawlers & Themes!

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The Truth Behind the Brawl Stars Universe! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to answer many mysteries in the Brawl Stars universe! What is the significance behind Spike's Sock?! Who are the Brawlers & WHY are they fighting?! What does an updated version of the Brawl Stars map actually look like?! Why doesn't Spike have a voice?! Who is Gene?! What is Brawl Stars's actual theme?!
Many have speculated that Brawl Stars is a theme park, and while I think that's true, I'm going to take it to a whole new level and explain what that means about the Brawlers, as well as what kinds of new brawlers and environments we're likely to have in future Brawl Stars updates!
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Oliver Wang
Oliver Wang 8 tundi tagasi
Idk why but I love 14:00
HAWKeye GAMING 22 tundi tagasi
Its snowtel he is always correct the theory is correct
Lukas Nguyen
Lukas Nguyen Päev tagasi
Animationtails Päev tagasi
Nailed it.
Yap Brothers叶家兄弟
Yap Brothers叶家兄弟 Päev tagasi
It is true he said that there wil be an hotel, and there it is a Snowtell now, OMG.
Ganshagai Munkhtur
Ganshagai Munkhtur 2 päeva tagasi
Anamation Epic
Anamation Epic 2 päeva tagasi
Gale,Mr p,LOU
Tristan Armero Levasseur
Tristan Armero Levasseur 3 päeva tagasi
He predicted season 4 and Lou, congrats!
N1CK N4CK 4 päeva tagasi
This man predicted the snowtel
emilio egaña
emilio egaña 6 päeva tagasi
demn, this guy was right 100%
Kim Joann
Kim Joann 6 päeva tagasi
The starr park in the 50s and 60s Was actually a park and really evil if you don't know what I'm talking about You should watch the video that is named "Brawl theory Supercells is evil"
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX 7 päeva tagasi
12:17 You predicted future again, LOU
Theodor Heikvam-Johnsen
Theodor Heikvam-Johnsen 7 päeva tagasi
codiacke 8 päeva tagasi
So kairos actially preducted the season 4 theme
Sandeep Srivastava
Sandeep Srivastava 9 päeva tagasi
Who is watching this after the snowtel update
Ming Jing
Ming Jing 8 päeva tagasi
Yeah me
Xaveris 11 päeva tagasi
Now we got a snowtel
Lalitha Devi
Lalitha Devi 11 päeva tagasi
He's right we're gonna get another I've brawler
Ralph Eugene Wisco
Ralph Eugene Wisco 11 päeva tagasi
And yes, Kairos just predicted the Snowtel update What a brilliant conspiracy theorist. He's a genius!!!!!!!
Resul 12 päeva tagasi
Space winter
Toinho 2
Toinho 2 13 päeva tagasi
Should we tell him?
Zarmar Bhatt
Zarmar Bhatt 13 päeva tagasi
Brawsiversel attractions for kids and adults😂🤣
Malikkal Kaushik
Malikkal Kaushik 14 päeva tagasi
Kairos if you did not notice yet there is a water ride at the bottom of gem grab teleportation and a roller coaster in hot zone snowtel
Krish Agarwal
Krish Agarwal 14 päeva tagasi
Did he said tara's bazaar???????
Chen Ken
Chen Ken 15 päeva tagasi
You guess the new snow brawler a snowman
John Wickson
John Wickson 15 päeva tagasi
I’m from the future and your right about the theme park but it’s called star park
This YouTube Guy
This YouTube Guy 15 päeva tagasi
My man just predicted Lou 12:25
A&A animations
A&A animations 15 päeva tagasi
Wow this guy guesses everything right
Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick 16 päeva tagasi
I like that Kairos introduces certain elements of every map as if it's an investor video, and then the Season 3 trailer is the Investor Video
陳匡禹 16 päeva tagasi
chaboii19 twitch
chaboii19 twitch 16 päeva tagasi
Dude a new ice themed brawler was announced yo this is crazy
Lucas Lol
Lucas Lol 16 päeva tagasi
Now it is the uptate
axel660 16 päeva tagasi
He predicted the Snowtel map and the new brawler Lou
Aarya Reacts
Aarya Reacts 16 päeva tagasi
Damn he guessed the snowtel
Noob BrawlStars
Noob BrawlStars 16 päeva tagasi
That is why it is a park called starr park
J F 16 päeva tagasi
Wow Lou is in the game
Νικος Θαρουνιατης
Νικος Θαρουνιατης 17 päeva tagasi
brock's environment
Rex boi
Rex boi 17 päeva tagasi
Boom snowtel
mr. mistery
mr. mistery 18 päeva tagasi
yo kairos are you an worker in supercell cus you guessd the snowtel in 2020 btw and the 3 seson is starr park lol
Hady Hadla
Hady Hadla 18 päeva tagasi
Kairos there will be a snow theme enviroment Me who watched this in the snowtel update ::your godamm right
Beast Dynoz
Beast Dynoz 19 päeva tagasi
Rosa must be Nita and Leon's Mama😀
bobaツ _girl
bobaツ _girl 20 päeva tagasi
2:34 really hit me
Bocaj was here
Bocaj was here 21 päev tagasi
Did anyone start hearing the messenger call sound at 7:56
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 21 päev tagasi
Karios: Crow and bibi and bull in retroplis theme Me: why doesn't Crow have a building or anything for entertainment.
azzam jabali
azzam jabali 21 päev tagasi
A place you will never WANT TO LEAVE
chris 24 päeva tagasi
Starr park anyone 😬😬😳
JUVEGAMER 77 YT 24 päeva tagasi
Hey karios i remember that spike had voice at an oldest update
baby yoda 60,000
baby yoda 60,000 25 päeva tagasi
Cip Vrinceanu
Cip Vrinceanu 25 päeva tagasi
My theory is the true reason why spike does not have a vocie he knows everthing about starr park so to shut him up the door not include a voice to him
Ayaan Gupta
Ayaan Gupta 27 päeva tagasi
Who is seeing the starr park hats after the update in the video
scooper pubgm
scooper pubgm 28 päeva tagasi
What about the super city
xiaoping Fang
xiaoping Fang Місяць tagasi
It is called star park
PCG Gaming
PCG Gaming Місяць tagasi
Seeing this video after the Starr park update makes a lot of sense
Ninka Wrede
Ninka Wrede Місяць tagasi
a star shelly coming to game ?i don t got star shelly a is my favorite skin
kit c
kit c Місяць tagasi
brawl guy lol
Darsh Kaushik SHAH
Darsh Kaushik SHAH Місяць tagasi
i hate the music, it is so scary so i quit watching kairos
derp Nep
derp Nep Місяць tagasi
Where is Super-city?
siri bn
siri bn Місяць tagasi
The start and the end is copied from a person called film theory also known as game and food theory
Sharath S
Sharath S Місяць tagasi
You know the gameplay is old when gale gets knocked back by his super.
Riaan R
Riaan R Місяць tagasi
Kairos was right about the park because some time later we have STARR PARK
Amanda Місяць tagasi
I think a video you should make should be around Gale and Colette i think Collette might be Gale's daughter there are a few things supporting this like how they both have white hair and are both chromatic's
Minnomal Місяць tagasi
Is that your only proofs? That they have same rarity and hair? Yeah sure then Tick is Rico's dad since they have same rarities
Demava Koroma
Demava Koroma Місяць tagasi
theme park=star park
Demava Koroma
Demava Koroma Місяць tagasi
1:50 Is that supposed to be..... star park
H. A
H. A Місяць tagasi
You were on the right track it's just a bit darker.
David Zheng
David Zheng Місяць tagasi
Crow has a piece of tape on his left eye so he is a wearing a fake a crow hat so ur correct good job kairos im gonna go use ur code k-a-i-r-o-s
Naneth Melendres
Naneth Melendres Місяць tagasi
Naneth Melendres
Naneth Melendres Місяць tagasi
Naneth Melendres
Naneth Melendres Місяць tagasi
Naneth Melendres
Naneth Melendres Місяць tagasi
Wait i saw spike socks on mr p.'s briefcase when missed on 12:11 maybe
Ben's Universe
Ben's Universe Місяць tagasi
Starr Park.
Jackster6876 Місяць tagasi
kairos:HEY THATS JUST A GUESS A BRAWL GUESS me:it’s not a guess it’s a fact A BIG FACT
Esyas Haile
Esyas Haile Місяць tagasi
I am in Starr park
Albert Pinzon
Albert Pinzon Місяць tagasi
No Name
No Name Місяць tagasi
Oooo spooky. I am from the future !
MariaNandaGamesYT -Fofinha
MariaNandaGamesYT -Fofinha Місяць tagasi
Sorry, i'm brasilian and i don't know nothing Please talk to me in portuguese ._.
smurfslayerking Місяць tagasi
But that’s just a theory, a Kairos theory thanks for watching.
StarFruitNinja Місяць tagasi
This explains the zipper on mr p
DARK PH30N1X BS Місяць tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS Місяць tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS Місяць tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS Місяць tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS Місяць tagasi
Kauã de Souza Alves
Kauã de Souza Alves Місяць tagasi
Challenge: can you Make a brawl stars theme park in minecraft
meryem Місяць tagasi
It's so fun dad I actually want to go Der wel wer should we go Commen balow en like 👇 👇
Gatew32 Dodo
Gatew32 Dodo Місяць tagasi
Christopher Jake
Christopher Jake 2 місяці tagasi
Omg for the hotel is mr p's hotel
NARUTO GAMING PH 2 місяці tagasi
Then: the happiest place on earth Now: the darkest place on earth
Sheerwin Sualibio
Sheerwin Sualibio 2 місяці tagasi
Nice matpat voice😂😂😂
Pain the patrick
Pain the patrick 2 місяці tagasi
this become true but scary
Supremacy 98
Supremacy 98 2 місяці tagasi
Kairos can’t be any more accurate...very suspicious...
NS I 2 місяці tagasi
4:49 maybe this is where Collete is from
Yana Chan
Yana Chan 2 місяці tagasi
The theme park is creepy af
Yana Chan
Yana Chan 2 місяці tagasi
It's all fitting together
Yana Chan
Yana Chan 2 місяці tagasi
I mean seriously,the cashier ladies blinked DANGER in Morse code and that guy(forgot his name but I mean the guy that was talking throughout the video) is a murderer!
Icytheminer77 2 місяці tagasi
Starr park
kin Eukee Urbano
kin Eukee Urbano 2 місяці tagasi
He just predicted that sandy wears merch on starr park, noice
Marco Faraldi
Marco Faraldi 2 місяці tagasi
Hap cap gaming
Hap cap gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Brawl star team be like :- Objection❗
Lets play gamer me
Lets play gamer me 2 місяці tagasi
You forget taras bazaar
Isaac Aguirre
Isaac Aguirre 2 місяці tagasi
I think for the mr.p and gale trio the last character should be a character that makes other characters fall asleep temporarily which essentially would be just stunning them for a good amounting time for the super and it could throw pillows at their opponents for regular attack and it could be a character in pjs. Just a thought tho
Dumball Steve Comic Team
Dumball Steve Comic Team 2 місяці tagasi
If only he new
Nikutron Gamer
Nikutron Gamer 2 місяці tagasi
Gales voice line is mr p will be so proud
Ivan Jmelnitzky
Ivan Jmelnitzky 2 місяці tagasi
Ash For short
Ash For short 2 місяці tagasi
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