Brawl Theory: Families, 5 CONFIRMED Relationships & More!

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Brawl Theory: Relationships in Brawl Stars | KairosTime
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In this brawl theory, we're going to talk about CONFIRMED relationships in Brawl Stars, as well as speculate on some other relationships in Brawl Stars. We'll talk about Piper & Rico dating, Pam being Jessie's mother, and other relationships between brawlers in Brawl Stars! This video helps us get one step closer to understanding the Brawl Stars Family Tree.
Understanding which brawler trios are completed and which ones still need to be completed will help us understand what types of future brawlers will be added to the game. I'll also speculate on new brawlers that might be put into the game.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 4 місяці tagasi
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Kittykat_Playz YT
Kittykat_Playz YT 5 päeva tagasi
I think Shelly and Rosa cause they have the same flower bun and also sprout cause sprout has Rosa’s plant backpack
MACHINE GUN 11 päeva tagasi
you forget about COLT and SHELLY
Wal Nut Playz
Wal Nut Playz 15 päeva tagasi
Spike and sprout
Drtim Plays
Drtim Plays 17 päeva tagasi
Collete and Dynomike father and daughter
Omarhi Almadani
Omarhi Almadani 19 päeva tagasi
Gene and tara
EverybodySayMeow 14 tundi tagasi
4:18 Congrats KT! You did it again! We have Lou for the Snowtel trio and amber for the mexican trio
parikshit bisht
parikshit bisht 16 tundi tagasi
in hindi language nani mean granny so probably nani is granny.
Blue Fire
Blue Fire 18 tundi tagasi
This video is true bc Lou and Amber have been added to the Mexican and snowtel duo
Unknown User
Unknown User 19 tundi tagasi
Mexican trio: Amber, El Primo and Poco Snowtel Trio: Lou,Gale and mr P
Stanley Petit Homme
Stanley Petit Homme 20 tundi tagasi
what then whose Jackys...............................................................wait what if bull and biiiiiibiiii naaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy she loves Mr bat
g ty
g ty 22 tundi tagasi
I don’t know
I don’t know Päev tagasi
im pretty sure gene and tara are sandys parents
DA NUGGET Päev tagasi
Well yea if you check Pam backpack theres a little backback shape like a dog welp its jessie Scrappy face for sure
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago Päev tagasi
Mexican, Snowtel COMPLETE Mexican : El Primo, Poco, Amber Snowtel : Mr.P, Gale, Lou Idk if Collete is in Old Town thought Superhero is uncompleted
Arav Renjith
Arav Renjith Päev tagasi
Twan Dalmolen
Twan Dalmolen 2 päeva tagasi
5:17 I think bull painted his hair black to look more like a member of a biker gang like the Outlaw skin for Colt
Sagar Nautiyal
Sagar Nautiyal 2 päeva tagasi
Kairos: piper and ric are dating Meanwhile colt: Am I a joke to you?
Janice Law
Janice Law 2 päeva tagasi
You forgot about the ice triyo with gale MR. P and ROU
シ꧁SendoxSwag꧂ 2 päeva tagasi
look at upload date
Natalie Rivera
Natalie Rivera 2 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else see the emz left here phone outside, is she dead?
Jaguar lai
Jaguar lai 2 päeva tagasi
Rosa is Aussie
BrawlStars-Boy 2 päeva tagasi
Maybe Colt isn't Jessie her brother ore the brother from Pam but maybe Jessie her father bc he has dark red hair and pam two and maybe that's the reason why Colt can be Jessie her father
AstroDog35 2 päeva tagasi
Theory: Emz has a dark past. Think about it, she is undead and acts like a teenage girl, so i am assuming she died very very young. Also, mortis and Frank, who are her possible relatives, are also undead so it is a presumption that their family either died together in some sort of crime or accident (maybe war...?). I also think that the reason emz is really into hairspray and her phone and stuff is because she feels she made a big mistake in her short life, maybe that is people not liking her or not being popular or something like that. I believe that both Jacky and Emz (also Shelly) are voiced by Sandra Espinoza, so they may have similarities in their voices. I have another theory that Jacky is either Emz's cousin (daughter of mortis) or her sister. I think this because they have similar facial features and similar colored hair, but this theory may be a bit of a stretch. Please put your input in the comments below because I think we could make an entire theory here, guys!
Ralf Andreoiu Piliuta
Ralf Andreoiu Piliuta 3 päeva tagasi
If I want to now the truth Leon is bigger then Nita
Sunil Patel
Sunil Patel 3 päeva tagasi
I think jacky is dynamikes daughter
Sulem Bape
Sulem Bape 3 päeva tagasi
rosa created spikes but forgot to add voice
TheFalseButTrue 3 päeva tagasi
It acutally barley and collete
Carlos Gonzales
Carlos Gonzales 4 päeva tagasi
Whoa Kairos predicted Lou
Mikis Pablo
Mikis Pablo 4 päeva tagasi
Then poco is young cause emz
ZACHARY MATHIESON 4 päeva tagasi
I was thinking that sandy is Nita’s and Leon’s sister. This is because they are the kids of the game,( other then penny and Jessie) and their skin color looks the same
Gabe King
Gabe King 4 päeva tagasi
Most people: but who is Jessy's father? Me and most other meme people: *Meet the engineer...*
Adan Adan
Adan Adan 4 päeva tagasi
Kairos code kairos in the brawl stars shop I like the song
legendary rico
legendary rico 5 päeva tagasi
Oh, i broke piper :). He killed me
YourRandomGuy 5 päeva tagasi
Colette has a crush on spike because in her book there are pictures of spike and she has heart eyes when she looks inside it
Eamon Animates YT
Eamon Animates YT 5 päeva tagasi
Gale is colleges dad
Nick Dolstra01
Nick Dolstra01 5 päeva tagasi
I need the last eye brawler (tare, sandy)
Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong 5 päeva tagasi
hey wat about lou for snow duo?
dibakar rout
dibakar rout 5 päeva tagasi
Rico = kairos Piper = lady kairos 😋
Naci da pro
Naci da pro 5 päeva tagasi
Then colt could be Pam's husband
Lina Ayari
Lina Ayari 5 päeva tagasi
*But heyyyyy that's just a theory a brawl theory*
dio brando
dio brando 5 päeva tagasi
Plot twist peaple shipped Leon and Nita and then brawl stars confirmed thay were siblings
OmgMah - BSッ
OmgMah - BSッ 5 päeva tagasi
They listened to the snowtel trio
Yeetomc Yeeto
Yeetomc Yeeto 5 päeva tagasi
Idk about mi amigo Rico
dragon ball live
dragon ball live 5 päeva tagasi
I think that amber is NOT el primo daughter, even if they live In the same city
dragon ball live
dragon ball live 5 päeva tagasi
The snowtel trio is now complete with Lou
Minny heckyea
Minny heckyea 5 päeva tagasi
Nita and Leon parents are dead in Starr park
Kiwi /OPG14
Kiwi /OPG14 5 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: Jessie dyed her hair. Look closely to her chinese skin. She has black hair instead of red hair.
Allan Roosimaa
Allan Roosimaa 6 päeva tagasi
amber in mexican colette in old town lou in snowtel
Red Crewmate
Red Crewmate 6 päeva tagasi
Truffle Goat Productions
Truffle Goat Productions 6 päeva tagasi
Did nobody think colt could be Jessie’s dad
Truffle Goat Productions
Truffle Goat Productions 6 päeva tagasi
We got Lou and Amber. Opposites. Now it’s time for old town, and superhero
Lil lps Aj
Lil lps Aj 6 päeva tagasi
I feel like bull is actually jackys father/ brother. They both have tough personality’s They both have stubborn personality’s They both have closely have weapons. And why u ask? Miners like jackys weapon is powered with electricity. Bulls weapon ( aka gun ) is powered by some type of big power. Jacky has closely related hair. Bull has closely related hair too. I agree with the “ uncomprimised relationships” tho. I feel like they should a real thing.
khean paul Carmelo
khean paul Carmelo 6 päeva tagasi
i got a theory crow is the pet of bull and bibi theyre sister and bull and maybe there crow got dumped to toxic waste that will explain the posion blades also since there in the same trio but hey thats just a theory and cut
An Ordinary apple
An Ordinary apple 6 päeva tagasi
Theory: collete likes spike
Stephen Fierro
Stephen Fierro 6 päeva tagasi
That’s crazy bruh 😎 I love ❤️ the relationship status and smol families, it’s so cool that the map is just one big Amusement park.
Marcell Olivier
Marcell Olivier 6 päeva tagasi
Nani and barely have the same eye and Darryl and Rico have the same eye to
Crystal Spring
Crystal Spring 7 päeva tagasi
The snowtel brawler is Lou
Mikis Pablo
Mikis Pablo 7 päeva tagasi
No el primo and Shelly are cuz
BEAST SAM 7 päeva tagasi
Pau Suan Khai
Pau Suan Khai 6 päeva tagasi
Lou is already to be confirmed to be apart of the Snowtel
de wel lollige gamerzz
de wel lollige gamerzz 7 päeva tagasi
Now the snowtel trio is completed bc of lou
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy 7 päeva tagasi
Yes but at animation of Brawl o ween Mortis says " wait Frank you do not consider me A FRIEND" no a brother but I believe that it Frank should be Emz's father.
Pau Suan Khai
Pau Suan Khai 6 päeva tagasi
Frank is Emz’s father. Did you not watch the vid
ShalyaScience. 7 päeva tagasi
We can also relate to Nita, Leon and bo being a family as their eyes are covered and their forehead is shaded and all of their costumes have animals like Leon with the chameleon costume ,,Nita with the bear and bo with the eagle hat...
ShalyaScience. 7 päeva tagasi
4:12 we got lou who is the part of snow themed trio and we got amber who is a part of the Mexican trio...I bet we are getting a superhero duo in the future...BTW great job kairos..
Ezekiel Mien
Ezekiel Mien 7 päeva tagasi
I think that Starr Park may be an amusement park that was used for human experimentation, but if it were an ACTUAL theme park, the attractions would be as follows (Unless you count the radio thing): 1. Ferris Wheel (Maybe Colt's building serves as the entrance? Idk I just speculated) 2. Spine-shoppe (Namely Spike's Establishment) 3. Feral Labyrinth [Maze] (Nita & Leon's Attraction) 4. Bull's Diner (Bull) 5. Mr Bat's Home-Run [mini-baseball] (Bibi) 6. Starrbird Shootem [Shooting Range] (Crow) 7. Re-spiriter [Trackless Ride] (Bo) 8. Darryl's Ship [Rocking Ship+Trackless Ride] (Pirate Trio) 9. Starrcade [Also Contains a trackless ride] (8-Bit) 10. Rico's Bounce House (Rico) 11. Brock's Place [Shooting Range+Pendulum] (Brock) 12. Tara's Bazaar [Contains Tara's Fortune telling, Sandy's Flying Matress, Gene's Lamporium and a ton of Gift Shops] (Arab Trio) 13. Snowtel [Also Contains a Rollercoaster] (Snowtel Trio) 14. Mortis's Mortuary [Trackless ride(That's a lot...) & Windmill] (Undead Trio) 15. Show Stages (Mexican Entertainers Trio) 16. Gem Grab [Rollercoaster] (Miner Trio) 17. Line Friends Memories [Trackless Ride+Emporium] (The Line Squad, Obviously) 18. The Botanical Thrill (Botany Trio) 19. Junky Jamboree [A bunch of thrill rides] (Junker Trio) 20. Carolina Lifetime [Gift shop+Bar] (Old Town Duo) 21. Super City [Obstacle Course+Gyroscope] (Heroic Duo) 22. Starr Avenue [Gift Shop] (Colette) What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.
Vaughn Jedrek Aquino
Vaughn Jedrek Aquino 7 päeva tagasi
I knew that jessie and Pam are mother and daughter cuz of Pam's voice lines
Maximilian Budde
Maximilian Budde 7 päeva tagasi
Crow is also animal fam
Shane_ See
Shane_ See 7 päeva tagasi
why piper would date a robot
Bart Kulik
Bart Kulik 8 päeva tagasi
i actually think that Tara and Gene are family related in some sort. here is the link to the source:
Sujatha Jayakumar
Sujatha Jayakumar 8 päeva tagasi
Kairos is literally predicting the future in all his brawl theory videos check it out in 3:52 with a (lol)
Ilikethe View
Ilikethe View 8 päeva tagasi
Collete had crush on spike she stalk lol
Norman YYY
Norman YYY 8 päeva tagasi
Lou Is a snow brawler
CLASH HUNTERS 8 päeva tagasi
Rico×piper Human×robot Why are we still here Just to suffer
Aloe Minun
Aloe Minun 8 päeva tagasi
The next brawler released should be a superhero brawler because Max, Amber & Lou cover the Old town, Snowtel & Mexican trios
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez 8 päeva tagasi
I us code kairos
GamingPlayz 9 päeva tagasi
Spike and collete because if u look in colletes book you can see pictures of spike
Ca John
Ca John 9 päeva tagasi
wow you predicted the future the new brawler lou completed mr p and gale trio
dimitrije stanisic
dimitrije stanisic 9 päeva tagasi
I think that el primo is shellys father but rosa not her mother(el primo maybe has purple hair under that mask bro)
dimitrije stanisic
dimitrije stanisic 9 päeva tagasi
In the same animation mortis says:wait franklin do you not consider me a friend,sothey ate not brothers but only friends i think that emzs mother is a sister to mortis
CharlesDoSome Stuff
CharlesDoSome Stuff 9 päeva tagasi
Amber and Lou is here
Ngumin Karga
Ngumin Karga 9 päeva tagasi
Snowtel brawler is lou
Jaywoo kwon
Jaywoo kwon 9 päeva tagasi
Amber is now in the mexican trio and lou is here so snowtel trio is done now we need a superhero and old town
Christian Noble
Christian Noble 9 päeva tagasi
At 55 seconds that was my wallpaper
Randomness Animation
Randomness Animation 9 päeva tagasi
Here from the future, New Legendary brawler Amber, completes the Mexican Trio.
itz_thenoobXD 9 päeva tagasi
Did you know that if you listen closely to pipers voice lines she mumbles I'ma player,piper used to date colt
Glitched _ Alex
Glitched _ Alex 10 päeva tagasi
Amber completes the Mexican trio
Nikolas Ho
Nikolas Ho 10 päeva tagasi
Lou is in the snowtel one I think
Playe r
Playe r 10 päeva tagasi
i think pipers and ricos child would me prico
Shreyan BS
Shreyan BS 10 päeva tagasi
We got amber with which we complete Mexican trio and lou with which we complete snowtel trio
Copiii Santa
Copiii Santa 10 päeva tagasi
colt is jessie brother
DarkPhantom899 Go
DarkPhantom899 Go 10 päeva tagasi
So we gon ignore how kairos predicted the environment name “snowtel”
Bruh 10 päeva tagasi
Wtf is this content
Damla Güleç
Damla Güleç 10 päeva tagasi
3:41 amber , 3:54 lou ,
21.reinhart 4d
21.reinhart 4d 10 päeva tagasi
I have a theory that crow is the mutated pet for bibi
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 10 päeva tagasi
My theory on spike:Spike was naturally grown,but barley/Rosa spilled a substance on him that gave him life.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 10 päeva tagasi
My theory on 8-bit:8-bit was created by Brock and Rico for entertainment. Or,An unknown worker made him before Brock and Rico,but it took the worker years to succeed in 8-bit’s creation
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 10 päeva tagasi
My therory on Carl:Carl was made by dynamite to help him mine,Jacky wasn’t out yet so it couldn’t be her Or,Carl is an old robot.dynamIke found.He then paid Pam to fix him
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 10 päeva tagasi
My theory on Leon and Nita:Nita is older.Leon wasn’t added yet in beta because he wasn’t born yet,so Nita is older Or,Leon was born,but wasn’t old enough to fight unlike Nita.
The Iron Rubber duck
The Iron Rubber duck 10 päeva tagasi
This is the only good quality family tree conspiracy video I could find
Fire fox -brawl stars
Fire fox -brawl stars 11 päeva tagasi
I think amber is leon’s mother
Fire fox -brawl stars
Fire fox -brawl stars 10 päeva tagasi
They have the same color idk 🤷‍♂️
Pau Suan Khai
Pau Suan Khai 10 päeva tagasi
What makes you think that?
Devansh Gupta
Devansh Gupta 11 päeva tagasi
3:50 this is a nice prediction indeed
MACHINE GUN 11 päeva tagasi
MACHINE GUN 11 päeva tagasi
12:00 what....what.......what the fuc.......
Rai Chan
Rai Chan 11 päeva tagasi
I figured colt was Jessie's dad
creeper ken
creeper ken 11 päeva tagasi
100 to 1673
Kean Maclaren Vega
Kean Maclaren Vega 11 päeva tagasi
So that is why jessie was welcome by barley cause barley would be jessie's uncle or something? Its on barley's bar animation
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