Brawl Theory: The PAST, and the FUTURE of Brawl Stars!

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Brawl Theory! The Past & Future of Brawl Stars | KairosTime
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Brawl Stars recently had an update that led to an 8-Bit mini-game filled with Easter eggs that reveal some truths about 8-Bit's past, and the future of Brawl Stars! The mini game covers the past of Brawl Stars and tells a bit of it's history, as well as reveals the shocking truth about who and what 8-Bit is. It also leads to some speculation that Brawl Stars is going to get a new space theme in a future update! But hey, that's just a theory! A Brawl Theory!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos: But hey, that's just a Theory, a BRAAAAAAWL THEORY! MatPat: Face palm... Watch Next: Theme Park Brawl Theory ► Subscribe for MORE news & Speculation ►
UltraAlolanGamer 10 päeva tagasi
Sivaprakasam Shanmugam
Sivaprakasam Shanmugam 14 päeva tagasi
It is not a theory it is real whenever you say it
Anurag Jain
Anurag Jain 15 päeva tagasi
will you be doing a colab with matpat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akshaj Goda
Akshaj Goda 28 päeva tagasi
I knew it was a reference to matpat!
Ujjwal Kumar
Ujjwal Kumar Місяць tagasi
best friend
best friend 5 tundi tagasi
Starr means starr park
I don’t know
I don’t know Päev tagasi
link to the stream, please!
Nathan Päev tagasi
Hey Man. Why cant i enable that secret?
GameModeYT I
GameModeYT I Päev tagasi
Can you just play Minecraft or among us?
Dror nudelman
Dror nudelman 2 päeva tagasi
3:29 there is a smile in the teeth!
Jaguar lai
Jaguar lai 3 päeva tagasi
The ice cream was talking about Lou
Alex TTB
Alex TTB 3 päeva tagasi
8:02 maybe the other 8 bit/echo is Virus 8 bit, as an alter ego kind of thing. 🤔
Lukas Nguyen
Lukas Nguyen 6 päeva tagasi
The minigame is hard for me
Ugly Rat
Ugly Rat 6 päeva tagasi
8:56 isnt that a meat ball not ice cream? edit:it is spaghetti on a stick from starr park
ANDY TSANG 7 päeva tagasi
Now: snow theme
Claire Yeo
Claire Yeo 7 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or do u find this creepy
ULTRA GEJMING 8 päeva tagasi
i think brawls are alsow stars of the them park
GAMING WARRIOR 9 päeva tagasi
I think chiken guy is the hayday chicken
Rai Chan
Rai Chan 9 päeva tagasi
Btw my favorite sharpshooter is 8-bit ;)
Alfan Abdussalam
Alfan Abdussalam 10 päeva tagasi
the worm is rosa😂😂
João Barboza
João Barboza 10 päeva tagasi
Is that a game theory knockoff??? I Love It!!!!!
Sprout The Destroyer
Sprout The Destroyer 11 päeva tagasi
Wait, do you need Virus 8-Bit FOR THIS TO HAPPEN
The Flash
The Flash 12 päeva tagasi
Well... i quitted playing brawl stars for 1 month and expected a new brawler. WHAT THE HECK İS GOİNG ON
DHARSHITH S GN2092 16 päeva tagasi
and lou has ice cream
ii-FNaF_Friend-ii 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos: *MattPat mode activated* 15:24
ii-FNaF_Friend-ii 16 päeva tagasi
ice cream = Lou
TheBowgart 345
TheBowgart 345 16 päeva tagasi
take a shot everytime he says brawl
Ali tarık AKMANOĞLU 17 päeva tagasi
Guys u know the ice-cream there, that is Lou’s ice-cream!
Supergamingboy Vlogs & gaming
Supergamingboy Vlogs & gaming 20 päeva tagasi
I can’t play the minigame do you have to own him
This YouTube Guy
This YouTube Guy 20 päeva tagasi
.... Okay.... Okay...okay YEP that some big brain thinking
Kato Rabaey
Kato Rabaey 20 päeva tagasi
8:55 it’s not ice-Cream, it’s spaghetti on a stick witch you see at the scene in the investment video at the end of the bee animation just before the man looking in the trashcan you’ll see food the bottom one one the left side includes the spaghetti and meatballs. (Original)
oshrit b
oshrit b 21 päev tagasi
juander travel
juander travel 21 päev tagasi
8-bit syas game not over
juander travel
juander travel 21 päev tagasi
What if 8-bit saying is a clue?
brawl stars cheese
brawl stars cheese 21 päev tagasi
It's lou
channel deleted
channel deleted 23 päeva tagasi
Lol is cairos Japanese?
Aryan Basle
Aryan Basle 23 päeva tagasi
Any body watching this video when the smiley badge is *ACTUALLY* the brawl stars new logo, and the ice cream cone - which signifies the new brawler *Lou*. And als Starr park???
nadia afrin
nadia afrin 25 päeva tagasi
Now we all know that the ice-cream cones referred to our dear new brawler LOU. whoa that's so cool ❤️
Daniel Gomawa
Daniel Gomawa 25 päeva tagasi
And then 2 months later the family friendly game so called.... It became into a horror movie theory...... 😶😶😶
Zhang Lianfei
Zhang Lianfei 28 päeva tagasi
I think kairos is brain washed
Lua 1211
Lua 1211 28 päeva tagasi
6:18 fun fact the suitcase has a SPUDE sticker on it
Aleksi Pupi
Aleksi Pupi 29 päeva tagasi
Bro supurcell crazy
K-pop Shorts
K-pop Shorts Місяць tagasi
Ummm...I tapped 8 times....why didn't it work?🙄 But anyways good video as always❤️
XxRed SlashxX
XxRed SlashxX Місяць tagasi
Gotta love that mat pat ending
Ahmad Tareq M Issa
Ahmad Tareq M Issa Місяць tagasi
Kairos: 8-BIT IS GETTING A BUFF! Me: Well no, but actually yes.
Speed - Brawl Stars
Speed - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
ok so brawlidays theme is going to be space
Wut Cat
Wut Cat Місяць tagasi
Another compilation of kairos predicting the future
Wut Cat
Wut Cat Місяць tagasi
All starr park references, The feris wheel, starr park, the big dome, the crown, the smile face, spaghetti ice cream.
Abdullah M
Abdullah M Місяць tagasi
Can you make a new a park stuf al that
ENZO Місяць tagasi
6:50 i think the building in the background (the big yellow one) reminds of tara’s bazar....
1Batuhan Kök
1Batuhan Kök Місяць tagasi
But it is Mexico though
Bryan Bartolome
Bryan Bartolome Місяць tagasi
8 bit shod be buff i dont play him but easy kill
Patty’s Journey
Patty’s Journey Місяць tagasi
A m o n g U s
Abdallah Gaming
Abdallah Gaming Місяць tagasi
nooooooo i just played project laser mini game and i didnt notice other mini games )_: please someone tell me can i play them now?
SlushYT Місяць tagasi
13:44 if only... (I’m an 8-bit main)
meme God sup to big alex
meme God sup to big alex Місяць tagasi
Everybody thinking the next update will be space Supercell:let's stop your rhiet der
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee Місяць tagasi
I'd say that all of that was a clue to the investor video taking over Brawl Talk
Caitlyn Gajadhar
Caitlyn Gajadhar Місяць tagasi
I want them to put back project laser on 8-bit
planemod Місяць tagasi
Brawl Stars has so many secrets in it, yet there are still more to come
Lance0 Місяць tagasi
Kairos: 8 Bit is getting a buff! lol jk Supercell: so we have a 12% HP increase for 8-BIT
Gameplay Time
Gameplay Time Місяць tagasi
What time did you recording it?
BestMasterFleo Місяць tagasi
We also know what that starr thingy is about
BestMasterFleo Місяць tagasi
He didnt notice the paper from sprout at the radiation explosion
Mangirdas S
Mangirdas S Місяць tagasi
I try to press 8-bit 8 times it didnt seem to work did i do something wrong?
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 Місяць tagasi
Hey karios can u make a vid about ( Evidence about who is Mr.P ) or not .. ☹️☹️😶
Rafał Myma
Rafał Myma Місяць tagasi
I love brawl stars cause it has soo much flavour to it.... Like it has some dark lore, relationships, and all that fun stuff.
S H Місяць tagasi
6:20 is where it shows the spaghetti from the starr park brawl talk glitch thing
Reymundo Parra
Reymundo Parra Місяць tagasi
The ice cream is not ice cream it’s a spaghetti on a stick
Marlone Beltrán
Marlone Beltrán Місяць tagasi
13:44 - Not wrong at all
what are you doing on this channel
what are you doing on this channel Місяць tagasi
Dang, Lunar event
Valerio Jeremie
Valerio Jeremie Місяць tagasi
KairosTime Brawl Theory is so true, if we think again, it is true, love it
Kean Maclaren Vega
Kean Maclaren Vega Місяць tagasi
Why Dont press start?
Zaren Kotikyan
Zaren Kotikyan Місяць tagasi
It didn’t work
Aleksandre Elisashvili
Aleksandre Elisashvili Місяць tagasi
you prick you still from matpat
KUK Gaming
KUK Gaming Місяць tagasi
Why didn't SPUDE, Brawl Stars and Starr Park gave him to shut his mouth as he is going deep in this game. He need to mind his own channel. 😂😂
GamingwChrisOfficial Місяць tagasi
also when you press on 8-bit in brawl stars he says”game not over”
n.nobiaa`s vlogss
n.nobiaa`s vlogss Місяць tagasi
I haven't figure out this since I watch this video I couldn't do it
Eva Danihelkova
Eva Danihelkova Місяць tagasi
karios in starcade you notice you did not see surge
ElijahAllDay Місяць tagasi
Still trying to report the trolls otherwise the game is annoying
Erick Solano
Erick Solano Місяць tagasi
Coolboy Місяць tagasi
GrizzYT Gaming
GrizzYT Gaming Місяць tagasi
6.25 who saw a door
Luis Місяць tagasi
Starr Park Corp reminds me of Vault-Tec
SubZero Місяць tagasi
9:11 I just realized that wasn’t a ice cream code that was the spaghetti on a stick from star park
E-tan Gamez
E-tan Gamez Місяць tagasi
I think there’s more to the “troops”
E-tan Gamez
E-tan Gamez Місяць tagasi
The creator of star park:highest rank Co workers:assistance of the creator of star park “Brawlers”:Generals And the people in clash royal:the foot soldiers
Amartya P
Amartya P Місяць tagasi
You should make a Chanel for your brawl theories
Ben's Universe
Ben's Universe Місяць tagasi
That desert in the 2nd game IS a hint to the next update, basically STARR PARK!!!!
Chitra Pathak
Chitra Pathak Місяць tagasi
It's not starting why
Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez Місяць tagasi
Big brain
Sandeep Srivastava
Sandeep Srivastava Місяць tagasi
Amm Kairos I think that the smile on the planet was actualy the brawl stars symbol of starr park
Panda Gamer
Panda Gamer Місяць tagasi
the echo is virus 8-bit
Kingsley TV UK
Kingsley TV UK Місяць tagasi
Plot Twist: Kairos is Japanese
Francis Renzo Hartono
Francis Renzo Hartono Місяць tagasi
so the echo lies
Fitrah Akbar
Fitrah Akbar Місяць tagasi
By starr corporation
Fitrah Akbar
Fitrah Akbar Місяць tagasi
The memory has been stealed
Fitrah Akbar
Fitrah Akbar Місяць tagasi
So 8-bit is from starr park
Jessie Minecraft
Jessie Minecraft Місяць tagasi
Jessie Minecraft
Jessie Minecraft Місяць tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS 2 місяці tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS 2 місяці tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS 2 місяці tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS 2 місяці tagasi
DARK PH30N1X BS 2 місяці tagasi
Christian Espinoza
Christian Espinoza 2 місяці tagasi
LightningMC 2 місяці tagasi
Did you notice that some brawlers like spike or Colette are always smiling like they're forced to smile
Finnegan McFarland
Finnegan McFarland 2 місяці tagasi
Are we just going to ignore the fact that in the files it says “it eats at your soul”?
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