Brawl Theory: Starr Park's DARK past...

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Brawl Theory: The Dark TRUTH Behind Brawl Stars's Past & Future
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In this video we're going to be revealing the truth behind #StarrPark, which is an old forgotten shadow of what Brawl Stars used to be. In this brawl theory we're going to talk about the dark secrets that Brawl Stars is hiding and what they are going to try to do. The world needs your help to uncover this mystery...
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 3 місяці tagasi
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Moonlight . RAIN paris
Moonlight . RAIN paris 16 päeva tagasi
Kairos in my brwal star game and if i did not that mean i am brainwash? Somting like that?
Moonlight . RAIN paris
Moonlight . RAIN paris 16 päeva tagasi
What do you mena of i dont put
Игровой канал Никиты и его друзей 2.0
Игровой канал Никиты и его друзей 2.0 22 päeva tagasi
@PRO BRO yup
Canal do Caio
Canal do Caio Місяць tagasi
You kwo your cooping game theory right?(kairos)
Andrei Grecu
Andrei Grecu Місяць tagasi
Meenee Yang
Meenee Yang 19 tundi tagasi
Brawl stars u trusted you why
Stanley Petit Homme
Stanley Petit Homme 20 tundi tagasi
wait if collet works at star park..............
I don’t know
I don’t know Päev tagasi
I don’t know
I don’t know Päev tagasi
why is this game turning into a horror game with so much lore
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 Päev tagasi
Karios: hear my therios Me: my theory is that frank and Rian and Dani since they work at brawl Stars I think that they aren't allowed to say anything about the wkbrl or the Starr park clues buuttt or they get in trouble like the webmaster
Liam Kristanto
Liam Kristanto Päev tagasi
Maybe they did not see the stream?
CrazyGuy66 2 päeva tagasi
The creepiest bit about Starr Park is when nita and Leon went on a roller-coaster and their carriage came back but their parents were missing. Gahd Starr Park is so creepy
CrazyGuy66 2 päeva tagasi
Gale is the Web master BTW because he is part of spude and transmitted his monologue through the wkbrl stream. Also 8 bit is controlling all the brawlers because in gales monologue he said that he was being controlled by a 'player 2' and on 8 bit's gun it says P2
Chaitanya A.
Chaitanya A. 2 päeva tagasi
Its normal
miles 2 päeva tagasi
'' You are on to something'' **brawl star ad**
OneIcieBoi _YEET
OneIcieBoi _YEET 2 päeva tagasi
Don't Mind Me,I'm Just Binging :V
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 2 päeva tagasi
--- ... .---. .--- .--- --- . --- . . . ... --- . . . --- ..
Charles Rabbit
Charles Rabbit 2 päeva tagasi
Hmm You said Collect Wait Colette So Colette is a Collecter
sherry richardson
sherry richardson 3 päeva tagasi
Look at this doosh ahahahahahahah 11:22
AstroDog35 3 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Supercell is evil and has a sinister plan! Continues playing brawl stars anyways
Leanne’s Room
Leanne’s Room 3 päeva tagasi
My brothers are OBSESSED with Brawl Stars and just showed me the Starr Park video, I’m questioning a lot.
yeetreeandsanic robloxpro
yeetreeandsanic robloxpro 3 päeva tagasi
Yhis is giving me the chills. Mr.p: its ok your just cold. You: i dont mean that
Alex TTB
Alex TTB 3 päeva tagasi
Oh no... I’m Australian and I’m gonna be hit by the attacks first!
Elijah Buntjer
Elijah Buntjer 3 päeva tagasi
i dont know if this helps but if you click on 8 bit 8 times it goes to a website
Elijah Buntjer
Elijah Buntjer 3 päeva tagasi
this might be tmi but my birthday is on sep 5
Blake Buckmister
Blake Buckmister 3 päeva tagasi
There is food theory game theory film theory and BRAWL THEORY
Risa Lavric
Risa Lavric 4 päeva tagasi
I am scared
mobilegod 12
mobilegod 12 4 päeva tagasi
Looke what i found go to there EEpost and there is a video call Starr park
Salim Salim
Salim Salim 5 päeva tagasi
kairos i thougt that brawl stars was friendly game but after wen one youtuber told me that he makes theorys i got schocked wenn i saw this video
Rage Boiii
Rage Boiii 5 päeva tagasi
Hmm seems like 2021
Ognjen Ivanovic123
Ognjen Ivanovic123 5 päeva tagasi
Kamal Pasha
Kamal Pasha 5 päeva tagasi
Me: this is cool Kiros: they are doing this in Australia Me: well time to move to America
Janie Salinas
Janie Salinas 5 päeva tagasi
AnimeVibe 5 päeva tagasi
Omigod I live in australia :( 😬😬😬
the blood demon_47
the blood demon_47 5 päeva tagasi
the blood demon_47
the blood demon_47 5 päeva tagasi
Well i am never playing brawl stars again
Croc Animates
Croc Animates 6 päeva tagasi
I’m getting some FNAF vibes.
Noob 6 päeva tagasi
16:51 the thing says starr park on russian
Mason Hunter
Mason Hunter 6 päeva tagasi
So true they did turn a family friendly game into a horror game
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 6 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: Kairos is working for them and he’s pretending to find out more so ppl trust him, and the strange thing is, the K-A-I-R-O-S code kairos song is so catchy, I started singing it so maybe the song is also part of the plan of brawler manipulation
Minny heckyea
Minny heckyea 6 päeva tagasi
OMG so do supercell know this?
Paul Bashe
Paul Bashe 7 päeva tagasi
A lot of this reminds me of how the Gorillaz would build their lore. So cool how supercell does this to create a sense of community, mystery and intrigue
LightningFox 06
LightningFox 06 7 päeva tagasi
So basicly a short version of captain America: the winter soldier
Alex ,Gaming,Blogs & Draws Alexsandar Debeljacki V3
Alex ,Gaming,Blogs & Draws Alexsandar Debeljacki V3 7 päeva tagasi
Random Vlogz
Random Vlogz 7 päeva tagasi
nice wall.
Sitara Reddy
Sitara Reddy 8 päeva tagasi
dude how do u feel im asking all of u
DaboiJ Hernandez
DaboiJ Hernandez 8 päeva tagasi
Ur intro and outro sound a lot like matpat
Edwin Ferman
Edwin Ferman 8 päeva tagasi
I am scared of Mr P now
DerpyFortniteGod !
DerpyFortniteGod ! 8 päeva tagasi
lol i thought this was lore tf is this real???
Blake Schwalb
Blake Schwalb 9 päeva tagasi
I think that Starr park was trying to find mind control for the cold war. In the cold war in america there was a project called M.K. ultra and mk ultra was trying to get mind control and turn them in to american spies
TONG JIA MING 9 päeva tagasi
I am using code Kairos
MacKenzie Aranguiz
MacKenzie Aranguiz 9 päeva tagasi
I'm i the only one who thinks this too f real
CR7 Goat
CR7 Goat 10 päeva tagasi
My brawl theory All the brawlers where happily living with their families . (I do not know how they got stuck) The brawlers are stuck in the start park . One brawler had escaped the system and sent videos in the internet about all the brawlers past . He was about the send the video about how they got trapped but the investor caught him. He then sent a video about the start park theme which had clues only the brawlers could understand . Now the brawlers are going to get harsher treatment
Ana Petrovska
Ana Petrovska 11 päeva tagasi
what are you toking abowt
Maxwell Rowell
Maxwell Rowell 11 päeva tagasi
Why the hell does brawl stars lore go as deep as FNAF lore? Because brawl stars is actually based on more than the game itself.
J R 11 päeva tagasi
ello j play fnaf
Ethan Punzalan
Ethan Punzalan 12 päeva tagasi
Also his zipper could be him in a suit
Ethan Punzalan
Ethan Punzalan 12 päeva tagasi
In mr p’s Suitcase could be positions or stuff like that that mutated the others?
Fox _
Fox _ 13 päeva tagasi
I will no longer use mr p
Kim Joann
Kim Joann 13 päeva tagasi
I never knew that star park was a Actual PARK.
Electro Brawl stars
Electro Brawl stars 13 päeva tagasi
I think the 10-10 on the bird not clean note is the Lou update release.
Bauzi Boy
Bauzi Boy 14 päeva tagasi
Thx my brain is eploded
LAG Master
LAG Master 14 päeva tagasi
Moment when suppercell see these
Rebecca Carmona
Rebecca Carmona 14 päeva tagasi
Hey #starrpark
CAPTAIN toby 14 päeva tagasi
bro I'm scared I have a level max surge and you boys have a whole MAXED ARMY OF BRAWLERS
CallMeChris '
CallMeChris ' 16 päeva tagasi
karios i have something important to tell you.After i saw this video i went on the Starr Park page and emailed the web master.After that message the responded fast with the usual,but after i told the mWeb Master"Am going to reveal your secrets" surprisingly hey have not responded please go try it
Moonlight . RAIN paris
Moonlight . RAIN paris 16 päeva tagasi
Yoy umm you did not see a letter in th starr on the back look very cerfully in the lettes one bay none on the back and it has a japanese letter on the back i am not jokeing i swear and i am fine
Henry Pei
Henry Pei 16 päeva tagasi
Dang you're so convincing I almost believed u xD
Jjak 16 päeva tagasi
(T_T) really dude mind control
Jjak 16 päeva tagasi
the only mind control I see is when you constantly promote your promocode it gets annoying fast especially when its already there
Happyguy 17 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos we need to talk. Chicken showed the photos of the original project laser arcade cabinet and showed that the buttons on the front were red, yellow, and blue. What does that remind you of? The Move, Attack and Super controls in the game!!! Plz talk about this in a new vid!
Happyguy 17 päeva tagasi
Also if you go into the club chat and try to type "Supercell is planning something bad!" It will blur it out. Maybe supercell doent want you to share what happened!
Happyguy 17 päeva tagasi
It may be a clue that they new brawl stars was gonna be a thing in 1970s!
Nichocolatte cocoa
Nichocolatte cocoa 17 päeva tagasi
I don't know if I want to play it anymore
MR. Miskin
MR. Miskin 17 päeva tagasi
17:41 OMG Australlia fires and amber OMG
Sterling Woodley
Sterling Woodley 18 päeva tagasi
I’m getting fanaf vibes from this
Dank Vector
Dank Vector 18 päeva tagasi
...ooor maybe it’s just a game and ur overthinking?
Deniz Erem
Deniz Erem 18 päeva tagasi
Hello former interneters. I am not mind controlled. I only play brawl stars. Hee hee
Kabeer Mishra
Kabeer Mishra 18 päeva tagasi
Imma delete brawl stars right now and go hide in a bunker with enough food and water supplies
Kabeer Mishra
Kabeer Mishra 18 päeva tagasi
The only thing this video taught me Mr.P is evil
To Sacrifice My own life for Pakistan
To Sacrifice My own life for Pakistan 18 päeva tagasi
If you go to the new brawl pass Starr park there is a creepy Starr park trailer like I think Starr park hacked supercell or something
Teanoly Teamon
Teanoly Teamon 19 päeva tagasi
When you said they are using use to make the best AI, what about the dynamike teaming and brawlers teaming part
Aretha Sandy
Aretha Sandy 19 päeva tagasi
Hi Lex!
Matthew Schmitt
Matthew Schmitt 19 päeva tagasi
This is fake right? RIGHT?
OzzeiOz 19 päeva tagasi
OzzeiOz 19 päeva tagasi
Dandude 20 päeva tagasi
Dandude 20 päeva tagasi
That’s a very big slue
Dandude 20 päeva tagasi
The words on wbrl stream are Russian
Uzma Farooq
Uzma Farooq 20 päeva tagasi
Yea they kinda did
Foever Hunter
Foever Hunter 20 päeva tagasi
Mr p I feel like it’s in piggy lol
Kean Maclaren Vega
Kean Maclaren Vega 20 päeva tagasi
I think after starr park was rejected sone people who works with starr park leaves it then the brawlers dont remember anything but they fight together and team up then called them Brawl Stars they are Stars and after they experiment they turned superhuman with super abilities
shaly kuriakose
shaly kuriakose 21 päev tagasi
Faf Herşey
Faf Herşey 21 päev tagasi
A game huh, taking a world, am ı an idiot, or you
Dabb Gamer
Dabb Gamer 21 päev tagasi
I dont want to die
Maxy 22 päeva tagasi
Maxy 22 päeva tagasi
This is scary👀👀👀
Jackson Moon
Jackson Moon 23 päeva tagasi
but kt couldn't the tape in the head phones stand for m w Web Master
Zenomorf 23 päeva tagasi
Yellow fellow brawlers welcome to game theory I mean *sweating* brawl theory
Alexander jonasson
Alexander jonasson 23 päeva tagasi
i would but on it and say this if you dont hear anything from me its a mind controller
Shadow 11
Shadow 11 23 päeva tagasi
Sean Price
Sean Price 23 päeva tagasi
With this video I now have thoughts that Starr park was a real place and did some stuff
Explay Games
Explay Games 23 päeva tagasi
This makes me not want to play Brawl Stars🥺
Bogya Hunor
Bogya Hunor 24 päeva tagasi
Do u think that this all Starr Park Theory has serious effects on our real life?
Bogya Hunor
Bogya Hunor 24 päeva tagasi
Ok, so actually u will really never try those headphones?
Alomanda Uganda
Alomanda Uganda 24 päeva tagasi
The man who was making a video in star park said (in the future kids will control us with phones) that means we are controling real human robots in star park and they are fighting 🙀😱👿
PolishGamer 350
PolishGamer 350 24 päeva tagasi
If this is actually true,(i don't think so) we're fucked up
Cherish Smith
Cherish Smith 24 päeva tagasi
is it me or does brawl star is becoming another gravity falls
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