Brawl Stars OLYMPICS! | 38 Brawlers VS BOSS for 1st! | Who is FASTEST?

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Brawl Stars Olympics: Brawler vs Boss Test & Highest DPS | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm putting each brawler against each other in a competition to see which brawler can take the boss out the FASTEST! In this Boss Test, brawlers are allowed their attacks, supers, gadgets, star powers, and any other abilities to help them take out the boss as fast as they possibly can! Which brawler will win?! We're going to find out in this Brawl Stars Olympics event!
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SRK SANDY Tund tagasi
Farny GamingWorld
Farny GamingWorld Tund tagasi
Tristan Varekamp
Tristan Varekamp 9 tundi tagasi
I kinda knew that crow would win because i have tried this with crow to
Mikis Pablo
Mikis Pablo 11 tundi tagasi
I use code kiros
Crow is OP brawler.I`m happy cuz have Crow.
wonder -
wonder - 23 tundi tagasi
I think Rico could have been ranked higher if you shot with the super against the left wall, where it would have hit the boss 3 times, which would have been a lot.
diego gomez
diego gomez Päev tagasi
Crow wins
LouisTommo .
LouisTommo . Päev tagasi
Benjamin Devereux
Benjamin Devereux Päev tagasi
I was like it has to be spike after watching his spike vs Carl vs gene vs I do not remember video
alma Longoria Torres
alma Longoria Torres Päev tagasi
I use code kairos
Oscar Li
Oscar Li 3 päeva tagasi
spikes gadget does 5200 damage everysecond if you put spike right o'n t'he bo's'sboss
LORD :3 4 päeva tagasi
Why is u still using old pam pfp
Tane Mahuta
Tane Mahuta 4 päeva tagasi
Yep Team Spike all the way when it comes to legendaries
Potato Man
Potato Man 4 päeva tagasi
Kevin Baires
Kevin Baires 4 päeva tagasi
Crow will win
Marco Trejo
Marco Trejo 5 päeva tagasi
Gotta say I have crow so I tried it again st the big boss like 2 weeks ago and saw this vid and immediately knew crow would annihilate the competition
vissi King
vissi King 5 päeva tagasi
its crow his super is too op
haze Elf btw
haze Elf btw 6 päeva tagasi
One wrong 😤
Adin Hernandez
Adin Hernandez 6 päeva tagasi
esque tambien no disparas rapido dejas que recarge
nikk valkanov
nikk valkanov 7 päeva tagasi
Why is Kairos singing alone in the new code Kairos song?
Maxwell Rowell
Maxwell Rowell 7 päeva tagasi
CROW By the way this comment was made before I even watched the video.
I do not now how to call this chanal !
I do not now how to call this chanal ! 9 päeva tagasi
Mistake Jessy has a gadget for damage so this is wrong
CaptainJohny 2
CaptainJohny 2 8 päeva tagasi
When kairos made this video recoil spring didn't exist
thiru sankari
thiru sankari 9 päeva tagasi
I don’t know if crow will win but he is my favourite brawler so team crow
Eqscalibur 11 päeva tagasi
Crow and spike were unfair cuz spike could've lined up perfectly with the boss and then his gadget would deal max damage, very unfair for spike.
Cavespider gaming
Cavespider gaming 12 päeva tagasi
Fun fact : franks super does the exact same amount of damage for regular attack it just stuns people
mine stars
mine stars 13 päeva tagasi
i know thad it is a lagendary
Barnabas Biro
Barnabas Biro 13 päeva tagasi
I am both a Brawl Stars master, AND use code kairos!
Quentin Yan
Quentin Yan 13 päeva tagasi
Of course crow will win
murat ocak
murat ocak 14 päeva tagasi
i love crow
Mingxuan Nie
Mingxuan Nie 14 päeva tagasi
If you let Bibi hit the boss to the little area between two walls then her super will damage the boss so quickly. Some people did such tests on Tieba.
GeorgeAquaman 14 päeva tagasi
Oh come on I said at the start of the video spike would win but he placed 2nd gg
25 - ANIMESH PATI 15 päeva tagasi
Crow is just jumping like he is on a trampoline
Tankscod Tanksplayz
Tankscod Tanksplayz 15 päeva tagasi
Crow is insane since he won last boss so I just guessed crow haha
Mythical Penguin
Mythical Penguin 15 päeva tagasi
BIBI IS FASTER if you set her up at the interval near the drones
Cruz fam Gamer
Cruz fam Gamer 16 päeva tagasi
I got like 7 wrong cause I did not use code kairos I’m joking I got all of the wrong cause did not use code kairos
Anthony Fenner
Anthony Fenner 16 päeva tagasi
3 wrong
Karsten Lehmann
Karsten Lehmann 16 päeva tagasi
K a i r o s Code Kairos in the brawl Stars shop
쿤쿠우 17 päeva tagasi
All in one with SAMARTH
All in one with SAMARTH 17 päeva tagasi
It was a crazy video for me and crow and spike that how they will wib
Tegh Patwalia
Tegh Patwalia 17 päeva tagasi
you are letting some brawlers wait till full reload and then letting them shoot why
Eric Siso
Eric Siso 17 päeva tagasi
crow winning did not even cross my mind
Adrian Larios
Adrian Larios 17 päeva tagasi
I got all of them right
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox 18 päeva tagasi
I knew Spike would take 2nd place, and Crow would take 1nd place!
Lina Rimdeikiene
Lina Rimdeikiene 18 päeva tagasi
i hev crow
Frej Aagaard
Frej Aagaard 18 päeva tagasi
I Got one wrong
Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars 18 päeva tagasi
I knew it was going to be crow I was voting for crow I knew it
mohammad Adeeb
mohammad Adeeb 18 päeva tagasi
Anil Kuttappan
Anil Kuttappan 18 päeva tagasi
I think crow will win🙄🙄
g k
g k 18 päeva tagasi
l knew crow would win bc l use code kairos
Juan Ortiva
Juan Ortiva 19 päeva tagasi
Win spike vs crow
Susan Lasrado
Susan Lasrado 19 päeva tagasi
you should have let ricos super hit the boss twice by bouncing his bullets
heryque stickman
heryque stickman 19 päeva tagasi
0:00 crow win
GreenNinja 2009
GreenNinja 2009 19 päeva tagasi
Crow Is The Champion of Damage
The Royal Dragon Family
The Royal Dragon Family 20 päeva tagasi
El primo has the meteor fadget
Pratheek Ganta
Pratheek Ganta 20 päeva tagasi
Santiago Egui
Santiago Egui 20 päeva tagasi
who else has seen this more than100 times
Aryan Ray
Aryan Ray 20 päeva tagasi
i got everything right i beated you
Smita Das
Smita Das 20 päeva tagasi
Today i reached 24k trophies in bs . I am very happy.
VM - 04DS 828702 Fairlawn PS
VM - 04DS 828702 Fairlawn PS 21 päev tagasi
got 7 wrong
Paro 09
Paro 09 21 päev tagasi
Jessie has a gadget thet helps her
Mario Martin
Mario Martin 21 päev tagasi
Just ur regular italian pal
Just ur regular italian pal 21 päev tagasi
Jessie's second gadget: •-•
Beau Yeh
Beau Yeh 21 päev tagasi
rico can be faster ;D
JAYGOD 141 21 päev tagasi
Franks super is pointless in this test because it does the same amount of damage
Pxk 22 päeva tagasi
I think crow
Joaquin Mundoc
Joaquin Mundoc 22 päeva tagasi
kairos this is the truth after i watch the video i already know that crow is going to win
Kautilya Bhanwarayat
Kautilya Bhanwarayat 22 päeva tagasi
Shelly can do it in 27 seconds if use your super towards smaller bots above in the arena.
SL4D3-Brawl Stars
SL4D3-Brawl Stars 22 päeva tagasi
im a crow boi and i knew crow would dominate this brawlympic
Jimmy C
Jimmy C 22 päeva tagasi
I knew it that it was crow and spike :D and I use code Kairos
The Supreme Dudes
The Supreme Dudes 22 päeva tagasi
I did
Rip Hazel account
Rip Hazel account 22 päeva tagasi
If he hit the boss twice with ricos super by bouncing it of the wall things would be different
Jayhsen Feliz
Jayhsen Feliz 22 päeva tagasi
Par Beckham
Par Beckham 22 päeva tagasi
I got 2 wrong
molten. 23 päeva tagasi
Thats not correct
BOOM BS 23 päeva tagasi
Crow wins
Vuk Rascanin
Vuk Rascanin 24 päeva tagasi
Iam using code kairos,and i watch all your videos,i got everything right :O it works
Jaume Pagès Becerril
Jaume Pagès Becerril 25 päeva tagasi
for me spike is the best brawler 🔥🔥🔥 🌵🌵🌵
Super's world!
Super's world! 25 päeva tagasi
I'm sorry but nobody thinks kairos is kinda... *cute*
Berk Çağlar
Berk Çağlar 25 päeva tagasi
I think 1.Crow 2.Spike
thatoneguy Cult of Dave
thatoneguy Cult of Dave 25 päeva tagasi
I already know that crow wins
thatoneguy Cult of Dave
thatoneguy Cult of Dave 25 päeva tagasi
I was correct
Emil Örvarsson
Emil Örvarsson 25 päeva tagasi
I really thought crow was overrated
Juan antonio Hidalgo urbano
Juan antonio Hidalgo urbano 25 päeva tagasi
I knew crow was going to win >:D
Ian Campanella
Ian Campanella 25 päeva tagasi
I guess that’s why legendary dare the best, two of them made to the finals
SPIDEY Gaming 26 päeva tagasi
I couldn't watch my favourites Crow and Bibi against each other 😭😭
Justin Spafford
Justin Spafford 26 päeva tagasi
i think nita
Jacob Brayko
Jacob Brayko 26 päeva tagasi
19-5=12 apparently :)
oz ZEYROX 26 päeva tagasi
8 mises
Rahulblack Z55
Rahulblack Z55 27 päeva tagasi
Very Predictable
吴士锋 27 päeva tagasi
all them correct
Blue Elixir
Blue Elixir 27 päeva tagasi
I think crow will win
Nindroid Gaming
Nindroid Gaming 27 päeva tagasi
12:50 spike takes 2nd with a nineteen second lead and crow is ahead by 5 seconds with twelve seconds. hmmmmm
Orgest Zimberi
Orgest Zimberi 27 päeva tagasi
I actually knew from the beginning that crow was gon a with because I tried him out before in the try thingy and then i went to the boss and did that thing so yeah
DikoN 28 päeva tagasi
Ismail Isiktan
Ismail Isiktan 28 päeva tagasi
I knew it was crow
Chan Kwan Yiu Aden陳君堯
Chan Kwan Yiu Aden陳君堯 28 päeva tagasi
*Sad poco noises*
Carson Goodman
Carson Goodman 28 päeva tagasi
I got them all right, cause I use code Kairos
Pelle Kotak
Pelle Kotak 28 päeva tagasi
Lorenz Playz07
Lorenz Playz07 29 päeva tagasi
I New It!!!!! CROW
Dasska-Yashica (Dass & Co.)
Dasska-Yashica (Dass & Co.) 29 päeva tagasi
crow is goingto win
Shantosh Shankeresvaren
Shantosh Shankeresvaren 29 päeva tagasi
I actually got 10 plus wrong and the rest is correct
Alex_PG3D 29 päeva tagasi
Yeah ive done this before and before finishing the video i know that crow will win
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