Brawl Stars OLYMPICS! | 38 Brawlers vs THE SWARM! | Who is FASTEST?!

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Brawl Stars Olympics: 38 Brawlers vs The Swarm! | KairosTime
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In this Brawl Stars Olympics event we're going to put all 38 brawlers against each other to see which brawler can clear the swarm the FASTEST! This will help us understand which brawlers are best equipped to deal with multiple targets and give us a more accurate measurement for their Swarm Test results!
The Brawl Stars Olympics is about putting all brawlers against each other in various tests to find out which brawlers are the best in the game! Let's see if you can guess which brawlers will win in the Swarm Test!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 3 місяці tagasi
How well did YOU guess the winners of each round?! Anyone get EVERY matchup right?! Watch Next: Boss Test Olympics ► Brawl Stars Creator Code ►
General Giraffe
General Giraffe 16 päeva tagasi
ratteled hive make a new one
BrookeSong 17 päeva tagasi
@KirbyInTheRealLife naw man I love her voice lines( piper is my second favorite)
KirbyInTheRealLife 17 päeva tagasi
@BrookeSong That's because u can't aim 😜
BrookeSong 17 päeva tagasi
I knew Jacky would win it all she IS my FAVORITE character!!!!!!
Idiot CZ
Idiot CZ 20 päeva tagasi
Dynamike has 3.8 seconds
vibeninjacat 2 päeva tagasi
Kairos:guess who is the winner and comment down below me:saw the thumbnail
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox 2 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Bea takes 36th place Bea: *hold my hive*
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox 2 päeva tagasi
I just wrote this because of Bea's 2nd gadget
Tail 9
Tail 9 2 päeva tagasi
Hey guys, can you tell me what you think of my latest video? Thanks
何浩民 2 päeva tagasi
Wait a minute you crossed out dynamike star power demolition is a star power
Daman Gamer
Daman Gamer 4 päeva tagasi
If amber was there she is the winnerr
Benjamin Devereux
Benjamin Devereux 4 päeva tagasi
Yay I guessed it hooray
Matej Nemec
Matej Nemec 5 päeva tagasi
I did Bibi in 3.8
Edwin Gao
Edwin Gao 7 päeva tagasi
bibi could've gotten 3rd with 3 "quick" attacks
Tarik Oruc
Tarik Oruc 7 päeva tagasi
500kth viewer.
im gamer
im gamer 7 päeva tagasi
jacky the cursed
Alex Ahn
Alex Ahn 7 päeva tagasi
Tick getting 6.9 as his time: I’ve won but at what cost?
Im_ Eden
Im_ Eden 7 päeva tagasi
karios ya forgot the starpower for rosa
Ryo Alao
Ryo Alao 8 päeva tagasi
i think jacky
Your Sus
Your Sus 9 päeva tagasi
2:31 Me: Wait a minute you just hit 6 bots😯
Kyle 46
Kyle 46 9 päeva tagasi
Imagine bea now 😅
SnoopyGao 10 päeva tagasi
Hi please watch my videos I post brawl stars content!
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 10 päeva tagasi
Why didn't you use dynamikes fidget spinner gadget
Stratos Sabiolakis
Stratos Sabiolakis 10 päeva tagasi
Its A max
Its A max 10 päeva tagasi
Lets be honest, if someone though Poco would win against Jacky... youre an idiot. Or you just dont play Brawl Stars
This YouTube Guy
This YouTube Guy 10 päeva tagasi
Lol I knew it
ALEX LIU 10 päeva tagasi
I knew jacky will win btw im also a fan of jacky
De Appelflappie
De Appelflappie 11 päeva tagasi
Its jacky
Martin Jackson
Martin Jackson 11 päeva tagasi
Jacky will win
Life Aurora
Life Aurora 11 päeva tagasi
Life Aurora
Life Aurora 11 päeva tagasi
Derrick A.K
Derrick A.K 12 päeva tagasi
When I saw this, I instantly guessed that Jacky would take a high spot... i didn't expect her to be so high up.
Itz beary animation UwU
Itz beary animation UwU 13 päeva tagasi
Jacky:jdjsbajsbs I WON #&#^@: YEAH
Rayen Yap
Rayen Yap 13 päeva tagasi
Kairos:they are be able to use attacks Me :brain cells - 20 (if the don't use attk how are they gonna kill a bot 😂
ognjen dobrosavljevic
ognjen dobrosavljevic 13 päeva tagasi
but KAMIKAZE cleared the swarm whith Mortis in 2 seconds Anyway great video!!!
Stefan_ the_skeleton
Stefan_ the_skeleton 13 päeva tagasi
Bea can do better now with her new gadget :D
Bandel Banget
Bandel Banget 14 päeva tagasi
I'm only wrong 3 times
Abdullah M
Abdullah M 14 päeva tagasi
Can you do like another brawl Park video please
Eraldo Nikolli
Eraldo Nikolli 14 päeva tagasi
I joke around alot in training camp so this was extremely easy for me and i knew jacky would win this by a long shot
Matthew Frollo
Matthew Frollo 16 päeva tagasi
Bea would definitely at least move up q0 spots wither her new gadget
Ergazakis Mixail
Ergazakis Mixail 16 päeva tagasi
34/38 points!
Jasmin Premson
Jasmin Premson 17 päeva tagasi
Jacky's gonna win
Kris Tve
Kris Tve 17 päeva tagasi
guessed 30/38 brawlers right
Lara Nayarinha Kim
Lara Nayarinha Kim 17 päeva tagasi
Hurray!!! My favorite character Jacky it's so cool!
Efraim Betrand
Efraim Betrand 18 päeva tagasi
Or frank
Efraim Betrand
Efraim Betrand 18 päeva tagasi
ninja gods
ninja gods 19 päeva tagasi
i feel like bea would stand a better chance with her new gadget
• NEON •
• NEON • 19 päeva tagasi
Trust me, I have not seen the entire video while I am typing this. But I am 100000000% sure that Jacky is gonna win.
AyaanirGaming 19 päeva tagasi
Think of they tried Collete in this challenge lol
Pootis Bird
Pootis Bird 19 päeva tagasi
5:25 i should absolutely try that
Noah Flapper
Noah Flapper 19 päeva tagasi
I got almost every one wrong but at the beginning I knew that it was going to be jacky
WeavileGaming 19 päeva tagasi
For some reason i love watching this vid when i'm bored
Idiot CZ
Idiot CZ 20 päeva tagasi
Dynamike can do this test in 3.7 seconds So he Is Eighth
Dan's Squad
Dan's Squad 20 päeva tagasi
Hmm,At least Kairos accidentally used Rolling Reload
DromusShiba 20 päeva tagasi
Knew it XD
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 20 päeva tagasi
Why did you not let spike use his super
Edwin Gao
Edwin Gao 20 päeva tagasi
bibi not fastest time
Angel White
Angel White 20 päeva tagasi
I guessed right because when jacky came out I tested this and I got surprised of her swarm attack
Hilda Dominguez
Hilda Dominguez 21 päev tagasi
Got 4 rong
Zairus Nathan Nucum
Zairus Nathan Nucum 21 päev tagasi
10:37 he said “which ties him with Barley and Poco” though Poco did the swarm in 2 seconds 😂
KirbyInTheRealLife 22 päeva tagasi
Poco would be in a lower place due to the recent nerf to his Star Power and if Jacky gets shot by the Sniper Robot she will deal more damage due to her Star Power
ProGamer 2020
ProGamer 2020 23 päeva tagasi
U forgot Rosa's second star power
Spyke YT
Spyke YT 23 päeva tagasi
rosa can use her thorny gloves with super so u measured her innacurately
Hunter Patrick
Hunter Patrick 23 päeva tagasi
6:04 missed shot he beats brock
Robotic Blitz
Robotic Blitz 23 päeva tagasi
Kairos, you could of use taras super in the middle like jacky
Red 24 päeva tagasi
I knew Jacky would win but I thought Tara would get 3rd
John Gilbody
John Gilbody 24 päeva tagasi
Noooooo poco I’m sad he hasn’t won that was his chance
Simon Grant
Simon Grant 24 päeva tagasi
Wrong sprout can take up to 6 people
Taddy Fujimura
Taddy Fujimura 24 päeva tagasi
the only reason i clicked this is because i am a jacky main
Abhilasha thakur
Abhilasha thakur 25 päeva tagasi
Make this comment 69 likes
jay chawla
jay chawla 26 päeva tagasi
I'm 5 wrong
Clue Reality
Clue Reality 26 päeva tagasi
At first u thought it was Emz but i guess not well done Jackie
Zacharias nyqvist
Zacharias nyqvist 26 päeva tagasi
I know Jacky won cus i use code..........OJ and Jacky can use she attack to beat all troops
Senn de menn
Senn de menn 26 päeva tagasi
Roblozboi YT
Roblozboi YT 26 päeva tagasi
Jacky 1.3 second *with piper* : 24364573775636458712457395626 Minutes
Zack Worden
Zack Worden 27 päeva tagasi
I thought poco was out straight away
George Miguel Cabusas
George Miguel Cabusas 27 päeva tagasi
Amber: am i a joke to you?
Shantosh Shankeresvaren
Shantosh Shankeresvaren 27 päeva tagasi
I frickin knew it Jackie would win
eric chang
eric chang 29 päeva tagasi
Elta Maldia
Elta Maldia Місяць tagasi
How nani bull did not they tie they both got 12
Ronny Lervik
Ronny Lervik Місяць tagasi
All rait
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Місяць tagasi
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Місяць tagasi
i made 1 mistake or all right i forgot
Rafał Myma
Rafał Myma Місяць tagasi
What the 💨💨💨 was that?!
Ayyan Shahzaib
Ayyan Shahzaib Місяць tagasi
I feel jacky will win
何浩民 Місяць tagasi
Spoiler: Jacky is no 1
いどうか私を一人にして下さ Місяць tagasi
12:45 be like Emz: EEEEEEEE
Mirror's Random Content
Mirror's Random Content Місяць tagasi
The winners are always on the left
Dank A
Dank A Місяць tagasi
Mirror's Random Content
Mirror's Random Content Місяць tagasi
That was a mistake😭
Gaming with Myrah!
Gaming with Myrah! Місяць tagasi
Kairos if u take emz super and put it around the whole swarm she is the best
Dank A
Dank A Місяць tagasi
Shes fast but not very fast, its only 200 damage
baskaran veni aravind
baskaran veni aravind Місяць tagasi
someone Місяць tagasi
Kairos: and we’re gonna put every brawler in a bracket Me: (every brawler) badum tssss
astral vids
astral vids Місяць tagasi
I was originally surprised poco got 2nd because I forgot ab screeching solo
LeviTV Місяць tagasi
Bull and Nani finiished at 12 sec then why does bull get 29th and Nani get 28th guess Nani is a lucky one!
Sikkim Discovery
Sikkim Discovery Місяць tagasi
i knew it jacky and poco
Chicken Man
Chicken Man Місяць tagasi
How come the op brawlers keep,losing but the bad ones keeps winning
Emilio Merksamer_27
Emilio Merksamer_27 Місяць tagasi
Jacky is the winner obviously
Siddharth mudunuru
Siddharth mudunuru Місяць tagasi
I got a lot right
PhilStars Ball
PhilStars Ball Місяць tagasi
Ahmad Hirzan
Ahmad Hirzan Місяць tagasi
Lol emz lose to her crush
Арсений Афанасьев
Арсений Афанасьев Місяць tagasi
1. Jacky - 1.3 s 2. Poco - 2 s 3. Emz - 2.8 s 4. Sandy - 3.3 s 5. Rico & Colt - 3.4 s 7. Tara - 3.5 s 8. Mortis & Carl & Bibi & Barley - 4 s 12. Shelly & Frank - 4.1 s 14. Spike - 4.8 s 15. Dynamike - 5 s 16. Rosa - 5.5 s 17. Nita - 5.6 s 18. Pam - 5.9 s 19. El Primo - 6.2 s 20. Tick - 6.9 s 21. Bo - 7.1 s 22. Penny - 7.8 s 23. Jessie - 8.3 s 24. Crow - 8.8 s 24. Brock - 8.8 s 26. Gale - 9.6 s 27. Piper - 11.1 s 28. Nani & Bull - 12 s 30. Surge - 15.5 s 31. Darryl - 16.2 s 32. Mr. P - 17.3 s 33. 8-bit - 17.8 s 34. Sprout - 18.7 s 35. Max - 19.6 s 36. Bea - 27.3 s 37. Leon - 29.4 s 38. Gene - 40 s
supernat1 Місяць tagasi
Sprout: *hits 6 bots* Kairos: _I’ll pretend I didn’t see that_
Anthony Fenner
Anthony Fenner Місяць tagasi
only 7 wrong!
Red Palladin
Red Palladin Місяць tagasi
emz and jacky
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute Місяць tagasi
Well poco you nearly won…… at least you tried. Maybe you can win if you used *k-a-i-r-o-s* in the shop.
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute Місяць tagasi
What if Sandy could deal 1500+ damage with her normal attack?
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