Brawl Stars's Map Maker was a Mistake

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Was Brawl Stars's Map Maker a Mistake?! | KairosTime
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The map maker was recently released in Brawl Stars so we can play custom maps made by the community. In this video, Lex, OJ, and I are going to be playing on garbage maps and it gets pretty hilarious. Was Map Maker a mistake?! We're about to find out!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
Hot Garbage maps are the BEST maps! Subscribe for more ► Use Code Kairos ►
Jensen Tham
Jensen Tham 7 tundi tagasi
10:17 Kairos and oj - pros Lex - the el primo random that jumps to the enemy side 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Kid Perfect 12
Kid Perfect 12 4 päeva tagasi
are they though?
Dominic chen
Dominic chen 5 päeva tagasi
u destroyed me
Joshua Dennis Junio
Joshua Dennis Junio 5 päeva tagasi
Don’t encourage them,Kairos!
Randy Cruz
Randy Cruz 5 päeva tagasi
Unplayable on iPhone 12 pro max :(
Tails :D
Tails :D 56 minutit tagasi
3:13 Nice Star Wars revenge of the sith movie reference
Броямикс 7 tundi tagasi Этот чел псих😂😂
Entitik 7 tundi tagasi
Im super sad cuz i made super great showdown map but i dont have friends so noone can approve my map Plz help me guys #89Y9VYVYP
Jensen Tham
Jensen Tham 7 tundi tagasi
10:17 Kairos and oj - pros Lex - the el primo random that jumps to the enemy side 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Zhuojin Xie
Zhuojin Xie 17 tundi tagasi
3:15 Leon looks like it wants to eat the snake inside gales weapon.
Domagoj Ivanišević
Domagoj Ivanišević 23 tundi tagasi
You really dont like having fun i see...
gerry antiampo
gerry antiampo Päev tagasi
imagine seeing your map in this video
Brawl Stars Tournament
Brawl Stars Tournament Päev tagasi
Cool video! Videos of brawl stars tournaments are published on my channel.
ThaiQ Päev tagasi
you can trap people in maps forever
SHADOW LIFE Päev tagasi
yunus gök
yunus gök Päev tagasi
Yeni ücretsiz kostüm
Unbeatable Master
Unbeatable Master Päev tagasi this is the worst map on earth ever existed, please see that
D.T.G. 2 päeva tagasi
Kairos' laugh is so awkward
ya bet ya butt
ya bet ya butt 2 päeva tagasi
I don't even care about pushing trophies anymore! Map maker is the best!
Thilagavathi R
Thilagavathi R 2 päeva tagasi
That lake map was actually made by me lol🤣🤣🤣
JonathanPRIME 2 päeva tagasi
I actually like the maps more. The normal maps are so boring and promote camping with ranged brawlers
Clayan Ng
Clayan Ng 2 päeva tagasi
5.02 I had the same map as you guys play
Emna Salmi
Emna Salmi 2 päeva tagasi
Hey guys I found great games: Strategy Guides Method in 2020, if you wanna know how, email me: I will send a free program to you.
William Kelly Iii
William Kelly Iii 2 päeva tagasi
KT: Map Maker Was A Mistake Alpharad: Wait that's illegal
Lucas Spinosa
Lucas Spinosa 2 päeva tagasi
I approve a map when I win, if I lose I dislike... judge me
Potet Gutta
Potet Gutta 2 päeva tagasi
I got brawl pass seson 4
Mhk Ame
Mhk Ame 2 päeva tagasi
Brawl stars was a mistake This game is messy af
Milkplays 13
Milkplays 13 3 päeva tagasi
The Star Wars quote tho... I didnt know Kairos was coultured ;)
FireFlight Phoenix
FireFlight Phoenix 3 päeva tagasi
I love how OJ is OJ Gaming
Corrupt Politician
Corrupt Politician 3 päeva tagasi
When the map is so bad it hits the integer overflow limit and becomes good.
The Babies
The Babies 3 päeva tagasi
Can you see my map plz I put a lot of effort
The Babies
The Babies 15 tundi tagasi
I'm sorry I just realized I can't submit maps I'm too young ;(
Ultralan Pasalan
Ultralan Pasalan 16 tundi tagasi
Join my club so we can approve each others map
The Babies
The Babies Päev tagasi
@Esteban Evangelista yea sure what's your ID
Esteban Evangelista
Esteban Evangelista Päev tagasi
Ill help you too if you help me
Brawllux YT
Brawllux YT 3 päeva tagasi
You were the chosen one- reminds me of Harry Potter
Phil Swift
Phil Swift 3 päeva tagasi
I've been trying to remake Island Invasion because it was the first map I've played in and it was fun back then
Esteban Evangelista
Esteban Evangelista Päev tagasi
Steven Hanks
Steven Hanks 3 päeva tagasi
The seamless sponsorship transition is nice
Brawl Watch
Brawl Watch 3 päeva tagasi
Прикольно у меня тоже канал по бравл старсу
Кирилл Гапонов
Кирилл Гапонов 3 päeva tagasi
Прикольно,у меня тоже видео по бравл старсу
Dawid Śmigielski
Dawid Śmigielski 3 päeva tagasi
Me when i saw the thumbnail and title: shut up you anoying waste of brawl stars youtube
Sans 3 päeva tagasi
1:23 imagine having to charge this comment was made by computer gang
Boom Damm
Boom Damm 3 päeva tagasi
*_I remember playing in that map with darryl, i got stuck on the water and i couldn't move_*
1B Ali, Ary
1B Ali, Ary 3 päeva tagasi
I got the same exact map in the thumbnail lmao
GreatGamingGuy 4 päeva tagasi
The "trash ones" are actually the fun ones
Leonardo Green
Leonardo Green 4 päeva tagasi
Ahh yes the og intro
Marin Florin Iulius
Marin Florin Iulius 4 päeva tagasi
You copied alpharad with the title( smash state maker was a mistake)unsubscribe
Marin Florin Iulius
Marin Florin Iulius 4 päeva tagasi
Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon 4 päeva tagasi
I loved all of the maps
James Pedreira
James Pedreira 4 päeva tagasi
I think the best and ONLY way to fix this would be to make it that only those with a high trophy amount can make maps. I mean like 16K trophies & up. So that lower people who don't know much about Brawl & are making crappy/funny maps aren't able to upload maps. So that those who actually spend time and effort making good maps will actually get shine. Obviously there will still be cheese/ridiculous maps but it'll definitely a lot less. Because it isn't even fun at this point, it's stupid.
Antreas Christoforou
Antreas Christoforou 4 päeva tagasi
Put an age limit on the freekin game...its full of babies and you can see it from the mapmaker
MCBudderMiner 4 päeva tagasi
Idk about you but I love map maker there are good maps but every so often you run into troll maps that make it a lot more fun
Blùë Slïmè
Blùë Slïmè 4 päeva tagasi
I kinda hate map that have jump pad too much >:c
Null The Null
Null The Null 4 päeva tagasi
The reason why the opponent team was spinning is because they know that they are fighting against lex, kairos and oj. They knew it was a hopeless battle
Nathanyel Beadasie
Nathanyel Beadasie 4 päeva tagasi
I love u guys but this video is made rude to the people who put time in making these maps. Also, this maps are made to be funny. smh in disapointment. What if the maps you trashed owners saw this video. p.s im am not a owner going on a rant i didn't even submit a map.
Faze_ Twins
Faze_ Twins 4 päeva tagasi
Yes I was on the video I’m the gene 😎let’s go
Alex 4 päeva tagasi
5:05 I really question the intelligence of these EEpostrs... And I'm so disappointed that Kairos left that part in the video.... where's the respect? Unsubscribed
Arnav Amit Khetan
Arnav Amit Khetan 4 päeva tagasi
Lex: I have a lot of gems and I am El Primo; therefore, I’m going in. Kairos(in background): Lex, Lex, Lex.
Edit Gang
Edit Gang 4 päeva tagasi
Srsly i spent like 3 hours on my map and boom i didnt get anything
lewie_the_boss07 4 päeva tagasi
That map at the start (in the short bit at the start) with the tiny bit in the middle, I played one like that edit: the game lasted like 10 minutes 😂
Esyas Haile
Esyas Haile 4 päeva tagasi
who's kara Simon
Samik Bhatia
Samik Bhatia 4 päeva tagasi
Kairos: I died to the tick bomb. OJ: Oh well, tick died to my bomb. Salute to soldiers like OJ.
Kunwar Shreesh
Kunwar Shreesh 4 päeva tagasi
2:27 Everybody Gangsta until Lex tryna take away someone's"BIBI". Only Indians will get it
unusual JMD
unusual JMD 4 päeva tagasi
Anyone wanna add friend me? #2GQJ9YUC2
Dasa dd
Dasa dd 4 päeva tagasi
I feel so stupid for making a showdown map and putting some effort into it and publish it just to see a garbo map with springs wins. And yes i saw so much cool showdown maps that were really cool and original. Feels bad having People power to vote is a mistake
Jhaynard Russel Aguila
Jhaynard Russel Aguila 4 päeva tagasi
This trio will be known be the “laugh hard squad” but it’s not 🤣
aco _gamer
aco _gamer 5 päeva tagasi
i play it map and u win,because bull geth super and go down
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox 5 päeva tagasi
OJ, Lex & KT (to kairos pls heart this comment or reply) and to oj, lex pls reply to it
Shadow Midnight Plays ツ - Brawl Stars
Shadow Midnight Plays ツ - Brawl Stars 5 päeva tagasi
Hello I’m crow jk
Tony 5 päeva tagasi
Omg thank you so much for showing me in your thumbnail😁 Btw if you can't see me in there, I'm all the way up in the thumbnail
Den4ekk kek
Den4ekk kek 5 päeva tagasi
Kitten Co
Kitten Co 5 päeva tagasi
i played a showdown map that had alot of jump pads and you couldnt die in a instant
Zach Kau
Zach Kau 5 päeva tagasi
Yea it’s a big mistake if some players make crazy maps and not if u make the perfect maps
Zach Kau
Zach Kau 5 päeva tagasi
I love using code kairos
Flame Tiger7592
Flame Tiger7592 5 päeva tagasi
When u realize that Kairos has gotten his old intro back
Jagesh Brahma
Jagesh Brahma 5 päeva tagasi
In the beggining it felt like it was lex's channel
Malcolm Ang
Malcolm Ang 5 päeva tagasi
I played that map there was a hidden spot so when i got all the gems u just super away
Night Zach
Night Zach 5 päeva tagasi
I play the map in the intro but there's no wall. It's very chaotic. The match is at least 10 mins.
Koshal 5 päeva tagasi
The title is a mistake Brawl Stars's Map Maker was a Mistake
ApeX `
ApeX ` 5 päeva tagasi
I swear Kairos is the Karen of Brawlstars
SuperNeird Päev tagasi
Mirror's Random Content
Mirror's Random Content 5 päeva tagasi
I want to say I wanted to do aomething like this but today i just lost a great # of my little # of subscribers and I am sad but these guys keep encouraging me so thank you.❤
Mystical RSD
Mystical RSD 5 päeva tagasi
Here is the thing yes it's dumb but it's super fun like fun fun The new showdown map was one of the times I had fun no teamer just pure chaos
Sad Boy
Sad Boy 5 päeva tagasi
Space and Earth
Space and Earth 5 päeva tagasi
I'm having fun. It's not a mistake
Anamika Yadav
Anamika Yadav 5 päeva tagasi
2:38 OJ be like I'm spinning on that bibi while I'm invisible 😂😂 ( lol he is Leon)
TheHotToast 5 päeva tagasi
I've actually tried my best for my maps, but trolls always dislike them and it's at 35% likes :(
rose Cristobal
rose Cristobal 5 päeva tagasi
Nobody: My randoms: 2:40
RhotenXxX 5 päeva tagasi
Now you have to reach 800 trophies on a brawler to view replay and that’s stupid!! That will cut down on a lot of online content when most players cannot replay their matches and record it and upload it online.
Tom Ching Cheng Hanji
Tom Ching Cheng Hanji 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine your maps gets a thumbs down from KT Ahahahahhhhaaaa.... Wait, that’s me
Emperor Brawl Stars
Emperor Brawl Stars 5 päeva tagasi
u guys are kinda noobs
Payton Dan
Payton Dan 5 päeva tagasi
I died on the inside playing an island map 😭 13 minutes of pain😭😭😭
rohit jaiswal
rohit jaiswal 5 päeva tagasi
Because of this update i quited playing bs
Nobody BS
Nobody BS 5 päeva tagasi
I don't know which creator code to use to buy brawl pass:(
Andreas Hvass
Andreas Hvass 5 päeva tagasi
I tryed a full water map gem grap(No walls and it last for 8 minuts😮)
Ryan Zach Mathew
Ryan Zach Mathew 5 päeva tagasi
I hope that supercell will bring a new system to rate maps. There might be a lot of great maps out there but in this system luck plays a more important role than creativity in deciding the winner.
Ben Aderka
Ben Aderka 5 päeva tagasi
Oh boy I love your old intro
Chick Bomb
Chick Bomb 5 päeva tagasi
Hey he did the intro music after a while of not doing it
Tokhuli Zhimo
Tokhuli Zhimo 5 päeva tagasi
1:02 kairos should have bounce pad lex while he was using his super
BRAINSAW GAMING 5 päeva tagasi
Me: trying to watch the video OJ, kairos, lex: the one plus is soooo gooddd!!!
Angel Velazquez
Angel Velazquez 5 päeva tagasi
budies Roblox
budies Roblox 5 päeva tagasi
True fans remember the intro
TheRealKiller -BrawlStars
TheRealKiller -BrawlStars 5 päeva tagasi
yo is that me?? 5:57 :D
John Byron
John Byron 5 päeva tagasi
Was there a memo sent around to Brawl Stars YT creators that said they need BS merch and a neon light in the background?
Muzaffar Q
Muzaffar Q 5 päeva tagasi
It's so fun seeing you play together 😂
Bernardo Guerra Arthur
Bernardo Guerra Arthur 5 päeva tagasi
Garbage maps? You IDIOTS. If you play map maker maps and you want actual competitive maps, just get lost. These maps allow people to be creative and make fun stuff. The gem grab map that won was GARBAGE because it was SO BORING AND BAD. Kairos is an idiot for wanting “good maps”
fallen_YT 5 päeva tagasi
oj so toxic :/
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master 5 päeva tagasi
Please Kairos talk with Brawl stars because when you are near to the jump pad and you nothing do you automatically defeat this is the glitch I don't know 🤔🤔?
Lapo I Think
Lapo I Think 5 päeva tagasi
KT : LEX HEAL UP Lex : no, "jumps into the enemy"
Awang DS
Awang DS 5 päeva tagasi
The legendary intros is back
I was joking, but is Map Maker ACTUALLY a mistake?!
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