Brawl Stars SKIN Olympics | Which is the BEST SKIN in Brawl Stars?!

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Brawl Stars Skin Olympics - Best Skin! | KairosTime
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In this video, we're going to put EVERY skin in Brawl Stars in a competition to determine which is the BEST skin in the game. There are 109 skins in the game, there are a LOT of awesome ones so it's tough to decide which one really is the best. But using the bracket olympics format, it's easier to narrow down which is your favorite! With this, we'll be able to find out which the BEST skin is in Brawl Stars
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 3 місяці tagasi
What is your ALL-TIME favorite skin in Brawl Stars?! Code Kairos makes your skins cooler... it's true ► Fill out your own bracket here ►
Jacob Ruediger
Jacob Ruediger 6 päeva tagasi
I like virus 8-bit but I dont have it:(
Tim 7 päeva tagasi
Were is mecha Bo?
Thadios Mihret
Thadios Mihret 13 päeva tagasi
Shiba inu Nita I love her ❤️
Team X
Team X Місяць tagasi
Yes it does.
First time wachting you and I am never going to stop wachting you!!!!🥰
Janko Topek Maniiil
Janko Topek Maniiil 6 tundi tagasi
Виктор Козов
Виктор Козов 6 tundi tagasi
I think Mega Beetle Bea is the best.
Nightcore Gaming
Nightcore Gaming 10 tundi tagasi
Flowey _ Qt
Flowey _ Qt Päev tagasi
I'm definetly picking silver piper for my favorite♡
YU SHUN CHAN Päev tagasi
i rather the final will be virus 8 bit and hourus bo
dimitrije stanisic
dimitrije stanisic 2 päeva tagasi
Rouge mortis won in my bracket
Random Games YT
Random Games YT 2 päeva tagasi
What are you doing virus 8bit is better than werewolf leon and Phoenix crow is the best skin !!!!!
Ruzgar Ozutam
Ruzgar Ozutam 3 päeva tagasi
Its Phoenix Crow, Okay?
Αντρεα Μιλο
Αντρεα Μιλο 3 päeva tagasi
Hello at the time its season 3 and i think today it will end seeing hiw many new skins have been added i dont know which skin is da best
Alexander (Samuel) Hazan
Alexander (Samuel) Hazan 4 päeva tagasi
I don’t like mecha paladin surge cuz it takes away the laser sword of normal surge and it has no attack animations it’s the only brawl pass exclusive skin that has no attack animations so yea :/
R ENZO 4 päeva tagasi
i love bunny penny
Feng e Song
Feng e Song 5 päeva tagasi
I choose werewolf Leon in the final cuz crow looks like a chicken
Gabe Margist
Gabe Margist 5 päeva tagasi
Frosty Flames
Frosty Flames 6 päeva tagasi
I would have pick were wolf leon
Jonatan Sijanta
Jonatan Sijanta 6 päeva tagasi
My favorite skin is VIRUS 8-BIT
Kishore Sanotiya
Kishore Sanotiya 7 päeva tagasi
I'm gonna go with Phoenix crow.
Nand kishor
Nand kishor 7 päeva tagasi
Pheonix Crow is way cooler than Warewolf Leon.
Nand kishor
Nand kishor 7 päeva tagasi
not showing you hate Kairos.
Andrew Street
Andrew Street 7 päeva tagasi
love it'
ZWilson2010 7 päeva tagasi
Werewolf Leon
Kurt T Valentine
Kurt T Valentine 8 päeva tagasi
Ware wolf leon
Janice Velasco
Janice Velasco 8 päeva tagasi
Where sheba nida
Michael G
Michael G 8 päeva tagasi
There is a kid screaming in the backtounf
Nadia P
Nadia P 8 päeva tagasi
i did this test but brawler not skin my favorite brawler is nani
Dreamwalker 8 päeva tagasi
In my opinion mecha paladin surge wouldve won
Taylan Mutlu
Taylan Mutlu 9 päeva tagasi
Choose el primo next time
jonathan miller
jonathan miller 9 päeva tagasi
were wolf leon
Simeon Geyser
Simeon Geyser 9 päeva tagasi
No one : Kairos: "It's way awesome"
King Electro
King Electro 10 päeva tagasi
FINALLY! Someone that likes bakesale
Galenthemann !
Galenthemann ! 10 päeva tagasi
Dang you can't get werewolf leon ever again? 😢
Quipo 10 päeva tagasi
I love werewolf leon, waited the whole year just to buy it on halloween :)
BuggieBoi 10 päeva tagasi
Turns out MY top 2 were 1st Wherewolf Leon and 2nd Phenoix Crow And I did a least favorite and 1st was Hog Rider Carl and 2nd was Nightwitch Mortis Nobody will agree with my opinions. Edit: OMG I POSTED THIS COMMENT BEFORE I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING AND I HAVE THE EXACT SAME OPINIONS AS HIM?!?
Juss Gaming
Juss Gaming 10 päeva tagasi
I Did it and my winner was Ultra driller Jacky😁😁😁😁😁😁
1_NNN 10 päeva tagasi
4:25 imo Corsair Colt is better, because he has win and lose animations, but Royal Agent Colt doesnt. And they are the same prise.
Mayura Gulati
Mayura Gulati 11 päeva tagasi
I was stuck between sakura spike and agent p so i just decided i love both of them😃
xx Elliott xx
xx Elliott xx 12 päeva tagasi
I think paladino surge is the best.
all gamer heaven
all gamer heaven 12 päeva tagasi
Leon wes my favorite brawler and i started playing brawl stars on 2017 when they released android and no on 2020 i got leon on a mega box werewolf leon is my favorite skin to
Trudor Mucaco
Trudor Mucaco 12 päeva tagasi
For me best skin is whic shelly and trixy collet
Renata Munetic
Renata Munetic 13 päeva tagasi
Ho do Jo Dover
Basel Bsharat
Basel Bsharat 13 päeva tagasi
Holiday pam is my favorite skin
Jennifer Bono
Jennifer Bono 13 päeva tagasi
Kairos: If the skin involves food, I choose it. Sally Leon and his eggs: Am I a joke to you?
Kyle Shi
Kyle Shi 13 päeva tagasi
I am beeg yoshi lol
DJGAMING 13 päeva tagasi
Xpansiblast 13 päeva tagasi
I really like the Lunar skins in Brawl Stars, like Virus 8 Bit, Heroine Bibi and Street Ninja Tara.
Sam K
Sam K 14 päeva tagasi
virus 8 bit is better i mean like yea i would take werewolf leon but virus 8 bit is better i think he should win the championship
Sam Allard
Sam Allard 14 päeva tagasi
8 bit
Asterion 15 päeva tagasi
Actually Horus Bo is way better
PhoenixPlayz - Among Us
PhoenixPlayz - Among Us 15 päeva tagasi
michelle anne mercado
michelle anne mercado 15 päeva tagasi
um..... coach cory
Pratheek Ganta
Pratheek Ganta 15 päeva tagasi
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO u should have picked pheonix crow
DINODUO 15 päeva tagasi
In every video he says way awesome.. is that his phrase now?
Adam Pietrowski
Adam Pietrowski 15 päeva tagasi
1. Calavera piper 2. Tanuki jessie 3. Maple batley/street ninja tara . Thats my favorites from that test . (but if crab tick was with jessie to choose for second place i would choose crab :///)
Minecraft Man
Minecraft Man 15 päeva tagasi
Guys just a warning this is a trap. H😢😔😔 Ñ 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 🌞🌞🌞🌞😷😷😷😷 Hhhh Ñ Ty Loe IS the newest brawler in brawl stars
NEVAAN KHANDELWAL 16 päeva tagasi
You have gone mad phoenix is the best
Jacob Fulea
Jacob Fulea 16 päeva tagasi
kairos: 18 minutes to choose best skins Me: goes through the best skins in under five minutes
JuSt1cE 16 päeva tagasi
Bad. Bad bad baaadddddd choices were made (ok but I’m not hating too much still luv u
Bad Mobile Player
Bad Mobile Player 16 päeva tagasi
Priyanshu Kumar Singh
Priyanshu Kumar Singh 16 päeva tagasi
I really love your videos but I disliked because all will agree you chose many wrong skins
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔyour daily bear
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔyour daily bear 17 päeva tagasi
I did me a chart and I did the sword bibi
BrookeSong 17 päeva tagasi
Omg how do u pick werewolf Leon over Phoenix crow, I’m not hating, werewolf Leon is REALLY cool, but out of personal preference I LOVE Phoenix crow!!!!!!!
Pasabrø GaminG
Pasabrø GaminG 18 päeva tagasi
The best skin is no hat mortis
Pasabrø GaminG
Pasabrø GaminG 18 päeva tagasi
That is a joke
Anna Palaki
Anna Palaki 18 päeva tagasi
Phoenix crow
Tankscod Tanksplayz
Tankscod Tanksplayz 18 päeva tagasi
Sakura spike is the cutest skin in brawl stars
Idiot CZ
Idiot CZ 18 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Is red-green colourblind Also Kairos: I lIkE lIl HeLpEr PeNnY mOrE tHaN kOaLa NiTa
Theo Keeley
Theo Keeley 18 päeva tagasi
I tried this out and Robo Spike won!
Deimantas Chaneckas
Deimantas Chaneckas 18 päeva tagasi
Today i bouht a challenger colt skip using K-a-i-r-o-s code kairos in the brawl stars shop
kaisen yang
kaisen yang 19 päeva tagasi
what do you mean mortis lose the rico
Berinde Angelo
Berinde Angelo 19 päeva tagasi
And virus 8-bit îs my favorite skin
William K
William K 20 päeva tagasi
8-bits life matters
Yuvika Shetty
Yuvika Shetty 20 päeva tagasi
My favorite Brawl ski is Heroine Bibi I ca't believe you chose surge over bibi
Hao Hao
Hao Hao 21 päev tagasi
Jakub Ondřejek
Jakub Ondřejek 21 päev tagasi
Gold Mecha Crow is the worst skin of Crow. What is with you Kairos.
Jakub Ondřejek
Jakub Ondřejek 21 päev tagasi
1.Virus 8-bit 2.Ultra Driller Jacky 3.Robomike
Devendra Malegaonkar
Devendra Malegaonkar 22 päeva tagasi
Kt missed the the chance to say Doobi doobi doo naa doo AGENT P
Áron Kovácsfi-Till
Áron Kovácsfi-Till 22 päeva tagasi
Marple barley is better UwU
Jovanni Reyes
Jovanni Reyes 23 päeva tagasi
I got virus 8-bit as my favorite
Jovan DiMarino
Jovan DiMarino 23 päeva tagasi
phoenix crow all the way
LEVI PRIVOTT 23 päeva tagasi
I would pick pheonix crow over wolfleon I have both skins but I would pick pheonix crow
Forever Memorable
Forever Memorable 23 päeva tagasi
According to the bracket, my favorite skin is Shiba Nita. But I agree because she is really cute even if I don't have that skin ❤❤❤
Chicafu 23 päeva tagasi
who else is here when rosa got a skin
Brawl Meme
Brawl Meme 23 päeva tagasi
I have both Phoenix crow and wear wolf leon 😁And I 100% agree with your choices
Anirudh Bajaj
Anirudh Bajaj 24 päeva tagasi
Top skins in the game 1 phoinix crow 2 virus 8bit 3 heroine Bibi 4 werewolf Leon
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim 24 päeva tagasi
I hate how there is so many kakao talk references and nobody cares (I’m korean btw)
Kerem Taşoluk
Kerem Taşoluk 24 päeva tagasi
İm favorite skin is virüs 8-bit
Mladen Krstić
Mladen Krstić 24 päeva tagasi
Phoenix crow
1Batuhan Kök
1Batuhan Kök 25 päeva tagasi
I don’t love mecha paladin surge but I love merchant gale sooooo much
Winter Warrior
Winter Warrior 25 päeva tagasi
egg sauce
egg sauce 26 päeva tagasi
Werewolf Leon is exclusive... Umm about that...
Bürgersteig 27 päeva tagasi
He said “I won’t be basing this off of rarity” then 2 sec later he said he wouldn’t choose ricochet even though he said he thinks it’s better BRUH
Griffen Ridler
Griffen Ridler 27 päeva tagasi
Roees Akinola
Roees Akinola 28 päeva tagasi
I don't know there both really good skins?!?!??!
Afrooz Barnoush
Afrooz Barnoush 28 päeva tagasi
13:06 I live in norway too bro
Rijan Gurung
Rijan Gurung 28 päeva tagasi
Golden barley:I used to be a gold skin "The" new golden barley:I am a golden skin Me: you two are same
SuperBaldEagle 8
SuperBaldEagle 8 28 päeva tagasi
The moment Kairos knew he messed up on Mortis. My face was like 😳. NOOOOOOOO! NOT NO HAT MORTIS!
Jurgita Vaičiulienė
Jurgita Vaičiulienė 28 päeva tagasi
8-bit virus
Gaming with Amjad
Gaming with Amjad 29 päeva tagasi
Gold crow
Wolfy 29 päeva tagasi
No way! I love werewolf leon too!!
Derick Ou
Derick Ou Місяць tagasi
I would go with the bakesale aswell
Clipso logic
Clipso logic Місяць tagasi
Hey wait wait where is night mecha crow
CV Gaming
CV Gaming Місяць tagasi
My top 2 was Rogue Mortis and Werewolf Leon(Werewolf leon won btw) honorable mentions were phoenix crow, horus bo, virus 8bit, Robo Spike and Calavera Piper
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