Brawl Stars OLYMPICS! | 38 Brawlers Compete for MOST Damage?!

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Brawl Stars Olympics | Highest Damaging Brawler! | KairosTime
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In this video, I put all 38 brawlers in an Olympics style competition to find out which Brawler can deal the MOST damage with 3 attacks. This 3-Attack kill test helps us better understand which brawlers win with 3 ammo. This is the updated version of the attack test!
The brawl stars olympics is a series created to determine how good each brawler is in various aspects of the game. With the attack test, we find out which brawler is able to deal the most damage with their attack.
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
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Joshua Miranda
Joshua Miranda 6 päeva tagasi
@John T. Bro it's a star power that gives him the health
Brian Lee
Brian Lee 6 päeva tagasi
Kairos time, this is unfair, 8 bit use super but other didn't use super
The bros that just make Videos
The bros that just make Videos Місяць tagasi
Kairos this is outdated because they killed surges starpower and you can also hit 4 times with emz
LeviTV Місяць tagasi
Who care’s?
Joshua Miranda
Joshua Miranda Місяць tagasi
Missed 8
The Cookieling
The Cookieling 13 tundi tagasi
amber: ?
Superior Gaming Hub
Superior Gaming Hub 23 tundi tagasi
Welp I thought shelly would win.
Paulo Vulas
Paulo Vulas Päev tagasi
I like the content but damn, he's so cringy. It's hard to watch.
Mahendra Vasanth
Mahendra Vasanth Päev tagasi
he's wearing leon on his cap 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤
роман нету
роман нету Päev tagasi
*Season 2 of brawlimpics is not over yet* Kairostime: it's time for Season 3!
Dhruv Avirneni
Dhruv Avirneni Päev tagasi
Why does Kairos keep using the old brawler icons for his videos?
Saimon Eric Kavak
Saimon Eric Kavak 2 päeva tagasi
Leon brawl stars
Leon brawl stars 2 päeva tagasi
I am a absolute unit
OP SPYDER 2 päeva tagasi
It u wrong as u took 8 bit super but not Darryl if u took Darryl super he would wib
P. SHIVAARAAMAN 624 2 päeva tagasi
Crow's basic is the weakest basic but his super is the strongest super what a coincidence
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall 2 päeva tagasi
Shouldn’t frank get his SP?
CHAN JIA YI Moe 3 päeva tagasi
Darrel does more damage
Rawad Rida
Rawad Rida 3 päeva tagasi
Max is going to winnnnnnn!
Razel Jon Deang Pineda
Razel Jon Deang Pineda 3 päeva tagasi
4:41 Hey Leon watcha doing there?
TheSuperDude 3 päeva tagasi
Gotta say, loved that bass in your jingle!
Matt Spellbrink
Matt Spellbrink 3 päeva tagasi
amber: oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
Ephraim G.
Ephraim G. 3 päeva tagasi
I got all of them all true AND I use code kairos
nikola gaming
nikola gaming 3 päeva tagasi
GTA chinatown wars sponsor nice
Mike Serwatuk
Mike Serwatuk 4 päeva tagasi
Bruh daryll should have won that because 8-bit was the only brawler to use his super
Widb Jxubz
Widb Jxubz 4 päeva tagasi
Himaja Alvakonda
Himaja Alvakonda 4 päeva tagasi
Dang 4 wrong
Let's go boyz 101
Let's go boyz 101 4 päeva tagasi
I got all of them right but bee because I didn’t realize she started with a charge shot kinda bs if you ask me
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox
Egor Brawl Stars Roblox 5 päeva tagasi
No spike wins here you Kairos counted wrong
CelestiaLunderburg 5 päeva tagasi
Amber coming out rn* Amber: k
Nani Bot
Nani Bot 6 päeva tagasi
I guess that 8-but will win
Utkarsh Garg
Utkarsh Garg 6 päeva tagasi
Y did u let 8 bit use his super
Brian Lee
Brian Lee 6 päeva tagasi
8 bit cheating, it is unfair
sans - brawl stars
sans - brawl stars 6 päeva tagasi
i use code kairos
bugra 6 päeva tagasi
Lol nub crow
Federico Hu
Federico Hu 6 päeva tagasi
No itms 13000 approximately
Federico Hu
Federico Hu 6 päeva tagasi
Not fair the max damage for spike is actually between 15000 and 18000
Maxwell Rowell
Maxwell Rowell 7 päeva tagasi
I chose Nani. I did well.
Jamiila Farah
Jamiila Farah 8 päeva tagasi
I only got 1 wrong daryll vs nani
Blaze gaming
Blaze gaming 8 päeva tagasi
Mortis is a legend for me
Carlitos Martinez
Carlitos Martinez 7 päeva tagasi
hi_nooboo 9 päeva tagasi
it was too hard for me
hi_nooboo 9 päeva tagasi
I knew guessed all the wins except for the last
B Stef
B Stef 10 päeva tagasi
Everyone who loves Brawl Stars and Stats youre right here
Martin Jackson
Martin Jackson 10 päeva tagasi
Nani will win
Stan De vries
Stan De vries 12 päeva tagasi
Good video but the tournement was rigged
Phiniease facing forward
Phiniease facing forward 12 päeva tagasi
Whe u realize a free to play brawler is better than the sit p2w brawler
Phantom Zain is back He’s back
Phantom Zain is back He’s back 13 päeva tagasi
ioan galesanu
ioan galesanu 13 päeva tagasi
yes,my favourite brawler wins an kairos olympic
GAB 708
GAB 708 13 päeva tagasi
I got 20 right
Non-Gamer YT
Non-Gamer YT 13 päeva tagasi
Darryl should've won 8-bit sucks
Peter Patt
Peter Patt 13 päeva tagasi
i use code kairos but im only at 1000 trophies and i only got there because my brother wanted me to get mapmaker so he played forme
Alomanda Uganda
Alomanda Uganda 14 päeva tagasi
No wonder i won with 8 bit in every solo game lol
Nick_ BS
Nick_ BS 14 päeva tagasi
"You would be ri....wrong!" Hahahaha 😂😂😂
LatteBear 渡部 ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
LatteBear 渡部 ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄ 14 päeva tagasi
And then amber came....
NOVA scorchz
NOVA scorchz 14 päeva tagasi
so why can 8-bit use his super but the rest cant?
Rootsman 15 päeva tagasi
3:39 next time the enemy must behind a box
Pro Noobs
Pro Noobs 15 päeva tagasi
Why can't max use all four ammo
Andreas Freyer
Andreas Freyer 15 päeva tagasi
I think nani wins and colt come second
Kirby Blasters
Kirby Blasters 16 päeva tagasi
Make sure to stay till the end for the most important part
SubLIME 16 päeva tagasi
Who here knows that amber would win if she was out what this video was made
Bread Videos
Bread Videos 16 päeva tagasi
Wait but darryl would won if he would use him super too so its not fair
Anything From KJ
Anything From KJ 16 päeva tagasi
amber lol
SwayZy - Brawl Stars
SwayZy - Brawl Stars 17 päeva tagasi
What about Mortis? 🤣👌
Pedro Martins
Pedro Martins 17 päeva tagasi
If u shot next to Jacky with Surge and let crows poison deal max damage u should’ve do the same with spike, get close to a brawler and do the most damage lol 😤
Defne Ozdemir
Defne Ozdemir 18 päeva tagasi
Colette fighting with a infinite hp brawler "Bonjour"
Jose Manuel Lencastre
Jose Manuel Lencastre 18 päeva tagasi
I’m so proud of Piper she manage to be in the top five
Petty Children :
Petty Children : 18 päeva tagasi
Too bad no one stands still lol
EverybodySayMeow 18 päeva tagasi
This would be easier if I had all the Brawlers. *Cries in 1 legendary*
bruce Lim
bruce Lim 19 päeva tagasi
And only two brawler can take out every brawler they are darryl and pam 10060, 9828
bruce Lim
bruce Lim 19 päeva tagasi
Nani can take out every brawler except frank sausage
Актан Мамбетакунов
Актан Мамбетакунов 19 päeva tagasi
Кайрос сделай олимпиада урон от ульты
Rolando Ramirez Ibarra
Rolando Ramirez Ibarra 20 päeva tagasi
Game is cool
EQ Gaming 2
EQ Gaming 2 20 päeva tagasi
Spike has the most damage because you've been too far, he does damage a lot at close range
GreekStreetdog 21 päev tagasi
Why does 8 bit get to use their super.
Dr. Doc
Dr. Doc 21 päev tagasi
without super Daryl would win
Darknite Shooters
Darknite Shooters 21 päev tagasi
I got 4 wrong out of them all
Kotter322 21 päev tagasi
Haaziq Khurram
Haaziq Khurram 22 päeva tagasi
I knew it it's eigth bit
naveen parashar
naveen parashar 22 päeva tagasi
No without super 8 bit do lower damage
I am Cool
I am Cool 22 päeva tagasi
Spike can do 10000 damage with his attack if you aim it right
PvpNnoob PvpNnoob
PvpNnoob PvpNnoob 22 päeva tagasi
Sprout can't take out in three attacks
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 22 päeva tagasi
First time we get an amazing sponsor
Jimmy C
Jimmy C 23 päeva tagasi
Ulysse Bouffard
Ulysse Bouffard 23 päeva tagasi
Marcus Gazda
Marcus Gazda 23 päeva tagasi
Mfw Shelly is 20th
Top_StorM 23 päeva tagasi
12:58 lmao😂😂
Martin Zalewski
Martin Zalewski 23 päeva tagasi
KairosTime: Sprout can take out Colt, Dynamike and Gale with three hits. Also Gale: 4760 HP
Alexander Dietel
Alexander Dietel 24 päeva tagasi
Can’t spike hit all the projectiles after the main attack? I did it with the boss in boss fight with a lvl 6 spike And it was like 12,000 damage
SAKURA 24 päeva tagasi
wrong! spike did not get all his projectiles hit
Ghassan Ft.
Ghassan Ft. 24 päeva tagasi
Ye but 8 bit used his power if barryl uses it he would ofc win
pierre ROY-MEDERLE 24 päeva tagasi
It may be darryl who wins because arkad was the only brawler to use his super :/ (i know than this is an exception because his super makes his damage bigger, but still...)
Mine pelaaja
Mine pelaaja 25 päeva tagasi
Maybe 8-bit
X_AramKiller_X YT
X_AramKiller_X YT 25 päeva tagasi
Now the strongest brawler is a Amber
ツEgg1ツ 25 päeva tagasi
Leon should have won....
Red 25 päeva tagasi
I thought pam or nani would win I forgot about the 8-bit super
Mr. Nepal Gaming
Mr. Nepal Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
My man robot darrly yeah
Charles Kindt
Charles Kindt 25 päeva tagasi
Got it correct!
Rak A
Rak A 25 päeva tagasi
Amber has join the chat
Ally Barnaby
Ally Barnaby 25 päeva tagasi
I got 6 wrong
uxy brawl stars yt
uxy brawl stars yt 25 päeva tagasi
I got all right no lie
mohamed zaheer
mohamed zaheer 26 päeva tagasi
What if collet is added to this
מיאו מיאו
מיאו מיאו 26 päeva tagasi
Thank you because of you me and my teammates won
Ryankimgaming 26 päeva tagasi
how can sprout kill gale
MidNyte 26 päeva tagasi
You said only using star powers and attacks but 8bit used his super so surely daryll is the true winner?
COR_Gaming 27 päeva tagasi
4:24 yall forgot surge
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