Brawl Prediction: 6 Skins coming to Brawl Stars!

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KairosTime Gaming

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Brawl Stars Prediction: 6 Skins coming to Brawl Stars | KairosTime
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For this video I'm going to be going over the skins submitted to Supercell Make and predict which skins are going to be put into Brawl Stars! We know that the Demonic Bo skin is going to be put into Brawl Stars, probably in the next update. But there are several other skins that are likely going to be put into the next update, which is probably going to be a Hero & Villain update!
You can see all of the skins that may be added in the next update here ►
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 7 місяців tagasi
Which 2 Bibi & 2 Bea Skins do YOU Want in the game MOST?! Subscribe for Update Info! ► Brawl Stars Creator Code ►
John what
John what 14 päeva tagasi
A jedi bibi
rosh liyanage
rosh liyanage 29 päeva tagasi
@BurstyBlink its came
Aparna Samanta
Aparna Samanta 3 місяці tagasi
I want Bibi Rockstar And
Adam Shaffer
Adam Shaffer 3 місяці tagasi
Ronin bibi so coll
Yuvan Ojha
Yuvan Ojha 4 місяці tagasi
they are getting a mega beetle bea skin
Nautica Atlantide
Nautica Atlantide 5 päeva tagasi
100% of the image having Bibi Is Bibi the most popular brawler?
agent A9
agent A9 6 päeva tagasi
That sign on samurai bibi probably meeans "lovely". BTW i use code "KAIROS"...... :D.
PhantomChill 7 päeva tagasi
When he predicted the two skins 🙀
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago
Yellow Crewmate • 12 years ago 8 päeva tagasi
he predicted zombibi and demonic bo but a bit revamped and name into demonic bo
32Bit 10 päeva tagasi
Anyone get this in there recommendation
Raluca Anghel
Raluca Anghel 10 päeva tagasi
8:17 I SAW EGGG BIBI!!! 9:11 _origin of egg brawlers_
nick nieuwelink
nick nieuwelink 11 päeva tagasi
Why didn’t they make mecha bibi
ThisOnePlays 12 päeva tagasi
No one: Literally No one: Me: Comments For No Reason
Harpreet Boutique
Harpreet Boutique 13 päeva tagasi
Lol underworld bo and zombiebi came to brawl stars Kairos is time traveller
Fakhrusy Syakirin
Fakhrusy Syakirin 13 päeva tagasi
Well kairos really right
Joshua pro gamer cool dude
Joshua pro gamer cool dude 13 päeva tagasi
I think supercell will put in zombibi as a skin for bibi
Ameme Is kool
Ameme Is kool 13 päeva tagasi
Your not correct for once
Alex Nikolaenko
Alex Nikolaenko 14 päeva tagasi
7:54 why did you say that??
ALEX LIU 14 päeva tagasi
And zombibi made it
(SG) Sweaty noob
(SG) Sweaty noob 14 päeva tagasi
Long story short zombibi made it
Ocean 16 päeva tagasi
I think zombibi and archvillan bee
Valts Vītols
Valts Vītols 13 päeva tagasi
@Aadvik Bhargava lol
Aadvik Bhargava
Aadvik Bhargava 14 päeva tagasi
Oh yeah nobody can see when this comment was added.
Andre Kyle Florendo
Andre Kyle Florendo 18 päeva tagasi
Kaaiiroos your prediction came true
rafa alfi
rafa alfi 19 päeva tagasi
i want amber skin :
RatMelon 19 päeva tagasi
Some of the this skin is gonna be added
Porcupine pufferfish
Porcupine pufferfish 19 päeva tagasi
Jaden Bryon
Jaden Bryon 20 päeva tagasi
Me when some skins are already out
Dror nudelman
Dror nudelman 21 päev tagasi
He predicted zombibi!
milanmartina dimitrijevic
milanmartina dimitrijevic 22 päeva tagasi
Imagin she smacks with a gitar or chare
Pradeep Mishra
Pradeep Mishra 22 päeva tagasi
Zombie is in the game
Xpansiblast 24 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one watching this after the 2020 brawloween update and screaming ZOMBIBI WILL COME AT SOME POINT, JUST YOU WAIT!
Aadvik Bhargava
Aadvik Bhargava 14 päeva tagasi
Lol me too
Little did he know zombibi would join into the game
rosh liyanage
rosh liyanage 29 päeva tagasi
I can tell future.. Demonic bo is change as underworld bo and prize 150gems.. Zombibi is 80gems..:)
rosh liyanage
rosh liyanage 14 päeva tagasi
@Aadvik Bhargava 🤣😂
Aadvik Bhargava
Aadvik Bhargava 14 päeva tagasi
OMG HOW??? (I'm hoping u were joking btw cos if you actually thought someone would fall for that ur brain is smaller than ur (*family friendly stuff*)
Rage Spider
Rage Spider Місяць tagasi
After 5 months, Supercell Added two from this
Enderman Dark Matter Gaming
Enderman Dark Matter Gaming Місяць tagasi
They're adding zobibi
Adrian Roman.
Adrian Roman. Місяць tagasi
sans Rosa.
Unknown User
Unknown User 23 päeva tagasi
Wesson Nguyen
Wesson Nguyen Місяць tagasi
Amanda Місяць tagasi
I think jawbreaker Bibi should win
Aadvik Bhargava
Aadvik Bhargava 14 päeva tagasi
I swear ur here from after November brawl talk and ur still predicting?
Flamestar05 123
Flamestar05 123 Місяць tagasi
This guy knows everything in brawl stars
wolfthegamer -Brawl Stars
wolfthegamer -Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
-_- amber and colette edit: lol
- Øzzy -
- Øzzy - Місяць tagasi
Looks like u saw most of the future🥳
Riley Teramoto
Riley Teramoto Місяць tagasi
Who here is here after brawl talk
CRAZY - ßràwłStars
CRAZY - ßràwłStars Місяць tagasi
Arch villain BEA and zombibi WON!!!!!!!
Antarctica Gan
Antarctica Gan Місяць tagasi
Wait... Kairos... You like Arch villain Bea?! Its a no effort skin! Its just a Bea without colour! And with an angry face on the hood! Its terrible!
Nisha Saraf
Nisha Saraf Місяць tagasi
he literally predicted
Keito Chan
Keito Chan 2 місяці tagasi
10:25 Sta skin l'ha fatta Grax...
That innocent rico
That innocent rico 2 місяці tagasi
You predicted both of them
The Fox Lord
The Fox Lord 2 місяці tagasi
Arch bea definetly
GREGORY MEIDINGER 2 місяці tagasi
scorpion bea
Supermario Danny
Supermario Danny 2 місяці tagasi
Keiko Kitamori
Keiko Kitamori 3 місяці tagasi
I bet you egg bibi gonna win cus meme
Paxlittlejoker 3 місяці tagasi
why is it all bibis and bea
Legendz Gamer
Legendz Gamer 3 місяці tagasi
how did you know about supper heros and villen update
Kamaldeep Kaur
Kamaldeep Kaur 3 місяці tagasi
Brawl stars giving away 50k Mr beast wants to know your location
Kamaldeep Kaur
Kamaldeep Kaur 3 місяці tagasi
Rosa be like :BRUHHH
Jhonmar Pucot
Jhonmar Pucot 3 місяці tagasi
super gladiator bibi are the best
Abenego Velasquez-Sanchez
Abenego Velasquez-Sanchez 3 місяці tagasi
Kitten-bot bibi
Noob BrawlStars
Noob BrawlStars 3 місяці tagasi
Hiw about tick and 8bit?
ExulT - Brawl Stars
ExulT - Brawl Stars 3 місяці tagasi
Hero and villain update Ryan: IT'S THE SUMMER OF MONSTERS! kairos: *my power is reading minds and predicting future*
David Qi
David Qi 3 місяці tagasi
how is astro bea not a sailer moon oufit on bea?
Arnav Dhawde 6-A roll no.6
Arnav Dhawde 6-A roll no.6 3 місяці tagasi
1:28 ummm yes there are somany people playing brawl stars from arround the world but it takes so much time to find players
Loco brawl rampage
Loco brawl rampage 4 місяці tagasi
Love zombibi
JohnKalogirou Official
JohnKalogirou Official 4 місяці tagasi
nedaa gabriel
nedaa gabriel 4 місяці tagasi
zom bibi egg biibi archvililan bea and and dragon bea
nedaa gabriel
nedaa gabriel 4 місяці tagasi
im coming from futre its mega beatle bea king. krab tick retro nani streatwoer max and true gold and true siler skins for primo piper emz leon and somon
Micheal 4 місяці tagasi
what about rosa??
Krisztina Zalavari
Krisztina Zalavari 4 місяці tagasi
Bendy and bea
Wintėr blossøm
Wintėr blossøm 4 місяці tagasi
Will the skins come back? Pls someone tell me :(
Brendan Fitzpatrick
Brendan Fitzpatrick 4 місяці tagasi
I wish spider Bea and the evil butterfly Bea skins made it. I thought the actual bee that’s in the flying saucer in bea’s space skins was really funny, but I don’t like bea’s outfit a lot. Anyways I am not surprised that you got them right. I wish they would add more of these skins in the future
Brendan Fitzpatrick
Brendan Fitzpatrick 4 місяці tagasi
“I think there is going to be some hero and villain update” How are you always correct?
Yuvan Ojha
Yuvan Ojha 4 місяці tagasi
zomb bibi and archvillan bea
Antoinette Coetzee
Antoinette Coetzee 4 місяці tagasi
actually none did
Luis Simao
Luis Simao 4 місяці tagasi
i like jaw breaker bibi and bea stellar pilot they look so cool i think they should add these
husky husky
husky husky 5 місяців tagasi
wait what
Camillo Brockmann
Camillo Brockmann 5 місяців tagasi
I am watching this 3 months later and they actually put a monster update so that counts like villain
Dinnyx 5 місяців tagasi
Jawbreaker penny
Pawel Dworak
Pawel Dworak 5 місяців tagasi
Btw oni are demons that are very Powerful and Ronin are Powerful demons too btw i know that from lego ninjago check that series really good
Lukas Ticen
Lukas Ticen 5 місяців tagasi
Karios: I think there’s going to be a hero or villain update July update karios: I told you so
Sprite The Right
Sprite The Right 5 місяців tagasi
Demonic bo : I am ONE with nature Me: yeah sure u are *steps in* Sprout: *am i a joke to you?*
The_giBs 5 місяців tagasi
Wow arch villain bea and zombibi made it!
Eric Ceballos
Eric Ceballos 5 місяців tagasi
its boring that it's just bea and bibi
R Λ I Ͷ D R Ø P 5 місяців tagasi
nice vid
R Λ I Ͷ D R Ø P 5 місяців tagasi
archivilbea and zombibi
Zero Two
Zero Two 5 місяців tagasi
I Want a Anime skin
Muppy Shruppy
Muppy Shruppy 5 місяців tagasi
My favourites: Special Task Force B.E.A Sweet Bea Kitsune Bibi Kitten Bot Bea
Just Some Water Bottle With Internet Access
Just Some Water Bottle With Internet Access 5 місяців tagasi
"3:43" When someone needs a lot of them just use this ** මගේ ක්‍රීඩා අත්දැකීම දැන් හොඳයි 🕵
David Korganashvili
David Korganashvili 5 місяців tagasi
Zombi bi and arch villain bea
quantum8k 5 місяців tagasi
once again, successfully predicting
noam k
noam k 5 місяців tagasi
There 100% should be a japanese style skin for bibi with a katana, like the samurai and kitsune skins (my favorite bibi ones were the kitten mecha bibi and either zombibi or kitsune bibi, tho i don't like the colored part of the hair on kitsune bibi, it doesn't fit the front of the hair, or at least because of it being like, hair locks it doesn't fit the rest of the skin
noam k
noam k 5 місяців tagasi
Then REALLY should've gave demonic bo fire arrows, missed opportunity in my opinion
Team LGLD 5 місяців tagasi
I wish there was a zombie bea named zombea
Aditya Narayan
Aditya Narayan 5 місяців tagasi
U were sooo right!
No Name
No Name 5 місяців tagasi
If there are skins coming out and you can see what it looks like, why can’t supercells just release it right now? Or there is a holiday on that certain day it’s released? Why can’t they just release it now?
Rexy 5 місяців tagasi
Who else is watching this and are like this man actually predicted the future wtf
Torsten Dahlke
Torsten Dahlke 5 місяців tagasi
1 month later... kairos was right how
Alfresmx - Brawl stars
Alfresmx - Brawl stars 6 місяців tagasi
I really want bibi so bad
Alex Markov
Alex Markov 6 місяців tagasi
Spy bea the best, I thought they will put like the bee that flyes is gonna be a little helicopter and Bea like a little kid whit remote control... Idk
The_ LightShadow
The_ LightShadow 6 місяців tagasi
Hos the heck are you so good at predicting?????
Bedrija Zaimovic
Bedrija Zaimovic 6 місяців tagasi
I want astro bea and sweet favour bea,for bibi i like amost every one
Bedrija Zaimovic
Bedrija Zaimovic 6 місяців tagasi
Its over,they forgot about demonic bo,that is why they didnt add him,or they dont like him.
celian tolentino
celian tolentino 6 місяців tagasi
I wanna see beep-beep
Michael Rebhahn
Michael Rebhahn 6 місяців tagasi
Not sure but I loved the scorpion bea
Karol B
Karol B 6 місяців tagasi
Super gladiator's robi bat looks like a 5g tower
Zellow - brawl stars
Zellow - brawl stars 6 місяців tagasi
Bo before the starpoints:I dont have any skins Bo after the starpoints came out:finally i have the power to have a lot of skins
Darking - BrawlStars
Darking - BrawlStars 6 місяців tagasi
Sad rosa noises
҉Ⱥɍǹɇẋ҉ 6 місяців tagasi
6 Skins?! N-nani?!
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