Best Build for SHELLY! | Gadget & Star Power Breakdown & Tier List

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Shelly BEST Build! Newest Gadget & More! | KairosTime
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It's time for me to reveal Shelly's BEST Build! I'm going to break down her newest gadget, along with her other Gadget & Star Powers, and then I'm going to talk about when it is the best time to use each gadget & Star Power. I'll also be placing Shelly's gadgets & star powers in a tier list and ranking her skins in order for worst to best.
This is Shelly's Best Build and helps us understand the best abilities to use for Shelly!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 12 päeva tagasi
YOU REQUEST & I PULLED THROUGH!!! Better late than never, right? lol Sub for MORE ► Code Kairos or RIP ►
KingShark Gaming
KingShark Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
@Fusion Droid maybe your club is good/on the rise but I’m in a club that’s top 100-130 US so I’m staying where I am but thanks for the offer.
AdamBOmberzz 9 päeva tagasi
I have witch shelly skin so i completed her best built omg
Carounanidy V
Carounanidy V 10 päeva tagasi
Dear kairos, I want to join your club and I want to play with you. Also in your freind list .please...I hope you reply me
Prasanna Ramesh
Prasanna Ramesh 10 päeva tagasi
@Scizor X ye dude modded brawl stars exists... but it ruins the fun of the game, i'd like to play brawl stars as it is even tho i tilt a lot..
Fusion Droid
Fusion Droid 10 päeva tagasi
@KingShark Gaming yoi should join my club name is brutaliti and my name is Arđend123👌👍
jotting23 11 tundi tagasi
Can you do best build for Daryl
The Wrong one
The Wrong one 17 tundi tagasi
Kairos use band aid in showdown me flashbacks
Hados_RM Päev tagasi
im yet to see a shelly that dosent die when she try to dash super
Luka The second
Luka The second Päev tagasi
the most scaryest thing in brawl stars:*max shelly with her super in a bush*
J2 9999
J2 9999 5 päeva tagasi
However though, I think clay pigeons is the better gadget to use for Shelly in heist.
DarkAssassin BS
DarkAssassin BS 6 päeva tagasi
Can anybody please comment what is the vids background music
ABUBAKAR Lawal Garba
ABUBAKAR Lawal Garba 6 päeva tagasi
Shelly is not the easiest brawler to play in competitive PSG: Hold my Psg Shelly skin
Rishi Baranwal
Rishi Baranwal 6 päeva tagasi
Where are best pins
Rishi Baranwal
Rishi Baranwal 6 päeva tagasi
Where are best pins
Steven Zheng
Steven Zheng 7 päeva tagasi
Famous combo is Shelly super slow with clay pigeon
Nathan Comparet
Nathan Comparet 7 päeva tagasi
"I would go with true gold Shelly." *Shows True Gold Emz* 😂😂👌
Lavva Animation
Lavva Animation 7 päeva tagasi
I used to have star shelly... but I lost my old account before supercell ID😭
Gacha cookie
Gacha cookie 8 päeva tagasi
I have both shelly gageds
Raptor Gaming
Raptor Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
Rank shelly skin's 1 Star 2 Which 3 Bandit 4 P.S.G 5 Gold 6 Silver 7 Default
Pro Starz
Pro Starz 9 päeva tagasi
The best
Home9634 9 päeva tagasi
What's the music used in the background?
Rasmus Bendtsen
Rasmus Bendtsen 9 päeva tagasi
i ´have star sheelly
Farny Bull
Farny Bull 9 päeva tagasi
Shelly was the buffest brawler today she is worst
Chase Dobbs
Chase Dobbs 9 päeva tagasi
3:11 Stacys mom has got it going on
Jonathan Aviles
Jonathan Aviles 9 päeva tagasi
I want clay pigeons to apply to the super. That would make it a solid A+ gadgets
Christian Or
Christian Or 9 päeva tagasi
Shelly is bad without her super, her range is decent but if she did more damage over range she'd be at _least_ s tier BUT Then again, she's an starter brawler so people use her a lot, so she can't be good or noobs take over the world
Succ My Toes
Succ My Toes 6 päeva tagasi
“At least S tier” makes no sense Also even with her super she is bad since her super is literally just her main attack
Derek van der Veen
Derek van der Veen 9 päeva tagasi
9:16most unsatisfying shelly super
Derek van der Veen
Derek van der Veen 9 päeva tagasi
Didnt watch video yet but i think best build is gonna be Star power: band-aid Gadget: fast forward Skin: witch shelly Pin: heart emote
Niño Bulilit
Niño Bulilit 9 päeva tagasi
Wo that best shelly builds are the best i use the nice built for her thanks for the build 👍 i love the vids thanks for all the help
Niño Bulilit
Niño Bulilit 9 päeva tagasi
Also i have PSG skin for shelly and its great kairos
Alpha [ATK]
Alpha [ATK] 9 päeva tagasi
I disagree with your build ranking. Your 4th ranked build is my best along with your 1st ranked build. The 3rd would be the 4th and the 2nd would be the 3rd
Rafay Rashid
Rafay Rashid 9 päeva tagasi
The the thumbnail is his fans artwork like if u noticed
MATT MATT 9 päeva tagasi
What's the name of the background song
ahmed4363 9 päeva tagasi
Me who didnt even upgrade shelly to power 6
Wesley Santos
Wesley Santos 9 päeva tagasi
Dog lovers rise upp
Kabir Lal
Kabir Lal 9 päeva tagasi
Will we be able to buy gems from the shop by kairos creater code?
LegenDNeweR 9 päeva tagasi
I wish for a special event/gamemode where both supers and both gadgets are all available in a same match e.g. Sandy’s super both heals teammates and hurts enemies Nita can both give shield and command Bruce to slam whenever she wants
Josh King Gaming
Josh King Gaming 10 päeva tagasi
think he is wearing sun glasses becasue he ad an eye surgery i guess
BRAWL GALAXY TAMIL 10 päeva tagasi
11:30 heh @kairos why dont you try asking for @lex to show his gold shelly skin? 😄😎
Antarctica Gan
Antarctica Gan 10 päeva tagasi
Connor D6947
Connor D6947 10 päeva tagasi
(Not this one) but for the other best build videos, did you draw the brawlers yourself?
Trickshot Masterz
Trickshot Masterz 10 päeva tagasi
Hey if anyone sees this, they are lucky. Because I am telling the gadgets of 8bit and colt. I GOT THEM BECAUSE ALL OF THEM WERE WRITTEN IN THE MAINTAINANCE BREAK WHEN THE AMBER UPDATE CAME OUT LMAO Colt- Silver bullet- colt's next attack is a powerful shot which is a single bullet but deals the damage of his entire regular burst while going through obstacles and opponents alike. 8bit- Extra Credits- 8Bit's next attack has the number of projectiles to 18. So, I'll also tell which are better. Colts second one (Silver Bullet) is better overall, but 8Bit's gadgets is a little hard to use as hitting all 18 projectiles is very hard. So 8Bit's first gadget is better for users who use auto aim more. But the second one is better for stationery things like heist safe and if you aim is really good, you can play the second one too, its not bad. In fact, I calculated, and it does 9000 damage at power 10! With one ammo! And, if your in you super (the damage booster), it does 11000 damage! that's insane but it is for more skilled players.
Michaël Lacoursière
Michaël Lacoursière 10 päeva tagasi
We also need to talk about Emz and Piper in the Snowtel windows sharing a room
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 10 päeva tagasi
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 10 päeva tagasi
Or hungover...
Kaobi Ugwu
Kaobi Ugwu 10 päeva tagasi
Ah yes the pikachu of brawl stars, the mascot we all know and love Spike: *am I a joke to you*
reydhan 10 päeva tagasi
Kairos: mom can we have true gold shelly skin? mom: no we already have true gold shelly at home true gold shelly at home: 11:27
Minha Jo
Minha Jo 10 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Shelly's worst build is shell shock and clay pigeons Also Kairos: proceeds to show a clip of himself playing that exact build
AA - 04KP 829839 Eastbourne Drive PS
AA - 04KP 829839 Eastbourne Drive PS 10 päeva tagasi
Im thinking clot is having new gadget
Kenny Carrillo
Kenny Carrillo 10 päeva tagasi
1:55 Oh god :0
Vanessa Aguilar
Vanessa Aguilar 10 päeva tagasi
Clay pigeons has been way more useful to than fast forward, I think they should buff it
Snow Warlord GT
Snow Warlord GT 10 päeva tagasi
SHE DASHES and shes in ur face, sHE sLoWs YoU DowN, and shes in ur face eVEn MoRE ~ Code Kairos
A Gamer Kind Of
A Gamer Kind Of 10 päeva tagasi
Does anyone know the song he used for the background music?
VGFan3000 10 päeva tagasi
what about the pins?
Lina Ayari
Lina Ayari 10 päeva tagasi
Emz is Shelly confirmed guys 11:40
GaRY DA OTTa GD 10 päeva tagasi
Lol gold emz
Lina Ayari
Lina Ayari 10 päeva tagasi
BEAST NAVIA 10 päeva tagasi
Looking cool Karios but I think we all know your wearing sunglasses to help with the hangover😂you must know how to party✊
Kai Codesal Parker
Kai Codesal Parker 10 päeva tagasi
you forgot the pins
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams 10 päeva tagasi
I literally u made a mistake 😂😂❤❤❤ 11:25
Vaibhav's Universe
Vaibhav's Universe 10 päeva tagasi
Shelly's star power band aid is too good in brawl ball '
b l u e
b l u e 10 päeva tagasi
The problem with Shelly is, unlike other tank killers (Spike, Colette, etc) she does no decent amount of damage per range. Until Supercell is able to come up with a more permanent solution other than Clay Pigeon (which is already kind of unreliable), Shelly will stay as one of the current worst brawlers in the game
Succ My Toes
Succ My Toes 6 päeva tagasi
She can beat tanks But the problem is she can ONLY beat tanks Unlike the others who can take on other brawlers
Ausra SOMOVA 10 päeva tagasi
Zgaming_ YT
Zgaming_ YT 10 päeva tagasi
Guys I know 8 bits gadget he will shoot for one shot 18 shots instead of 12 it’s gna get nerfed straight away guys it’s so stupid
Vanita Garg
Vanita Garg 10 päeva tagasi
Hey kairos can you tell supercell that there is a bug when you have any two events when you select both at the same time we get tokens of any one of them
Choo Wing
Choo Wing 10 päeva tagasi
I knew it, he had not enough gold, this was why he didn't make Shelly's best build video. Not to mention clay pigeons is the first F tier star power
Ahmed Elgabry
Ahmed Elgabry 10 päeva tagasi
All he did in the gameplay footage was lose bruh
Succ My Toes
Succ My Toes 6 päeva tagasi
Well shelly is the worst brawler
Samuel Darren
Samuel Darren 10 päeva tagasi
Plot Twist : All second Gadget are good in life leech expect for crow
garvit menghrajani
garvit menghrajani 10 päeva tagasi
dog lover here
the pro gamer
the pro gamer 10 päeva tagasi
1:01 but said she is the worst brawler and she is not good competitively
KhalifPlayz 10 päeva tagasi
Anyone knows the background song ?
Niffler GamingYT
Niffler GamingYT 10 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos! To show you my support, I used Code Kairos to buy the pie barley skin! (Since that is your favourite skin for barley)
Life Of Tz - Brawl Stars
Life Of Tz - Brawl Stars 10 päeva tagasi
Me here with level 1 Shelly rank 35 👀 who needs a build 😂
David Quilojano
David Quilojano 10 päeva tagasi
Kairos is like a character from the matrix
The Stranger
The Stranger 10 päeva tagasi
Where is the best emote ☹️☹️
jonason 10 päeva tagasi
So a 35 000 coins skin is worst tha a 30 gem skin? OK
Ameya H
Ameya H 10 päeva tagasi
Ameya H
Ameya H 10 päeva tagasi
CoolSquirtle Playz
CoolSquirtle Playz 10 päeva tagasi
I used her clay pigeons and band aid in showdown. I have been winning many games with that.
Sumer Thakur
Sumer Thakur 10 päeva tagasi
I like kaiross so much I watched all of his videos (since 2017) thrice
Robin Brawl Stars
Robin Brawl Stars 10 päeva tagasi
OJ:The star Shelley is lllimited
Some ordinary guy
Some ordinary guy 10 päeva tagasi
3:10 hey its stacy's mom
Abbas Karim
Abbas Karim 10 päeva tagasi
Hey Kairos I think you shoul watch this It is related to dani and ryan
Gaming with M
Gaming with M 10 päeva tagasi
Keep it up bro
_ 10 päeva tagasi
the swag, the speed, the versatility lol
ZHGlaceyPokemon 10 päeva tagasi
When kairos talks about bounty while playing siege Me : wrong game mode bro
Gtg Bye
Gtg Bye 10 päeva tagasi
Everyone knows why he has sunglasses on!: We are to bright of brawl stars players!(that means we r rlly good at the game) Hit this is that is u the bright player! 👇
Hunor Angyal
Hunor Angyal 8 päeva tagasi
Like farming comments: (like yours) 👎
Rishav 10 päeva tagasi
Ah yes 14 minutes for the simplest brawler in the game. Perfect.
Sidhanth K.
Sidhanth K. 10 päeva tagasi
"Unexpected levels of Thickness" Pam: ._.
Dasan NR
Dasan NR 10 päeva tagasi
Kairos you forgot about the pins
PATRICK STARZEC 10 päeva tagasi
What does code kairos do for you or for other you tubers when we use it in the shop? And do we have to make purchases fo the benefits to apply to you, or just sign in using the code?
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars 10 päeva tagasi
Shelly 🤩🤩🤩
Anas Qureshi
Anas Qureshi 10 päeva tagasi
Thank you so muchhh kaiross for telling Shelly strategy I just have her starpower and gadget dasher.. thankqqqq
JOHN WESLEY 10 päeva tagasi
He look's like Blindman lol😂😂😂
Faggot lol
Faggot lol 10 päeva tagasi
What happened to brawl theory
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 10 päeva tagasi
Thumbnail and Shelly poster back of kairos..... It's kinda sus
Kreepe 10 päeva tagasi
Best build for shelly ah yes Because everyone is using shelly
Clickyty Clackyty
Clickyty Clackyty 10 päeva tagasi
I have waited 4- no 5000 years for this!
Dust Nixie
Dust Nixie 10 päeva tagasi
0:00 *what happens to people who use discord light mode.*
Alejandro Santana López
Alejandro Santana López 10 päeva tagasi
I totally agree with you hahah
Naseيءemىج Al
Naseيءemىج Al 10 päeva tagasi
Jacky works with Karl they are friends at work then tick wanted to work with them but it’s been centenary but bc he is a robot he came and wanted a job that’s why we found them in the mines when turned into villains
Ali Mankkattu
Ali Mankkattu 10 päeva tagasi
i thought you were going to say that shelly has a new gadget and star power 😁
Anna Scott
Anna Scott 10 päeva tagasi
Next darrile
Sebixo 10 päeva tagasi
So you mean that gadgets were hinted back in 2018, while we didn't even have second star powers?
Wasd The Debugger
Wasd The Debugger 10 päeva tagasi
Should have not done it for sake of memes 😂😂
Ng Damien
Ng Damien 10 päeva tagasi
She dashes and she's in your face, she slows you down and she's in your face even more -kairos 2020
Lou got 3 Buffs... How STRONG is Lou Now?!
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