😱😱😱 Becoming a STUNTMAN for Stu! | Unboxing Challenge...

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Unboxing Challenge - Becoming a STUNTMAN! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to do something CRAZY for the new Brawler's unboxing challenge! Stu is a Stuntman, which means that in order for me to max him out, I have to do some CRAZY stunts! Otherwise, I'm going to have to leave Stu at lvl 1 FOREVER!
Thank you to @wake schepman for helping out with this video as well as @Woodward for being so cool with me filming!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Thank you to PrimeGaming & SNK for sponsoring this video! They are giving away over 22 classic free games to Prime members, with a value of over $175! The offer ends March 31, 2021, so don’t miss out on your chance to claim them here bit.ly/3eqMZNL Always wear a helmet kids
Regan Hanson
Regan Hanson 10 päeva tagasi
R 27 päeva tagasi
Stu’s super should NOT knock the ball out of possession. Repost this to help spread awareness.
Денис Моллов
Денис Моллов Місяць tagasi
Nice trike super cool I wiil try to do it one day
Random Projects
Random Projects Місяць tagasi
Ur content is soo charming I love it Michael. Plz tell me ur player id .mine:9YGPRO2VG
Gints GD
Gints GD Місяць tagasi
Please, just run, you don't need sponsors, you need different help. Also i hope you're helping SPUDE and if you can't run then you can try to secretly get help.
Alexander (Samuel) Hazan
Alexander (Samuel) Hazan 2 tundi tagasi
Not gonna lie, that was sick.
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 Päev tagasi
Jesus is king
Blueninja _8000
Blueninja _8000 Päev tagasi
i swear u put getting maxed out brawlers before your safety. like what you did with byron. -_-
Tanqzz 3 päeva tagasi
i just noticed that i was in the kill board :O
Nwachukwu Ujah
Nwachukwu Ujah 4 päeva tagasi
4:50 thumbs up for effort
ReiiDraws! 5 päeva tagasi
Everyone be gangster’till kairos uses Max’s super and gadget at the same time
Nogusek 7 päeva tagasi
You had to drink gasoline
Paula Jarvis
Paula Jarvis 7 päeva tagasi
1:33 who else felt nostalgic seeing this gameplay? It brings back so many memories! ,😫
Louis Castonguay
Louis Castonguay 8 päeva tagasi
I’m very impressed by the skating, hope to see some again one day😉
John jones
John jones 8 päeva tagasi
Wait does kairos live in Utah maybe that’s cool
Fadingphantm 8 päeva tagasi
Kairos is such a madlad the fact he actually went out there to do tricks for stu is just amazing 👏
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
Kairos Time Skating
zAdam 11 päeva tagasi
the emojis cringe me ...
Lou - gaming
Lou - gaming 12 päeva tagasi
Wait he is a trophy road
CheeseandButter 5
CheeseandButter 5 13 päeva tagasi
My two questions before the video even starts how is he gonna un-*box* stu and how is he gonna do stunts Edit: I understand but it still doesn’t make sense lol
Sprout 14 päeva tagasi
Oj watching this: .\/. ○
Prithak Nepal
Prithak Nepal 16 päeva tagasi
5:37 Nobody : Kairos : pretending that he got stu from a box
Unknown 17 päeva tagasi
4:46 that looks painful😶
Noah Noronha
Noah Noronha 17 päeva tagasi
Kairos aka legend 😎😎
Dawid gaming
Dawid gaming 17 päeva tagasi
zara pasalic
zara pasalic 18 päeva tagasi
This vid is so cool!!♥️♥️♥️
DREAM TEAM GAMER 18 päeva tagasi
wow, he really loves us.but we dont want you to get hert:(
Ben Pack
Ben Pack 18 päeva tagasi
Nothing says you’ve made it besides being sponsored by arguably the biggest company in the world lol
Āńşøň BŠ
Āńşøň BŠ 18 päeva tagasi
Runjun Bhagowati
Runjun Bhagowati 18 päeva tagasi
4:48 shot on iphone by wood ward🤣
Long Horse
Long Horse 19 päeva tagasi
What could go wrong
Clashman 05
Clashman 05 19 päeva tagasi
When there is a new brawler, I like to come up with something that says that there is a swarm of them in a match. Presenting, the Stunami
Laura Biancalana
Laura Biancalana 19 päeva tagasi
I’m super joe my family freaked out when I got tin the vid
VideoGameplay 9
VideoGameplay 9 20 päeva tagasi
4:57 when u try to impress ur crush.
Goombi Doombi
Goombi Doombi 20 päeva tagasi
Grey Rico 57
Grey Rico 57 20 päeva tagasi
Abby29 22 päeva tagasi
Sad that this video has less views than any other challenge videos
Hazel Mae XD
Hazel Mae XD 22 päeva tagasi
Just Like Skate Park In Davao City, Philippines.
Hazel Mae XD
Hazel Mae XD 22 päeva tagasi
Just Like Philippine Skater Ms. Marge Didal. Shes Ready For TOKYO Olympics.
Hazel Mae XD
Hazel Mae XD 22 päeva tagasi
Wake Schepman Excited For TOKYO Olympics.
Hazel Mae XD
Hazel Mae XD 22 päeva tagasi
Stunt Doing By Professionals. CAUTION: Don't Try This At Home.
Jose Godinez
Jose Godinez 23 päeva tagasi
I feel sad for you ):
Hisokahisoka Gon
Hisokahisoka Gon 23 päeva tagasi
He so damm strong he can literally take on all but the space guy who has 3 rock
Leo 25 päeva tagasi
Angelica Wu
Angelica Wu 25 päeva tagasi
Kairos in the future: Becoming a fire perfomer for Amber!
Green Monster Gaming
Green Monster Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
10:33 cuz your famous
Jumplinx 25 päeva tagasi
Yo your insane bro more vlogs please!
Fred M
Fred M 26 päeva tagasi
What the actual eff?! Where did all this skate skill come from??? Niiice!
TheGrimReaper 26 päeva tagasi
This is why i subbed
Raswer 26 päeva tagasi
ayee this is the exact same place that joogsquad did there video on some tricks coincidence?
R 27 päeva tagasi
Stu’s super should NOT knock the ball out of possession. Repost this to help spread awareness.
Gio 27 päeva tagasi
Lolita Hiponia
Lolita Hiponia 27 päeva tagasi
you"re cool
Skull Hunter Gaming BS
Skull Hunter Gaming BS 28 päeva tagasi
4:57 That must have hurt so bad
Hwa young Go
Hwa young Go 28 päeva tagasi
Kairos: We don’t team in showdown Also Kairos: secretly teams in gem grab
Emej Ulagaa
Emej Ulagaa 28 päeva tagasi
One of your best videos. U are talented! (btw I love parkour and brawl stars)
ATDA TheLimeMechaCrow
ATDA TheLimeMechaCrow 28 päeva tagasi
I got stu I gave my 500 power points to him then I got Amber 😑 Anyway , 😶 kairos studied physical therapy ??!!!
Yu Hong Tan
Yu Hong Tan 28 päeva tagasi
5:36 You can't unlock him from a box
TheFrostOpp 28 päeva tagasi
Hello fellow brothers I'm Carl Simon...I knew it Just try to get it
toast crunch
toast crunch 29 päeva tagasi
Teacher:So what does your dad do for his job Kairos's kids:Its complicated
Stephen McCabe
Stephen McCabe 29 päeva tagasi
2:45 nice lens.
Ropsu Popsu
Ropsu Popsu 29 päeva tagasi
Is a aerial just a front 180?
Patrick Liu
Patrick Liu 29 päeva tagasi
Kairos: Why is everyone spinning? Also kairos: is a famous EEpostr with almost 700k subscribers
Pope Boniface VIII
Pope Boniface VIII 29 päeva tagasi
Kairos really does have no respect for my anxiety 😫
LimA94 29 päeva tagasi
hmm, i think i kind of predicted this nevermind
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry Місяць tagasi
Let's respect how much pain he has made his body feel.
Victor Місяць tagasi
Lol I didn't know spinning meant team up. I just thought it meant hello. 😅
Nathan Comparet
Nathan Comparet Місяць tagasi
Am I the only one who feel weird seeing this cursed unboxing of STU in a box ? 😂😂
Ibrahim Said Alsuqry
Ibrahim Said Alsuqry Місяць tagasi
Wow u are an op stun man👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😦😀
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Місяць tagasi
You are awesome 🤩👍
Bryson Medd
Bryson Medd Місяць tagasi
Im actually really into mountain biking and Skiing, so going to woodward is a dream of mine. Very cool to see!
SURGE Місяць tagasi
Don't worry he's fine He selected band-aid before he started
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Місяць tagasi
Looks like Kairos wasn't kidding about challenges, still, he didn't eat tyres, my disappointment is immeasuarable and my day is ruined
Flappy_ Ducky
Flappy_ Ducky Місяць tagasi
Kairos: Learns triks nad parkour. Me:BRUH! Every one: Why!!!! Me: When Kairos made the Edgar video he eat a scarf but edgar parkours
Da Wolf
Da Wolf Місяць tagasi
Kairos: *I bet you're wondering why I'm wearing this hat* Video title: I think you should rethink that.
Mr Firwer
Mr Firwer Місяць tagasi
Pevvchez Місяць tagasi
Kairos do be a stunt man,, hopeing that he will not hurt him self
Hitting 1000 subscribers with no video
Hitting 1000 subscribers with no video Місяць tagasi
0:07 caption:hello folk brawlers I am carl simon! Me:wha.....name revealed?..?
kornel123 Cieciurski
kornel123 Cieciurski Місяць tagasi
How the hell did he unlocked stu from box
Fire BS MC
Fire BS MC Місяць tagasi
Can we appreciate kairos for risking his life he could of went to the hospital❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Night_Ink TheFallen
Night_Ink TheFallen Місяць tagasi
Rootbeer raider
Rootbeer raider Місяць tagasi
Hey kairos, I used your creator code and just spent 15 dollars on the game. Your vids are super awesome and I wanted to support your channel.
Ooi Kai Zhe
Ooi Kai Zhe Місяць tagasi
Ooi Kai Zhe
Ooi Kai Zhe Місяць tagasi
Pitogiros 16
Pitogiros 16 Місяць tagasi
Guys remember that... That Kairos did it for us and only just to entertain his viewers and he almost broke his fricking spine.
JAYDEN POON JING HIN Moe Місяць tagasi
Kairos you are my the best youtober for me I yous your code
Darius Blaj
Darius Blaj Місяць tagasi
Thankfully he didn't drink gasoline
Usha Ankadi
Usha Ankadi Місяць tagasi
Oh god he is really risking his life for stu
RACHIT PANWAR Місяць tagasi
1:34 Super city Rampage? :)
Don King
Don King Місяць tagasi
idk what name to put here
idk what name to put here Місяць tagasi
2:45, "He had us in the first half not gonna lie"
Shobha sharma
Shobha sharma Місяць tagasi
I think now kairos will be makin a guide video for Championship challenge 🤔
CUM GOBLIN Місяць tagasi
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Місяць tagasi
Kairos time is a fool, he very evil and he steal your money
CK Lee
CK Lee Місяць tagasi
5:00 oof
CK Lee
CK Lee Місяць tagasi
wow i didnt expect this
Melitia Frankel
Melitia Frankel Місяць tagasi
Kan anyone tell me the name of the anime app pls kirostime was sponsored bij them in a video
I need a brawler
I need a brawler Місяць tagasi
Kairos you can be a stunt man bro
It’s Probably Cris
It’s Probably Cris Місяць tagasi
IMAGINE A GAME MODE in brawl stars BUT dodge ball!
Snowman Tick
Snowman Tick Місяць tagasi
i wish we could get more vlogs like this
SHAWN LAIS Місяць tagasi
plz be fine
Dinosaur - Brawl stars
Dinosaur - Brawl stars Місяць tagasi
Imagine just casually going in to do some tricks and finding Kairos as the person next to you
Hey i got luo really from a mega box yay!!!!!
Crow'em Місяць tagasi
What is your clan on brawl stars? Because I have a surprise for you 🌟🌟✨✨✨
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