Beating INSANE with TERRIBLE Brawlers in Boss Fight with Lex & OJ!

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Bad Brawlers in Boss Fight! | KairosTime - Brawl Stars
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In this video, Lex, OJ, and myself are going to go into Boss Fight with TERRIBLE Brawler Comps and try to win using bad brawlers. In this challenge we have to try to beat INSANE with brawlers that are pretty terrible for Boss Fight!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 7 місяців tagasi
Any other challenges you'd like the THREE of us to try?! Make sure you watch more over on Lex's & OJ's channels! Brawl Stars Creator Code ►
vvv nice Khan
vvv nice Khan 19 päeva tagasi
I did it with shelly leon and mortis to distract
Patrik Axelsson
Patrik Axelsson 5 місяців tagasi
Video: 19 days ago Kairos comment: 1 Month ago
CoolDarryl_YT 6 місяців tagasi
My challenge is for you to play with Lex as Mortis and Coiled Snake only challenge
Dj Nipsu
Dj Nipsu 6 місяців tagasi
I follow you on instagram and if i won you send link for me? Kairos?
- LucLoL -
- LucLoL - 7 місяців tagasi
Who can help me to 100 subs? I make mortis highlights
Andy Wu
Andy Wu 5 tundi tagasi
Ummm, Microwaves don't cause lag, Oj, No offence, as I am a Huge fan of you three, but, Google it. ( unless you're using some wacky wifi )
Andy Wu
Andy Wu 5 tundi tagasi
"Sometimes, tho", there are some 4G overlaps. HOT POCKETS
tony zeng
tony zeng 13 tundi tagasi
TechnoCyber 2 päeva tagasi
I actually tried the boss and I got to insane 2 it's super hard to do it
Alvin Su
Alvin Su 2 päeva tagasi
I love frank
Daniela Dimech
Daniela Dimech 3 päeva tagasi
Worst brawlers are insane in boss fight
Vaughn Jedrek Aquino
Vaughn Jedrek Aquino 3 päeva tagasi
Oh I watched u all guys before with each other
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX 4 päeva tagasi
How can you not RageQuit with randoms
Sammie 4 päeva tagasi
Tbh, (responding to the thumbnail) Piper is pretty good at Boss fight! Here’s what you’ll need: 1: power ten 2: Gadget: Auto Aimer 3: Star power: Snappy Sniping 4: Use gadget and super only in sticky situations Tip: USE SUPER FOR DEFENSE ONLY! It kills me when somebody uses her super to attack. The boss goes for someone else (because you aren’t attackable) and you basically waste your super P.S. This should be obvious, but stay far away from the boss and shoot him from a distance. And there you go! Hopefully this helps
Cristopher Diez Vasquez
Cristopher Diez Vasquez 5 päeva tagasi
I think ransoms use mortis on insane to pick up power cubes but forget they also have to do the most damage because of that
Lil Minty
Lil Minty 6 päeva tagasi
860th comment so im not first or last but I rlly like this vid Keep the good work kairos and lex :D
Kunno Cha
Kunno Cha 10 päeva tagasi
Kairos looking into the future
Enrique González
Enrique González 11 päeva tagasi
Emz is terrible in boss fight?
Martine Wolfaert
Martine Wolfaert 12 päeva tagasi
I forget what you need tho a big box
Martine Wolfaert
Martine Wolfaert 12 päeva tagasi
OCTAVIAN VLAD DOBRA 12 päeva tagasi
"He's enraged, i cant run from this" Says the guy who learned how to escape at college
daromaciejewski 13 päeva tagasi
Does somewon remeber the boxes and tickets
Toasty 14 päeva tagasi
am i the only one who doesnt like top hat mortis
Pootis Bird
Pootis Bird 15 päeva tagasi
"nobody plays frank in boss fights soo" me who played him in boss fight and did well: ಠ_ಠ
jumpmaster the frog
jumpmaster the frog 15 päeva tagasi
Bruh my sister played as frank in boss fight
Hamoody Gaming
Hamoody Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
Kairos:no one plays frank in boss fight Me an idiot:well I do and it didn’t go too well
Asher Emile
Asher Emile 17 päeva tagasi
8-bit plus frank goes pretty good against boss fight
bin 18 päeva tagasi
I completely forgot tickets were a thing.
Nick Percuoco
Nick Percuoco 18 päeva tagasi
Nick Percuoco
Nick Percuoco 18 päeva tagasi
Nick Percuoco
Nick Percuoco 18 päeva tagasi
Can I join tribe pls
Flamestorm 17 päeva tagasi
he wont see this
Last Chance 0o0
Last Chance 0o0 18 päeva tagasi
Subscribe to Unus Annus plz kairos and tell ur fans
Flamestorm 17 päeva tagasi
lol he wont
Levi’s Gaming cave
Levi’s Gaming cave 19 päeva tagasi
They should make emz say “Don’t touch me I’m famous!” when she uses her gadget.
Bono 20 päeva tagasi
Frank is not bad at boss fight
Xgaming 2020
Xgaming 2020 21 päev tagasi
Ngl their is no bad hot pockets only worse ones
Leonardo Romero
Leonardo Romero 21 päev tagasi
Scraggy legends
Scraggy legends 23 päeva tagasi
1:35 you have thought wrong for I am a frank main
Kroustallas Mixalis
Kroustallas Mixalis 23 päeva tagasi
Basically Colt is a good brawler in bossfight
NARUTO GAMING PH 24 päeva tagasi
Kairos time traveler confirmed
Shantosh Shankeresvaren
Shantosh Shankeresvaren 27 päeva tagasi
Lol only 1 match I played frank in boss fight
KingSysato 17
KingSysato 17 28 päeva tagasi
4 cheese hot pocket
8 Bit
8 Bit 29 päeva tagasi
How to make a hot-dog is get a dog and then put in to a furnace
Epic Players
Epic Players Місяць tagasi
Which are worse Like sniper bots Comment mouse bots
Flamestorm 17 päeva tagasi
ok loke beggar
Adam O.
Adam O. Місяць tagasi
I've heard sandy is op
Basically Craz-E-Ness
Basically Craz-E-Ness Місяць tagasi
“Nobody plays Frank in Boss Fight” I do :(
James Chung
James Chung Місяць tagasi
7:27 when cheese started...
Kevin Babu
Kevin Babu 2 місяці tagasi
Why when i play brawl stars sometimes my teammates name is OJ
Edwin Goh
Edwin Goh 2 місяці tagasi
when sandy put sandstorm she is already sleeping
Razel Amlog
Razel Amlog 2 місяці tagasi
There’s no way never give upppppppp they try still die our life was a lie
Noodle Yum
Noodle Yum 2 місяці tagasi
Man it feels good that I play Rico and he's not in this vid
Father Of Dragons
Father Of Dragons 2 місяці tagasi
I always useing PIPER in boss fight only in normal 😂😂
Sarthi International tours
Sarthi International tours 2 місяці tagasi
Sarthi International tours
Sarthi International tours 2 місяці tagasi
Rocco DiLeo
Rocco DiLeo 2 місяці tagasi
EVERYBODY had their cheeks clenched when Mortis was the last one alive in Master
Keith Loh
Keith Loh 2 місяці tagasi
I play fank in boss fight before
ArmouredBacon 2 місяці tagasi
The Piper drawing in the thumbnail looks so cute tho.
Nathan Kellogg
Nathan Kellogg 2 місяці tagasi
"Back off get your own sandwich" Thought that was a sexist joke for a second... 😳
Brawl Stars Pro
Brawl Stars Pro 2 місяці tagasi
Next Video: Beat Boss Fight Insane with 2 AFK Teammates and no Movement Challenge Mortis on Power 1 New Account without using Super and the Teammates are power 1 Tick and the Teammates pick up all Cubes and don‘t attack
JEfrocs 2 місяці tagasi
Someone no body plays frank in boss fight me literally uses frank 3 days ago
Ticker 3 місяці tagasi
The reason why i love frank: The dj skin The super The Area of effect( of his attack ) And lastly You wasted your time And lastly For sure I dont have frank
Kyle Pan
Kyle Pan 3 місяці tagasi
1:35 “nobody plays Frank in boss fights” me hearing that after winning while playing Frank in boss fights
ImmaRabbit 3 місяці tagasi
Mortis is actually good in boss fight because he can dash away from the bullets.
Brayden Wong
Brayden Wong 3 місяці tagasi
Hope there is a survival test
Sahil Nain
Sahil Nain 3 місяці tagasi
Sandy is mythic??
ROyalWolfy 3 місяці tagasi
Love the captions:hotel roars,I'm Carl Simon and im with oj and legs
HoPeLeSs Me
HoPeLeSs Me 3 місяці tagasi
thats how randoms make us feel karios
Jake Benton
Jake Benton 3 місяці tagasi
Do city boss random next
guilian verhelst
guilian verhelst 3 місяці tagasi
1: 35 yes i do!
JACK THE PROS LEGEND 3 місяці tagasi
*Somebody stops them before randoms find out about what are they doing*
slimeboigaming25 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos:it looks like a little pink kitten Me:r u colourblind it’s purple
Khamis Fadl
Khamis Fadl 3 місяці tagasi
sandy gadget is bad like you fight and he will go sleep
Hello plz help me get to 10k subs ;w;
Hello plz help me get to 10k subs ;w; 3 місяці tagasi
I use all the codes! Oj Lex Kairos
Moderately Concerned
Moderately Concerned 3 місяці tagasi
I beated 10 insane 16 I was brick with to emz's
Moderately Concerned
Moderately Concerned 3 місяці tagasi
You know that poco is emz's uncle
Jack Crum
Jack Crum 3 місяці tagasi
8:07 OJ wants to go inside the boss. 😬😳
Augustus 3 місяці tagasi
Shelly and Colt are not terrible for boss fight
Foxy Daisy
Foxy Daisy 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos shoots on Lex Kairos what have u done Ok no hat mortis is better than top hat Me aim for the head
Antsknowledge 3 місяці tagasi
Wait,how old is oj?
Tafsir Vlogs
Tafsir Vlogs 4 місяці tagasi
Team tribe: the shooter bots Me: sniper bots that are unkillable and destroy us
Waffle Dino Thing
Waffle Dino Thing 4 місяці tagasi
Kairos colt spike and Shelly are the first three brawlers Crow:*sniff sniff*
Penguin 4 місяці tagasi
corinne crowley
corinne crowley 4 місяці tagasi
I actually play as Frank in Bossfight
Andrew Whitehead
Andrew Whitehead 4 місяці tagasi
Please balance emz
SUI 4 місяці tagasi
When OJ likes no hat mortis Kairos and lex: wait that’s illegal
milky ray
milky ray 4 місяці tagasi
Lex is so cool so h a cool dad his son is so lucky
Guadalupe Carvajal
Guadalupe Carvajal 4 місяці tagasi
Kairos using epitaph
•aslı ceren pesen•
•aslı ceren pesen• 4 місяці tagasi
I got matched with a random crow and a piper in boss fight. You can guess the results.
Jagdish Kumar Sardana
Jagdish Kumar Sardana 4 місяці tagasi
Sandy - In brawl ball : Ima end everyones brawl ball career Sandy - In boss fight : (boss) Ima end Sandy's career
Skuunkrat 4 місяці tagasi
Who realised its exactly 13 mi s
June Ray Montederamos
June Ray Montederamos 5 місяців tagasi
Mortis is the worst brawler in bossfight
poco loco
poco loco 5 місяців tagasi
They say that the images do not feel the picture: 5:00
poco loco
poco loco 5 місяців tagasi
Super star Suhaas
Super star Suhaas 5 місяців tagasi
Subscribe SuperstarSuhaas (this channel ) to get Gil for sure
Brendan Mooney
Brendan Mooney 5 місяців tagasi
FRANK is 3rd in Boss fight of the best ask couch cory
Baani Verma
Baani Verma 5 місяців tagasi
ya'll are awesome and by the way 1 week I use code kairos another week oj and after week lex so yea pls can one of you give me donation of Leon my username: super_sneaky my ID: #P2PQUQGGU
FaultonGaming 5 місяців tagasi
Oj Gangsta Until Somone Microw Waves A Hotdog
Connor Huh
Connor Huh 5 місяців tagasi
Kairos: We've got my best buddies here! Hello OJ and Lex! Tribe members: *sad ferg noises* if you know what i mean
Marcus ONYT
Marcus ONYT 5 місяців tagasi
Title is killing bot with insane when hey talk about hot pockets
anastasia akinbo
anastasia akinbo 5 місяців tagasi
if you listen to her voice you'll find out piper is western
SHAIZOU- BS 5 місяців tagasi
Girls: Boys don't know what true sadnesss is Boys: 3:31
JJ Plays
JJ Plays 5 місяців tagasi
Lol this is fnny
Amy Rockenbach
Amy Rockenbach 5 місяців tagasi
i used your code
Amy Rockenbach
Amy Rockenbach 5 місяців tagasi
gift me 2000 gems
诺里斯亚洲人 5 місяців tagasi
so i was playing bruce lee in another tab, and in the beginning, i thought, wow, such a sick intro
Oliver Lin
Oliver Lin 5 місяців tagasi
watching men bond over hot pockets is wholesome
Ajrin P
Ajrin P 5 місяців tagasi
My friend:No one can beat boss robot exept legendary trio Boss:I am going to end this man whole carret
Çınar Umut Öveyik
Çınar Umut Öveyik 5 місяців tagasi
I love this Trio
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