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Brawl Stars Update Sneak Peek: Amber Olympics | KairosTime
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It's time for an update sneak peek for Amber! Amber is the newest legendary Brawler com ming to Brawl Stars and I'm going to share my sneak peek with amber gameplay to show you how strong she's going to be! We'll explain her mechanics as well as talk about how good she is against every other brawler in the game! I'll put her in the brawl stars olympics to see how strong she is against every brawler!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Місяць tagasi
Amber is AWESOME!!! What do you think of her?! Map Maker sneak peek ► Balance Changes & New Skins sneak peek ► Be my 600,000th Subscriber!!! ►
Nyle Nazir
Nyle Nazir 5 päeva tagasi
Nyle Nazir
Nyle Nazir 5 päeva tagasi
I haven’t gotten a brawler in almost 1 year
Sakura Is very cute
Sakura Is very cute 14 päeva tagasi
F.U.R.Y 16 päeva tagasi
sure it is kairos i have to face amber in the opposing team while my team dosent have amber and we lost all matches without amber on our team 100% amber needs a very strong nerf as i think that amber is too op at the moment and unlike the mythic,legendary,and chromatic,she is Very Unbalanced
ClashForCash Місяць tagasi
She is a rly cool brawler by the looks of it
Sophia Li
Sophia Li Päev tagasi
Lorenzo Petraroli
Lorenzo Petraroli Päev tagasi
Even if it's been passed two months from this video's release, I'm still here to spam this button 0:45
Joe Mc
Joe Mc Päev tagasi
Why did you not just count the amount of flames and divide it by 3....
John John
John John Päev tagasi
She's an anti-bush camper, i love it
Jubilant_J 3 päeva tagasi
Kairos: First female legendary brawler. Sakura Spike: well yes but actually no.
Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick 4 päeva tagasi
i think she needed a buff
Elliot Johansson
Elliot Johansson 4 päeva tagasi
Are we going to talk aboit what kairos draw with the oil?😂
Nyle Nazir
Nyle Nazir 5 päeva tagasi
I have never gotten a single brawler in almost one year
DADDY 6 päeva tagasi
Holy shit if you have max amber and just shoot all her ammo while your ammo is full she does 13440 damage
Andrew Street
Andrew Street 6 päeva tagasi
love tis
Adhrit Yessirlol
Adhrit Yessirlol 7 päeva tagasi
Kairos: hello fellow brawlers Me: I’m not a brawler
A Squirrel
A Squirrel 9 päeva tagasi
Phill Swift here for flex tap ‘ThAtS AlOt oF dAmAgE’
Dank DPS
Dank DPS 9 päeva tagasi
Me : sees ambers results in the boss test My brain : nice
Zack !
Zack ! 11 päeva tagasi
I thought spike was a girl
Eshaan Pisal
Eshaan Pisal 13 päeva tagasi
"It takes her 69 seconds to complete the test" XD Timestamp: 5:47
Dawid Matysiak
Dawid Matysiak 13 päeva tagasi
Can yoy do new plimpics for Amber after nerf?
Barnabas Biro
Barnabas Biro 13 päeva tagasi
3:08 kairos is like all of us in ms paint in school, “who’s been drawin diks!?!?!?” -Vinescauce Joel
EzPz Quentin - Brawl
EzPz Quentin - Brawl 17 päeva tagasi
What about sandy shes a girl
Hotdog Shober
Hotdog Shober 20 päeva tagasi
Me: Ey Phil get over here Phil swift: what? Me: say the thing Phil: oh fine, NOW THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE
Scorpio Gameplay
Scorpio Gameplay 21 päev tagasi
That thumbnail is fire
Vance D Hudson
Vance D Hudson 21 päev tagasi
only you can prevent forest fires don't use amber
Roblox fan123
Roblox fan123 21 päev tagasi
6:04 Nice.
Anonym 21 päev tagasi
Or you just hold down the damn attack button making her auto aim on them peeps while still shooting so they won't be able to escape Which i think was too op But obviously no player i've been playing with who had amber was smart enough to use her right
Anonym 21 päev tagasi
Hey, is it worth keep up playing after u leveled everything in Brawl stars?
Djordjeta Beka
Djordjeta Beka 22 päeva tagasi
i want llllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
INCREDIBLE GAMING 23 päeva tagasi
I started playing brawl star again h unlocked leon and amber in a day and again uninstalled it
Bürgersteig 23 päeva tagasi
Been playing this game for over 2 years and still don’t have a single legendary honestly I’ll take whatever I can get
Shreyas Jaiswal
Shreyas Jaiswal 24 päeva tagasi
I got her at 16000 trophies in a big box I was shocked because the day before I got gale!!!!!!!!
KING OF AMONG US 24 päeva tagasi
Wait 69%. Lol
duck 0
duck 0 25 päeva tagasi
I still very much so want spike
Ondra Kotouč
Ondra Kotouč 25 päeva tagasi
Taddy Fujimura
Taddy Fujimura 25 päeva tagasi
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 26 päeva tagasi
Who is here after Oj pushed her to 1k trophies
One Confused Boi
One Confused Boi 26 päeva tagasi
Imagine if you used barley's "medical use" with amber on the old star power glitch
Zohra Hasnaoui
Zohra Hasnaoui 27 päeva tagasi
3:52 Tok Tok Simbole xd
TNSR10 27 päeva tagasi
Me here a week later thinking about all the legendsries I don’t have and finding out it’s now 5 instead of 4
Marko 27 päeva tagasi
Hmmm it take 69 seconds to defet the boss.
Sweney 28 päeva tagasi
She ain’t Leon on release, but she’s good.
Oscar Went
Oscar Went 28 päeva tagasi
I already know Amber's second star power is gonna be the ability to slow down enemies in her super
kairos:race test me:race test hmmmmm
Jayden Kurnia
Jayden Kurnia 28 päeva tagasi
Imagine if amber has a star power which her oil will slow down enemies
NITE Mage Gaming
NITE Mage Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
3:00 when kiaros draws a pp
LeviTV 29 päeva tagasi
7:33 amber walks just as fast as Leon crow and mortis: sad Max noices: Rip max :(
Red OP
Red OP 29 päeva tagasi
Why am I only watching it now when Amber is dominating the meta .
Sarah oreo
Sarah oreo 29 päeva tagasi
It's scary to play against her
that 1 car guy ice
that 1 car guy ice 29 päeva tagasi
What if Pam's attack was kinda like amber
Gameplaystv.com2 brawl stars
Gameplaystv.com2 brawl stars 29 päeva tagasi
he now to make trouble in other brawlers haha!
Yopee Місяць tagasi
supercell was drunk making this
FE4R LYNX Місяць tagasi
When he said Dragons breath, I had flashbacks to Bloons tower defence battles
Siméon Bossut
Siméon Bossut Місяць tagasi
And what about brawl ball?
Nicholas Saraiva
Nicholas Saraiva Місяць tagasi
i am free to play and i got her from 2 boxes shes so good
Stunp _
Stunp _ Місяць tagasi
Been playing since release month and I dont have a single legendary
kenneth van steenbergen
kenneth van steenbergen Місяць tagasi
Omg i just desperatly opened a box and i got Amber !
Roiko33 Місяць tagasi
What ife you haf a tamet amber end you haf amber to end your tamet us super can you shoot her super??
Mohamed Nawar
Mohamed Nawar Місяць tagasi
1:38 America invading star park
mgboy5622 Місяць tagasi
The nerf is definitely coming. I just pray that Supercell doesn’t make her not fun anymore
ASKEPOPO Місяць tagasi
i mean isnt it prrety obvious that u should put that she has worst realod speed and most damege..i mean she deals massive ammount of damage but her reload speed is prreti slow And btw why did u put her super range that long,cuz u r allowed to use only super not gadgets xD
Mr Komunist
Mr Komunist Місяць tagasi
notice it's exactly 69 damage
Erick Lopez Vargas
Erick Lopez Vargas Місяць tagasi
I unlocked collet in a box and I got a legendary the day after, I could’ve got amber 🙄🖐
FAJNA NAZWA Місяць tagasi
5:47 that's pretty cool
ThanarasPro2006 Youtube
ThanarasPro2006 Youtube Місяць tagasi
last year i unlocked leon and since then there wasn't any brawler that i liked more than him. i was really addicted to leon and i was saying there won't be any brawler that can change my mind. that was until i learned about amber and i was like SOMETHING MORE OP THAN LEON? NO WAY!! then i changed my mind. I REALLY WANT AMBER!!!!!!!!!
Rawan MHS
Rawan MHS Місяць tagasi
I think supercell should collaborate with MARVEL or DC for some superhero skins
Nguyễn Nhật Anh
Nguyễn Nhật Anh Місяць tagasi
1:30 Spinners like this
Cedric Leconte
Cedric Leconte Місяць tagasi
Jib Gaakeer
Jib Gaakeer Місяць tagasi
i think that i want amber more then the other legendarys but i akready have every kegendary axcept for amber
Dab News
Dab News Місяць tagasi
It takes 69 seconds to take the boss out - NICE
MR BRAWL Місяць tagasi
Do one to see who does the least damage with one ammo
Skulduggery Місяць tagasi
the new brawler amber got me thinking about some other fire related mechanics i would like to see in brawlstars. i don't have a name for this brawler, just stats and mechanics, so suggestions for names or description is welcome. the main attack would basically a smaller version of ambers super, that burns on the ground. the throw range would be 4 tiles max, the same as the turret throw range, and the circle at the end would be only as big as barleys attack. this would burn on the ground for 4 seconds dealing around 600 damage per second at max level. like ambers super it would set enemies on fire, but would only do 300 damage per second for 4 seconds, like el fuego. unlike ambers super it would be set on fire as soon as it is thrown. the damage by the fire on the ground does stack, but the burning doesn't, like crows poison. because of this strong mechanic this brawlers reload speed would be as slow as ticks. this brawlers super would be a turret, similiar to scrappy. it would have the similar range, health, attack and projectile speed, but would be able to shoot over walls and do area damage with the same radius as brocks rockets. it would basically be the roaster from clash of clans. first gadget: this gadget would set the ground on fire with the same area as barleys sticky syrup mixer gadget, and would have the same stats as the basic attack. second gadget: gadget would release some of ambers fire fluid from the super turret, all the way to the max range of it. this would not be set alight unless it is hit by a main attack, or one of the roasters attacks, essentially making it a trap, because if an enemy walks in the turret will attack them and set it alight. first star power: this star power would increase damage dealt brawlers that stay in the fire of the main attack by 300 every second. this means that if an enemy stayed in the fire for the entire duration, they would take 3900 damage. (600,900,1200,1500) second star power: star power: this star power would make the turrets attacks set the ground on fire for two seconds dealing 100 damage per second. this would make it harder to dodge the turret without taking damage at its max distance.
B-Fuzzle Gaming
B-Fuzzle Gaming Місяць tagasi
Idea for Amber’s second gadget: Spontaneous Combustion. When activated, all fire fuel on the ground instantly ignites and does an extra +100 damage per second (800 damage per second, 3200 total damage)
mc mike
mc mike Місяць tagasi
I actually predicted a brawler like this. I thought it would be like 8-bit but shoot a giant laser beam.
BOGUMOL TV Місяць tagasi
I unlocked all the rewards for Season 3 of Brawl Pass. see on my channel what I got there!
moustache rock
moustache rock Місяць tagasi
Wow took her 69 second to kill the boss. Perfect number
Josiah Jones
Josiah Jones Місяць tagasi
I'm not the kind of person to overhype a brawler's release, and I can say with certainty that the only brawler I'd rather unlock on a new account than Amber is my main, Mortis.
Âłphâkîñgʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Місяць tagasi
Yessirr I love Brawl Ball i'm goanna play her a lot in that mode 😎😎 Nice video again Kairos!
Distroyer Місяць tagasi
I’m a 900+ Bibi player and after this update she was so oppressive in showdown. I think Supercell should change her attack to more of a burst or just reduce the damage. Also in brawl ball with a Carl would be completely broken because there is alomst nothing stopping that.
Han Estrella Liu
Han Estrella Liu Місяць tagasi
KT: If u missed the last 2 sneak peak videos, make sure u do so.... My brain: uhh wot?? btw its at 0:16
Maaya SmileyFace
Maaya SmileyFace Місяць tagasi
Phil Swift watching this is like:T H A T S A L O T A D A M A G E
Ultimate Fortniners
Ultimate Fortniners Місяць tagasi
Speaking of amber I was wondering could you gift me gems I dunno how but could you tell me because I would love if my favorite youtuber could gift me unsought gems to let me buy the section offer of amber please let me know how and thank you very much if you decided to do it please look into this and yet again thank you very much.(keep making great content you always did) sincerely Me
Ng Gareth
Ng Gareth Місяць tagasi
I win every game
Ng Gareth
Ng Gareth Місяць tagasi
Pam is op in the new mod
Pikachu But yeet
Pikachu But yeet Місяць tagasi
Supercell seeing this: must do it around 700 per fire and her super 1000 damage
COF1_D4_N00B Місяць tagasi
The first star power puddle Kairos made 🤣
Ay4en Місяць tagasi
600000 sub!
Rafa Muñoz
Rafa Muñoz Місяць tagasi
Amber is op
Qeeg Місяць tagasi
Do you recommend leveling up brawlers as soon as possible, regardless of trophies, or build up trophies as you slowly level up?
Marimba s
Marimba s Місяць tagasi
Marimba s
Marimba s Місяць tagasi
What if she's not mexican
Alex Sohan
Alex Sohan Місяць tagasi
Rule34 artists,take notes.
Dominic Harris
Dominic Harris Місяць tagasi
Dude amber is BROKEN I think chief pat got to me
UnKnoN_ Gaming
UnKnoN_ Gaming Місяць tagasi
Ember reminds me of kimmy from ml
Luis Vaidean
Luis Vaidean Місяць tagasi
at sige first u need to use gadget to move faster to do more damege until die
Boody Fza
Boody Fza Місяць tagasi
Its crow
seyfettin bıozkaya
seyfettin bıozkaya Місяць tagasi
Herşeyi yapıyorsunuz bunu yapmiyorsunuz
seyfettin bıozkaya
seyfettin bıozkaya Місяць tagasi
Len bakın şu oyunun su internet sorunun yapın bak nolur
NachoFreckle Місяць tagasi
Stefan_ the_skeleton
Stefan_ the_skeleton Місяць tagasi
You gave me hope for amber as I had a blinking 3 by 6 remaining things in a megabox
Stefan_ the_skeleton
Stefan_ the_skeleton Місяць tagasi
It were 3 gadgets
ImRapid Місяць tagasi
we thought u were gonna eat fire
JAE HO KIM Місяць tagasi
Hi KairosTime Gaming My name is JH Kim. I am a game creator and I am developing a MOBA game called "Battle Rivals" at DEXINTGAMES. I stumbled across your EEpost channel, and it was very interesting and aroused. I thought it would be nice if the video of our game could be made through your creative thoughts. Introducing our team, it is a small development team made up of three people, and we are developing a unique MOBA game. Our goal is to create a successful MOBA game like League of Legends. Battle Rivals is a simple and fast MOBA, and it is designed so that anyone can enjoy it easily. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce the game through your EEpost channel. Here is an introductory video and download link for the game. Introduction video: Google Play: Apple Store: If you need more information about Battle Rivals, please feel free to contact me. Kind regards JH Kim
DODGE Місяць tagasi
I always predicted there would be a brawler that was point and it’d fire with no delay
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