37 Gadget Ideas! | 1 For EVERY Brawler!

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37 New Gadget Predictions! Update Speculation | KairosTime
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In this video I'm going to talk about the Brawl Stars July Update and predict that we are getting a 2nd Gadget for EVERY Brawler in the game! Last summer update we got 2nd Star Powers for every single brawler, and it only makes sense to me that we'll be getting a 2nd gadget for every brawler this July Update.
Brawl Stars already put the UI into the game to make second gadgets work, and it looks like they planned on putting them into an update coming to Brawl Stars soon! For this video, I'm going to share my ideas on gadgets that I would like to see for every brawler in Brawl Stars
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming 5 місяців tagasi
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stick animation
stick animation 4 päeva tagasi
everone :wow!!great vidéo !! me:how the robot respawne in this map???!!
Helmet Pig
Helmet Pig 3 місяці tagasi
Kairos I didnt laged I used code kairos 🙃
Project Hexify
Project Hexify 3 місяці tagasi
I liked all of them apart from carls, my idea is that either, he throws down a gem bomb that when detonated it slows enemies down for a few seconds or he turns his pickaxe into a grapple hook and can throw it on walls to then grapple there (my favourite)
Dodo Bdeir
Dodo Bdeir 3 місяці tagasi
SnugPig Gaming
SnugPig Gaming 3 місяці tagasi
8:50 you got it exactly right my dude
Inquisitive Triangulator
Inquisitive Triangulator 11 tundi tagasi
How he predicted 70℅ of 2nd Gadgets correctly since The Braeloween update came with colt Silver Bullet the last one till now and that too predicted correctly ?!
Dave 113
Dave 113 16 tundi tagasi
I made a second gadget for every brawler too: TROPHY ROAD: Shelly: Ambush=When She Is in a bush, And activates this gadget, She Charges her super by half Nita: Bear Hug: When Bruce Is next to an enemy, He holds them in place for 1.5 seconds Colt: Stylish Slider: Colt slides, causing him to Dash And evade all damage for 0.9 seconds Bull: Charging Menace: Bull charges foward 4 tiles, pair with his super for a lot of mobility Brock: Boombox - Brock plays cool music, his team gets a 20% attack Buff for 3 seconds Dynamike: Minecarting: Mike deploys a Minecart that drives in the location where he Is looking, it will come back and then dissapear Bo: Hunter: Bo's next attack will only shoot one arrow, but it will deal 3.5K damage, 2 uses per match Tick: Big Boom: Tick detonates his head, dealing area damage 8-Bit: Game_Restart: 8-Bit stops attacking for 4 seconds, He restarts And gets healed And cured of any status effects Emz: #Selfie: Emz takes a selfie with the enemy, stunting them for 1 seconds RARE: El Primo: Great Amigo: El Primo gives every teammate around him a 30% Shield And 15% speed boost for 3 seconds Barley: The Best Serving: Barley drinks his drink, gaining 500 max health until He dies Poco: Loud Music: Poco plays loud music, which makes enemies hold there ears, slowing them for 4 seconds Rosa: Quick Thorns: When Rosa has her super activated, She gaines a 15% speed boost SUPER RARE: Rico: Bouncy Castle: Rico creates a Bouncy Castle, launching all players in the air Darryl: Angry Pirate: Darryl gets mad, gaining a reload speed buff, paired with his rolling reload gives him 3× faster reload speed Penny: True Captian: Penny can mark the closest enemy brawler, when She does so, the damage against that brawler Is increased by 50% The mark stays until Penny or the marked enemy dies. Carl: Groundbreaking Smash: Carl smashes the Ground around him, dealing 1200 damage in a circle around him Jacky: F###ing Drill: Jacky picks up her drill, doing 200 damage per second for 5 seconds EPIC: Piper: Sweet Grenade: Piper throws her grenade, dealing 1000 Area damage And knocking back Pam: Mama Power: Pam gains a 20% attack buff for 5 seconds Frank: HAHAHA: Frank menacingly laughs, striking fear into the nearby enemies, stunting them for 1.5 seconds Bibi: Mr.Bat: Bibi throws Mr.Bat, dealing 1680 damage, then Mr. bat returns like a boomerang Bea: Bee-lieving: Bea activates Honey Coat to a Teammate, 1 Use only, can only be activated if using Honey Coat Nani: Peep-Peep: When controlling Peep, you can Slow Peep down, making hitting enemies more accurate MYTHIC: Mortis: Bringer of Bats: When Mortis hits someone with their super And activates this gadget, He gets regeneration 200HP per second for 5 seconds Tara: Future Vision: Tara sees how the closest teammate to her dies, She cannot attack while doing this, 2 uses per match Gene: Magic Carpet: Gene summons a Magic Carpet, He And his teammates can Ride it, only Gene can control it Max: "Max to the max": Max gives teammates near her a 15% speed boost, can be stacked with her super Mr. P: Mystery Suitcase: Mr. P's next attack will either do 3K damage, or 500, a 50-50 chance Sprout: "Planting": Sprout plantes a flower, that grows over time, when it has fully grown, any teammate that walks over it gains Regeneration 200 health per second for 10 seconds LEGENDARY: Spike: Big Marshmallows: Spike puts down a big Marshmallow, acting as a 2000 health shield Crow: Science Bird: Crow makes research on his poison, enchancing it his next attack will deal more damage And more poison damage by 30% Leon: Time Sneaker: Leon slows time for 3 seconds, making only him able to move at normal speed 2 uses per match Sandy: Sweet Nightmare: Sandy puts his enemy into a Nightmare, putting them to sleep, the enemy can't move And deals 100 damage for 3 seconds Amber: WildFuego: Amber starts a fire around her, burning down bushes And damaging enemies for 5 seconds CHROMATIC: Gale: Breeze the Wheeze: Gale starts a Hailstorm around him, damaging enemies And slowing them for 5 seconds Surge: Power Surge!!: Surge's next attack splits when it reaches max distance Collete: Ultimate Fan: Collete steals enemies super when She hits them with her super, being able to use anyones super Lou: Brain Freeze: every enemy standing in his super get immediatly frozen for 1 second
DR. gentleman
DR. gentleman 8 tundi tagasi
Wow nyc work
Enchanted 18 tundi tagasi
I have a gadget Idea "Nanny's Punishment" For nani Nani Uses her super and If Nani's peep is near someone , you can use the gadget What It does : Nani's peep self destructs dealing 3360 damage Something cool : if the peep gets alerted in red when. Its about to explode (not the gadget usement) Then The peep will do extra damage Damage Dealing : Normal : 3360 Alerted : 5040 Nani Star Power Idea : "robotic hug " So Nani's peep has a Circle around it that if a teammate gets in then that teammate recovers 500 health per second in the Circle around Peep Something cool : This Star Power Increases the damage of Nani's gadget. Normal : 3360 - 3780 Alerted : 5040 - 5940
William Hawks
William Hawks Päev tagasi
iPad Pro give 120 FPS and It’s really nice
Andy Wu
Andy Wu Päev tagasi
Hmmm. Lots' are right
Rafael A. Berroa
Rafael A. Berroa Päev tagasi
Hi from the future! Those predicts were very accurate
Let's go boyz 101
Let's go boyz 101 Päev tagasi
Damn you were spot on for some of these and way off on other still really impressive though
jedrek lower
jedrek lower Päev tagasi
I cant wait for complete this list 8-bit 4:36 incorrect barley 4:53 correct bea 5:02 incorrect bibi 5:25 bo 5:38 correct brock 5:51 incorrect (piper get close one) bull 6:17 incorrect (mortis get that one) carl 6:30 incorrect colt 6:39 close (brock also get close one (and shelly kind of too)) crow 6:57 close darryl 7:06 incorrect dynamike 7:22 close el primo 7:34 incorrect emz 7:45 frank 7:51 gale 8:03 gene 8:15 jacky 8:31 jessie 8:43 correct leon 8:53 max 9:04 incorrect mortis 9:29 incorrect mr. p 9:45 nani 10:00 nita 10:21 incorrect pam 10:52 penny 11:05 close piper 11:18 incorrect poco 11:27 rico 11:40 rosa 11:54 sandy 12:09 shelly 12:27 incorrect spike 12:37 sprout 12:47 close tara 13:04 tick 13:36 so for now kairos predict 8 gadgets (of wich 3 are exactly the same) plus 3 for diffrent brawler (i think colt's gadget on brock still counts)
Crusty Water
Crusty Water 15 tundi tagasi
@jedrek lower oh ok
jedrek lower
jedrek lower 20 tundi tagasi
@Crusty Water well, kairos's idea was to put all small bullets to one bullet, he didn't expect this gadget to be that powerful, thats why i said it's close, not correct
Crusty Water
Crusty Water 21 tund tagasi
he predicted colts too
Firiwayer 2 päeva tagasi
i have lost my trust in you once i saw your fortnite scene.
Sr. Pedro das Drogas
Sr. Pedro das Drogas 21 tund tagasi
oMg fOrTniTe bAd
(SG) Sweaty noob
(SG) Sweaty noob 2 päeva tagasi
Honestly the most supercell is gonna give us is 3 star powers and 3 gadgets
Dan's Squad
Dan's Squad 2 päeva tagasi
Shelly's suggestion is the worstone.It heals 90 health?That is useless Like if you agree
KILLER BOT 3.5 2 päeva tagasi
Some gadget relly came ❤️😂
chad aka chad
chad aka chad 2 päeva tagasi
What if nanis 2nd gadget was who ever she hits peep with gets stunned and yiu choose when to do it
Yuko BS
Yuko BS 3 päeva tagasi
Who’s here to see if Kairos was right about the other gadgets If so He got the colt one right like really right!
Wesley van den Ham
Wesley van den Ham 4 päeva tagasi
11:08 HIS gadget O_o
Vahe Mnacakanyan
Vahe Mnacakanyan 4 päeva tagasi
Karios i have youre code in brawl stars shop and i open 2 mega boxes 1 land on 7 and next one is 6
Killer Aka matt
Killer Aka matt 4 päeva tagasi
How did you kow there were gonna be a 2nd gadget
sirin noor
sirin noor 4 päeva tagasi
8 bit gadget 'Reloading lasers' in his next ammo he will be able to shoot 18 bullets soo that 8 bit gets a positive reload trade lol ( it only takes 1 ammo) 3 uses per match if thats not his second gadget maybe this one . If 8 bit uses his gadged he will be able to heal 900 hp for his team mates and himself if they are in the super radius its like pam but a bit lower hp regain because his starpower can increase the range of the super and . Note: in his other starpower where he can be fast all his teammates gets healed in the super radius but for bit he can get healed wher the fast radius is and the normal super radius for 900 hp (sry for my bad english)
stick animation
stick animation 4 päeva tagasi
everone :wow!!great vidéo !! me:how the robot respawne in this map???!!
L P 5 päeva tagasi
My idea was sleeping sands and Sandy's next attack would put a enemy to sleep for 2 seconds
Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick 6 päeva tagasi
gadgets predicted as of 21/11/2020: Barley Bo Crow Jessie
Will Hass
Will Hass 6 päeva tagasi
Noel Klick
Noel Klick 6 päeva tagasi
Predicted gadget Shelly Nita Colt ✅ Bull Jessie ✅ Brock Dynamike Bo ✅ Tick 8bit Emz El primo Rosa Barley ✅ Poco Rico Jacky Darlly Penny ✅ (kinda) Carl Frank Pam Bibi Bea Nani Piper Tara Mortis Gene Max Mr p Sprout Sandy Leon Crow ✅ Spike
Ilias AMRANI 7 päeva tagasi
Brooo u got most of them 😳😳
Ryze is hyped
Ryze is hyped 7 päeva tagasi
I play fortnit that game
Luka The second
Luka The second 7 päeva tagasi
me:mom can i have the 1+ phone? mom:oh that phone is in china me:wait so kairos is in china
Piotr Pawlak
Piotr Pawlak 8 päeva tagasi
Why do i watch kairos' videos: 49%-video's name 51%- k a i r o s code kairos in the brawl stars shop
- SyntaxErrorGuy7 -
- SyntaxErrorGuy7 - 11 päeva tagasi
My 3 gadget ideas: Nani: manual overload Nani supercharges peep, causing him to last twice as long, explode with a radius twice as large and deal twice as much damage. Sandy: sand souvenir Sandy consumes 3 ammo to instantly recharge his super Surge: super surge Surge keeps all stages of his super next time he dies
GL1TCH 12 päeva tagasi
Ew fortnite
JojoBoi - Brawl Stars
JojoBoi - Brawl Stars 12 päeva tagasi
Bo gadget 100% right!
JojoBoi - Brawl Stars
JojoBoi - Brawl Stars 12 päeva tagasi
Barely gadget almost 100% right!
JojoBoi - Brawl Stars
JojoBoi - Brawl Stars 12 päeva tagasi
Good Guesses!
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang 12 päeva tagasi
plot twist:Kairos thinks of the brawlers supercell adds them.
Clower Dumb
Clower Dumb 12 päeva tagasi
Kairos got colts new gadget right
clash 12 päeva tagasi
Colt Gadget Idea: "Recoil Revolvers" When activated, Colts next attack propells him backwards, allowing him to quickly catch up to enemys or escape to safety. This would be especially useful when being chased, as Colt will enlargen his distance and shoot into the enemys direction.
KingShark Gaming
KingShark Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
Oh god he got SO MANY OF THEM RIGHT some where used on other brawlers b it even them. I am writing this as I am watching and it keeps getting better and better.
Matthew King
Matthew King 14 päeva tagasi
Wow, most of these are really accurate😳
Storm Art
Storm Art 14 päeva tagasi
Wow you gest he colts gaget amazing
HI HI 15 päeva tagasi
Barley- Bottoms Up! Heals Friendly Brawlers for Hp Herbal Tonic- Yp im the guy
Dr. Doc
Dr. Doc 15 päeva tagasi
your phone plays at 60fps?
Denis Denis
Denis Denis 16 päeva tagasi
pls dont give to them ideas i want a brawler not more gadjets
Orfali Adam
Orfali Adam 16 päeva tagasi
Another prediction that will end up being real... Time travel? How do you do it. I will come back when some of these have been made into the game
Cross Gamer
Cross Gamer 16 päeva tagasi
Gadget idea for penny NAME:roll and explode description:wen his turret is on the battlefield and activated this gadget the turret’s ball will roll on the ground instead of shooting into the air and the turret’s attack speed will increase 5% 4 time’s per macht 1 to activate the 2 deactivate the gadget
Jakub Mleczko
Jakub Mleczko 16 päeva tagasi
hey, you accually are a future teller
SLIFLITE Gaming109
SLIFLITE Gaming109 16 päeva tagasi
8 bits getting a gategets called extra credits
SLIFLITE Gaming109
SLIFLITE Gaming109 16 päeva tagasi
We are getting 3rd star ppwers jesse is going to be scarpy follow her
Orbis Mobile
Orbis Mobile 17 päeva tagasi
Me watching this 5 months later:bruh you doctor strange With the time stone
Levix- BS
Levix- BS 17 päeva tagasi
Δημήτρης Κυριμλίδης
Δημήτρης Κυριμλίδης 17 päeva tagasi
I use your code in Shop hope you see the comment. :D
XXELECTRON XX 17 päeva tagasi
Gadget idea- amber will start herself with fire for 5 seconds the downside of it that she get 200 minus health per second but if she get close to someone she will deal 1600 damage per second
HAVIS DIME 18 päeva tagasi
HAVIS DIME 18 päeva tagasi
نہيہنہمہحہشہ ภเภןคЂรTЄГ
نہيہنہمہحہشہ ภเภןคЂรTЄГ 18 päeva tagasi
Most of them are from null's brawl I didn't know that kairos steals
MrMemeLord 18 päeva tagasi
I'm commenting this when around half the brawlers have 2nd gadgets. I'm not surprised he got most of the concepts of gadgets right.
Soft Cookie
Soft Cookie 18 päeva tagasi
Here all the predictions he made and the edits are the update on rn Barrly Bo Colt Crow Dyna Jessie Penny (kinda) Sprout (kinda) But that all
Para Soft
Para Soft 18 päeva tagasi
I think Kairos predicted Colt's gadget from the brawl talk.
red_ crewmate
red_ crewmate 18 päeva tagasi
Bruh helf if them are right
Games Nitro
Games Nitro 18 päeva tagasi
I'TS legend pt BR?
El Primus
El Primus 18 päeva tagasi
I live in finland
Tango Rec
Tango Rec 19 päeva tagasi
A Gadget Idea For Mr.P Penguin Rules: The Porter Spawner Spawns Another Porter
Wyspy 19 päeva tagasi
The funny thing is, you actually almost got one exactly right with barley, except it's a different name. The fact that you KNEW the healing power for allies made me give you a clap.
adii tir
adii tir 19 päeva tagasi
OMG! Watching this once the new gadgets are actually released in insane! He got like all of them right so far!
TopPhoenix 19 päeva tagasi
gadget ideas for super rare Penny - Anchor: Penny's cannon shoots twice as fast for 5 seconds Darryl - Rubble Roll: Darryl's next roll goes 50% farther Jacky - Tunnel: Jacky drills a hole in the ground which allows her to tunnel 8 tiles in one direction quickly, like a teleporter Carl - Mapping Out: Carl puts the whole arena in a map, allowing him to see where every brawler is except for an invisible Leon Rico - Bouncing Ball: Rico bounces a really big ball in the direction he is facing. It does 1500 damage and bounces 150% farther than a regular attack. It can only be used 2 times.
ak aj
ak aj 20 päeva tagasi
wow awsome gadjets kairos already some of them have come into the game
keti pkhovelishvili
keti pkhovelishvili 20 päeva tagasi
can u play fortnite kairos? or even if entire tribe will play?
keti pkhovelishvili
keti pkhovelishvili 20 päeva tagasi
can u play fortnite kairos pls? i love fortnite
spo_0rk 20 päeva tagasi
Gadget idea - gene has the ability to push away opponents with his super
player 1
player 1 20 päeva tagasi
DBZ Content
DBZ Content 20 päeva tagasi
You were true
TopPhoenix 21 päev tagasi
gadget ideas for rare: El Primo - Pounded: El Primo heals 100 health every time he hits an enemy for 5 seconds Rosa - Planting: Rosa waters a patch of grass so that only she can be hidden in it. Barley - Robotic Arm: Barley's robotic arm kicks into action and triples his reload speed for 3 seconds. Can be used twice per match Poco - Strum - Poco deals 300 more damage for 5 seconds. He really needs this.
TopPhoenix 21 päev tagasi
gadget ideas for trophy road: Nita - Strength: Nita spawns a stronger Bruce that deals 1000 damage per swipe, moves faster, and has more health. Colt - Going Home: Colt shoots 3 homing bullets that hit the 3 closest brawlers to him. The bullets do 1500 damage each Bull - Rampage: Bull does 500 more damage each shot for 5 seconds Jessie - Junk Scraps: Jessie is able to have 2 scrappies on the map for 1 minute. She can use this gadget 2 times only. Brock - Rocket Rage: Brock doubles his reload speed for 5 seconds. Dynamike - Incoming: Dynamike throws 3 bombs to the nearest brawler. They each do 750 damage. Bo - Hidden: BO CAN ONLY USE THIS IF HE IS IN A BUSH, when he is in a bush, his 3 arrows do 250 more damage for 5 seconds. Tick - Mega Mines: Tick throws 6 mega mines that do 500 more damage. He can only use this twice. 8-bit - Plug In: 8-bit makes his damage booster 17% more effective for 6 seconds Emz - Super Spray: Emz's attack gives enemies a slow effect if they get hit by it for 5 seconds
Spyke YT
Spyke YT 22 päeva tagasi
He predicted like half of the new gadgets
Nig Nog
Nig Nog 22 päeva tagasi
6:46 This is literally colt's new gadget that we're getting soon
suvigya khare
suvigya khare 24 päeva tagasi
Hold up The thumbnail has pins of brawlers(biggest one is the gene angry pin) How in the world he had it 4 months before they were released!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔
Turbo Gaming
Turbo Gaming 23 päeva tagasi
Bro pin packs and pins were added in may check your fax
azzam jabali
azzam jabali 24 päeva tagasi
He guessed 20 gadgets
mirela stoica
mirela stoica 24 päeva tagasi
Surprisingly he guest quite a lot of them
Dv EngQ
Dv EngQ 24 päeva tagasi
Gadget idea for tara. Makes the enemy vision low
WaterMelon 24 päeva tagasi
I see where supercell get their inspiration for the new gadgets...
Skelly Is Mystic
Skelly Is Mystic 24 päeva tagasi
It's cool how some of these were implemented. Brock's homing missile but for piper!
Lightning Hammer
Lightning Hammer 21 päev tagasi
Brock will get a big rocket that deals 3000 dmg and breaks walls so he predicted it
Tukutaki Gamez
Tukutaki Gamez 24 päeva tagasi
Im sorry but iphone 11 is just unbeatable
TheFalseButTrue 25 päeva tagasi
Either Kairos Is A Psychic Or Supercell inspires from him
Mudike Gameplay
Mudike Gameplay 25 päeva tagasi
Kairos: crows next attack will slow enemies me watching on Halloween: omg another correct prediction
IHemantI 25 päeva tagasi
Bruh I thought this video was released on 31st October
Nejc Bedenik
Nejc Bedenik 26 päeva tagasi
Idea for nani's gadget when nani is supering he can juse his gadget his pep create a area that stun enemies for 1.5 second and his super deal 500 more damage
Edison Yip
Edison Yip 26 päeva tagasi
Who is watching this after 2nd gadget is released into the game.
Brian Lally
Brian Lally 26 päeva tagasi
Me have gadget ideas, for mythics Mortis Bat Cloud Mortis summons a cloud of bats that circle him, slowly moving outwards and healing him 800 HP every enemy hit. Tara Mirage Tara makes a mirage, such as power cubes or gems. If an enemy comes close enough, a shadow Tara spawns, attacking them for 800 damage. Gene Shooting Star Gene makes a star fall from the sky where he's standing, emitting a blast that heals allies nearby for 1500 HP. Max Energy Puddle Max drops an energy drink on the ground with 1500 health. Any ally that passes through will get an 18% speed boost. Sprout Thick Vines Sprout's current wall becomes a living entity, each piece having 2250 HP. They last until destroyed. Mr. P Porter Invasion Mr. P spawns 3 porters, which will last until death. No other porters can spawn while at least 2 are alive. Epics now Bea Hive Pack Bea gets a temporary 5 ammo slots extra. The slots disappear once used. Nani Arm Replacement Nani gets a temporary buff to her range, damage, and reload speed for 5.0 seconds. Pam Mechanic Mama Pam increase her current turret's radius by 1.5 tiles. Permanent until turret is destroyed. Frank Record Smash Frank smashes a record, splitting it up into 8 shards. Each shard deals 700 damage. Piper Biscuit Break Piper treats all allies in range to a biscuit which when hitting them, heals them 2500 over 5 seconds. Bibi Grenade Gum Bibi blows up her current bubble, slowing enemies hit and dealing 1500 damage. If there are multiple bubbles, they will all explode. Super Rares yay Darryl Barrel Cover Darryl hides within his barrel, reducing his movement speed by 40% but giving him a 50% shield for 4.5 seconds. Penny Gold Shower Penny's next attack splits into 5 coins. Jacky Drill Shot Jacky's next attack shoots her drill, having a range of 7 tiles and dealing 1680 damage. Rico Gumball Machine Rico spawns a gumball machine. Every 1.5 seconds, it spawns a gumball that when picked up, heals 500 HP. It has 1500 HP. Carl Lasercart Carl gets a temporary minecart that shoots lasers at nearby enemies. The lasers deal 400 damage, and are very fast. Legendaries Amber Firewall Amber creates a fire wall, which lights enemies on fire when walked through, dealing 1000 over 5 seconds. Leon Shuriken Barrage Leon throws 8 shurikens, each dealing 350 damage. Crow Birds Eye View Crow gets an increased vision, being able to see further both vertically and horizontally for 6.0 seconds. Spike Spiky Mine Spike places a spiky mine. The mine becomes invisible once placed. When stepped on, it explodes, releasing 5 spikes, each dealing 800 damage. Sandy Star-Storm Sandy's current sandstorm now shoots out stars in all directions, healing allies and damaging enemies. Rares Rosa Vine Whip Rosa shoots vines out of her gloves, which wrap themselves around enemies, pulling them toward her. Poco Rock Guitar Poco smashes his guitar, releasing an ear splitting noise, stunning all enemies nearby for 3.0 seconds. Barley Ice Cold Barley's next attack freezes enemies for 1.5 seconds. El Primo Iron Braces El Primo's attacks deal 100 extra damage for 3.5 seconds. Chromatics Gale Snow Blower Gale's snow blower summons a furious snowstorm, slowing all enemies nearby for 3 secs. Surge
Henyry Henyry
Henyry Henyry 27 päeva tagasi
I like your content :]
Isyraff Art
Isyraff Art 28 päeva tagasi
I Gadget idea for Nita:Nita will control her bear for 8 sec and star power idea is when Nita use the gadget Nita will get a shield(pls name the Nita gadget and star power)
Fox Forsburg
Fox Forsburg 28 päeva tagasi
you "think" more like know
FriedUpFries 29 päeva tagasi
kairos: Heres good gadgets Supercell: *dash*
W4ckyDog 29 päeva tagasi
JValkyrie Місяць tagasi
How can you predicted it so perfectly...either kairos is a genius or he is one of the starr park crew but have been brainwashed and lost memory of all things about starr park except for this...the "prediction"
Mystery Micro Gamer
Mystery Micro Gamer Місяць tagasi
Oh so these are the things that ARE coming to the game? Seems legit
2MinutesOrLess - Brawl Stars
2MinutesOrLess - Brawl Stars Місяць tagasi
Barley: 4:56 Bo: 5:41 Colt: 6:41 Crow: 7:01 (close enough) Jessie: 8:45
Ahmed M
Ahmed M Місяць tagasi
Mortis, nita and 8-bit gedget
Dinasy Zhirckow
Dinasy Zhirckow Місяць tagasi
4:35 start
George 31
George 31 Місяць tagasi
I feel like he has spies deep undercover at supercell telling him the latest ideas
George 31
George 31 Місяць tagasi
How does he do it
George 31
George 31 Місяць tagasi
Why do I feel like supercell just puts in kairo’s ideas for fun
Og Charged
Og Charged Місяць tagasi
Bridging the gap between mobile gaming and pc gaming 😆 not even close. I’m not a hater
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Marques Brownlee
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Among Us but I disagree with everyone
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